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Bridgeport Speedway Pack The House Crowd (Wheels of Speed Photo)

The Bridgeport Speedway’s fourth annual Pack the House Night was a huge success as fans filed through the gates from four o’clock until well after the start of the night’s racing action. Fans enjoyed the free musicial entertainment, camera and autograph day, the many food concessions and the Bandit Bus before the start of the night’s events.

Fans were treated to a night of racing action among six different divisions. The South Jersey Overhead Door 602 Crate Sportsman, Sunbelt Rentals Outlaw Stocks and the Delaware Auto Exchange Mid Atlantic Sprint Series (MASS) raced on the lightning fast 5/8th mile track while the Ace Overhead Door 600 Micro Sprints, the JS Weld-Rite/Mongoose Chassis 270 Micro Sprints and Slingshots raced on the Spirit Speedway quarter mile track. There was also a hot lap session for the Spirit Auto Center Big Block Modifieds held on the 5/8th mile track.

The South Jersey Overhead Door 602 Crate Sportsman opened the night of racing with their twenty lap feature event. Polesitter, Eric Kormann led the first eleven laps around the 5/8th mile track before Steve Kemery drove into contention from his tenth place start. Kemery caught up to the leader and then made his pass for the lead with a move to inside off turn three on lap twelve. Kemery then drove away from the competition to claim his third victory of the 2019 season.

South Jersey Overhead Door 602 Crate Sportsman Winner Steve Kemery (Wheels of Speed Photo)

Kormann finished a strong second followed by Jim Gallagher, Jr.in third. Matt Peck added a fourth to his collections of top fives this season with last week’s feature winner, Tom Sherby rounding out the top five. Travis Hill finished sixth followed by Tommy Errico, David Crossman, Howard Huepfel and Bobby Bracall completed the top ten in the running order at the checkered flag.

Tom Wills, Jr. turned his 2019 season around with his third win of the season in the Sunbelt Rentals Outlaw Stocks.

Polesitter, Nick Sandone led the first lap as the field raced three wide behind the leader for the runner-up position. Andrew Joslin won that battle and then took the lead as he raced Sandone off of turn two on the second lap. Wills, Jr. drove through the pack, taking the lead as he raced Joslin to the start finish line on lap three.

Wills, Jr. pulled away from the competition as Lee Allen took over second followed by Mike Creamer, Gary Klimeczak and Brian Ludwig through lap five.

Creamer raced by Allen on a lap eleven restart to take over second while Klimeczak and Ludwig continued the battle for fourth right down to the checkered flag.

Wills, Jr. took the win over Creamer and Allen with Ludwig edging out Klimeczak at the finish line.

Sunbelt Rentals Outlaw Stock Winner Tom Wills, Jr. (Wheels of Speed Photo)

Ricky DiEva, a former Big Block Modified competitor at the Bridgeport Speedway, moved into full time competition with the MASS 305 sprint cars this season and picked up his first victory in front of a packed house on Saturday night. DiEva led from the wave of the green flag to the finish to capture the victory over Andy Best who has already won a MASS event earlier this season.

This was the third race for the MASS Sprint Cars at Bridgeport this season but the first on the 5/8th mile track.

MASS 305 Sprint Car Winner Ricky DiEva (Wheels of Speed Photo)

DiEva led Best to the finish with Rick Stief finishing third. Eddie Wagner, who has played an integral role in DiEva’s sprint car experience, finished fourth with Jason Dunn taking fifth. Larry McVay finished sixth followed by Tom Carberry, Joe Kay, Tyler Brehm and Scott Frack.

Bridgeport invader, Jacob Hendershot debuted a new car and immediately put the No. 27 into Victory Lane in its maiden voyage in the JS Weld-Rite/Mongoose Chassis 270 Micro Sprint feature.

Pole sitter, Johnny Trendler led the first two times around the Spirit Speedway quarter mile. Hendershot, who started third in the twenty lap feature raced into the lead on lap three and never looked back. Three time feature winner, Alex Swift finished second followed by Brandon Shipley who recovered from an earlier incident, restarted at the rear of the field and drove back to a third place finish. Kyle Weiss finished fourth with Glenn Macomber taking fifth. Tom Landwher, Shea Wills, Ross Holler, John West and Ken Andreas completed the top ten at the end of twenty laps.

JS Weld-Rite/Mongoose Chassis 270 Micro Sprint Winner Jacob Hendershot (Wheels of Speed Photo)

2017 Track Champion, Matt Smith, drove to his third win of the season in the Ace Overhead Door 600 Micro Sprint Feature.

Polesitter, Jon Keller led the first five circuits around the quarter mile before Smith made his way to the front from his eighth place start. Gary Bozowski quickly raced into second on the first lap and held off any challengers to cross the finish line behind Smith for second. Luke Thomas finished third with PJ Williams in fourth and Jon Keller finishing fifth.

Ace Overhead Door 600 Micro Sprint Winner Matt Smith (Wheels of Speed Photo)

Brandon Pavel, Lee Nardelli, Richie Keller, Travis Hill and Mike Thompson who won the consolation event, completed the top ten in the running order.
Ryan Davey took the lead on the first lap of the Slingshot feature to earn his second win of the season at the Spirit Speedway. Dave McCullough trailed the leader to the finish with Ryan Harris finishing third. Dave Morrell finished fourth with Tomas Mowery rounding out the top five.

It was a beautiful June night for racing. It was a full night of racing action – the first for many in attendance. The Pack the House night continues at the Bridgeport Speedway.

There will be three nights of racing this weekend as the Spirit Auto Center quarter mile runs a regular show on Friday night with 270 & 600 Micro Sprints and Slingshots. The 270s will be featured in Twin 15 lap feature events. Racing gets underway at 8pm. The action moves to Bridgeport’s 5/8th mile track on Saturday night for Quarter Midget Night with the Big Block Modifieds, 602 Crate Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks and Rookies with racing getting underway at 7pm.

Then on Sunday, it’s Poker Series time on the Spirit quarter mile for the 270 & 600 Micro Sprints, Slingshots and Xcel 600 Modifieds. Racing starts on Sunday at 6:30pm.


Saturday, June 22, 2019


1. Steve Kemery, 2. Eric Kormann, 3. Jim Gallagher, Jr., 4. Matt Peck, 5. Tom Sherby, 6. Travis Hill, 7. Tommy Errico, 8. David Crossman, 9. Howard Huepfel, 10. Bobby Bracall, 11. Rich Wegner, Jr., 13. Darren Cox, 14. David Hartman, 15. Roger Gaskill, 16. Ernie Miles, Jr., 17. Tom Holding, 18. Brett Belmont, 19. Matthew Luzi, 20. Wayne Weaver, 21. John Micek, 22. Jonathan Swift, DNS – Steve Bartos


1. Tom Wills, Jr., 2. Mike Creamer, 3. Lee Allen, 4. Brian Ludwig, 5. Gary Klimeczak, 6. Justin Nowlen, 7. Terry Sammons, 8. Ken Moren, 9. Keith McKinley, 10. Nick Sandone, III, 11. Andrew Joslin, 12. Paul Donahue


1. Ricky DiEva, 2. Andy Best, 3. Rick Stief, 4. Eddie Wagner, 5. Jason Dunn, 6. Larry McVay, 7. Tom Carberry, 8. Joe Kay, 9. Tyler Brehm, 10. Scott Frack, 11. Bryant Davis, 12. Dave Brown, 13. Stephen Voorhees, 14. Josh Brinker, 15. Logan Diehl, 16. Tim Tanner, Jr., 17. Dave Bonner, 18. Dan Leaper, 19. Randy Wilbert, 20. Jon Haegele, 21. Charles Stone, 22. Keith Andersen, 23. Marie McVay



1. Matt Smith, 2. Gary Bozowski, 3. Luke Thomas, 4. P.J. Williams, 5. Jon Keller, 6. Brandon Pavel, 7. Lee Nardelli, 8. Richie Keller, 9. Travis Hill, 10. Mike Thompson, 11. Geordon Marrero, 12. Joey Amantea, 13. Jermain Godshall, 14. Mark Landwher, 15. Tyler Lindsay, 16. Aiden Borden, 17. Jim Tippin, 18. Alex Funari, 19. Billy Calvert, 20. Ed Barber III, 21. Nick Havens, 22. Fred Heinly, 23. Joe Dopke, 24. Dave Nelson, 25. Matt Davis, DNS – B.J. Antonio, DNQ – Phil Meisner, Dave Damaio, Rebecca LaMothe, Bobby Scherff, Adrianna Dellaponti, Cory Hunsberger, Kristi Hicks, Andrew Hannula


1. Jacob Hendershot, 2. Alex Swift, 3. Brandon Shipley, 4. Kyle Weiss, 5. Glenn Macomber, 6. Tom Landwher, 7. Shea Wills, 8. Ross Holler, 9. Jon West, 10. Ken Andreas, 11. Junior Ramer, 12. Pat Bealer, 13. R.J. Witcraft, 14. Ryan Wozunk, 15. Connor Sheffield, 16. Corey Andersen, 17. Johnny Trendler, 18. Nick Walton, 19. John Wagner, Jr., 20. Zach Berghof, 21. Mark Landwher, 22. Sarah Napora, DNS – Scott Phillip, Jayson Conover

SLINGSHOT feature (20 laps) –

1. Ryan Davey, 2. Dave McCullough, 3. Ryan Harris, 4. Dave Morrell, 5. Tomas Mowery, 7, Shawn Mowery, 8. Rich Afflerback, 9. Ashley Therien

Upcoming events

Saturday, June 29 – Quarter Midget Night – Big Block Modifieds, 602 Crate Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks & Rookies, Racing at 7pm

Saturday July 6 – FANATIC NIGHT – Big Block Modifieds, 602 Crate Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks & Rookies, racing at 7pm

Saturday, July 13 – FIRST RESPONDERS NIGHT – Big Block Modifieds, 602 Crate Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks & Rookie Grqanduation racing at 7pm

Saturday, July 20 – BIKE NIGHT – Big Block Modifieds, 602 Crate Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks & VINTAGE,, racing at 7pm

Saturday, 27 – DRIVER APPRECIATION NIGHT – Big Block Modifieds, 602 Crate Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks, racing at 7pm

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