Hamlin Speedway Beats The Weather With Eight Feature Events


Hamlin, PA- Hamlin Speedway Beats The Weather With Eight Feature Events
By: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media

The Hamlin Speedway was loaded with tremendous racing activity last evening and with an eye on the weather in the Poconos, was able to soldier through it and have a great night at the speedway. The crowd was up and the roster was down with the drivers fearing the speedway might get wet. Once again the Smith Fanily was off and running with some superb heat racing action and eight feature events. The racing action at the 1/5th mile clay-cushioned facility has been remarkable with many outstanding driving personalities carving out their own claim to fame in weekly competition for age groups from 8 to 60 plus and many of the drivers last night were first time winners in their current division. With rain falling throughout the area, it was truly a miracle the Smith Family was able to pull this event off.

The 2019 season is now seventeen weeks old and many special events have been already been completed but the racing action is just a week away from being compeleted at Hamlin. To recap the action on Saturday some drivers at the speedway gained a first, meaning they won their first ever event at the speedway taken over by the Smith Family in 2005. Doug Smith, a nearby resident of Mount Cobb, captured the Junior Slingshot action. Tyler LIndsay had the hot foot in in the Regular 600 main event and came away as a winner. The Rookie main event for the 600 Sprints was captured by Tony Parlanti. Last season's Junior Slingshot champion, Shelby McLaughlin, was way ahead of the curve last night as she powered her way to a win in the All Star Slingshot field. Unheralded Jame Costlow had the fast ticket around the Hamlin Speedway last night as he outgunned a stellar turnout of equipment in the Smith Family Memorial event for the Hampton RV & Trailer Sales Stage One Modifieds. Wally Bell was quick to ring the bell as he captured the Super Slingshot win

James Costlow, who had been in the past running with the Slingshots, took command of the Smith Family Memorial at the start and quickly carved out a lead over the rest of the field. Amand Buchel, who began from third place, had a quick race car at her disposal and with each lap closed a bit on Costlow. With the 30-lap distance in place, Costlow remained strong throughout the event and was able to hold both Buchel race cars (Amanda and Adam) behind him to go on and capture his first win in the Stage One division. Amanda and Adman Buchel followed with Jeff Hineline rushing to fourth place with Ricky Bobby nailing down a top five finish. Anthony Chrobak headed up the next five finishers with Tanner VanDoren, Mike Samony, Joel Price, Mark Evans, and Evan Civick following.

In the Super Slingshots, Wally Bell was all business as he took the lead at the start and was able to carve some distance between he and second place runner Jim Conroy. Conroy had his hands full trying to defend his turf against a very pesty Dale Kober who tried every inch of the territory involved to get by him to no avail. Paul Ennes hustled his way through the field to grab up fourth place and Roger Collins returned to the speedway to nail down a top five finish. David Guest, Mark Exeter and Jeremy Hoffman followed.

The diminshed Rookie feature for the 600 Sprints began with Tony Parlanti showing the hot hand from the top of the raceway. Brandon Nicholas and Jake Eby tried to track Parlanti down but were engaged in their own super battle for position and Parlanti scooted away from them. Parlanti captured the win with Nicholas in second, Eby third, Cody Powell in fourth and Carmen Leggio in fifth place.

In the regular event for the 600 Sprints Noah Zielinski lead the first lap until a restart slowed the action. On the restart, Mack Brink nosed his way outfront with the thundering herd following closely behind. Tyler Lindsay using all angles of the raceway was able to move in and successfully make the pass on Brink from the top of the raceway. Lindsay made the winning pass stick the remainder of the event and captured the win with Brink settling for runner-up honors. Reigning track champion Mick D'Agostino was third in this one with Noah Zielinski in fourth place and Zack Weisenfluh settling for fifth. "The Big Show" Joey Amantea hustled to sixth place with Kyle Ferrucci, Ryan Bohlke, Dennis Stawinsky, Don Colaluce and Jacob Nemeth finshing up the places.

The Junior Slingshot found RJ Sherman leading for a lap and a spin brought the action to a halt. Doug Smith, who had been in a position to win some races, on the restart quickly found the top of the raceway to be the hot spot on the raceway as he took over the lead and lead the remainder of the event to capture the win. Sherman was the runner-up with Aidan Donaldson doing great work to finish third. Aidan Elliot and Charlene Benz completed the top five. Isabella VanOrden was sixth with the returning Connor Mirabelli seventh and Chase Zimmer eighth, Cole Perez in ninth and Kasey Hufcut tenth.

The All Star Slingshot event began with Shelby McLaughlin grabbing the lead from the pole position. McLaughlin was fast and was precise on the speedway hitting her marks at each step and carved out a huge lead over the field. Paul Ennes was in the runner-up role and just held his position down for second place. Scott Neary, who was running third, had a gang of cars behind him looking for a spot but Neary was strong enough to hold the feild at bay. James Benz was fourth in this one and Brian Smith hustled to fith place. Joey Kalafut hit his notes as he headed up the second five with Ashley Kober, Wally Bell, Andrew Turpin, and Justin Newhard nailing down top ten finishes.

Jeff Metsger was all speed as he took the lead at the start of the PA Winged Outlaw event and led all of the way to a win over Clint Loss. It was the first appearance of the division at Hamlin.

In the rained out 600 Sprint feature from last month, "The Taylor Tornado" Zack Weisenfluh took over the lead with a pass of Mack Brink on lap nine to go and claim the win. "The Traveling Man" Mick D'Agostion utilized all of the raceway to claim runner-up honors in this one with Mack BRink in third place, Tyler LIndsay fourth and Joey Amantea in fifth. Kyle Ferrucci, Dennis Stawinsky, and Noah Zielinski rounded out the field.

Pearl Jams:

The track was racy from start to finish and Track Promoter Randy Smith continued to work on the speedway as necessary for the activity on the speedway was non-stop but very racy throughout. Randy Smith keeps doing remarkable work at the speedway with as many as five grooves on the speedway for the racers and a dust free environment.

Paul Ennes and Shelby McLaughlin captured the heat wins for the All Star Slingshots. The Junior Slingshot heats went to RJ Sherman and Doug Smith. The Stage One Modifieds rand two rounds of heat events with Michael Samony and James Costlow winning the first round and Tanner VanDohren and Amanda Buchel capturing the second round. The Super Slinger heat found Dale Kober at the head of the pack. The JPA Masonry Wingless heat was claimed by Noah Zielinski. The JPA Masonry Rookie 600 Sprints ran one heat and Brandon Nicholas was victorious. Russ Ludwig captured the lone heat for the PA Winged Outlaws and did one lap at 12.602 seconds.

"The Ambassador" Wes Hearn and his son Wesley were at the controls of the flags last night at the speedway as regular flagger Russ Furry is still hobbled by injuries he suffered at his regular job.

Anthony Chrobak Sr captured the 50/50 last evening.

One of the track regulars, Anthony "Chops" Chrobak spent a day at the Evergreen Speedway last week as part of the Rusty Wallace experience. Chrobak explained he learned alot from the experience as he expands his horizons in motorsports.

Another great crowd on hand for the night of racing. Thank you folks and make sure you tell your friends about Hamlin Speedway, the "Pearl in the Poconos." There is just one week left in the season, make sure you come out and join us for a night of exciting racing action.


JPA Masonry Wingless 600 Sprints: Tyler Lindsay, Mack Brink, Noah Zielinski, Mick D'Agostino, Zack Weisenfluh, Joey Amantea, Kyle Ferrucci, Ryan Bohlke, Dennis Stawinski, Don Colaluce, Jacob Nemeth

All Star Slingshots: Shelby McLaughlin, Paul Ennes, Scott Neary, James Benz, Brian Smith, Joey Kalafut, Ashley Kober, Wally Bell, Andrew Turpin, Justin Newhard, CJ Fritz, Dale Kober, Amber Baccaligni

Amantea Real Estate Junior Slingshots: Doug Smith, RJ Sherman, Aidan Donaldson, Aidan Elliot, Charlene Benz, Isabella VanOrden, Connor Mirabelli, Chase Zimmer, Cole Perez, Kasey Hufcut, Dillon Beadle, Jenna Amantea

Super Slingers: Wally Bell, Jim Conroy, Dale Kober, Paul Ennes, Roger Collins, David Guest, Mark Exeter, Jeremy Hoffman

Hampton RV & Trailer Sales Stage One Modifieds: (30 Laps- Smith Family Memorial)) James Costlow, Amanda Buchel, Adam Buchel, Ricky Bobby, Anthony Chrobak, Tanner VanDoren, Michael Samony, Joel Price, Mark Evans, Evan Covick, (DNS) Joel Smith, Lawson Szerencits

JPA Masonry Rookies- Tony Parlanti, Brandon Nicholas, Jacob Eby, Cody Powell, Carmen Leggio, Jacob Nemeth

PA Outlaw Karts: Jeff Metsger, Cliff Loss, Russ Ludwig Jr, Russ Ludwig III, Michelle Ludwig

JPA Masonry 600 Sprints: (Rained Out Event) Zack Weisenfluh, Mick D'Agostino, Mack Brink, Tyler Lindsay, Joey Amantea, Kyle Ferrucci, Dennis Stawinski, Noah Zielinski, (DNS) Joseph Smith, Cody Smith

Make sure to always check the Hamlin Speedway website or Facebook page for any additional information. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 3 PM; Drivers Meeting at 5:45; Hot Laps are at 6:00 and the racing begins at 7 PM sharp. Admission Prices for regular shows are: Adults $10.00; Senior Citizens $5.00 Children under 6 are Free

Please support the many great sponsors who assist in working and sponsoring the season long events at the speedway. Amantea Real Estate,, Tilcon, Ron Brown Hauling, JPA Masonry, Chad Wheeler Excavating, RLE Towing and Recovery,, S&S Speedways and Yankowski Enterprises are all part of the advertising family at the speedway and we graciously thank them for their support.

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The Hamlin Speedway Is The "Pearl" Of The Poconos

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