New Faces Land In Hamlin Speedway Winners Circle


Hamlin Speedway

Hamlin, PA- New Faces Land In Hamlin Speedway Winners Circle
By: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media

The Hamlin Speedway was once again the focal point of racing activity last evening in the Pocono Mountains as the speedway hosted it's regular divisions. Once again the Smith Fanily did all of their homework as the track was beyond racy and a full schedule of events took place on the Pocono hot spot. The speedway was off and running with some superb rained out features from last week, solid heat racing action and another batch of hot running feature events. The racing action at the 1/5th mile clay-cushioned facility has been over the top with many outstanding driving personalities carving out their own claim to fame in weekly competition for age groups from 8 to 60 plus and became even better last evening when some new faces found the joys that only a trip to victory lane can bring.

The 2019 season is now fifteen weeks old and many special events have been already been completed but the heart of the racing schedule is ongoing at Hamlin. This coming week the bikers will take over the speedway for some real good over the top racing action.

On Saturday night Brandon Graner topped the XCel Modified feature event with a sound but very close run over Kevin VanValkenburg. Jake Eby was fast and furious in the Rookie 600 Sprint bash. Wes Hearn has been knocking on the door but failing to move across the threshold but did so on Saturday night as he raced through the field to gain the win in the Supers. On the regular night of action, Cody Powell captured his first rookie 600 main event with a solid run to the checkers event. Paul Ennes captured his first main event since 2012 with a great run in the Supers. Kevin VanValkenburg was strong in capturing the X-Cel Modified feature event. Kasey Hufcut trounced a stellar field of Junior Slingshots with a wire to wire run. "The Oxford Express" Dale Kober was back to business as usual with a great triumph in the All Star Slingshot event. "The Electric Man" Colin White was spectacular as he rode the top of the raceway and took over the lead at the midway point of the event and raced for the win.

"Bad" Chad Sandt took the lead on the opening bell in the headliner event for the JPA Masonry Wingless Sprints. Colin White kept pressuring him on the turns and finally got a run off of the top of turn two to slip past Sandt for the lead at the midway point of the event. Once in front, White was a speed demon as he left the field behind him. White captured the win with Sandt in the runner-up role. Mick D'Agostino was third with Zach Weisenfluh fourth and Dylan Martin rounding out the top five. Noah Zielinski headed up the second five with Duane White, Mack Brink, Joe Smith and Kyle Ferrucci following.

Amanda Buchel grabbed the lead at the start of the event for the Stage One Modifieds. Buchel wasted no time as she emphasized hitting her marks all around the speedway and built up an a starightaway lead when the checkered flag fell. Joel Price ran in second place for the event with Michael Samony racing into third place. Tanner VanDoren raced through the field to reside in fourth spot and Anthony Chrobak got a good run going and came in fifth place. Ricky Bobby (Joey Amantea) headed up the second five in the new Stage One car out of the Richie Smith Shoppes while Jeff Hineline, Adam Buchel, Evan Civick, and John Bachetti Jr followed.

Cody Powell had the top spot in the Rookie Sprint feature and made the most of it. In just a few short laps he broke out to a huge lead and no one had anything for him. "The Whiz Kid" Jack Hanna broke free late in the race and finished in second place with Kyle Ferrucci third, Tony Parlanti fourth and Brandon Nicholas in fifth. Rich Magure, Richie Maguire, Carmen Leggio, Victor Cleary and Bobby Smith followed.

Paul Ennes captured his last feature win at Hamlin in 2012. That did not bother the veteran racer at any time as he took a few years off regrouped and returned to the speedway last year after buying out Bill Darcy's equipment. He was fast and furious on this night of racing as he had to beat one of the best in the business Wes Hearn to smile in victory lane. Ennes was methodical as he grabbed the lead and ran out to huge lead only yo have caution deter his lead. On the restart, Ennes was fast and this time Hearn had worked his way into the runner-up slot. Ennes outlasted Hearn this time and earned his first win since 2010. Alan Kober was third, Jim Conroy fourth and Dale Kober fifth. Wally Bell headed up the second five with David Guest, Jermey Hoffman and Mark Exeter following.

Kasey Hufcut outlasted a full field of Junior Slingshots on this evening. With twenty plus cars on hand for the battles, Hufcut began from the pole and quickly established the flow of the event. Aidan Donaldson came through the field from 11th starting spot to second but Hufcut was up to the task at hand and led to the finish with Donaldson second. Doug Smith was third in this one with RJ Sherman fourth and Charlene Benz fifth. The second five found a reasl battle between Iasbella VanOrden and James Hendricks with VanOrden winning the battle over Hendricks with Chase Zimmer, Aidan Elliot, and Dillon Beadle following.

Dale Kober took the lead at the start of the event and was pushed for twenty laps by Scott Neary, who was second. Ashley Kober raced to third place with Taylor Mills racing from ninth to fourth place and Shelby McLaughlin rounding out the top five. The second five found Paul Ennes, Andrew Turpin, Joey Kalafut, Wes Hearn and Wally Bell finishing up the top ten spots.

Kevin VanValkenburg captured the X-Cel Modified run with some excellent 12.983 clockings around the speedway. Brandon Graner was second.

In the Preliminary feature events, Jacob Eby was smooth as silk and fast as lightning as he captured the win with some very impressive 12.432 second times. He won over Dennis Stawisnsky, Jack Hanna, Ryan Bohlke and Kyle Ferrucci. The second five found Richie Maguire, Brandon Nicholas, Carmen Leggio, Rich Maguire and Cody Powell following.

In the X-Cel Modifieds, Brandon Graner showed Kevin VanValkenburg the short way around the facility with a win.

Wes Hearn was at the top of his game on Saturday night as he sped to a nice win over Wally Bell. Jim Conroy, Dale Kober, and David Guest trailing behind. Paul Ennes, Roger Collins and Jeremy Hoffman and Mark Exeter followed.

Pearl Jams:

The track was racy from start to finish and Track Promoter Randy Smith continued to work on the speedway as necessary for the activity on the speedway was non-stop but very racy for all competitors. The track was mirror smooth throughout the many feature events on the speedway.

Scott Neary and Dale Kober captured the heat wins for the All Star Slingshots while the The Junior Slingshot heats found newcomer Cole Perez winning the first and Isabella VanOrden winning the second. The Stage One Modified heats found Michael Samony and Anthony Chrobak being victorious. JPA Masonry Wingless heats were claimed by Cody Smith and Mack Brink. Alan Kober captured the heat win for the Supers. The JPA Masonry Rookie 600 Sprints ran two heats and Tony Parlanti and Kyle Ferrucci were the winners.

Lots of new faces coming to the speedway on a weekly basis. An influx of Junior Slingshots brought out some fans as well.

Beth Weisenfluh was all smiles as she captured the 50/50 last evening worth $105.00.


JPA Masonry Wingless 600 Sprints: Colin White, Chad Sandt, Mick D'Agostino, Zach Weisenfluh, Dylan Martin, Noah Zielinski, Duane White, Mack Brink, Joe Smith, Kyle Ferrucci, Dennis Stawinsky, Geordan Marrero, Tyler Lindsay, Fred Heiny, Cody Smith, Hunter Metzger, Ryan Bohlke, Joey Amantea

All Star Slingshots: Dale Kober, Scott Neary, Ashley Kober, Taylor Mills, Shelby McLaughlin, Paul Ennes, Andrew Turpin, Joey Kalafut, Wes Hearn, Wally Bell, Brian Smith, James Benz, Mikey Johannes, Nolan Palaima, Jared Silfee

Amantea Real Estate Junior Slingshots: Kasey Hufcut, Aidan Donaldson, Doug Smith, RJ Sherman, Charlene Benz, Isabella VanOrden, James Hendricks, Chase Zimmer, Aidan Elliot, Dillon Beadle, Calvin Wheelock, Cole Perez, Kylie Hendricks, Conner Mirabelli, Trevor Haughton, Mathew Backus, Jenna Amantea, Molly McKerrell, Mason McKerrell

Super Slingers: Paul Ennes, Wes Hearn, Alan Kober, Jim Conroy, Dale Kober, Wally Bell, David Guest, Jeremy Hoffman, Mark Exeter

JPA Masonry Rookies: Cody Powell, Jack Hanna, Kyle Ferrucci, Tony Parlanti, Brandon Nicholas, Rich Maguire, Richie Maguire, Carmen Leggio, Victor Cleary, Bobby Smith, Jacob Eby, Dennis Chamberlain, Dennis Stawinsky, Jacob Nememth, Jason Garcia

Hampton RV & Trailer Sales: Amanda Buchel, Joel Price, Michael Samony, Tanner VanDohren, Anthony Chrobak, Ricky Bobby, Jeff Hineline, Adam Buchel, Evan Civick, John Bachetti Jr, Mark Evans, John Bachetti Sr, James Costlow

X-Cel Modifieds: Kevin VanValkeburg, Brandon Graner, DNS* Korey Inglin, Travis Fichter, Keith Inglin, Olivia Schmeltzer, Zane Roth

Super Slingshots- (From 8/17) Wes Hearn, Wally Bell, Jim Conroy, Dale Kober, David Guest, Paul Ennis, Roger Collins, Jeremy Hoffman, Mark Exeter, Greg Zellman

JPA Masonry Rookies- (From 8/17) Jacob Eby, Dennis Stawinsky, Jack Hanna, Ryan Bohlke, Kyle Ferrucci, Richie Maguire, Brandon Nicholas, Carmen Leggio, Rich Maguire, Cody Powell, Dennis Chamberlain, Victor Cleary, Jason Garcia, Tony Parlanti, Bobby Smith

X-Cel Modifieds- (From 8/17) Brandon Graner, Kevin VanValkenburg DNS*

Make sure to always check the Hamlin Speedway website or Facebook page for any additional information. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 3 PM; Drivers Meeting at 5:45; Hot Laps are at 6:00 and the racing begins at 7 PM sharp. Admission Prices for regular shows are: Adults $10.00; Senior Citizens $5.00 Children under 6 are Free

Please support the many great sponsors who assist in working and sponsoring the season long events at the speedway. Amantea Real Estate,, Tilcon, Ron Brown Hauling, JPA Masonry, Chad Wheeler Excavating, RLE Towing and Recovery,, S&S Speedways and Yankowski Enterprises are all part of the advertising family at the speedway and we graciously thank them for their support.

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The Hamlin Speedway Is The "Pearl" Of The Poconos

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