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Joey Biasi celebrates his win at Big Diamond (Steve Koletar Photo)


Pottsville, PA........Joey Biasi of Mary D, Pa. won Friday night's 25-lap USAC East Coast Sprint race at Big Diamond Speedway. He passed Steven Drevicki on lap 12 and led the rest of the way to beat Drevicki, Trevor Kobylarz, Ryan Godown and Chandler Leiby. The series now heads for Saturday's race at Path Valley Speedway in Spring Run, Pa.

USAC EAST COAST SPRINT CAR RACE RESULTS: July 20, 2018 - Pottsville, Pennsylvania - Big Diamond Speedway

FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Trevor Kobylarz (#14 Kobylarz), 2. Kyle Lick (#8 Lick), 3. Ryan Godown (#4 Freyer), 4. Chandler Leiby (#119 Leiby), 5. Bill Unglert (#33B Unglert), 6. Carmen Perigo (#21 Stehman), 7. Trey Hivner (#7 TH Racing), 8. Heidi Hedin (#3H Hedin), 9. Chris Dyson (#20 Dysaon/Michael), 10. Bobby Sandt Jr, (#131). NT

SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Eddie Strada (#5G Gallagher), 2. Joey Biasi (#B1 Biasi), 3. Steven Drevicki (#19 Drevicki), 4. Coleman Gulick (#14c Gulick), 5. Eric Jennings (#32 Neiger/Hamilton), 6. Chris Allen Jr. (#71 Allen), 7. Ryan Quackenbush (#5Q RQR Racing), 8. Kyle Purks (#B1 Biasi), 9. Brian Riccio (#09 Riccio), 10. Jason Cherry (#67c Cherry). NT

FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. Joey Biasi, 2. Steven Drevicki, 3. Trevor Kobylarz, 4. Ryan Godown, 5. Chandler Leiby, 6. Kyle Lick, 7. Carmen Perigo, 8. Eddie Strada, 9. Bill Unglert, 10. Chris Allen Jr., 11. Coleman Gulick, 12. Eric Jennings, 13. Chris Dyson, 14. Trey Hivner, 15. Heidi Hedin, 16. Brian Riccio, 17. Jason Cherry, 18. Ryan Quackenbush, 19. Bobby Sandt Jr., 20. Kyle Purks. NT
**Quackenbush flipped on lap 20 of the feature.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-11 Drevicki, Laps 12-25 Biasi.

FRANK'S FINE SWINE & BEEF HARD CHARGER: Carmen Perigo (#11th-7th)

NEW USAC EAST COAST SPRINT POINTS: 1-Drevicki-438, 2-Biasi-405, 3-Strada-380, 4-Leiby-370, 5-Godown-347, 6-Kobylarz-279, 7-Quackenbush-267, 8-Mark Bitner-246, 9-Unglert-222, 10-Jennings-220.

NEXT USAC EAST COAST SPRINT CAR RACE: July 21 - Spring Run, PA - Path Valley Speedway

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Tough Break At Big Diamond

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Did Somebody Say Topless!?

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First Win Of The Season!

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MINERSVILLE, PA - September 2nd, 2013

Complete elation.

Those are the two words best used to describe the mood of Jeff Strunk and the entire Salerno race team after scoring the victory in the 33rd running of the Jack Rich Memorial Coal Cracker 72 race. The win was worth $10,000 to Strunk and his team, capping off a perfect weekend after winning at Grandview Speedway the previous evening.

Doug Manmiller raced to the early lead in the event, followed closely by Kevin Albert Jr. The first 15 laps went clean and green, with the first caution coming out for a disabled Ricky Yetter in turn two as the leaders actually completed lap #16. During the caution flag, both Meme Desantis and Bobby Varin retired to the pits for the evening. One lap later the caution flag waved once again for a disabled Billy Pauch Sr. in turn three. On the restart, Kevin Albert Jr. raced in to the lead, only to have Manmiller return the favor a few laps later. Lap #23 saw a pile-up in turn four that eliminated point leader Craig Von Dohren along with invaders Richie Pratt Jr. and David Van Horn. Soon after the lap #24 restart, Jeff Strunk powered around the outside of Manmiller to take the lead he would never relinquish. One more caution flag on lap #28 for a stalled John Willman slowed the action before the lap #36 mandatory fuel stop. Once the race restarted, Strunk still held the lead, with Manmiller still lurking behind in second. Duane Howard had now moved into the third spot, with Ryan Godown, Ryan Watt, Rick Laubach, and Jimmy Horton putting on a spectacular battle for the 4th thru 7th positions. Only one caution flag slowed the event over the final 36 laps, that being for a spin by Nick Desantis on lap #57. Strunk continued to lead on the final restart, and managed to hold a several car length lead over the remainder of the event. When the checkered flag waved, it was Strunk, collecting his 4th career Coal Cracker win, but first since 1997. Manmiller held on for second, followed by Howard, Godown, and Watt. Sixth thru tenth were Laubach, Horton, Kevin Smith, Sammy Piazza, and Kevin Albert Jr.

Heat races for the 45 cars on hand were won by Howard, Yetter, Kyle Weiss, and Laubach. Consolation races were won by Bobby Varin and Frank Cozze.

Sixth place starting Chris Holland took the mid-race lead from early leader Shon Elk to win the 19 lap Coal Cracker race for Roadrunners. The race was originally scheduled for 25 laps but was shortened when the feature hit the 25 minute curfew. With the win, Holland joins his dad, Kevin Holland, as the only father/son combination to ever win the event. Kevin's victory came back in 2007 in his then potent car #66. Elk was able to hold on to the runner up spot, followed by Marc Berzowski, Jim Kost, and Jason Brown, making his first start of the season. Sixth thru tenth were Devin Trexler, Jared Seigfried, Tim Spesak, Terry Kramer Jr., and Kyle Killian.

Heat races were won by Brown and Berzowski.

Racing returns to Big Diamond Speedway this coming Sunday, September 8th, featuring the ZY Pyrotechnics Modifieds, USS Achey Sportsman, and Anthracite Coal Delivery Street Stocks. Also on the card will be a special Powder Puff race for the Modified and Sportsman divisions combined. The race will pay $50 to the winner courtesy of Kims Kreations. Racing continues each and every Sunday until the end of September.

Modifieds - Jack Rich Memorial Coal Cracker 72 Race

1) Jeff Strunk ($10,000) 2) Doug Manmiller 3) Duane Howard 4) Ryan Godown 5) Ryan Watt 6) Rick Laubach 7) Jimmy Horton 8) Kevin Smith 9) Sammy Piazza 10) Kevin Albert Jr. 11) Frank Cozze 12) Kyle Weiss 13) Shawn Fitzpatrick 14) Nick Desantis 15) Ron Haring Jr. 16) John Willman 17) Richie Pratt Jr. 18) David Van Horn 19) John Stangle 20) Craig Von Dohren 21) Kyle Borror 22) Billy Pauch Sr. 23) Meme Desantis 24) Bobby Varin 25) Ricky Yetter 26) Dan Hineline

DNQ) Brad Arnold, Tim Buckwalter, Dale Hartz, Lou Ciconni, Toby Tobias Jr., Jared Umbenhauer, Mike Kellner, Billy Pauch Jr., Ray Swinehart, Kyle Follweiler, Danny Nicholas, Mike Mamanna, Nathan Klinger, Tommy Sheetz III, Don Keefer, Jason Neidlinger, Craig Whitmoyer, Jon Kellner Sr., Justin Grim

Roadrunners (19 Laps - Exceeded Time Limit)

1) Chris Holland 2) Shon Elk 3) Marc Berzowski 4) Jim Kost 5) Jason Brown 6) Devin Trexler 7) Jared Seigfried 8) Tim Spesak 9) Terry Kramer Jr. 10) Kyle Killian 11) Kevin Holland 12) Joe Kavanaugh 13) Kris Ney 14) Tim Fitzpatrick Jr. 15)Jesse Krasnitsky 16) Elvin Brennan III 17) Jeremy Becker 18) Andrew Fayash III 19)

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