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Memorial Day At Weedsport Speedway

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Sheppard Seals the Championship in Grand Fashion with a Win at Textron Off Road World Finals

Matt Sheppard caps off comeback en route to sixth Super DIRTcar Series Title

CONCORD, NC - Nov. 4, 2017 - During the final night of competition at the Textron Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals, Matt Sheppard capped off one of the greatest comebacks in Super DIRTcar Series history. The Waterloo, NY driver who was looking down and out after serving a suspension halfway through the season, clawed his way back to the top. In true champion fashion, Sheppard went out by visiting Victory Lane for the 12th time this year and secured his third straight and sixth overall Super DIRTcar Series championship.

After the re-draw to determine the top-five starting positions, Matt Sheppard drew the pole and would lead the field to the green flag for the 40-lap Feature event. Looking determined as ever to pick up that 12th victory to tie his own record of most wins in a single-season, Sheppard rocketed out to a commanding lead over Ravena, NY's Keith Flach.

Early in the 40-lap event, Sheppard's closest championship competitor Billy Decker made his way up inside the top-five after starting eighth on the grid.

Setting a blistering pace, the leaders started to make their way through lap traffic. Sheppard took some risky-chances as he was maneuvering his way through and was able to expand his lead over Flach to over two seconds.

As the race went on, the pressure on Sheppard started to lift as Decker started to fade through the field.

"We were moving up but then we had that long caution and a tire just quit after that and had a bottom restart and couldn't get going," said Billy Decker.

Much like the hot summer months, Matt Sheppard just proved to be too strong as Super Sheppard would drive the Dendis Companies/West Moreland Golf Club/Extreme Lubricants No. 9s to the 12th victory of 2017 Super DIRTcar Series season.

"What a crowd here tonight, wow this is unreal," said Matt Sheppard. 'You can't take a lap off here; you have to be on the gas running as hard as you can every single lap. It's awesome to be able to put on a show like that in front of a crowd like this, this makes our season."

Flach showed speed all weekend at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway picking up two heat race wins and was rewarded with his first ever Super DIRTcar Series podium finish in the feature.

"It's been a great weekend, great way to end the year," said Keith Flach. "To finish second to guy like Matt [Sheppard] a multi-time champion is just phenomenal. We definitely had our struggles this year but we're still relatively new and this is our first podium since we started with the Series. Just very thankful."

It was when the Series visited Utica-Rome Speedway in early-July that things flipped upside down in the championship point standings.

Super Matt Sheppard and Lightning Larry Wight in a closely-contested battle made contact after running inches away from each other for several laps. The contact sent Wight flipping end-over-end. The ensuing result: an on-track scuffle that all but closed the door on the championship for Sheppard.

Before the on-track incident at Utica-Rome, it was looking like Sheppard had the team pointed towards a sixth Super DIRTcar Series title, holding a 58-point lead over second place Decker. Following the incident at Utica-Rome, the 35-year-old driver was hit with a two-race suspension and lost all money and points from the race. Wight was placed on probation for 90 days.

"It kind of took all the pressure off," added Sheppard. "When you're leading the points all season you're worried every race about finishing good and it kind of took the pressure off and we just went out and said we want to win as many races as we can and that's what we did."

With the point standings scrambled from the penalties after Utica-Rome Speedway, Sheppard had a BIG hole to climb out of in order to repeat a Series championship. Following the event at Sharon Speedway on July 20, Sheppard was as low as ninth in the championship point standings, and a whopping 185 points behind the leader. Sheppard's hard work during hot summer months paid off with a victory at NAPA Super DIRT Week that finally put him back in the points lead over three-time Super DIRTcar Series Champion Decker, who finished a dismal 16th-place in the Billy Whittaker Cars 200,

Exiting NAPA Super DIRT Week, Decker was behind Sheppard by 46 points, but the Unadilla, NY driver wasn't going down without a fight. The following week at Brockville Ontario Speedway, Decker made a late-race pass en route to his fourth victory of the 2017 season, closing the points gap to just 30 points as the Series enters the final weekend of competition at the Textron Off Road World Finals in North Carolina.

That points gap grew ever so slightly over the course of the three-day mega-event at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Through the qualifying events and Friday Night's Feature, Sheppard increased the points lead to 37 points before the Series Finale.

At the end, since July 25 Sheppard averaged a third-place finish and capped off a dream season in thrilling fashion with a trip down victory lane and his third consecutive championship by 71 points over Billy Decker.

While it may not have been Billy Decker's time to climb back to the top of the standings, the three-time championship still had a stellar season. The Unadilla, NY driver was able to visit victory lane four times with wins coming at Fulton Speedway, Outlaw Speedway, Eldora Speedway and Brockville Speedway.

"I'm so proud of this whole team, they worked really hard to overcome some obstacles," said Billy Decker. "We dug and clawed and fought. I'm disappointed we didn't get the championship but I don't want to take anything away from their efforts and second place in points."

With the conclusion of the 2017 Super DIRTcar Series season, the Big-Block Modifieds will returns to action at Volusia Speedway Park in February during DIRTcar Nationals. New for the 2018 will be an expanded schedule for the Super DIRTcar Series showcasing the 800 horsepower machines for five nights. DIRTcar Nationals begins Feb. 6 and runs 12 straight nights to Saturday, February 17, 2018. For ticket visit

Textron Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals Night Three Results:

Feature (40 Laps): 1. 9s - Matt Sheppard, 2. 43 - Keith Flach, 3. 88 - Mike Mahaney, 4. 27J - Danny Johnson, 5. 19 - Tim Fuller, 6. 21a - Peter Britten, 7. 91 - Billy Decker, 8. 66 - Ryan Godown, 9. 42p - Pat Ward, 10. 25R - Erick Rudolph, 11. 3 - Justin Haers, 12. 98H - Jimmy Phelps, 13. 1 - Tyler Dippel, 14. 7m - Mike Maresca, 15. 99L - Larry Wight, 16. 20 - Brett Hearn,17. 66x - Carey Terrence, 18. 84 - Gary Tomkins, 19. 6h - Max McLaughlin, 20. 6m - Mat Williamson, 21. 111 - Demetrios Drellos, 22. 5* - Tyler Siri, 23. 5H - Chris Hile, 24. 109 - Billy Whittaker, 25. 25 - Chad Jeseo, 26. 22 - Brandon Walters, 27. 83 - Brian Swatzlander, 28. 19W - Justin Wright, 29. 18b - Dave Blaney,

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Williamson Capitalizes on Opportunity with Win at Textron Off Road World Finals

Sheppard increases point lead; Decker Still within striking distance for the Championship

CONCORD, NC - Nov. 3, 2017 - A near capacity crowd at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway witnessed the underdog take on the Series Champ. At the end, it was the feel good story of Mat Williamson who wasn't sure if he was going to race after losing an engine during Thursday Night's qualifying. With the help of fellow competitors in the Super DIRTcar Series, the No. 6m was able to get back on track for the first night of Feature racing. Williamson made the most of his opportunity and knocked off Super Matt Sheppard to take night two at the Textron Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals.

Matt Sheppard received the best seat in the house when he drew the Frisbee with the pole starting position during the re-draw Friday Night. The driver of the No. 6m - Mat Williamson would line up alongside the Waterloo, NY driver and seemed poised and up for the challenge to take on the defending Super DIRTcar Series champion. The driver that swept the program on Thursday night would roll off the starting grid in the third starting position.

The first start of the race was called back after the No. 83 of Brian Swatzlander lost control of his Big-Block Modified in Turn 3. A second yellow flag slowed the field once again this time for the No. 32 of Jim Rasey with smoke trailing him from machine. Finally, the 29-car field would settle down and get some laps logged in the books.

Mat Williamson went to school on the three previous starts and stuck right with Sheppard as the two dove into Turn 1. Williamson held strong on the outside and cleared Sheppard as the two exited Turn 2, the field would come to complete lap five. Sheppard however, would stay within striking distance on the No. 6m.

"I knew Matt [Sheppard] would be right there, he's a hell of a racecar driver. We had to capitalize on that restart," said Mat Williamson.

The bigger picture was on the championship battle. Billy Decker would start the 40-lap feature from the 10th position. The Unadilla, NY driver quickly worked his way through the field was threatening for a top-three running spot.

"We 10th but the car was really good; digging and clawing, certainly not going to fall out of the seat, going to keep the elbows up and keep digging," said Billy Decker. "I think we had as good of a car as anybody the last half of that Feature. Some of the lap cars were using a lot of the track and it was a lot about momentum and once you cleared them we were going ok."

With the leaders entering heavy lap traffic, Williamson stuck to the top side the track with Sheppard closely in tow.

As the laps clicked down, Williamson that runs at Merritville Speedway in Thorold, Ontario, Canada and Lernerville Speedway in Sarver, PA was looking for another Super DIRTcar Series victory and a big one at that.

"This is pretty cool, there is a lot of people here," added Williamson. "We've won some big races back home but nothing like this - this is pretty awesome."

Entering Friday, the 6m team wasn't sure how they were going to race after having a motor expire on them following qualifying on Saturday.

Randy Williamson [Mat's Dad] told on Friday, "We were going to use Justin Haers car, but then that changed. There was some discussion over the rules for a replacement car, but that got sorted out. Jamie Mills offered to drive a motor down from Delaware or we could use another car that he owned. Keith Flach offered a car, as did Justin Haers."

Williamson and the No. 6 was able to get a motor on loan from the 99L team of Larry and John Wight.

"I gotta thank a lot of people, John, Larry, and Laura Wight, without them I wouldn't have a power plant in that thing tonight," said Mat Williamson "I can't think everyone enough for the endless support in the pit area."

While Sheppard was able to get close, Williamson was able to hold off Sheppard and take home the $8,000 payday and arguably one of his biggest wins of his career.

While Sheppard was able to bring home a second-place finish, he was able to gain five more points on Billy Decker as the Series heads into the final race of the season. With one race left, Sheppard holds a 37-point lead over Sheppard.

"It was a good run for us tonight, we just came up a few car lengths short but definitely happy with second," said Matt Sheppard. "Congrats to Mat [Williamson] and his team. I guess we're one race closer to the end here It will come down to tomorrow night - hopefully we can keep the wheels on her for 40 more laps and see what happens."

Textron Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals concludes Saturday, November 4 with the the final day of the 2017 season. Both Matt Sheppard and Billy Decker are separated by 37 points as the two drivers aim to sit on top of the mountain as Super DIRTcar Series Champion. For information and ticket info, visit

FEATURE (40-laps): 1.6m – Mat Williamson;2. 9s – Matt Sheppard;3.91 – Billy Decker ;4.43 – Keith Flach; 5. 88– Mike Mahaney; 6.27J – Danny Johnson;7.19 – Tim Fuller;8. 99l – Larry Wight;9.42p – Pat Ward;10.6H – Max McLaughlin; 11.20 – Brett Hearn;12.21a – Peter Britten; 13.66 – Ryan Godown;14.3 – Justin Haers;15.7m – Michael Maresca;16.98H – Jimmy Phelps;17.21Y – Yan Bussiere;18.109 – Billy Whittaker; 19.43H – Jimmy Horton;20.19W – Justin Wright;21.35 – Frank Cozze; 22. 22 – Brandon Walters; 23. 8 – Rich Scagliotta; 24. 5* - Tyler Siri; 25. 111 – Demetrios Drellos; 26. 83 – Brian Swatzlander; 27.07 – Tim Kerr; 28. 84 – Gary Tomkins; 29.32 – Jim Rasey;

Last Chance Showdown No. 1: 1. Mike Maresca, 2. Jim Rasey 3. Tyler Dippel, 4. Carey Terrance, 5. Regalski, 6. J.F. Corriveau, 7. Kody Graham, 8. Max McLaughlin, 9. Jimmy Phelps, 10. Brandon Walters, 11. Gary Edwards Jr., 12. Jeremiah Shingledecker

Last Chance Showdown No. 2: 1. Tim Kerr, 2. Brett Hearn, 3. Frank Cozze, 4. Erick Rudolph, 5. Rich Scagliotta, 6. Chad Jeseo, 7. Joe August, 8. Rick Richner, 9. Dave Blaney, 10. Louie Jackson, 11. Chris Hile, 12. Pierre Herbert, 13.Dave Rauscher

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Mahaney Sweeps the Night

Mike Mahaney Sweeps Qualifying and Heat Races

CONCORD, NC - Nov. 2, 2017 - In front of a packed grandstands, the Super DIRTcar Series took to The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway for Night One of Textron Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals for their qualifying night. Mike Mahaney had a night to remember, sweeping both qualifying sessions and picking up two heat race victories.

In all there were 48 Big-Block Modifieds that signed in at Textron Off Road World Finals. The Super DIRTcar Series first took to the track for hot laps followed by qualifying to determine the heat race line ups for Friday's portion of the program. Mike Mahaney out of Kings Ferry, NY timed in quickest with a lap of 15.609-seconds; Mahaney would get the best view in the house for the first heat race.

A little Deja-vu with Mahaney coming out of the third qualifying group knocked Matt Sheppard off the perch of the quickest qualifier and stole five valuable points away from the championship points leader and swept qualifying for the evening.

Starting from the pole in the first heat for Friday's portion of the show, Mahaney jumped out to an early lead and would continue the streak by picking up the heat race win for Friday's Nights portion. Joining Mahaney in the Friday heat race winner category was Mat Williamson; Matt Sheppard; Keith Flach and Demetrios Drellos.

In the Saturday Night heat races, a couple repeat winners on the night. First was Drellos in the first heat. Matt Sheppard also picked up another heat race win and five points. Mahaney completed the sweep with a victory in the third heat race. Keith Flach and Tim Fuller were also winners for Saturday Night heat races.

"It couldn't be any better that's for sure," said Mike Mahaney. "We've come down here [in the past] and kind of struggled. We gain a lot of fans the one time we came down here and passed everyone in the Last Chance Showdown and everyone got excited. But to come down and feel like we came out of the box with a really good car. We timed first in both sessions and won the heat races; that will set us up great for the weekend. Couldn't be prouder of our Buzz Chew Racing Team. We've just been doing everything perfect."

Both Jimmy Phelps in the 98H and Brett Hearn both suffered setbacks and were forced to go to backup-cars.

The championship battle in the Super DIRTcar Series which is far from over saw Sheppard come into night one of Textron Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals, Matt Sheppard holding a slim 30-point lead over his closest competitor, Billy Decker. Matt Sheppard from Waterloo, NY put on a driving clinic in his Friday heat and Saturday heat races and picked up five points for each of his wins. Second in points Billy Decker brought his No. 91 home in second for both Friday Night and Saturday Night heat race, earning four points for each race. Throughout the night Matt Sheppard was able to pick up two points on Decker, widening the separation in the championship battle to 32 points.

"We're just down here to trying to win," said Matt Sheppard. "Last year we got a little taste of not having point pressure and we just let it all hang out and we were good all weekend. That was a lot more fun so we're not going to go out there and run the crap out of it and see if we can win some races."

Decker who didn't seem as confident in his No. 91 wasn't going to go down without a fight.
"We want to run good; that's the bottom line for us," said Billy Decker. "Yeah we're points racing but we're also trying to put ourselves into position to win and I don't think we've done that yet but we're digging and clawing. We're off a little bit this year and not as sound as we need to be - I don't know why; it's got me confused but we aren't quitting."

The five heat race winners from Friday and Saturday's portion will re-draw for their starting positions while the rest of the field will start from sixth on back. The stars of the Big-Block Modifieds will run their 40-lap Feature.

"I don't normally draw that well but maybe I'll have to pick a kid to draw for me," said Mike Mahaney. "It's only a five-car draw so it's not that bad with a 10-12 car draw and you can really set yourself back with that."

Textron Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals continues Friday with Pit Gates opening at 12 p.m., grandstands at 3 p.m. Opening Ceremonies for the evening begins at 4:45 p.m. with the Super DIRTcar Series two Last Chance Showdowns immediately following. The Super DIRTcar Series will have a 40-lap Feature to conclude night two of Textron Off Road World Finals. For more information and tickets to Textron Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals, visit

For Complete results for Friday and Saturday Qualifying and Heat Races Visit the Results page on

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Brett Hearn Ends Super DIRTcar Series Winless Drought with $17,500 Triumph at Lebanon Valley Speedway

Sheppard's Series Win Streak Broken at Five with 10th Place Finish


WEST LEBANON, NY - August 31 2017 - All it took for Brett Hearn to end his Super DIRTcar Series winless streak was a trip home. The Sussex, N.J., dominated the Mr. Dirt Track USA feature at the Lebanon Valley Speedway for his 121st career series win and his first since August, 23, 2015 at the Cornwall Motor Speedway.

Hearn's victory came in one of the highest paying series races of the season as the veteran driver pocketed $17,500 for his performance in the 101-lap main-event. Hearn's No. 20 started the race from the inside of the fourth row. >From there here made short work of the field in front of him taking the lead early and fending off all challengers as he took the win while ending Matt Sheppard's five race series winning streak.

"We've been getting criticized for not winning a series race the last year and half so I guess if you are going to break out of a slump you might as well win the one that pays the most money," said Hearn with a smile in victory lane. "This will change the balance sheet for this summer pretty much. Thanks to Howard (Commander) for giving us this $17,500 race to shoot for. It makes being a regular here all worthwhile when you win the big one."

Eddie Marshall redrew the pole position for the start of the race and quickly established himself at the front of the field as the green flag was dropped on the main-event. Marshall survived an opening lap challenge from another track regular Keith Flach. Flach looked low but Marshall's line through middle allowed him to keep the top spot in the order.

Hearn, who started seventh, picked up two spots on the opening circuit as he watched the field get in line in front of him. He used the next few laps to work over Jimmy Phelps before taking over fourth on lap four. From there Hearn settled into a rhythm keeping the top three in his sights.

The first of three caution flags came on the 14th lap. As Chad Jeseo battled with Larry Wight for eighth he got out of the groove in turns three and four catching the wall. His car hit with the rear before the front end was sucked in as well causing him to spin with a damaged car at the top of the fourth corner.

The green flag fell on lap 19 with Hearn making an impressive move through turns one and two. Hearn got to third as the field entered the first corner and by the time they hit the back straightaway he was out in front with the lead. Hearn used daring three-wide crossover move between Marshall and Flach to put himself in the lead.

"I wanted to get past the four (Andy Bachetti) and I went into one and the 43 (Flach) went low and I got a good run on the outside," cited Hearn. "Eddie (Marshall) kind of slid up a little bit and the lane opened right up. He came out sideways and lost the traction a little bit. I had a good run from the top and that was all I needed."

From there Hearn ran a steady line on the top side of the speedway. Hearn kept his ride straight as he entered the corners doing all he could to make sure to not damage the Hoosier Tire on the right rear to make sure he was going to have enough late in the race. Although he was taking care of his equipment, Hearn was still able to put distance between himself and the now second place running Marshall.

The second yellow of the event came on lap 30 as Tyler Dippel exploded the left rear tire on his No. 1. This forced him to slow and stop on the bottom of the speedway in the second corner. The pause in the action led to another double-file restart.

The race resumed at the 34 lap mark with Hearn showing no signs of slowing down. Hearn utilized the outside lane for the restart allowing him to pull away from everyone looking to wrestle the position from him including the early leader Marshall.

Hearn stayed comfortably in front with traffic coming into play as the race reached the halfway mark. He was patient in traffic taking advantage of the openings presented to him. This patience gave Marshall some hope as the shortened the gap between himself and Hearn.

With one quarter of the race remaining it was all Hearn. As he raced away Stewart Friesen began his assault on Marshall as he moved up the back bumper of the No. 98 searching for an opening. Friesen first tried the low lane around the high-banked half-mile before trying the outside as well. Marshall was able to keep him at bay.

Matt Papello watched as his hopes for a top 10 finish were dashed on lap 89. Pupello spun on the bottom of turn two coming to a rest on the inner portion of the racing surface. The field was afforded one final shot at Hearn.

As he had done on the previous restart, Hearn was up to the task when the green flag waved. He shot out on Marshall and Friesen at the green. The pair had nothing for Hearn has he led the final 12 laps of the feature event to earn his 903rd career feature win.

"It's totally nerve racking I'm telling you," mentioned Hearn. "After the restarts you are feeling vibrations, then I'm thinking I'm running out of gas as the motor is stumbling. We had other issues after the heat race with some oil issues. It's crazy, just a lot of anxiety."

Marshall, of Richfield, Conn., had to settle for second after starting the race from the pole. At one point it looked like he had something for Hearn as he closed in on him in traffic. Unfortunately he came up one spot short to finish second.

"He was really running," stated Marshall about Hearn. "We kind of got tight in the middle of the race and I was laboring with that. The longer it went the tighter it got. I knew if I was dead on I wasn't going to go back by him too easy. He was the class of the field. He came back to us a little bit. I think he was saving his tires."

Marshall wasn't expecting to see Hearn drive by him on the restart. He expected a challenge from Flach at the time only to see Hearn shoot by underneath him. He knew it was going to be tough challenge to overcome from that point.

"I was kind of surprised it was him," commented Marshall. "I thought it was Keith (Flach) down there. When I saw that it was him I knew it was a big problem. He was super strong. I can't be ashamed to run second the way he was running that's for sure. We were good, just not good enough."

Friesen, a former Mr. Dirt Track USA winner, was the first non-regular at the speedway in the finishing order. The Sprakers, N.Y., pilot had a solid night coming from tenth to take the checkers in the final spot on the podium.

"To be the first outsider, I love coming here, love racing here and to have a top three with those guys is good," said Friesen. "We were close there with Eddie (Marshall) but Brett (Hearn) was pretty much lights out. We are happy for the Halmar (International) team. We kind of righted the ship a little bit on the series here. We've been working really hard in the shop the last couple weeks. I think we are on to something, we got some grip. I'm looking forward to see how that works out on Monday at Weedsport (Speedway)."

Lebanon Valley Speedway regular Kenny Tremont was steady the entire distance to earn himself the fourth position at the checkered flag. Flach crossed the line in fifth only to be disqualified in post-race technical inspection for coming up light on the scales. This gave the position to Mike Mahaney. Mahaney was impressive on Thursday driving all the way from his 30th starting spot up to sixth before the disqualification of Flach. Mahaney found a line on the bottom which allowed him to get by several drivers in the final 15 laps of the feature.

Hearn was the fastest qualifier on the night for the 64th time in his career with a lap of 19.474. Heat race wins were taken by Flach, Hearn, Jimmy Phelps and Sheppard. A pair of consolations were run with Anthony Perrego and Billy Whittaker securing wins. Kyle Sheldon was the recipient of the KSE Hard Charger award after advancing from 31st to 22nd. Matt Pupello and Sheppard were eligible for the DIG Safely 811 bonus for drawing the eighth and 12th starting spots respectively. The Speedy First Aid Hard Luck Award went to Flach after his disqualification for coming up light on the scales.

The Super DIRTcar Series next hits the track on Monday, September 4, at the Weedsport Speedway in the Labor Day Double Play featuring the big-block Modfieds of the series plus a 360 Sprint Car open. The winner on Monday night will take home $7,500 for their efforts. For more information visit the track's website at


Feature (100 Laps) – 1. 20-Brett Hearn (7); 2. 98-Eddie Marshall (1); 3. 44-Stewart Friesen (10); 4. 115-Kenny Tremont (6); 5. 88-Mike Mahaney (30); 6. 4-Andy Bachetti (4); 7. 98H-Jimmy Phelps (3); 8. 91-Billy Decker (13); 9. 9S-Matt Sheppard (11); 10. 74-J.R. Heffner (14); 11. 21A-Peter Britten (15); 12. 35-L.J. Lombardo (18); 13. 60-Brian Berger (17); 14. 34-Steve Hough (12); 15. 42P-Matt Pupello (8); 16. 99-Kolby Schroder (20); 17. P42-Pat Ward (25); 18. 99L-Larry Wight (9); 19. 109-Billy Whittaker (22); 20. 55-Mike King (23); 21. DNF 19-Tim Fuller (16); 22. DNF 42-Kyle Sheldon (31); 23. DNF 6H-Max McLaughlin (28); 24. DNF 17E-Elmo Reckner (32); 25. DNF 1-Tyler Dippel (27); 26. DNF 5-Ryan Godown (26); 27. DNF 22-Brandon Walters (19); 28. DNF 44X-Anthony Perrego (21); 29. DNF 25-Chad Jeseo (5); 30. DNS 11A-Kyle Armstrong (24); 31. DNS 7M-Mike Maresca (29); 32. DQ 43-Keith Flach (2)

Qualifying Group 1 - 1. 43-Keith Flach, 19.583; 2. 115-Kenny Tremont, 19.664; 3. 44-Stewart Friesen, 19.702; 4. 60-Brian Berger, 19.763; 5. 91-Billy Decker, 19.823; 6. 44x-Anthony Perrego, 19.979; 7. 42-Kyle Sheldon, 19.998; 8. P42-Pat Ward, 20.027; 9. 17-Rob Pitcher, 20.091; 10. 34H-Cody Bleau, 20.618.

Qualifying Group 2 - 1. 20-Brett Hearn, 19.474; 2. 1-Tyler Dippel, 19.823; 3. 98-Eddie Marshall, 19.995; 4. LJ Lombardo, 20.084; 5. 25-Chad Jeseo, 20.133; 6. 74-J.R. Heffner, 20.179; 7. 55-Mike King, 20.260; 8. 88-Mike Mahaney, 20.260; 9. 7-John Ruchel, 20.379; 10. 17e-Elmo Reckner, 20.659

Qualifying Group 3 - 1. 98H-Jimmy Phelps, 19.698; 2. 4-Andy Bachetti, 19.797; 3. Kyle Armstrong, 19.867; 4. 99L-Larry Wight, 19.894; 5. 45-Wayne Jelley, 19.931; 6. 21A-Peter Britten, 20.005; 7. 7M-Mike Maresca, 20.313; 8. 22-Brandon Walters, 20.751, 9. 72-Cass Bennett, 21.633

Qualifying Group 4 – 1. 6H-Max McLaughlin, 19.647; 2. 9S-Matt Sheppard, 19.689; 3. 42P-Matt Pupello, 19.926; 4. 34-Steve Hough, 20.040; 5. 99-Kolby Schroder, 20.107; 6. 19-Tim Fuller, 20.182; 7. 5-Ryan Godown, 20.312; 8. 14-C.G. Morey, 20.351; 9. 109-Billy Whittaker, 20.603

Heat 1 (8 Laps – Top-5 Qualify – Top-3 Redraw) - 1. 43-Keith Flach, 2. 115-Kenny Tremont, 3. 44-Stewart Friesen, 4. 91-Billy Decker, 5. 60-Brian Berger, 6. 44X-Anthony Perrego, 7. P42-Pat Ward, 8. 42-Kyle Sheldon, 9. 34H-Cody Bleau, 10. DNS 17-Rob Pitcher

Heat 2 (8 Laps – Top-5 Qualify – Top-3 Redraw) - 1. 20-Brett Hearn, 2. 98-Eddie Marshall, 3. 25-Chad Jeseo, 4. 74-J.R. Heffner, 5. 35-LJ Lombardo, 6. 55-Mike King, 7. 1-Tyler Dippel, 8. 88-Mike Mahaney, 9. 17E-Elmo Reckner, 10. 7-John Ruchel

Heat 3 (8 Laps – Top-5 Qualify – Top-3 Redraw) - 1. 98H-Jimmy Phelps, 2. 4-Andy Bachetti, 3. 99L-Larry Wight, 4. 21A-Peter Britten, 5. 22-Brandon Walters, 6. DNF 7M-Mike Maresca, 7. DNF 11A-Kyle Armstrong, 8. DNF 45-Wayne Jelley, 9. DNS 72-Cass Bennett

Heat 4 (8 Laps – Top-5 Qualify – Top-3 Redraw) - 1. 9S-Matt Sheppard, 2. 34-Steve Hough, 3. 42P-Matt Pupello, 4. 19-Tim Fuller, 5. 99-Kolby Schroder, 6. 109-Billy Whittaker, 7. 5-Ryan Godown, 8. 14-C.G. Morrey, 9. DNF 6H-Max McLaughlin

Last Chance Qualifier 1 (8 Laps – 3 Transfer to Feature) – 1. 44x-Anthony Perrego, 2. 55-Mike King, 3. P42-Pat Ward, 4. 1-Tyler Dippel, 5. 88-Mike Mahaney, 6. 42-Kyle Sheldon, 7. 7-John Ruchel, 8. 17E-Elmo Reckner, 9. Cody Bleau

Last Chance Qualifier 2 (8 Laps – 3 Transfer to Feature) – 1. 109-Billy Whittaker, 2. 11A-Kyle Armstrong, 3. 5-Ryan Godown, 4. DNF 6H-Max McLaughlin, 5. DNF 72-Cass Bennett, 6. DNS 7M-Mike Maresca, 7. DNS 45-Wayne Jelley, 8. DNS C.G. Morey

CONTINGENCY WINNERS: VP Racing Fuels ($50 Cash): Billy Decker; Fast Time ($100 Cash): Brett Hearn; Bicknell Racing Products ($100 Product Certificate): Stewart Friesen; Cometic Gasket ($50 Cash): Brian Berger; Comp Cams ($50 Cash): Peter Britten; Comp Cams ($50 Product Certificate): Stewart Friesen; Edelbrock ($50 Cash): Peter Britten; Fox Racing Shocks ($50 Cash): Stewart Friesen; JE Pistons ($50 Cash): Mike Mahaney; JE Pistons (Product Certificate): Kolby Schroder; JE Pistons (Product Certificate): Tim Fuller; KSE Racing Products Inc. ($50 Product Certificate): Kyle Sheldon (+8); MSD Ignition ($50 Cash): Brett Hearn; MSD Ignition ($25 Cash): Brandon Walters; SuperFlow Dynos & Flowbenches ($50 Cash): Kolby Schroder; Wrisco Aluminum (Product Certificate): Brett Hearn; JRI Shocks ($50 Cash): Kyle Sheldon; Dig Safely 811 Redraw Bonus ($100 Cash): N/A; Speedy First Aid Hard Luck Award (Product Certificate): Keith Flach; ASi Racewear ($50 Cash): Jimmy Phelps.


Matt Sheppard – 6 (Five Mile Point Speedway on June 11; Autodrome Granby on July 25; Autodrome Drummond on July 26; Ransomville Speedway on August 8; Merrittville Speedway on August 9; Ohsweken Speedway on August 24)

Billy Decker - 3 (Fulton Speedway on April 29; Outlaw Speedway on June 20; Eldora Speedway on July 18)

Stewart Friesen – 2 (Utica-Rome Speedway on July 2, Weedsport Speedway on July 11)

Ryan Watt – 1 (Bridgeport Speedway on May 16)

Tim McCreadie – 1 (Albany-Saratoga Speedway on June 27)

Larry Wight – 1 (Airborne Park Speedway on July 6)

Peter Britten – 1 (Sharon Speedway on July 20)

Larry Wight – 1 (Airborne Park Speedway on July 6)

Brett Hearn – 1 (Lebanon Valley Speedway on August 31)