Kyle Larson Motors To Warren CAT Qualifying Night Win

Bryan Hulbert - TULSA, Okla. (January 15, 2019) Winning in preliminary night competition for the fifth time at the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire, California's Kyle Larson grabbed the lead on Lap 6 of Tuesday's Warren CAT Qualifying Night A-Feature then went unchallenged to punch his ticket into his eighth 55 Lap championship event.

Chasing Zach Daum, the first five laps, Larson tested top and bottom on the Tulsa Expo Raceway before rolling by the Illinois racer on the cushion exiting turn two. Moving top shelf in pursuit of the McDonalds No. 01, Daum as unable to keep pace as Larson reeled in slower traffic.

"That might be the second time I got Zach (Daum) in a prelim night," commented Larson. "They work the track before the feature so as the leader you just run the bottom until you hear somebody or see somebody. I was just able to get around him....It was just nice to get to the lead there and run a good pace, but I was hoping I would get a caution before I got close to traffic."

Working backmarkers by Lap 9, Larson's advantage changed very little before the caution lights lit up working Lap 16 a Kyle Jones spun his No. 7u almost directly in front of Kyle Larson. Able to avoid, Larson brought the field to speed with the lap count adjusted to the last fully completed lap.

Battling for second on the restart, Zach Daum came under fire from the Lonestar Speedway No. 15h of Sam Hafertepe, Jr. Briefly exchanging the runner-up spot, the Toyota No. 5d reclaimed the position, but the brief battle was enough to allow Kyle Larson room to run away.

Running into traffic once more, the caution flag flew again with five laps to run as Larry Wight's night ended with a cloud of smoke billowing out from beneath the bonnet of the No. 99.

Taking third prior to the caution, Jonathan Beason, from tenth, worked all over the back bumper of Zach Daum on the restart as the field continued to chase Larson. Smooth on the cushion, Larson crossed with 1.087 seconds of breathing room. Able to hold off Beason the final five laps, Zach Daum made his seventh championship event. Racing in and out of the top five most of the A-Feature, Michael Faccinto grabbed fourth with Sam Hafertepe, Jr. finishing fifth.

Fourth the first 16 laps, Tyler Courtney's run dimmed in the closing laps to sixth. Dillon Welch in seventh was trailed by Chili Bowl Rookie, Jesse Colwell. Ninth went to Alex Bowman with Tanner Berryhill making up the top ten.
Going 20 laps in the 11th annual Vacuworx Invitational Race of Champions, Tanner Thorson led nonstop for his second victory. Bringing a brand-new Clyde Lamar owned entry, the famed No. 3c from California was untouchable. Outrunning Kyle Larson to the win, the final podium step went to the hard-charging Christopher Bell, who came up 12 positions. Ryan Bernal and J.J. Yeley completed the top-five.

Tuesday's Warren CAT Qualifying Night at the 33rd annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire saw 69 drivers drawing in to bring the event total so far to 132 drivers checking in. Through the second night of action, the Chili Bowl Flip Count is up to 15. All drivers have been able to walk away.

The 33rd Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire continues Wednesday, January 16, 2019, with Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Tulsa Qualifying Night. The River Spirit Expo Center will open at 9:00 A.M. with Pit Pass sales starting at 11:00 A.M. Hot Laps will get underway at 4:00 P.M. with racing at 5:00 P.M. (CT). A field of 74 drivers is expected to take to the track.

For continued updates on the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire, fans can follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with @CBNationals. All official press, updates, and results on the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire can be found online

Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire
Tulsa Expo Raceway - Tulsa, Okla.
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Warren CAT Qualifying Night
Car Count: 69
Event Count: 132

Heat Races: Top 40 in passing points advance to Qualifiers.
Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr, [2]; 2. 89-Tanner Berryhill, [4]; 3. 18-Tony Bruce Jr, [7]; 4. 32-Gary Taylor, [3]; 5. 35-Sterling Cling, [8]; 6. 15L-Merril Lamb, [6]; 7. (DNF) 5J-Jeff Crook, [1]; 8. (DNF) 77U-Chris Urish, [5]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 99-Larry Wight, [1]; 2. F5-Tye Mihocko, [4]; 3. 7U-Kyle Jones, [5]; 4. 17D-Donovan Wise, [3]; 5. 20H-Noah Harris, [6]; 6. 91A-Chris Andrews, [7]; 7. 45-Roger Crockett, [2]; 8. 84-Jeremy Campbell, [8]
Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 1K-Brayton Lynch, [1]; 2. 55X-Alex Bowman, [6]; 3. 15C-Carson Garrett, [2]; 4. 74M-Adam Pierson, [5]; 5. 41B-Brad Wyatt, [4]; 6. 37-Terry Babb, [7]; 7. 3D-Dustin Gilbert, [8]; 8. 51W-Curtis Jones, [3]
Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 75-Bryan Stanfill, [1]; 2. 5D-Zach Daum, [7]; 3. 71-Jesse Colwell, [8]; 4. 2W-Wyatt Burks, [5]; 5. 5B-Bobby Brewer, [4]; 6. 98B-Joe Boyles, [3]; 7. (DNF) 7F-Travis Ashwood, [6]; 8. (DNF) 14-Harley Hollan, [2]
Heat 5 (8 Laps): 1. 01-Kyle Larson, [4]; 2. 29-Tim Buckwalter, [2]; 3. 47B-Andrew Layser, [6]; 4. 31B-Michael Faccinto, [5]; 5. 21M-Michelle Melton, [1]; 6. 85-Matt Johnson, [7]; 7. 17F-Devin Camfield, [3]; 8. PE3-Andy Bradley, [8]
Heat 6 (8 Laps): 1. 7C-Tyler Courtney, [2]; 2. 3S-Brian Shirley, [3]; 3. 44X-Wesley Smith, [1]; 4. 9JR-Derek Hagar, [6]; 5. 46-Kenney Johnson, [5]; 6. 15W-Jeff Wimmenauer, [4]; 7. 44-Don Droud Jr, [7]; (DNS) 10J-John Hunt,
Heat 7 (8 Laps): 1. 2S-Travis Scott, [1]; 2. 7M-Brody Roa, [5]; 3. 4F-Chad Frewaldt, [4]; 4. 3T-Taylor Peterson, [2]; 5. 45K-Kyle Hammer, [3]; 6. (DNF) 84M-Alex DeCamp, [7]; 7. (DNF) 27Z-Zane Hendricks, [6]
Heat 8 (8 Laps): 1. 8J-Jonathan Beason, [2]; 2. 25S-Frank Flud, [3]; 3. 27J-Jake Bubak, [5]; 4. 17E-Blake Edwards, [7]; 5. 7AU-Mark Cooper, [6]; 6. 23X-Billy Lawhead, [1]; 7. 88A-Andy Michner, [4]
Heat 9 (8 Laps): 1. 99P-Dillon Welch, [2]; 2. 2B-Jason Grady, [6]; 3. 42-Chris Cochran, [7]; 4. 51M-Slater Helt, [3]; 5. 9U-Doug McCune, [5]; 6. 44D-Evan Turner, [1]; 7. 94K-Christopher Polvoorde, [4]

C-Features: Top 4 advance to corresponding B-Feature.
C Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 84M-Alex DeCamp, [4]; 2. 77U-Chris Urish, [11]; 3. 21M-Michelle Melton, [5]; 4. 9U-Doug McCune, [1]; 5. 45-Roger Crockett, [12]; 6. 5B-Bobby Brewer, [2]; 7. 98B-Joe Boyles, [7]; 8. 17F-Devin Camfield, [9]; 9. 14-Harley Hollan, [13]; 10. 23X-Billy Lawhead, [8]; 11. 3D-Dustin Gilbert, [6]; 12. (DNF) 88A-Andy Michner, [10]; 13. (DNF) 37-Terry Babb, [3]; (DNS) 7F-Travis Ashwood, ; (DNS) 10J-John Hunt,
C Feature 2 (12 Laps): 1. 91A-Chris Andrews, [2]; 2. 15W-Jeff Wimmenauer, [6]; 3. 44-Don Droud Jr, [7]; 4. 85-Matt Johnson, [3]; 5. 45K-Kyle Hammer, [4]; 6. 44D-Evan Turner, [8]; 7. 15L-Merril Lamb, [5]; 8. (DNF) 51W-Curtis Jones, [11]; 9. (DNF) 41B-Brad Wyatt, [1]; 10. (DNF) PE3-Andy Bradley, [10]; 11. (DNF) 94K-Christopher Polvoorde, [9]; 12. (DNF) 84-Jeremy Campbell, [12]; (DNS) 5J-Jeff Crook, ; (DNS) 27Z-Zane Hendricks,

Qualifiers: Top 16 in combined passing points advance to the A-Feature.
Qualifier 1: 1. 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr, [4]; 2. 5D-Zach Daum, [6]; 3. 71-Jesse Colwell, [5]; 4. 89-Tanner Berryhill, [3]; 5. 44X-Wesley Smith, [9]; 6. 25S-Frank Flud, [1]; 7. 29-Tim Buckwalter, [7]; 8. 20H-Noah Harris, [10]; 9. 1K-Brayton Lynch, [2]; 10. 15C-Carson Garrett, [8]
Qualifier 2: 1. 7C-Tyler Courtney, [4]; 2. 01-Kyle Larson, [6]; 3. 7U-Kyle Jones, [1]; 4. F5-Tye Mihocko, [3]; 5. 7M-Brody Roa, [5]; 6. 32-Gary Taylor, [9]; 7. 7AU-Mark Cooper, [10]; 8. 74M-Adam Pierson, [8]; 9. 75-Bryan Stanfill, [2]; 10. 4F-Chad Frewaldt, [7]
Qualifier 3: 1. 27J-Jake Bubak, [1]; 2. 18-Tony Bruce Jr, [5]; 3. 8J-Jonathan Beason, [4]; 4. 47B-Andrew Layser, [3]; 5. 55X-Alex Bowman, [6]; 6. 2S-Travis Scott, [2]; 7. 9JR-Derek Hagar, [7]; 8. 2W-Wyatt Burks, [8]; 9. 3T-Taylor Peterson, [10]; 10. 17D-Donovan Wise, [9]
Qualifier 4: 1. 31B-Michael Faccinto, [8]; 2. 99P-Dillon Welch, [4]; 3. 17E-Blake Edwards, [1]; 4. 3S-Brian Shirley, [2]; 5. 42-Chris Cochran, [5]; 6. 35-Sterling Cling, [7]; 7. 51M-Slater Helt, [9]; 8. 2B-Jason Grady, [6]; 9. (DNF) 99-Larry Wight, [3]; 10. (DNF) 46-Kenney Johnson, [10]

B-Features: Top 4 advance to the A-Feature.
B Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 99-Larry Wight, [9]; 2. 74M-Adam Pierson, [8]; 3. 25S-Frank Flud, [5]; 4. 84M-Alex DeCamp, [13]; 5. 4F-Chad Frewaldt, [11]; 6. 2B-Jason Grady, [3]; 7. 32-Gary Taylor, [4]; 8. 77U-Chris Urish, [14]; 9. 9U-Doug McCune, [16]; 10. 75-Bryan Stanfill, [10]; 11. 17D-Donovan Wise, [12]; 12. 21M-Michelle Melton, [15]; 13. (DNF) 44X-Wesley Smith, [2]; 14. (DNF) 7AU-Mark Cooper, [6]; 15. (DNF) 51M-Slater Helt, [7]; 16. (DNF) 42-Chris Cochran, [1]
B Feature 2 (15 Laps): 1. 17E-Blake Edwards, [1]; 2. 3S-Brian Shirley, [2]; 3. 9JR-Derek Hagar, [6]; 4. 29-Tim Buckwalter, [5]; 5. 2S-Travis Scott, [3]; 6. 2W-Wyatt Burks, [8]; 7. 1K-Brayton Lynch, [9]; 8. 46-Kenney Johnson, [12]; 9. 15W-Jeff Wimmenauer, [14]; 10. 85-Matt Johnson, [16]; 11. 15C-Carson Garrett, [11]; 12. 35-Sterling Cling, [4]; 13. 20H-Noah Harris, [7]; 14. 44-Don Droud Jr, [15]; 15. 3T-Taylor Peterson, [10]; 16. (DNF) 91A-Chris Andrews, [13]

VIROC XI (20 Laps): 1. 3C-Tanner Thorson, [2]; 2. 01-Kyle Larson, [4]; 3. 71W-Christopher Bell, [15]; 4. 39-Ryan Bernal, [1]; 5. 2J-J.J. Yeley, [3]; 6. 67-Logan Seavey, [5]; 7. 47-Danny Stratton, [6]; 8. 9-Tim McCreadie, [11]; 9. 97-Rico Abreu, [14]; 10. 67Z-Kasey Kahne, [7]; 11. 27-Tucker Klaasmeyer, [10]; 12. 05-Brad Loyet, [17]; 13. 1-Sammy Swindell, [16]; 14. 84X-Chad Boat, [13]; 15. 11-Tracy Hines, [9]; 16. 36-Dave Darland, [12]; 17. 92-Aaron Reutzel, [8]; 18. 1R-Brad Sweet, [19]; 19. 22-John Heydenreich, [20]; 20. (DNF) 71G-Damion Gardner, [18]

A-Feature: Top 2 advance to Saturday's A-Feature.
A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 01-Kyle Larson, [2]; 2. 5D-Zach Daum, [1]; 3. 8J-Jonathan Beason, [10]; 4. 31B-Michael Faccinto, [5]; 5. 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr, [3]; 6. 7C-Tyler Courtney, [4]; 7. 99P-Dillon Welch, [7]; 8. 71-Jesse Colwell, [8]; 9. 55X-Alex Bowman, [11]; 10. 89-Tanner Berryhill, [12]; 11. 47B-Andrew Layser, [16]; 12. 74M-Adam Pierson, [19]; 13. 7M-Brody Roa, [14]; 14. 29-Tim Buckwalter, [24]; 15. 7U-Kyle Jones, [15]; 16. 17E-Blake Edwards, [18]; 17. 18-Tony Bruce Jr, [6]; 18. 25S-Frank Flud, [21]; 19. 9JR-Derek Hagar, [22]; 20. 84M-Alex DeCamp, [23]; 21. 3S-Brian Shirley, [20]; 22. F5-Tye Mihocko, [13]; 23. (DNF) 99-Larry Wight, [17]; 24. (DNF) 27J-Jake Bubak, [9]

Lap Leader(s): Zach Daum 1-5; Kyle Larson 6-25

Hard Charger: Timmy Buckwalter +10

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Grandview Speedway






A NASCAR sanctioned racing facility celebrating 57 years of continuous racing activity.
Track office @ 610.754.7688
Media Contact: Ernie Saxton/Ernie Saxton Communications, Inc. – 215.752.7797 (office)-267.934.7286 (cell)




BECHTELSVILLE, PA January 14, 2019 . . . More than three dozen dates of auto racing are on the schedule being run at NASCAR sanctioned Grandview Speedway during the 2019 season, the 57th consecutive season of racing action now being presented by the Rogers Family.

T.P.Trailers NASCAR 358 Modifieds and T.P.Truck Equipment Sportsman stock cars will be the regular Saturday night attraction plus added attractions.

Adding variety to the busy schedule will be Wingless Sportsman, Enduro Racing, Blast from the Past Vintage Racing, Central Pennsylvania Legends, Mid Atlantic Sprint Series, East Coast USAC Sprints, United Racing Club Sprints with the possibility more special attractions being added to the Saturday Night schedule.

Those taking part in the two division Saturday night shows for Modifieds and Sportsman are reminded that a NASCAR license is required to enter the pit area. All Modified and Sportsman drivers must a hold a valid NASCAR license to compete.

Per event NASCAR licenses will be available for $25.00 for a single event or $50 for a 15-day three event license.

Visiting race divisions will not be required to have licenses but will pay a pit admission fee.

And to clear up any confusion regarding Saturday night Modified and Sportsman prize money the Modifieds will be racing for $2500 to win plus the $300 bonus bucks from T.P.Trailers provided the winning car has the T.P. decals displayed properly. The Sportsman will be racing for an increased purse along with $600 to win the feature plus $200 T.P.Truck Equipment bonus bucks making for a total first place payoff of $800. A feature winning Crate Sportsman, with proper decals, will now earn $900 to win.

The 2019 season will get started with Enduro competition on Saturday, March 23rd followed by the annual free-to-the-public practice session, open to all divisions of competition, on Saturday, March 30th at noon.

The second annual Bruce Rogers Money Maker Big Block/Small Block $7,500 to win 50-lapper is set for Saturday, April 6th. There will be no NASCAR license required for this event.

For the 30th year the popular Thunder on the Hill Racing Series, presented by Bob Miller and the Rogers Family, will bring a number of special attractions for the popular clay track.

The biggest event of the season, the 49th Annual Freedom 76 Classic, paying $25,000 to win and attracting many of the top names in dirt racing, will take place on Saturday, September 21st with a rain date set for Saturday, September 28th.

The full schedule can be found at or check in at Facebook. Info can be had at 610.754.7688.

Complete details on track magazine advertising, event sponsorship and other marketing opportunities can be had by contacting Ernie Saxton (Ernie Saxton Communications, Inc.) at 267.934-7286 or A brochure with full details is available.

Grandview Speedway, a one-third-mile, banked clay track, is located on Passmore Road, just off Route 100, Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown.


This schedule is subject to change without notice. For information on events, weather, etc. Call 610-754-7688 or visit A NASCAR license is required for all of those entering the pit area for a Saturday Night event.

Saturday night NASCAR racing features T.P.Trailers 358 Modifieds and T.P.Truck Equipment Sportsman stock cars plus added attractions from time to time during the season.

Saturday, March 23 Enduro 1 PM (Rain Date Sunday, March 24 1 PM)

Saturday, March 30 FREE to the Public Open Practice All Divisions 12 Noon

Saturday, April 6 2nd Annual Bruce Rogers Memorial Money Maker 50 laps for Big and Small Block Modifieds $7,500 7 PM

Saturday, April 13 Modifieds, Sportsman 7 PM

Sunday, April 14 Enduro 1 PM

Saturday, April 20 Modifieds, Sportsman & Blast from the Past 7 PM

Saturday, April 27 Modifieds, Sportsman 7 PM

Saturday, May 4 Modifieds, Sportsman & Blast from the Past 7:30 PM

Saturday, May 11 Modifieds, Sportsman 7:30 PM

Saturday, May 18 Modifieds, Sportsman & East Coast USAC Sprints 7:30 PM

Sunday, May 19 Enduro 1 PM

Saturday, May 25 Modifieds, Sportsman 7:30 PM

Saturday, June 1 Modifieds, Sportsman & Central PA Legends 7:30 PM

Saturday, June 8 Modifieds, Sportsman 7:30 PM

Tuesday, June 11 THUNDER ON THE HILL RACING SERIES 7:30 PM $10,000 to Win. . Jesse Hockett Classic USAC Non-Wing Sprint Tour & 358 Modifieds

Saturday, June 15 Modifieds, Sportsman 7:30 PM

Saturday, June 22 Modifieds, Sportsman, Wingless Sportsman 7:30 PM

Sunday, June 23 Enduro 1 PM

Saturday, June 29 Modifieds, Sportsman, MASS Sprints 7:30 PM

Tuesday, July 2 THUNDER ON THE HILL RACING SERIES 7:30 PM Pennsylvania 410 Sprint Car $10,000 to win Speed Week Series & 358 Modifieds

Saturday, July 6 Modifieds & Sportsman Firecracker 40 7:30 PM

Saturday, July 13 Modifieds, Sportsman plus Blast from the Past 7:30 PM Hatfield Quality Meats Night

Saturday, July 20 Modifieds, Sportsman & URC Sprints 7:30 PM

Friday, July 26 Enduro 7 PM

Saturday, July 27 Modifieds, Sportsman & Central PA Legends 7:30 PM

Tuesday, July 30 THUNDER ON THE HILL RACING SERIES 7:30 PM USAC National Midgets & 358 Modifieds

Saturday, August 3 Modifieds, Sportsman 7:30 PM

Saturday, August 10 Forrest Rogers Memorial for Modifieds 50 Laps & Sportsman 7:30 PM

Saturday, August 17 Modifieds, Sportsman 7:30 PM (Forrest Rogers Rain Date)

Thursday, August 22 THUNDER ON THE HILL RACING SERIES 7:30 PM SMOKE ON THE HILL III All Star 410 Sprint Car Thunder Cup & 358 Modifieds

Saturday, August 24 Modifieds, Sportsman, Blast from the Past 7:30 PM

Friday, August 30 Enduro 7 PM

Saturday, August 31 Modifieds, Sportsman 7:30 PM

Saturday, September 7 Modifieds, Sportsman 7:30 PM

Saturday, September 14 WNPV RADIO NIGHT Champions Night! Modifieds, Sportsman 7:30 PM

Friday, September 20 Sportsman 38 laps, MASS Sprints & Modified Practice 7:30 PM

Saturday, September 21 49th Annual Freedom 76 Modified Classic 7 PM

Saturday, September 28 Enduro 7 PM or if needed Freedom 76 Rain Date 7 PM

Saturday, October 5 Enduro 1 PM

Saturday, October 19 THUNDER ON THE HILL RACING SERIES 6 PM HALLOWEEN PARTY -- MODS AT THE MADHOUSE 358/Big Blocks 40 laps, Sportsman, MASS Sprints

Sunday, October 20 Enduro 1 PM

Sunday, November 10 Fall Racer's Flea Market Starting at 7 AM

Thunder on the Hill Racing Series is a Rogers Family/Bob Miller Promotion - -30th Anniversary Season! Visit our web sites: and

For information on marketing through motorsports through Saturday night NASCAR stock car racing at Grandview please be in touch with Ernie Saxton at 267.934.7286 or

PROMOTER: Len Sammons @ 609.888.3618
MEDIA CONTACT: Ernie Saxton Communications, Inc.
Ernie Saxton @ 215.752.7797 – Fax @215.752.1518 – Cell @267.934.7286



OAKS, PA January 11,2019 . . . A major announcement by Lincoln Speedway that is expected to catapult the historic Central PA Speedway to new heights has been scheduled for Friday at 3:00 PM on the PPB Motorsports Show’s Center Stage.

The press conference, which will take place one hour after the opening of the 2019 show in the Oaks, PA Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, will include announcements, followed by a question and answer session from the racing press on hand for the occasion.

Members of the working press intending to cover the event must file for credentials no later than Wednesday, January 16.

Registration may be completed by accessing the website.

Friday afternoon PPB Motorsports attendees are encouraged to attend the Lincoln Speedway Press Conference to be the first to hear the exciting news.

Fans will also be able to observe firsthand the interplay between media and Speedway officials, learn the media protocol for asking questions, evaluating the nature of the dialogue and, subsequently, read how writers interpreted the same commentary seen firsthand.

Lincoln Speedway, located in Abbottstown, PA, opened on July 10, 1953 and has operated continuously on a weekly basis.

Originally featuring Flathead Stock Cars, Lincoln replaced Stock Cars with 30 x 90 ‘Bugs’ which subsequently became Sprint cars that are featured today.

Lincoln has hosted World Of Outlaw Sprint events in past years and has been a staple on the PA Speedweek schedule. Most all of Lincoln’s races have been on Saturday nights.

Major improvements over the years at Lincoln have included moving the pit area out of the infield and onto an area behind the backstretch, expansion of concession stands and creation of auxiliary parking areas.

The 34th edition of the Motorsports show covers more than 200,000 square feet of the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa with just about everything imaginable in motorsports. More than 200 motorsports vehicles will be on display.

NASCAR Hall of Famers Darrell Waltrip and Ray Evernham will headline the show along with NASCAR Cup Series Rookie of the Year candidate Ryan Preece. Many well-known regional, local and national sports personalities will be on hand.

There will be a large number of displays with speedways offering information on their 2019 seasons. Hardcore racing vendors will be a big part of the show and fans will have the opportunity to gain some bargains from vendors offering collectible items.

A number of free industry seminars will be offered.

One of the most popular events during the three day show has been, and will again be, the Ms. Motorsports Pageant sponsored by Aqua Duck Water Transport that will see one woman walk off with a $1,500 cash prize along with a poster deal.




OAKS, PA January 13, 2019 . . . Out of the many race cars, more than 200, that will be on display during the PPB Motorsports 2019 Racecar and Trade Show, one that will get a huge amount of attention from attendees will be the two-tone brown No. 95 Terminal Transport 1971 Mercury Cyclone that NASCAR Hall of Famer Darrell Waltrip drove in his very first NASCAR Cup race.

The three day show, January 18-20, fills the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa with just about everything imaginable in motorsports.

And that first Cup race for Waltrip was the 500-miler at Talladega in 1972. He finished 38th after blowing the engine.

“It was a 1969 Mercury when I bought the car from Holman and Moody,” said Waltrip, a three time NASCAR Cup Series champion. The car had quite a history. The car had quite a history as it used the same chassis as the Holman and Moody 1967 Ford Fairlane that Mario Andretti drove to victory in the Daytona 500.

“It is a nice old restored car with a lot of history,”Waltrip stated. “It is actually race ready.”

Since that first start in Cup racing Waltrip became a standout performer as he was able to tally 84 victories of which 37 happened on Superspeedways. He earned 59 Cup poles. He is the only driver to win $500,000 in a season 18 times. And in 1990 he became the first Cup driver to win $10 million.

The 71-year-old was not only a big winner in Cup Series racing but also won in the NASCAR Busch Series, ASA, IROC, ARCA, NASCAR All-American Challenge Series, All Pro, USAC and ARTGO Challenge Series. He was also a top competitor on short tracks in the Tennessee area when first starting his career.

The popular FOX Sports TV personality, an analyst during the FOX coverage of NASCAR events, will be on center stage at the show on Saturday afternoon for two hours to talk about his racing career, TV work, books, movies, and so much more that has been part of his colorful career. Attendees will be free to ask the man named one of NASCAR’s 50 Greatest Drivers questions. And, of course, there will be autographs.

Headlining the show will be Waltrip and Ray Evernham along with Ryan Preece who will be looking to capture the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series Rookie of the Year honors.

There will be a large number of displays with speedways offering information on their 2019 seasons. Hardcore racing vendors will be a big part of the show and fans will have the opportunity to gain some bargains from vendors offering collectible items.

A number of free industry seminars will be offered.

One of the most popular events during the three day show has been, and will again be, the Ms. Motorsports Pageant sponsored by Aqua Duck Water Transport that will see one woman walk off with a $1,500 cash prize along with a poster deal.

Motorsports 2019 opens on Friday, January 18 at 2 p.m., then at 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The show closes at 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and at 4 p.m. on Sunday. On Sunday, all children 12 and under are FREE with a parent.

Tickets are available daily at the door one hour before the show opens. To stay informed on the latest show news check in at or call 609-888-3618

MEDIA NOTE: Credential requests should be made to Earl Krause at

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New Team, Who Dis?

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New Egypt Speedway





New Egypt Speedway
Route 539, New Egypt, NJ
Track Phone: 609-758-1900
Media Contact: Pete MacDonald – 609-758-1900 –

2019 New Egypt Speedway Schedule To Showcase A Little Of Everything; Monster Trucks, Flat Track Motorcycle Racing, Short Track Super Series, Jersey Rush & More Planned

New Egypt, NJ – New Egypt Speedway’s 2019 will showcase just about everything a motorsports fan can ask for with a plethora of different events that will kick off with the March Meltdown 50 on Saturday March 23rd paying $5,000 to the Modified winner and $400 to start the 50-lap affair. All 2018 Weekly Divisions (Vahlco Wheels Modifieds, Larry’s Hot Rods Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars, Hammer Sportsman, Crate Modifieds, Street Stocks, 4-Cylinders & Lyons Construction/Metal Fab Rookie Sportsman) will be back for 2019.

Modified Specials that anchor the 2019 schedule include Brett Deyo’s Short Track Super Series that will invade the Ocean County D-Shaped oval on Thursday night May 23rd for the Dirty Jersey 6, the Garden State Gunfight 3 on Tuesday night June 25th, the Jersey Rush on Tuesday night July 16th, the 3rd Annual Legends of the Fall 75 on Saturday night October 5th and the 8th Annual All Star Cup Shootout on Saturday night October 26th.

Sprint Car fans haven’t been left out, as the United Racing Club will be part of the Dirty Jersey 6 on Thursday night May 23rd. The USAC East Coast Sprint Cars will return for the second straight year on Saturday night July 6th, The Mid Atlantic 305 Sprint Cars will be in the house on four occasions (April 13th, May 4th, July 13th & August 10th) all along with the Larry’s Hot Rods & Harley’s Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars on a regular basis.

The Street Stocks will have their night in the spotlight on Saturday May 25th in the NES vs. The World Street Stock Challenge; The Mr. Crate Modified Classic is on the schedule for Saturday night July 20th and the The John Romano Memorial Sportsman event returns for 2019 on Saturday September 7th paying $840 to win and $84 to start. All of those races will be 30-Laps in distance.

For the first time ever, New Egypt Speedway will host AMA Flat Track Motorcycle racing on Sunday July 21st & Sunday September 15th. The Back To School Monster Truck Summer Smash returns on Saturday and Sunday August 17th & 18th and the Mud in the Pines Mud Hops are scheduled for May 5th and October 6th. New Egypt Speedway has four Demolition Derbies planned throughout the season as well.

New to NES in 2019 will be the Central Jersey Motorcycle Swap Meet held on the third Sunday of every month in addition to the Spring and Fall Swap Meets that have been on our schedule for past seasons.

There are many theme nights that include two Jeep Nights for 2019, Rat Rod Night, ¼ Midget Night, Twins Night, Ladies Night (including Powder Puffs) Fan Appreciation Night and much more throughout the 2019 season.

New Egypt Speedway has many marketing opportunities available, for more information please call the Speedway office at 609-758-1900 or Joey Liquori at 908-256-0234. The NES Management Team will also be at the Motorsports 2019 Expo & Trade Show in Oaks, PA next weekend to answer any questions that you may have.

New Egypt Speedway, which is New Jersey’s premier dirt racing facility, is located on Route 539 just minutes from Six Flags Great Adventure and the New Jersey Turnpike. A racy 7/16-mile D-shaped dirt oval, New Egypt Speedway serves Garden State race fans with some of the best competition in the country. New Egypt’s state-of-the-art facilities feature daylight-quality lighting and excellent sightlines from any seat in the house. The grandstands are fully wheelchair accessible with wide, clear, and well-groomed walkways. Concession facilities serve up everything from Jersey Burgers to ice cream treats at family-friendly prices.

For more information, visit online:, “Like” us on Facebook at, or follow us on Twitter @nesspeedway.

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