NEWS FROM NEW EGYPT SPEEDWAY Route 539, New Egypt, NJ Track Phone: 609-758-1900 Contact: Pete Wortman, PR Director

Sammy Piazza Wins Season Finale, Godown Captures 2nd Championship

Five Divisions Crown Champs Saturday at NES

New Egypt, NJ (Sept. 27, 2014) – Sammy Piazza of Lawrenceville, NJ won his first feature event of the season on Championship Night at New Egypt Speedway. The 2014 champion was crowned earlier when former (2012) champ Ryan Godown clinched is second championship in three years when he drove thru the gate at the start of the evening, as his show up points put him out of reach of his competition. Piazza led wire to wire in what could be called a dominant performance in the 30 lap Modified feature claiming his second career victory.

Championships were on the line in all five divisions on this evening, and the four support divisions all had first time champions celebrating at nights end. Johnny Cornell III clinched his first ever Sportsman title by winning the 20 lap feature, as did NERS 305 Sprint car chauffeur Phil Meisner Jr. The other two champs won their first title on this evening by racing home second in the main event to the defending 2013 champion. Mike Butler won the Crate Modified title by virtue of his second place finish to Eric Palmer, while Bill Liedtka was crowned Street Stock champ when he ran runner-up to Dan Collamer.

#29 Sammy Piazza (WoS photo)

Piazza grabbed the lead from his pole starting position at the onset, controlling the field at the start as Tad Cox made his way to the front quickly. Piazza led by a comfortable 5 car lengths for the first 20 laps as every time the duo approached lapped traffic a caution would reset the action. With a late green flag run from halfway, Cox closed in on the leader with 5 laps remaining bringing the crowd to their feet. Cox caught Piazza in the heavy traffic and actually pulled alongside of him at one point before the red flag came out for 2 separate incidents as Billy Pauch Jr.’s car caught fire in the infield 1 lap after pulling out of the event while running third, & Chris Grbac’s car broke the driveshaft as he tried to stop in turn two causing him to exit his car quickly. With “clean air” in front of the leaders, Piazza went right back out in front by the same five car lengths over Tad Cox to the checkered flag. Neal Williams raced through the field to finish third, David Van Horn brought his fast #71 home fourth and Jimmy Blewett passed Billy Pauch on the final lap to grab fifth.

#87 John Cornell III (WoS photo)

Johnny Cornell III of Neshanic Station, NJ was crowned the 2014 Sportsman champion after he won his second feature of the season. Alan Bleacher was impressive with a strong second place run, with Brian Roemer third, Mike Hendershot fourth and defending champ and the point leader coming into the event Bob Lineman Jr. settling for fifth.

#1 Phil Meisner Jr. on his way to victory (WoS photo)

Phil Meisner Jr. started the night 22 points behind Mike Haggenbottom for the NERS 305 Sprint Car championship. He then took full advantage of his pole starting spot as he led all 20 laps of the non-stop feature event holding off a very fast Stef Palmai in lapped traffic for his first win of the season and collecting the first ever NES 305 Sprint Car championship. Palmai came home second, followed by Bobby Devault, Joe Lord and Tommy Carberry Jr. Four-time winner Haggenbottom, who needed to finish in the top four to clinch the title, was moving up quickly on the second lap from eighth to fifth when contact in traffic sent him bouncing high in the air. He quickly settled the car down finding himself out of the top ten and could only rebound to finish 8th.

#42 Dan Collamer on his way to victory (WoS photo)

Dan Collamer of Waretown, NJ had hopes of winning his second straight NES Street Stock championship, and he did what he had to do by winning the event; however it wasn’t enough as Bill Liedtka finished second and took his first ever title. Following these two across the finish line were Gary Klimeczek, Bill Connolly and Todd Dige.

#12e Eric Palmer on his way to victory (WoS photo)

In the Crate Modified event, 2-time defending champ Eric Palmer ended the season on a winning note with point leader Mike Butler of Milford, NJ finishing a strong second and earning his second championship in a week, as he was crowned the All-Star Cup Crate champ last Saturday here. Steve Hicks rebounded back from two tangles showing heavy sheet metal damage to finish third, with Mike Carman and Jimmy Martin rounding out the top five.

This event brings an end to the 2014 season at New Egypt Speedway. Keep track of all of the off season news by logging onto the speedway website, or on Facebook /newegyptspeedwayofficial. You can also follow us on Twitter @nesspeedway. Speedway management would like to thank all of the race fans, drivers, and race teams for helping to make 2014 a success.


1st Heat: 1. Danny Bouc 2. Willie Osmun 3. Ryan Godown 4. Duane Howard 5. David Van Horn 6. Chris Grbac
2nd Heat: 1. Sammy Piazza 2. Neal Williams 3. Billy Pauch Jr. 4. Billy Pauch 5. John Stangle 6. Dave Witte
3rd Heat: 1. PJ Oliver 2. Tad Cox 3. Gary Butler 4. Jimmy Horton 5. Tommy Farrell 6. Jimmy Blewett
B-Main: 1. Dominick Buffalino 2. Kevin Vaclavicek 3. Lou Cicconi 4. Andrew Bohn 5. DJ Ruppert 6. Chris Esposito
Feature (30 Laps): 1. Sammy Piazza 2. Tad Cox 3. Neal Williams 4. David Van Horn 5. Jimmy Blewett 6. Billy Pauch 7. Ryan Godown 8. Duane Howard 9. Jimmy Horton 10. Willie Osmun 11. Gary Butler 12. Lou Cicconi 13. Danny Bouc 14. Kevin Vaclavicek 15. PJ Oliver 16. Andrew Bohn 17. Chris Esposito 18. Dave Witte 19. Dominick Buffalino 20. Chris Grbac 21. John Stangle 22. Billy Pauch Jr. 23. Tommy Farrell 24. DJ Ruppert
DNQ: Doug Ostwald, Eric Engstrom, Chuck Potts, Bill Lester.

1st Heat: 1. Bob Lineman Jr. 2. Brian Roemer 3. Marty Saxton 4. Alan Bleacher 5. J.T Trsensky 6. Erik Renniger
2nd Heat: 1. Mike Howardson 2. Mike Hendershot 3. John Cornell III 4. Derek Krum 5. Ryan Simmons 6. Doug Snyder
Feature (20 Laps): 1. John Cornell III 2. Alan Bleacher 3. Brian Roemer 4. Mike Hendershot 5. Bob Lineman Jr. 6. J.T Trsensky 7. Mike Howardson 8. Marty Saxton 9. Erik Renniger 10. Duane Nixon 11. Jimmy Amato 12. Andy Visinsky 13. Robin McTighe 14. Heidi Hedin 15. Doug Snyder 16. Ryan Simmons 17. Derek Krum

1st Heat: 1. Mike Everett 2. Chuckles Stone 3. Eric Palmer 4. Frank Dorry 5. Jordan Cox 6. Jason Bittner 7. Steve Hicks
2nd Heat: 1. Ryan Simmons 2. Mike Carman 3. Bryan Kuhl 4. Brian Papiez 5. Paul Hartwig 6. Jimmy Martin 7. John Micek
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Eric Palmer 2. Mike Butler 3. Steve Hicks 4. Mike Carman 5. Jimmy Martin 6. Ryan Simmons 7. John Micek 8. Jordan Cox 9. Mike Everett 10. Adam Cox 11. Bryan Kuhl 12. Kevin Dale 13. Chuck Steuer 14. Jason Bittner 15. Lauren Emmons 16. Jarrett Rozycki 17. Brian Papiez 18. Chuckles Stone 19. Frank Dorry 20. Matt Carman
DQ Paul Hartwig Jr.

1st Heat: 1. Bob DeVault 2. Joe Lord 3. Phil Meisner Jr. 4. Neal Williams 5. Rick Stief 6. Brad Franks
2nd Heat: 1. Tommy Carberry Jr 2. Stefanie Palmai 3. Mark Bitner 4. Mike Haggenbottom 5. Rory Janney 6. Brendon Poff
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Phil Meisner 2. Stefani Palmai 3. Bob DeVault 4. Joe Lord 5. Tommy Carberry Jr. 6. Rory Janney 7. Neal Williams 8. Mike Haggenbottom 9. Adam Carberry 10. Mark Bitner 11. Rick Stief 12. Jeff Geiges 13. David Brown Jr. 14. Brad Franks 15. Erika Palmai 16. Brendon Poff 17. Harris Kohen

1st Heat: 1. Bill Liedtka 2. Dan Collamer 3. Bill Connolly 4. Billy Wroble 5. Joe Reid 6. Darren Cox
2nd Heat: 1. Gary Klimeczak 2. Tom Princiotta 3. John Carpenter 4. Todd Dige 5. Ron Frees 6. Marty Derr
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Dan Collamer 2. Bill Liedtka 3. Gary Klimeczak 4. Bill Connolly 5. Todd Dige 6. Tom Princiotta 7. John Carpenter 8. Ron Frees 9. Joe Reid 10. Billy Wroble 11. Anthony Tortorello 12. Darren Cox 13. Marty Derr 14. Spider Ensinger Sr. 15. Mike Mongiello
DNS: Rich Mongeau

Final Top Ten Point Standings

358 Modifieds

DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Ryan Godown**** 1033
2 Billy Pauch*(7) 915
3 David Van Horn 872
4 Willie Osmun* 835
5 Jimmy Blewett* 829
6 Tad Cox 826
7 Sammy Piazza* 763
8 Neal Williams 723
9 Gary Butler 707
10 Danny Bouc* 702

Crate Modifieds

DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Mike Butler*** 586
2 Eric Palmer** 550
3 Bryan Kuhl 540
4 Chuck Steuer* 532
5 Steve Hicks* 515
6 Mike Carman 495
7 Ryan Simmons 480
8 Frank Dorry* 465
9 Chuckles Stone* 462
10 Brian Papiez* 438

NERS 305 Sprints

DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Phil Meisner Jr.* 630
2 Mike Haggenbottom**** 616
3 Bobby Devault* 504
4 Stefanie Palmai 496
5 Joe Lord 482
6 Jeff Geiges* 458
7 David Brown Jr. 409
8 Neal Williams 401
9 Mark Bitner* 398
10 Adam Carberry 389


DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Johnny Cornell ** 692
2 Bob Lineman Jr.*** 683
3 Mike Hendershot*** 676
4 Mike Howardson 583
5 Alan Bleacher 564
6 J.T. Trstensky 456
7 Brian Roemer* 371
8 Marty Saxton 366
9 Mike Butler* 363
10 Jimmy Amato 359

Street Stocks

DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Bill Liedtka*** 702
2 Dan Collamer*** 688
3 John Carpenter*** 671
4 Tom Princiotta 647
5 Todd Dige 632
6 Gary Klimeczak* 570
7 Darren Cox 552
8 Joe Reid 551
9 Ron Frees** 476
10 Bill Connelly 449

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2014

CONTACT: BOB MILLER 443 513 4456



Aaron Ott of East Berlin, PA caught Justin Barger on lap thirty-one then led the final four laps to pocket the $10,000 first place prize for winning the 35 lap MACH 1 360 Sprint Nationals Saturday night at the Selinsgrove Speedway. For Ott, this marked his third Rislone URC Sprint feature win of the season and his fifth career victory. Ott was thrilled in victory lane for this, the biggest win of his career. “I was gonna win even if I had to stuff it in the fence, fortunately, I didn’t have to do that”, said Ott who was elated as the camera’s were flashing.

Thirty-four cars took part in timed warm-ups to determined the starting line-up for the heat race events. Jason Shultz set fast time, turning the half-mile with a time of 17.444 or 109.296 mph. Each driver would complete in two rounds of heat race events. The first four heats were won by Jason Shultz, Mark Smith, Chuck Hebing and Cody Keller. The heat races finishes were then inverted and the second round of heats were won by Ryan Kissinger, Shannon Fisher, Justin Barger and Troy Betts. The “B” main victory went to Matt Horst.

In the thirty-five lap MACH 1 National Open, pole sitter Davie Franek of Wantage, NJ was the man to beat, immediately taking command of the lead position. Justin Barger and Chuck Hebing were in a wild battle for second with Aaron Ott and Mark Smith just off the pace.

On lap nine, the red flag was displayed for Parker Evans to flipped in turn four. When green flag racing resumed, Franek remained the pace setter followed by Barger with Aaron Ott now in third, with Hebing and Smith in the top five.

The red flag was displayed again, this time on lap sixteen when Chuck Hebing flipped with Cody Keller making contact and flipping as well in turn three. Both drivers walked away uninjured.

As the field lined-up for the restart, race leader Davie Franek developed mechanical problems and gave up the lead, retiring to the pits. At this point, Justin Barger became the new race leader and brought the field down to restart the feature event. At the halfway point, Barger, Ott, Smith, Jason Shultz and TJ Stutts made-up the top five.

On lap twenty-five, TJ Stutts moved into third as Ott closed in on Barger. As the field passed the flag stand on lap twenty-nine, Ott pulled along-side of Barger to challenge for the lead and at the same time, the yellow was displayed on lap twenty-nine for Shannon Fisher stopped in turn four.

The restart saw Barger, Ott, Shultz, Smith and Stutts take the green flag and Ott immediately went after the leader. Barger held on to the top spot until lap thirty-one when Ott took the top spot. Ott quickly established a comfortable lead and went on to claim the victory with Barger delivering a very respectable second followed by Jason Shultz, TJ Stutts and Mark Smith.

FEATURE FINISH 35 Laps $10,000 To Win MACH 1 360 NATIONALS: Aaron Ott, Justin Barger, Jason Shultz, TJ Stutts, Mark Smith, Robbie Stillwaggon, Curt Michael, Steve Collins, Derek Locke, Josh Weller, Ed Aikin, Mike Walter II, Mike Walter, Chris Arnold, Dane Lorenc, Matt Horst, Jordan Thomas, Shannon Fisher, Ryan Kissinger, Davie Franek, Chuck Hebing, Cody Keller, Kyle Reinhardt, Parker Evans, Troy Betts, Brock Zearfoss.

DNQ Chad Layton, Andy Best, Jim Shuster, Kody Lehman, Randy West, Colby Womer, Mallie Shuster, Larry Kelleher

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Categories : News, Short Track, Sprints, URC
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Bridgeport Speedway

600 Feature:
1. Luke Thomas, 2. Andrew Locuson, 3. Lee Nardelli, 4. Bill Thomas, 5. Matt Smith, 6. Tyler DeVault, 7. Sam Locuson, 8. Jon Keller, 9. Chris Locuson, 10. Steven Bracall, 11. Dave Carlberg, 12. Jim Tippin, 13. Sam Lamothe, 14. Wayne Scott, 15. Ed Barber III, 16. Nick Havens, 17. Gary Bozowski, 18. Chris Panczner, 19. Joey Butts, 20. Gary Forsythe, 21. Jerry Allen. Point Champion: Luke Thomas.

270 Feature:
1. Steve Coslop, 2. Ryan Wozunk, 3. Luke Fogg, 4. John Blanda, 5. Billy Gray, 6. Glen Frye, Jr., 7. Sean Huesser, 8. Tyler Reinhardt, 9. Jonathan John, 10. Samantha Lieberman, 11. Joe Dopke. DNS: Ron Malec, RJ Magyari, Chris Moll. Point Champion: Tyler Reinhardt.

4 cyl Feature:
1. Scott Dunn, 2. Chris Sammons, 3. Art Knapp, 4. John Gray, 5. Laura John, 6. Justin Dunn, 7. John Webster. Point Champion: Justin Dunn.

TSRS Sprint Feature:
1. Brad Franks, 2. Mike Haggenbottom, 3. Rick Stief, 4. Eddie Wagner, 5. Bob DeVault, 6. Jeff Geiges, 7. Kevin Darling, 8. Sean Kirkpatrick, 9. Dave Brown, 10. Karl Fryer, 11. Jamie Kostic, 12. Tommy Carberry, 13. Jon Haegle, 14. Jon Brennfleck, 15. Zack Burd, 16. Mares Stellfox, 17. Scott Frack, 18. Cody Jourdan, 19. Pat V’Selis, 20. Steve Patterson, 21. Keith Anderson, 22. Adam Carberry, 23. Ken Henly.

8 cyl Enduro:

1. Lee Allen, 2. Christopher Allen, Sr., 3. Tom Wolf, 4. Rick Burnham, 5. Danny Serano, 6. Steve Taciak, 7. Doug Snow, 8. Stephen Michael, 9. Animal, 10. Kyle Ellingsworth. Point Champion: Lee Allen.

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NEWS FROM NEW EGYPT SPEEDWAY Route 539, New Egypt, NJ Track Phone: 609-758-1900 Contact: Pete Wortman, PR Director


Billy Pauch, Jr. Wins $10K and NES All Star Cup Championship

Billy Pauch Jr. on his way to victory (WoS photo)

New Egypt, NJ (Sept. 20, 2014) – Billy Pauch Jr. of Frenchtown, NJ continued his breakout season Saturday night at New Egypt Speedway as he bested his dad to take top honors in the $10,000 to win 40-lap All-Star Cup Shootout and be crowned the 2nd All Star Cup champion. Pauch Jr. used the only restart of the event on lap 19 to grab the lead from Richie Pratt Jr. He then held off his father, 6-time champion Billy Pauch, with flawless driving thru heavy lapped traffic to post his 3rd win of the season at NES.

“Wow, what a great race, I am out of breath” stated the popular winner in victory lane, “I have to thank Rick Holsten and the whole crew, they have given me great equipment to drive.”

Richie Pratt and David Van Horn brought the field to the start with Pratt surging into the lead. Pauch Jr. started fourth by the luck of the draw and quickly worked into second chasing Pratt as the duo set a torrid pace. By lap 8 they approached lap traffic with Pauch Jr. on Pratt’s back bumper. Lapped traffic became very heavy by lap 12 with Pratt expertly handling it as he threaded the needle thru the back markers that were two and sometimes three wide in front of them. Pauch Jr. was equally impressive matching Pratt move for move and staying with the leader. When the only caution of the race waved on lap 19 Pratt chose the outside lane for the restart as is the leaders choice. As the green flag flew, Pauch Jr. won the drag race into turn #1 and assumed command as Danny Bouc and Pauch Sr. made their presence known charging into second and third. Bouc kept pace with Pauch Jr., keeping him in sight as lapped traffic loomed ahead. With 8 laps remaining, the top three entered heavy lapped traffic again with Pauch Sr. taking advantage of Bouc getting stuck on the outside of a lapped car and took over second. The final five laps saw the elder Pauch trying to school his son in the art of lapping cars, but Billy Jr. has already learned enough as masterfully sliced through the slower cars to capture the biggest race of his young career. Pauch Sr. settled for second, with Bouc a close third. Early race leader Pratt drove home fourth as Tad Cox rounded out the top five. Ryan Godown came home sixth followed by Jimmy Blewett, Neal Williams, Dominick Buffalino and David Van Horn.

Brian Papiez on his way to victory (WoS photo)

In the first ever Crate Modified All Star Cup Shootout, Brian Papiez took an early lead and then held off all comers as he led most of the 30 lap event to collect the $5500 top prize. Delaware invader Scott Hitchens ran up front the whole race and came home with a strong second place finish. Jim Housworth returned to NES and finished third, followed by Bryan Kuhl and Eric Palmer. Mike Butler won his first ever championship as his 8th place finish was good enough to make him the 2014 All-Star Cup champion.

Kyle Reinhardt on his way to victory (WoS photo)

The NERS 305 Sprint cars also had their first ever All Star Cup Shootout and Kyle Reinhardt of Neptune City, NJ rocketed from his 8th place starting position to take the victory in the 25 lap feature. David Brown Jr. led the early laps and held on to finish second, while Mike Haggenbottom took the All Star Cup Championship with his third place finish after starting 12th. Kyle Purks finished fourth and Mark Bitner was fifth.

One event remains on the 2014 schedule as next Saturday night, Sept. 27, it is Championship night at New Egypt Speedway. All five divisions will crown a champion as the 358 Modifieds, Crate Modifieds, Sportsman, NERS 305 Sprints and Street Stocks will all be in action. Gates open at 4pm with the first race at 6pm. More info is available on the track’s website, or on Facebook /newegyptspeedwayofficial. You can also follow us on Twitter @nesspeedway.

NES RESULTS 09/20/14

1st Heat: 1. John Stangle 2. Tommy Farrell 3. Jimmy Horton 4. Neal Williams 5. John McClelland 6. David Van Horn
2nd Heat: 1. Danny Bouc 2. Gary Butler 3. Sammy Piazza 4. Jimmy Blewett 5. Dominick Buffalino 6. Ryan Godown
3rd Heat: 1. Billy Pauch Jr. 2. Tad Cox 3. Willie Osmun 4. Billy Pauch 5. Richie Pratt Jr. 6. Doug Ostwald
B Main: 1. Rich Rutski 2. Dave Witte 3. Johnny Cornell III 4. Kevin Vaclavicek

Feature (40 Laps): 1. Billy Pauch Jr. 2. Billy Pauch 3. Danny Bouc 4. Richie Pratt 5. Tad Cox 6. Ryan Godown 7. Jimmy Blewett 8. Neal Williams 9. Dominick Buffalino 10. David Van Horn 11. Jimmy Horton 12. Tommy Farrell 13. Gary Butler 14. Willie Osmun 15. John McClelland 16. Sammy Piazza 17. Rich Rutski 18. Andrew Bohn 19. Dave Witte 20. Kevin Vaclavicek 21. Johnny Cornell III 22. Chuck Potts 23. Chris Grbac 24. PJ Oliver 25. John Stangle 26. Sean Mandel 27. Doug Ostwald 28. Bill Lester
DNQ: Joe Dill, Steve Davis, DJ Ruppert.

1st Heat: 1. Mike Carman 2. Brian Papiez 3. Matt Carman 4. Chuck Steuer 5. John Aumick
2nd Heat: 1. Frank Dorry 2. Brandon Watkins 3. Patrick Gold 4. Scott Hitchens 5. Mike Butler
3rd Heat: 1. Jarrett Rozycki 2. Steve Hicks 3. Jason Bittner 4. Jeremy Martino 5. Eric Palmer
4th Heat: 1. Ryan Simmons 2. Kevin Dale 3. Ian Humphreys 4. John Micek 5. Jim Housworth
B Main 1: 1. Kevin Vaclavicek 2. Jimmy Martin 3. Jordan Cox 4. Chuckles Stone
B Main 2: 1. Bryan Kuhl 2. John Scarpati 3. Jim Britt 4. Clyde Cox

Feature (30 Laps): 1. Brian Papiez 2. Scott Hitchens 3. Jim Housworth 4. Bryan Kuhl 5. Eric Palmer 6. John Micek 7. Ian Humphreys 8. Mike Butler 9. Ryan Simmons 10. Steve Hicks 11. Jarrett Rozycki 12. Mike Carman 13. Jason Bitner 14. Chuckles Stone 15. Clyde Cox 16. John Aumick 17. Brandon Watkins 18. Jeremy Martino 19. Jimmy Martin 20. Chuck Steuer 21. Kevin Dale 22. John Scarpati 23. Kevin Vaclavicek 24. Jim Britt 25. Jordan Cox 26. Patrick Gold 27. Matt Carman 28. Frank Dorry
DNQ: CJ Jones, Branden Clauss, Mike Mongiello, Brandon Blades, Ryan Olsommer, Jimmy Amato, Aaron Weaver, Adam Cox, JD Cranstoun, Joe Nappi, Joe Reid, Scott Hyland.

1st Heat: 1. Jamie Kostic 2. Phil Meisner Jr. 3. Kyle Reinhardt 4. Steve Glover 5. Chuck Palmucci 6. Ed Newhouser
2nd Heat: 1. Mike Haggenbottom 2. David Brown Jr. 3. Jeff Schall 4. Stefanie Palmai 5. Bob Devault 6. Darryl Ruggles
3rd Heat: 1. Rory Janney 2. Adam Carberry 3. Neil Williams 4. Mark Bitner 5. Kyle Purks 6. Jeff Geiges
B Main: 1. Erika Palmai 2. Ryan Stillwaggon 3. Tommy Carberry 4. Karl Freyer 5. Harris Kohen 6. Scott Frack

Feature (25 Laps): 1. Kyle Reinhardt 2. David Brown Jr. 3. Mike Haggenbottom 4. Kyle Purks 5. Mark Bitner 6. Jeff Geiges 7. Stefanie Palmai 8. Bob DeVault 9. Adam Carberry 10. Phil Meisner Jr. 11. Jeff Schall 12. Ryan Stillwaggon 13. Tommy Carberry Jr. 14. Rory Janney 15. Jamie Kostic 16. Scott Frack 17. Steven Glover 18. Chuck Palmucci 19. Karl Freyer 20. Brad Franks 21. Darryl Ruggles 22. Zach Burd 23. Erika Palmai 24. Neal Williams 25. Harris Kohen 26. Keith Anderson 27. Ed Newhouser 28. Brendon Poff
DNQ: Jon Brennfleck, William Glover, Rick Stief.

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NEWS FROM BRUCE ROGERS’ GRANDVIEW SPEEDWAY - Presenting Saturday night NASCAR stock car racing plus a variety of special events

Track owner: Bruce Rogers @ 610.754.7688: Public relations and marketing: Ernie Saxton @ 215.752.7797: Email: – Cell phone: 267.934.7286

Results story created by Vicki Gehris with additions by Ernie Saxton



Bechtelsville, PA September 21, 2014 . . . Stewart Friesen started the regular Saturday night season at Grandview Speedway in victory lane behind the wheel of the Norm Hansell No. 357 and he closed it out by winning the 44th annual Freedom 76 Modified feature driving the Jeff Bailey & Sons sponsored/Teo No. 44F for a $25,000 plus payday. In addition to the top prize money Friesen, the second Canadian to win the prestigious event – Doug Carlyle doing it in 1977, collected the lion’s share of lap money leading laps 32 through 76. Next to winning Syracuse, this was Friesen’s biggest triumph. He commented that Grandview was a “cool track and to be out front was a real privilege.”

The race, billed as the “Battle of Bechtelsville”, pitted New York racers against Penna. Racers with Friesen, who is a winner on a regular basis at New York tracks, claiming the win for the New York contingent. Close to 70 racers took part in the 44th annual running of the Classic.

The next event on the schedule at Grandview Speedway is a tripleheader show of Enduro, Vintage and Slingshot racing starting at 1 p.m. on Sunday, October 5th.

The top 26 cars in the 32-car field drew for starting positions with the other six getting into the main event via the Schaeffer Motorsports Minuteman 20.

At the wave of the green by starter Ray Kemp, Duane Howard, starting on the outside of the front row outgunned polesitter Ryan Watt to grab the front spot.

Howard held the lead for six laps before Watt charged ahead on the seventh lap restart needed when John Willman slowed with a flat tire.

Watt ran the highest line coming close to the boilerplate on occasion, while Howard stayed low trying to wrestle the lead away.

While these two diced for the lead and approached the obstacle of lap traffic, it allowed Friesen and Danny Johnson, the guaranteed starter for winning the Forrest Rogers Memorial, sixth- and tenth-place starters to close in and make it a four way dual for the lead.

New York invader Andy Bachetti slowed along the backstretch for the 31st lap caution. It took two attempts to complete the next lap, but when it finally counted Friesen was at the front of the pack trailed by Watt, Howard, Johnson and Anthony Perrego.

Howard regained second on the 35th lap and set sail after Friesen who was distancing himself from the competition.

Nate Christman regrouped the pack when he spun between turns three and four on the 44th lap. At this time a mandatory fuel stop brought out the red. When service was completed and racing resumed, it was still Friesen, running the inside groove, first while Howard, Watt, Johnson and Craig Von Dohren completed second through fifth.

The final caution was on the 50th lap when something on Rick Laubach’s car broke and he headed into the first turn wall collecting Keith Hoffman, who was left with no place to go, in the process. Friesen held his own on the restart, but Watt emerged with a full burst of speed running the outside lane and gave him a run for the money.

Once Friesen saw Watt’s front end, he picked up his pace and moved his path to the outside lane as opposed to staying low.

Howard was back in second on the 62nd circuit and set his sights on Friesen. The battle for fifth was a heated one between Doug Manmiller, Von Dohren and 2014 Modified point champion Jeff Strunk, who started 15th, 17th and 26th respectively.

No one was able to close in on Friesen as he wheeled through the lapped traffic and no more yellows were needed after the 50th lap restart and at the drop of the checkered Friesen was in victory lane for a well-deserved win to be the 25th different winner of the event. Following Friesen across were Howard, Johnson, Manmiller and VonDohren. Sixth through tenth were Watt, Strunk, recipient of the Bobby Gunther-Walsh and sponsored Hard Charger worth $300 since Strunk started 26th and advanced 19 positions; Tim Buckwalter, Perrego, Cargo Trailer product certificate recipient, and Jared Umbenhauer.

Buckwalter, Ray Swinehart, Willman, Jared Umbenhauer, Christman and Kyle Weiss were the heat winners. The consolation races went to Mike Mahaney, Justin Grim and Don Norris Jr. allowing them to advance to the Minuteman 20 and the final shot at making the main event. Weiss won the 10-lap Cash Dash worth $1,000.

Jon Kellner Sr. won the Minuteman 20 with Brett Kressley, Kevin Hartnett, Mike Mahaney, Jordan Umbenhauer and Ron Seltmann Jr. second to sixth to qualify for the Freedom 76.

Brett Kressley received an additional $500 from the Conrad Family in memory of their father Ray Conrad. The special Hard Luck award went to him because he was the first drop out of the event and finished 32nd.

44th Annual Freedom 76 Modified Feature Finish: 1. Stewart Friesen, 2. Duane Howard, 3. Danny Johnson, 4. Doug Manmiller, 5. Craig Von Dohren, 6. Ryan Watt, 7. Jeff Strunk, 8. Tim Buckwalter, 9. Anthony Perrego, 10. Jared Umbenhauer, 11. Craig Whitmoyer, 12. Terry Meitzler, 13. Mike Mahaney, 14. Jordan Umbenhauer, 15. Kyle Weiss, 16. Nate Christman, 17. Brian Kressley, 18. Jarrad Miller, 19. John Willman, 20. Andy Ressler, 21. Brad Brightbill, 22. Rick Laubach, 23. Keith Hoffman, 24. Kevin Hartnett, 25. Eric Biehn, 26. Ray Swinehart, 27. Frank Cozze, 28. Jon Kellner, 29. Colt Harris, 30. Andy Bachetti, 31. Ron Seltmann Jr., 32. Brett Kressley. DNQ: Jerry Higbie Jr., Kevin Hirthler, Meme DeSantis, Mike Gular, Ron Haring Jr., Mike Kellner, Matt Sheppard, Justin Grim, Don Norris Jr., Brian Hirthler, Danny Erb, Tommy Scheetz III, Scott Albert, Danny Creeden, Kyle Borror, Ryan Anderson, Chris Esposito, Dale Hartz, Paul Moyer, Ryan Grim, Mike Laise, Jamie Speers, Bobby Gunther-Walsh, Mario Dinatale, Glenn Owens, Steve Swinehart, Todd Smith, Rusty Smith, Kenny Gilmore, Brian Houseknecht, Jeremy Banos.

Grandview Speedway is located on Passmore Road just off Route 100 in Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown. For information telephone 610.754.7688 or check in at Also on Twitter97@grandviewspeedway and



Sunday, October 5 – 1 p.m. – Outlaw Enduro Racing, Blast from the Past Vintage Racers and Slingshots

Saturday, October 18, 6 p.m. – Thunder on the Hill Racing Series Halloween Party featuring 358 Modifieds, ARDC Midgets, URC Sprints, Sportsman, Legends, Monster Smash Demo Derby and Blast from the Past Vintage Racers – Rain date is Sunday, October 19, 4 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday, November 1 & 2: Fall Jamboree featuring SpeedSTRs, Slingshots, Junior Slingshots and Wingless 600s, 12:30 p.m.

Sunday, November 9, Annual Fall Racer’s Flea Market starts at 7 a.m.

Saturday, November 15, 52nd Anniversary Awards Banquet, Doors open 4 p.m., Dinner 6 p.m. at Gilbertsville Fire Co.

2015 TENTATIVE Opening Date: Annual Practice Day, Saturday, March 28, 2015

Public Relations, Sponsorship Consultant
Journalist - Event Announcer - Public Speaker
215.752.7797 & 267.934.7286

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The United States Auto Club.

Terre Haute, Indiana…….AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship leader Brady Bacon finally sealed the deal at Terre Haute on Thursday, winning his first at the half-mile in the 30-lap “Jim Hurtubise Classic” with a pass as the leaders hit the white flag. The Broken Arrow, Oklahoma native made it his third win of the year in the Hoffman Auto Racing – Mean Green #69 Triple X/Williams Mopar as the flag-to-flag victory took 11:34.17.

“We’ve never finished off the podium here together (with Hoffmans), but it was frustrating to not get a win. It feels great to win one and do it in a great race where we had to take it away at the end. It got high in three and four, and I got beat staying up top the last race here, so I started trying something different down there. He had pulled away from me a bit, so I went to the middle and just kept trying to slow down and run lower and lower. I got by him just in time,” Bacon said.

Ballou hooked the pole for the feature after timing in seventh and gunned to the lead at the outset, as Bacon was able to use the bottom off turn-two to rocket to the runner-up spot. He kept pace with Ballou as those two opened up a sizable margin on the rest of the field.

Chase Stockon held down third for much of the race, and behind him was a race between defending race winner Jerry Coons, Jr., this year’s “Hulman Classic” winner Dave Darland, and ProSource “Fast Qualifier” Jon Stanbrough.

As the race hit its later stages, third through eleventh all raced amongst each other as Ballou and Bacon had checked out on the field. Brady Short was on the move, as he and fellow sixth-row starter Shane Cottle were making gains on the lower half of the track. Short finally pulled even with Stockon for the third spot with just three to go.

Up front, Ballou had fought back Bacon repeatedly and opened up his gap, but Bacon countered by moving around to find a faster way. He was coming in a hurry the final five laps, using the top of turns one and two and dropping to the bottom in turns three and four. He nearly pulled to his back bumper as they completed lap 28, and when he came off turn-four for the white flag, Bacon had a run. He cleared Ballou down the frontstretch and jumped to the top, while Ballou tried to turn back underneath to no avail.

Bacon rolled through the west end of the speedway one final time to win by .461-seconds over Ballou, who guided his Blakesley Auto – Hinchman Racing Uniforms #12x Maxim/Ott to his sixth-straight podium finish in series competition.

“Sometimes, you need a set of eyes in the back of your head. Tonight was one of those times. I saw him down there a couple times, and he just beat us right at the end when I was losing a little bit down in three and four. I don’t know if I needed a yellow or not. We probably used our stuff up a bit too much trying to work traffic. This stretch has shown our dedication. We’ve finally got things where we knew we needed them. I can’t say enough about Derrick Bye and the work he’s put into not just preparing the car, but learning how to make us faster,” Ballou said.

An amazing twelve seconds behind them, Short held on for third in the Pottorff Logging – Indiana Stone Works #11P Maxim/SPEC, winning the B&W Auto Mart “Hard Charger Award” for his work.

“I just kept seeing it get higher and higher, and we had tightened the heck out of the car. It kept coming to me, the slicker it got. We’ve gotten better here trying to do just that. It worked out, but we could have used a caution a time or two along the way. It’s amazing because these have never been my style of track, but we’re getting more comfortable out there,” Short said.

Just behind Short was Cottle, who closed the gap in the final laps to come home fourth in the Epperson Painting – PPG #2E Spike/Foxco, and Stockon rounded out the top-five in the Superior Tank & Trailer – Crescent Electric Supply #32 DRC/Fisher.

AMSOIL USAC SPRINT CAR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RACE RESULTS: September 18, 2014 – Terre Haute, Indiana – Terre Haute, Indiana – “Jim Hurtubise Classic”

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Jon Stanbrough, 37RW, Dutcher-20.064; 2. Dave Darland, 71p, Phillips-20.192; 3. Jerry Coons Jr., 10E, Edison-20.232; 4. Kevin Thomas Jr., 9k, KT-20.341; 5. Brady Bacon, 69, Dynamics-20.360; 6. Chase Stockon, 32, 32 TBI-20.460; 7. Robert Ballou, 12x, Ballou-20.512; 8. Tracy Hines, 4, Hines-20.650; 9. Justin Grant, 40, Hery-20.803; 10. Chris Windom, 11, Walker-20.874; 11. Brady Short, 11p, Pottorff-20.905; 12. Shane Cottle, 2E, Epperson-21.066; 13. C.J. Leary, 30, Leary-21.074; 14. Bryan Clauson, 20, Stewart/Curb-Agajanian-21.083; 15. Jac Haudenschild, 11x, Walker-21.128; 16. Chad Boespflug, 5, Baldwin-21.365; 17. Brandon Mattox, 28, Mattox-21.412; 18. Terry Babb, 88, Babb-21.436; 19. Hunter Schuerenberg, 20N, Schuerenberg/Nolen-21.521; 20. Logan Jarrett, 29, Jarrett-21.784; 21. Jarett Andretti, 18, Andretti-21.848; 22. Bill Rose, 6, Rose-22.446.

FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Ballou, 2. Stanbrough 3. Leary. 4. Windom. 5. Jarrett, 6. Thomas, 7. Boespflug. 2:50.28

SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Clauson, 2. Bacon, 3. Hines, 4. Darland, 5. Mattox, 6. Short,.7. Andretti. 2:51.81

THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Coons, 2. Cottle, 3. Schuerenberg, 4. Stockon, 5. Haudenschild, 6. Grant, 7. Rose. 2:55.26

FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Brady Bacon, 2. Robert Ballou, 3. Brady Short, 4. Shane Cottle, 5. Chase Stockon, 6. Dave Darland, 7. Bryan Clauson, 8. Tracy Hines, 9. Jerry Coons Jr., 10. Chris Windom, 11. Jon Stanbrough, 12. C.J. Leary, 13. Justin Grant, 14. Kevin Thomas Jr., 15. Hunter Schuerenberg, 16. Logan Jarrett, 17. Jarett Andretti, 18. Brandon Mattox, 19. Jac Haudenschild, 20. Chad Boespflug, 21. Bill Rose. 11:34.17

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-28 Ballou, Laps 29-30 Bacon.

NEW AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT POINTS: 1-Bacon-1,623, 2-Darland-1,606, 3-Clauson-1,572, 4-Stanbrough-1,517, 5-Stockon-1,399, 6-Hines-1,276, 7-Windom-1,263, 8-Grant-1,260, 9-Ballou-1,207, 10-Leary-1,115.

NEXT AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT RACE: September 20 – Eldora Speedway – Rossburg, Ohio – “Four Crown Nationals”

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Categories : News, Short Track, Sprints, USAC
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UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions








Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014

Contact: Brian Liskai –

FREMONT, Ohio (Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014) – The numbers just keep piling up for Dale Blaney. The four time University of Northwestern Ohio All Star Circuit of Champions titlist would drive to the $10,000 payday on JLH General Contractor Night for the 7th Annual Jim Ford Classic at Fremont Speedway Saturday.

Blaney would sweep the two-day event at “The Track That Action Built.” It was his 15th UNOH All Star win of the season and runs his career total to 114. Blaney has five wins in 2014 at Fremont to take his career total at the track to 24, moving him into a tie with John Beaber for 19th on the track’s all-time win list. It was the 116th appearance of the UNOH All Stars at Fremont and Blaney leads all drivers in career series wins at the track with 18.

“Chris (Andrews) was really good in the dash. I really thought he was going to be the guy to beat. But we got rolling really good around the top and he was struggling through the middle a little bit and I was gaining some ground on him. Man this car just got better and better and I could put it anywhere I wanted,” said Blaney beside his Kennedy Cattle/Ti22 Performance/Penske Shocks/Gf1 Chassis backed machine.

“George Fisher (crew chief) is unbelievable. I’ve worked with him for 12 years now and we’re going good and I’m proud of everybody. Skippy and Donnie and Ricky Jr….we have a lot of guys that put in a great effort and it shows,” added Blaney.

Castalia, Ohio’s Jordan Ryan, who recently earned the 2014 track championship at Attica Raceway Park, is looking to do the same at Fremont Speedway. Ryan held off a charging Jamie Miller and made some daring moves in lapped traffic to score his fourth win of the season in the Fremont Federal Credit Union 305 Sprints. It was Ryan’s 5th career win at Fremont Speedway.

“I knew someone (Miller) was outside of me…I just couldn’t get past the 2 car (Ricky Peterson). He kept going to the bottom and it was a little slimy down there and it was hard to pass him,” said Ryan beside his J&J Automotive/Griff’s Engines/Frost Frog/Kistler Racing Products/Village Pizza House/backed #5.

At one point Ryan had built a five second lead but it was wiped out by a caution on lap 11.

“I didn’t realize I had that big of a lead. My dad kept giving me the middle sign…but I looked up on the sign and saw the 6 (Dustin Dinan) there and I knew I had to keep my momentum up. I watched Dale Blaney all night and how he ran the middle and I tried to mimic him…it worked out,” added Ryan.

Shawn Valenti has been unstoppable at Fremont in 2014 in the AAA Ohio Auto Club Dirt Trucks. The Risingsun, Ohio driver took the lead on lap five and dominated the rest of the feature for his third consecutive win. The victory is the 13th of the season at Fremont for Valenti and gives him 22 for his career and moving him into a tie for 24th on the track’s all-time win list.

“It’s just been one of those dream years. I didn’t want to let Dale (Blaney) be the only one to sweep the Jim Ford weekend. I know this thing was hooked up tonight. Awesome job by Rich Farmer and the crew on the track. I want to thank the fans for sticking around to watch us tonight,” said Valenti of his Craig Miller Trucking/KS Sales and Service/Day Dream and Memories Crafts and Antiques/Gressman Powersports/Dave Story Equipment Repair/Conrad Transportation backed #7B.

Andrews and Rob Chaney would bring the field to green for the 50-lap feature which honored the late Jim Ford who re-opened Fremont Speedway in 2000, saving it from closing. Andrews would gain the advantage as Blaney would move from third to second. As Andrews and Blaney pulled away, Andrew Palker and Chaney would battle for third with Lee Jacobs, Bryan Sebetto, Tim Shaffer and Caleb Griffith in pursuit.

Lee Jacobs would blast into third on lap three just before the caution flew on lap four for a Cap Henry spin. On the restart Andrews and Blaney again pulled away with Jacobs, Palker, Chaney, Shaffer, Sebetto and Griffith giving chase.

With six laps in the books, Blaney began to pressure Andrews. On lap eight Blaney would shoot around Andrews going down the back stretch but the caution would fly when Craig Mintz suffered front end damage and stopped on the front stretch.

On the restart Andrews and Blaney picked right back up on their battle with Lee Jacobs, Palker, Chaney and Sebetto in tow. Cale Thomas would stop on lap 10 for another caution. And again when the green flew Andrews and Blaney battled for the lead. That duo would wage war over the next seven laps before hitting heavy lapped traffic on lap 16.

Blaney would rocket off the bottom of turn three on lap 18 to steal the lead from Andrews with Lee Jacobs, Chaney and Sebetto the running order. Palker’s great run would end on lap 24 when he spun in turn two and that would bring out a red flag fuel stop.

When the green flew Blaney had a couple of lapped cars separating him from Andrews while Lee Jacobs, Chaney, Sebetto, Griffith and 17th starter Greg Wilson in pursuit. The caution flew again on lap 28 for a Brian Lay spin. On the restart Henry would tumble on the front stretch; he was uninjured.

On the restart Blaney again pulled away from Andrews as Chaney drove around Jacobs for third with Wilson moving into the top five. That top five would not change as they again raced into lapped traffic on lap 37. With 10 laps to go Jacobs began pressuring Chaney for the third spot when he would suffer front end damage on lap 41, ending his run.

On the restart Blaney had a two lapped car cushion over Andrews, Chaney and Wilson. Chaney would drive into second on lap 43 but Andrews challenged back with five laps to go. Chaney would finally pull away from Andrews and began closing on Blaney.

But, Blaney’s lead was insurmountable and he drove to the victory over Chaney, Andrews, Wilson and Sebetto.

“I think there’s a lot of credibility to running second to him. I stayed with Dale last night and I used his car today and I put gas in it and now I wish I wouldn’t have,” joked Chaney beside his Stan Cortad Racing #9x.

After leading the first 17 laps and having a bad couple of weeks that saw him miss out on a track title at Attica and the Kistler Racing Products FAST championship, Andrews was happy to finish third.

“I tried to take Dale’s advice. I didn’t want to go too hard and then he showed his nose past me and I kind of just followed him and learned a little bit. I got to racing with lapped cars that should have probably just pulled out of the way and let the leaders run a little bit. Seems like we run pretty good at the Jim Ford Classic every year. It makes up for a lot of bad runs here recently and I’m pretty excited,” said Andrews beside his Burmeister Racing/Lucas Oil/K&N Filters/Goofy Golf/Re-elect Judge Anstead/Tender Touch Car Wash/Schiets Motorsports/Kistler Engines/Adkins Sanitation/Applebees Restaurant backed #16.

Rookie Luke Griffith and Ryan would pace the field for the 25 lap feature for the 305 sprints with Ryan taking the lead over Griffith, Miller, Dinan, Nate Dussel, Bobby Clark, Josh Harrison, Jason Keckler and Trey Jacobs.

Ryan would steadily pull away from Griffith who had his hands full with Miller and Dinan as they raced into lapped traffic by the 7th circuit. Dinan would move into third and steal second on lap eight. With 10 laps in Ryan had built a 10 second lad over Dinan with Griffith, Miller, Dussel, Clark, Jacobs and Harrison in pursuit.

A spin by Clay Riney would bring out the caution and wipe out that huge lead. When the green flew Ryan pulled away slightly from Dinan with Miller, Griffith, Dussel, Clark, Jacobs, Steve Rando and 19th starter Alvin Roepke giving chase.

Miller would drive into second on lap 13 and slowly ate into Ryan’s lead with Dinan, Dussel, Griffith, Clark, Rando and Roepke in pursuit. With five laps to go the leaders hit heavy lapped traffic and Miller closed to within two car lengths. Ryan made a fantastic move in turns three and four on lap 20, splitting two lapped cars. But, Miller would execute the same move in turns one and two to stay close.

As the white flag flew, Ryan was hung up on the bottom by a lapped car and Miller raced to his outside with Dussel, Dinan, Clark and Roepke closing.

Ryan was able to hold off Miller for the win with Dussel, Dinan and Clark rounding out the top five.

Kyle Cline and Dana Frey brought the field to green for the 20 lap dirt truck feature with Fry leading the first lap over Cline, Cory McCaughey, Gene Potridge, Jeff Ward and Ben Good. Fry and Cline tangled in turn two ending their night after the first lap was completed.

On the restart McCaughey led Potridge, Ward, 11th starter Valenti, Good and Kent Brewer. But the caution would fly for an Art Ball and Eric Devanna spin. The green flew for lap three followed by a quick caution for Randy Ryan.

On the restart McCaughey led Potridge, Valenti, Ward, Brewer and Good. Valenti drove into second on lap four and drove around McCaughey for the lead a circuit later. Brewer would take third on lap seven and drive into second by lap 10.

Valenti had built an eight second lead – half a lap – when the caution flew for Andy Earnhart who stopped on the track with four laps to go. That was the only thing to slow Valenti as he drove off the final four laps for the win over Brewer, a charging Matt Foos, McCaughey and Jimmy McGrath Jr.

The UNOH All Stars and Fremont Speedway announced the series would return to Fremont Speedway for several big shows in 2015.

Also, earlier in the day the Third Annual Fremont Speedway Kick-It Kickball Fundraiser was held. Along with raffles, a Kick-Bald event earlier in the year and other fund-raisers, over $50,000 was raised to fight childhood cancer. The Jeff Gordon Foundation will match that amount for a total over $100,000!

Fremont Speedway will return to action Saturday, Sept. 27 for Kistler Racing Products Season Championship Night for the 410 and 305 sprints and dirt trucks.

For more information go to

Fremont Speedway - 9/13/2014

JLH Construction Night

UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions (39 Cars)

[#]-Starting Position

Qualifying – Kistler Engines

1. 14K-Dale Blaney, 12.492; 2. 57X-Andrew Palker, 12.521; 3. 16-Chris Andrews, 12.572; 4. 9X-Rob Chaney, 12.643; 5. 7C-Caleb Armstrong, 12.676; 6. 53-Cap Henry, 12.740; 7. 29-Bryan Sebetto, 12.784; 8. 55F-Taylor Ferns, 12.816; 9. 14H-Todd Heller, 12.827; 10. 81-Lee Jacobs, 12.837; 11. 24H-Brandon Wimmer, 12.837; 12. 45-Tim Shaffer, 12.851; 13. 45L-Brian Lay, 12.905; 14. 33M-Sheldon Haudenschild, 12.911; 15. 16M-Danny Mumaw, 12.928; 16. 40DD-Caleb Griffith, 12.982; 17. 2+-Brian Smith, 12.999; 18. O8-Dan Kuriger, 13.068; 19. 27-Chad Kemenah, 13.100; 20. W20-Greg Wilson, 13.147; 21. 22S-Brandon Spithaler, 13.155; 22. 11F-D.J. Foos, 13.203; 23. 9-Dean Jacobs, 13.264; 24. 83M-Broc Martin, 13.280; 25. 51-Roger Campbell, 13.287; 26. 1ST-Gary Taylor, 13.293; 27. 9W-Derek Hagar, 13.300; 28. 39M-Matt Merrill, 13.336; 29. O9-Craig Mintz, 13.375; 30. 6-Jac Haudenschild, 13.415; 31. 35-Stuart Brubaker, 13.416; 32. 5R-Byron Reed, 13.459; 33. 21-Travis Philo, 13.493; 34. 60K-Jody Keegan, 13.711; 35. 10-Carl Bowser, 13.806; 36. 40-Caleb Helms, 13.952; 37. 91-Cale Thomas, 14.079; 38. 13-Brandon Matus, 14.104; 39. 33-Brent Matus, 14.607

Heat 1 – Kear’s Speed Shop (10 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 2+-Brian Smith[2] ; 2. 22S-Brandon Spithaler[1] ; 3. 14K-Dale Blaney[6] ; 4. O9-Craig Mintz[8] ; 5. 91-Cale Thomas[10] ; 6. 14H-Todd Heller[4] ; 7. 7C-Caleb Armstrong[5] ; 8. 45L-Brian Lay[3] ; 9. 21-Travis Philo[9] ; 10. 51-Roger Campbell[7]

Heat 2 – All Pro Aluminum Heads (10 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. O8-Dan Kuriger[2] ; 2. 81-Lee Jacobs[4] ; 3. 57X-Andrew Palker[6] ; 4. 11F-D.J. Foos[1] ; 5. 60K-Jody Keegan[9] ; 6. 33M-Sheldon Haudenschild[3] ; 7. 1ST-Gary Taylor[7] ; 8. 13-Brandon Matus[10] ; 9. 6-Jac Haudenschild[8] ; 10. 53-Cap Henry[5]

Heat 3 – Dragon Racing Fuels (10 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 16-Chris Andrews[6] ; 2. 27-Chad Kemenah[2] ; 3. 24H-Brandon Wimmer[4] ; 4. 9-Dean Jacobs[1] ; 5. 29-Bryan Sebetto[5] ; 6. 9W-Derek Hagar[7] ; 7. 35-Stuart Brubaker[8] ; 8. 10-Carl Bowser[9] ; 9. 33-Brent Matus[10] ; 10. 16M-Danny Mumaw[3]

Heat 4 – Kinsler Fuel Injection (10 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. W20-Greg Wilson[2] ; 2. 45-Tim Shaffer[4] ; 3. 9X-Rob Chaney[6] ; 4. 83M-Broc Martin[1] ; 5. 40DD-Caleb Griffith[3] ; 6. 5R-Byron Reed[8] ; 7. 55F-Taylor Ferns[5] ; 8. 39M-Matt Merrill[7] ; 9. 40-Caleb Helms[9]

Dash – Quality Inn/Comfort Inn & Suites of Fremont (6 Laps, finishing order determined first 6 starting positions of A-feature

1. 16-Chris Andrews[4] ; 2. 9X-Rob Chaney[2] ; 3. 14K-Dale Blaney[1] ; 4. 57X-Andrew Palker[5] ; 5. 81-Lee Jacobs[6] ; 6. 29-Bryan Sebetto[3]

B-Main – MSD Ignition (12 Laps - Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 53-Cap Henry[2] ; 2. 7C-Caleb Armstrong[1] ; 3. 45L-Brian Lay[5] ; 4. 14H-Todd Heller[4] ; 5. 1ST-Gary Taylor[9] ; 6. 5R-Byron Reed[14] ; 7. 33M-Sheldon Haudenschild[6] ; 8. 55F-Taylor Ferns[3] ; 9. 9W-Derek Hagar[10] ; 10. 10-Carl Bowser[16] ; 11. 51-Roger Campbell[8] ; 12. 39M-Matt Merrill[11] ; 13. 21-Travis Philo[15] ; 14. 40-Caleb Helms[17] ; 15. 13-Brandon Matus[18] ; 16. 6-Jac Haudenschild[12] ; 17. 35-Stuart Brubaker[13] ; 18. 33-Brent Matus[19]

UNOH A-Main - (50 Laps)

1. 14K-Dale Blaney[3]; 2. 9X-Rob Chaney[2]; 3. 16-Chris Andrews[1]; 4. W20-Greg Wilson[17]; 5. 29-Bryan Sebetto[6]; 6. 40DD-Caleb Griffith[9]; 7. 45-Tim Shaffer[8]; 8. 24H-Brandon Wimmer[7]; 9. 14H-Todd Heller[13]; 10. 2+-Brian Smith[10]; 11. 9-Dean Jacobs[20]; 12. 7C-Caleb Armstrong[11]; 13. 60K-Jody Keegan[23]; 14. 83M-Broc Martin[21]; 15. 22S-Brandon Spithaler[18]; 16. 81-Lee Jacobs[5]; 17. 27-Chad Kemenah[16]; 18. 53-Cap Henry[12]; 19. 45L-Brian Lay[14]; 20. 57X-Andrew Palker[4]; 21. 11F-D.J. Foos[19]; 22. 91-Cale Thomas[24]; 23. O8-Dan Kuriger[15]; 24. O9-Craig Mintz[22]

Hard Charger: W20-Greg Wilson[+13]

Fremont Federal Credit Untion 305 Sprints (33 Cars)

[#]-Starting Position

Heat 1 - American Power Sports (8 Laps - Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 18-Bobby Clark[1] ; 2. 6-Dustin Dinan[8] ; 3. 1W-Jamie Miller[4] ; 4. 68G-Tyler Gunn[7] ; 5. 2-Ricky Peterson[6] ; 6. 7A-Alvin Roepke[5] ; 7. 10S-Roger Shammo[2] ; 8. 18N-Frank Neill[3] ; 9. 37-Austin Ream[9]

Heat 2 - Kistler Racing Products (8 Laps - Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 25-Jason Keckler[6] ; 2. 5R-Jordan Ryan[8] ; 3. 10-Josh Harrison[1] ; 4. C1-Clay Riney[2] ; 5. O2-Kevin Lee[3] ; 6. 39-John Ivy[7] ; 7. 7M-Brandon Moore[5] ; 8. 2L-Landon Lalonde[4]

Heat 3 - Hoosier Racing Tires (8 Laps - Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 22D-Dan Hammond[1] ; 2. 1-Nate Dussel[6] ; 3. 22M-Dan McCarron[2] ; 4. 16-Dale Blaney[3] ; 5. 12-Kyle Capodice[8] ; 6. 26-Daniel Demyan[7] ; 7. 13-Jeremy Duposki[5] ; 8. 20I-Kelsey Ivy[4]

Heat 4 - The Computer Man (8 Laps - Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 11G-Luke Griffith[1] ; 2. 19R-Steve Rando[5] ; 3. 3J-Trey Jacobs[2] ; 4. 29P-Mark Pinski[4] ; 5. 20B-Cody Bova[7] ; 6. 32-Ryan French[8] ; 7. 15-Gary Benjamin[6]

B-Main - Computer Man Inc. (10 Laps - Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 20B-Cody Bova[4] ; 2. 2-Ricky Peterson[1] ; 3. 7A-Alvin Roepke[5] ; 4. 39-John Ivy[6] ; 5. O2-Kevin Lee[2] ; 6. 12-Kyle Capodice[3] ; 7. 7M-Brandon Moore[10] ; 8. 20I-Kelsey Ivy[14] ; 9. 10S-Roger Shammo[9] ; 10. 18N-Frank Neill[12] ; 11. 37-Austin Ream[13] ; 12. 26-Daniel Demyan[7] ; 13. 2L-Landon Lalonde[15] ; 14. 13-Jeremy Duposki[11]

A-Main - (25 Laps)

1. 5R-Jordan Ryan[2]; 2. 1W-Jamie Miller[4]; 3. 1-Nate Dussel[6]; 4. 6-Dustin Dinan[3]; 5. 18-Bobby Clark[10]; 6. 7A-Alvin Roepke[19]; 7. 11G-Luke Griffith[1]; 8. 19R-Steve Rando[12]; 9. 16-Dale Blaney[15]; 10. 39-John Ivy[20]; 11. 25-Jason Keckler[8]; 12. 3J-Trey Jacobs[7]; 13. 22M-Dan McCarron[9]; 14. 10-Josh Harrison[5]; 15. 20B-Cody Bova[17]; 16. 2-Ricky Peterson[18]; 17. 68G-Tyler Gunn[13]; 18. 29P-Mark Pinski[16]; 19. 22D-Dan Hammond[11]; 20. C1-Clay Riney[14]

Hard Charger: 7A-Alvin Roepke[+13]

AAA Auto Club Dirt Trucks (22 Trucks)

[#]-Starting Position

Heat 1 - American Power Sports (8 Laps - Top 8 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. O1-Art Ball[4] ; 2. 33-Jeff Ward[6] ; 3. 33C-Kyle Cline[2] ; 4. 5-Jim McGrath[3] ; 5. 3X-Brad Keckler[7] ; 6. D1-Dustin Keegan[5] ; 7. 25-Randy Ryan[8] ; 8. 1-Andy Earnhart[1]

Heat 2 - Kistler Racing Products (8 Laps - Top 8 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 7-Dana Frey[1] ; 2. 7B-Shawn Valenti[5] ; 3. 115-Ben Good[2] ; 4. 4S-Keith Sorg[3] ; 5. 5JR-Jimmy McGrath Jr.[7] ; 6. 37-Eric Devanna[4] ; 7. 9-Curt Inks[6]

Heat 3 - Hoosier Racing Tires (8 Laps - Top 8 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 8KB-Kent Brewer[3] ; 2. 36M-Cory McCaughey[1] ; 3. 2-Matt Foos[4] ; 4. 99X-Gene Portidge[5] ; 5. O-Jim Keegan[6] ; 6. 13-Cody Benyak[7] ; 7. 18W-Cory Ward[2]

A-Main - (20 Laps)

1. 7B-Shawn Valenti[12]; 2. 8KB-Kent Brewer[7]; 3. 2-Matt Foos[9]; 4. 36M-Cory McCaughey[4]; 5. 5JR-Jimmy McGrath Jr.[14]; 6. 33-Jeff Ward[8]; 7. O1-Art Ball[11]; 8. 99X-Gene Portidge[3]; 9. 115-Ben Good[6]; 10. 3X-Brad Keckler[13]; 11. 5-Jim McGrath[10]; 12. D1-Dustin Keegan[16]; 13. O-Jim Keegan[15]; 14. 9-Curt Inks[20]; 15. 37-Eric Devanna[17]; 16. 13-Cody Benyak[18]; 17. 1-Andy Earnhart[22]; 18. 4S-Keith Sorg[5]; 19. 25-Randy Ryan[19]; 20. 7-Dana Frey[2]; 21. 33C-Kyle Cline[1]

Hard Charger: 7B-Shawn Valenti[+11]

©2014 - Results Provided by: Computer Man Inc. Fremont, OH

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