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Winner Michael 'Buddy' Kofoid (POWRi Photo)


Jacksonville, IL. (08/23/2020) Perfection was the word of the night on Sunday for the Penngrove, CA. native- Michael "Buddy" Kofoid aboard the Keith Kunz Motorsports No. 67 at the famous Jacksonville Speedway in Jacksonville, IL.

After a rough heat race run and putting himself in the semi Feature, Michael "Buddy" Kofoid squeaks his way into the 30-lap main event. Charging from the 19th position to capture his seventh win on the 2020 race season with the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League.

Joined alongside Clinton Boyles of Greenwood, Missouri. Jerry Coons Jr. of Tucson, AZ made up the front row. As they both lead the field the green flag, Kofoid starting in the 19position was involved in the caution that came out on the first lap. Due to a complete restart, Kofoid regains his 19th starting position.

Boyles came back to life on the restart and pulled away while the attention turned to the battle brewing for second as Coons followed in second. As Thomas Meseraull had his hands full battling with Emerson Axsom. Hitting the halfway mark, Boyles still in the lead and Kofoid had made his way up to the sixth position.

A caution for a stopped car on lap 24 brought fans to the edge of their seat, with only six laps to go. Buddy Kofoid was sitting in the third position right before the caution. Going back to green, Boyles remained in control with Kofoid in second after passing Emerson Axsom. Kofoid set his sight on Boyles and does just that, he takes the lead on lap 27 and Axsom followed to claim second.

Crossing the stripe and completing a perfect night on the amazing Jacksonville, IL surface, Michael "Buddy" Kofoid parked his No. 67 in victory lane for the seventh time this year and climbed atop the cage victoriously in front of a full Jacksonville crowd.

Finishing in second after capping a late charge, Emerson Axsom of Franklin, IN. brought his No. 15 home with the runner-up honors. Rounding out the podium in third-place, Clinton Boyles with it being his best career finish with the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League. Fourth place was brought home by No. 85 Jerry Coons Jr. Rounding out your top five, the Muskogee, OK. native- Kaylee Bryson.

"Just kind of got unlucky in the heat race and had an issue with the right rear, but to get my seventh win with these KKM guys and a 1st, 2nd, and a 1st this weekend is pretty huge." Stated Buddy Kofoid

"Definitely need more seat time, Buddy he is really good right now in midgets." Emerson Axsom brings home the second-place finish.

"I got to do my job a little better, still kind of new to this and what it takes to be good there throughout the 30- laps." Clinton Boyles bringing home third.

Winner Michael 'Buddy' Kofoid (POWRi Photo)

Schoenfeld Headers Heat 1 Winner: 71K - CANNON MCINTOSH

AFCO Heat 2 Winner: 15 - EMERSON AXSOM

Diversified Machine Inc. Heat 3 Winner: 19M - ETHAN MITCHELL

Auto Meter Heat 4 Winner: 21 - ZACH DAUM

Super Clean High Point: 98 - CLINTON BOYLES

Rod End Supply Semi-Feature 1: 72 - SAM JOHNSON

TRD Hard Charger: 67 - BUDDY KOFOID

Lucas Oil Feature Winner: 67 - BUDDY KOFOID

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League Feature Results (30 laps): 1. 67 - BUDDY KOFOID 2. 15 - EMERSON AXSOM 3. 98 - CLINTON BOYLES 4. 85 - JERRY COONS JR 5. 71 - KAYLEE BRYSON 6. 21 - ZACH DAUM 7. 9 - DAISON PURSLEY 8. 87 - KARTER SARFF 9. 49 - JOE B MILLER 10. 3N - JAKE NEUMAN 11. 97 - BRENHAM CROUCH 12. 3W - BRANDON WAELTI 13. 00 - TREY GROPP 14. 28 - ACE MCCARTHY 15. 21K - EMILIO HOOVER 16. 72 - SAM JOHNSON 17. 08 - NOAH GASS 18. 7X - THOMAS MESERAULL 19. 56D - MITCHELL DAVIS 20. 19M - ETHAN MITCHELL 21. 103 - BROC HUNNELL 22. 2H - LUKE HOWARD 23. 71K - CANNON MCINTOSH

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