George Steps Down at IMS


Tony George will no longer be president and CEO of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway -- a position he's held since 1990 -- according to a statement released by the Speedway today. He will be replaced by IMS executive Jeffrey G. Belskus. George will remain on the Board of Directors for both the IMS and the Indy Racing League.

The announcement was made by George's mother, Mari Hulman-George, chairman of the board.

"Our board had asked Tony to structure our executive staff to create efficiencies in our business structure and to concentrate his leadership efforts in the Indy Racing League. He has decided that with the recent unification of open-wheel racing and the experienced management team IMS has cultivated over the years, now would be the time for him to concentrate on his [IRL] team ownership of Vision Racing with his family and other personal business interests he and his family share."

"Tony will remain on the Board of Directors of all of our companies, and he will continue to work with the entire board to advance the interests of all our companies."

Read the full Associated Press release at ESPN.com.

For more information about Jeffrey Belskus, read the official release from IMS.

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Let me get this straight – he was fired by his mother (via standard board procedures)? Hah!


Come on now… his sisters are on the board also. haha…

Tony’s a good guy though. I think they were burning through just a little too much money.


Obviously, I had to read into the release to extrapolate that. But that’s the classic “quit or be fired” scenario, mostly because he didn’t make the announcement himself.


Incidentally, this is an awesome racing site. One of the best I’ve seen around. Keep up the good work!


Funny thing is… Robin Miller reported this back in May and they all had a press conference saying it was silly talk and everyone (myself included) thought Miller dropped the ball.


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