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11/26/2016 --- Matt Roselli used hthe pole position to its fullest advantage and earned his first win of the 2016 season in his Family 98 Lafler chassis mount. Ryan Tidman and Bobby Holmes rounded out the podium. 2016 ATQMRA Season Champion Matt Janisch set fast time in the Formula 1 style qualifying besting Mike Occhipinte and Geoffrey Sutton. The ATQMRA regulars took on all comers and were able to hold serve against a diverse group of many of the northeast's top invaders from pavement and Dirt Modifieds, SuperModified, SpeedSTRs to Midget, Sprint and Micro Sprint racers. They all tried their hands on the Wall Flat track in the race dedicated to the Memory of ATQRMA Friend Chris Zrinski. Additional money was collected from fans and competitors to help sweeten the pot in the feature event.

Qualifying for the Turkey Derby was done Formula 1 Style with group qualifying against the clock with the top 12 making the feature redraw. With two to go in the final session Geoffrey Sutton in the brand new Fred Delibero Metz Racing Driver Development BGF Chassis 461 sat at the top of the chart. At the white Flag Michigan Mike Occhipinte in the 46 car that Sutton raced all season put his number at the top of the pilon only to have Matt Jansich turn the quickest lap of the day coming to the Checkered flag to set fast time.

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. On this day, Matt Roselli was both. His ninth-place time trial put him in the redraw and he was lucky enough to pull the number one pill. Roselli and Occhipinte who races Modifieds in Michigan and Wisconsin would lead the field to the Green flag with Roselli powering into the lead with 2015 NYPA TQ Midget Champion Kyle Hutchinson following him into second. Hutchinson's carbureted Suzuki challenged from the second position until lap 8 when a bent steering arm slowed his car and ended his race on lap fifteen.

2015 ATQMRA Champion Buddy Sload worked his way into second for a couple of laps before relinquishing the position to multi time Champion Ryan Tidman in the Boyd Racing 1b Lafler. Tidman would charge into the lead moving Roselli into second.

A caution flew on lap 16 when contact from Sutton send Janisch spinning into the third turn. Sutton would be assessed a 2-position penalty post-race for the incident. Cautions breed cautions and another caution fell for a 3-car tangle coming out of the fourth turn involving Marc Rogers who raced several divisions in Wall's Turkey Derby, Occhipinte and Tim Buckwalter who is a Grandview Speedway Modified racer as well as a past ARDC Midget Champion and a stand out driver in Micro Sprints and the SpeedSTR division. Another caution fell for spinning Dirt Modified Superstar Mike Iles. The final caution of the race was the most consequential. A jumbled restart behind pole sitter Ryan Tidman led to incidental contact from Kyle Lick that sent Sutton into a spin. Janisch moved to the outside to go around the spinning Sutton but hooked Sutton's front bumper and tore the entire left side from the Yuhas 48 car ending his day.

The final restart of the race wasn't without incident but no caution was thrown and the race went from that point to the end with Matt Roselli determined to show he wasn't just lucky but good enough to retake the lead and win his first Turkey Derby. After the lap 18 restart Roselli would dog Tidman who was determined to get his first win of the season after finishing second in the ATQMRA Standings. Roselli's opportunity to pounce came on lap 21 to take the lead and never look back winning by 1.047 seconds over Tidman and a hard charging NYPA TQ Midget and Western NY Modified racer Bobby Holmes. 2015 ATQMRA Champion Buddy Sload would finish fourth with ARDC Midget, Micro sprint and SpeedSTR standout Lick crossing the line as the first micro sprint.

The 2016 version of the ATQMRA's Turkey Derby was run to honor the passing of Big Chris Zrinski who recently lost a long battle with cancer in multiple sites in his body. Family friend John Larson had memorial decals made that were distributed to racers and put up a $100 bonus to the highest finisher sporting the decal that was awarded to Flying Ryan Tidman. John and Pat Malik posted a $100 Hard luck award that was awarded to Matt Janisch following the feature. Micky Soto Metz went through the pits and collected $480 from fans and drivers alike to boost the payout to the racers. The Zrinski traditional car numbers are 25 and 75. It was decided to divide the money collected equally between position 2, 5 and 7. Tidman's second place finish netted him a total of $260 above the normal payout with Tim Proctor and Kyle Lick picking up $160 each for finishing in position 7 and 5. Thank you to everyone who donated to help make the Chris Zrinski memorial race special. Special thanks go to the handful of racers and friends who are making private donations to the Zrinski family Foundation. Don, Ken and Big Lou Zrinski were on hand along with Chris Son Will as well as family friend Rich.

A diverse group of racers from varying backgrounds were on hand to test the flat track at Wall in preparation for the indoor season. NYPA TQ racer as well as western NY Modified Standout Bobby Holmes raced the 21 car that he will be racing in the Sammons indoor series made his third ATQMRA start of the season racing at Waterford Speed Bowl and a show earlier in the year at Wall. Kyle Lick will be racing the same Micro Sprint he ran at Wall indoors this winter and spends time behind the wheel of an ARDC Midget SpeedSTR and Micro Sprints. Eighth finishing Joey Payne Jr. was shaking down the Rich Tolerico 5 car for the indoor series. Payne can be found in the summer months behind the wheel of TQ Midgets, Full Midgets, Nema Lites and in the ultra-fast ranks of the Big Block Super Modifieds. Fifteenth finishing Brett Michalski raced the Colin Martin 17 Micro Sprint. Brett has spent time racing Micro Sprints and recently started racing sprint cars. Anthony Payne who was in his family 45 Lafler TQ Midget is a Quarter Midget Graduate who won the Nema Lites Midget Championship in 2015 and continues racing the Lites Midgets as well as a small block Supermodfied.

ATQRMA News and Notes: Last years Turkey Derby Champion Eric Rudolph who won the race int he Mark Lafler house car wasn't on hand to defend his Turkey Derby Crown. Roselli picked up the mantle and earned the second Turkey Derby Victory for in a Potent Lafler Chassis Mount.

Geoffrey Sutton in the new BGF 461 car picked up right where he left off in the old 461 car by racing at the front of the pack and posting times at the top of the speed Chart. While Sutton was running one of the newest cars on the circuit Teammate for the day Occhipinte was taking the Metz Racing Bruce's Chassis car out for its last modern race before being retired to Vintage competition.

Occhipinte did the team proud in his only start of the season picking up where Sutton left off in the car nearly setting fast time only being sniped on the last lap of time trials by the talented Matt Jansich. The Occhipinte car made its first race in 1988 at that year's Turkey derby with Bill Courtwright at the wheel driving for Teddy and Arlene Seiz as a white and Pink number 56 with a Polaris engine. The car would win that year's indoor championship and the last Championship contested at the long shuttered Pinebrook Speedway.

Feature Race (30 Laps)1 98 Matt Roselli 2 1b Ryan Tidman 3 21 Bobby Holmes 4 16 Buddy Sload 5 8 Kyle Lick 6 461 Geoffrey Sutton 7 98 Tim Proctor 8 5 Joey Payne Jr. 9 88 Jeff Kot 10 7b Tim Buckwalter 11 02 Joey Bailey 12 55 Steve Craig 13 f8 Mike Glaser 14 17 Brett Michalski 15 711 Mike Illes 16 67 Joey Payne III 17 46 Mike Occipinti 18 75 Mark Yoder 19 48 Matt Janisch 20 45 Anthony Payne 21 27 Mark Rogers 22 7 Kyle Hutchanson 23 95 Bill Force Jr. 24 1 Patrick Force

Time Trials (Formula 1 Style) 1 48 Matt Janisch 13.285 2 46 Mike Occipinti 13.361 3 461 Geoffrey Sutton 13.422 4 2 Joey Bailey 13.435 5 1b Ryan Tidman 13.556 6 7 Kyle Hutchanson 13.581 7 711 Mike Illes 13.596 8 21 Bobby Holmes 13.697 9 98 Matt Roselli 13.718 10 16 Buddy Sload 13.722 11 7b Tim Buckwalter 13.753 12 27 Mark Rogers 13.842 13 8 Kyle Lick 13.875 14 88 Jeff Kot 13.93 15 98 Tim Proctor 13.94 16 55 Steve Craig 13.985 17 5 Joey Payne Jr. 14.003 18 75 Mark Yoder 14.006 19 67 Joey Payne III 14.059 20 17 Brett Michalski 14.065 21 45 Anthony Payne 14.075 22 f8 Mike Glaser 14.154 23 95 Bill Force Jr. 14.276 24 1 Patrick Force 15.907

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Wall Stadium

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. ~ Throughout the 2016 season Matt Hirschman lived up to his nickname “Big Money Matt” by winning many of the high paying races he entered. The Northampton, Pa. resident did it again on Saturday at Wall Stadium Speedway by winning both the Tour Type Modified and Wall Modified feature races during Turkey Derby XLIII. These two wins are added to the “Woody’s 105” race victory that he enjoyed in the summer here.

Hirschman collected a combined $9,000 by sweeping the 150-lap Tour Type feature and the 100-lap SK Modified feature.

“It’s a career day! That’s the only way to put it. I’ve been doing it for probably five or six years,” Hirschman said. “I’ve won each race on different years, but never in the same day. It’s incredible! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I know Jimmy (Blewett) has done it before; I don’t know if anybody else has.

“I’m not the first to do it but it’s something I’ve wanted.”

Things seemed to be going Hirschman’s way early in the Tour Type Modified race when he was promoted to the inside of row one as a result of pole sitter Steven Reed failing to make the grid with a broken transmission. Hirschman dominated the majority of the event but nearly got tripped up late when former Turkey Derby winner Eric Mauriello of Howell jumped to the lead. Hirschman returned the favor on the following restarting jumping to the front and never again being headed.

Mauriello, Blewett, Brick’s Ron Frees, who had converted his Wall Modified to a Tour Type car, and Earl Paules of Palmerton, Pa. completed the top five in the 26 car field.

Things were not as easy for Hirschman during the Wall Modified feature. After losing a lap in time trials for being light at the scales in tech, Hirschman started in 13th. With a pack of cars around him, Hirschman made what would turn into a race-winning move near lap 25.

“We didn’t start up where I would’ve liked to and we were in a position that I didn’t like,” he explained after the race. “I thought something was going to happen. I thought it might not be the winning strategy, but let’s bail out of here, put our tires on, and hope it cycles through.

“The very next restart is when they all wrecked in three and four, so I went from last to eighth. It worked out, definitely the right thing to do, I don’t know why I felt like doing it, but it was a good feeling. From there I ran the car hard and it stayed with me.”

With Hirschman closing on the leader Jimmy Blewett, Blewett made what could’ve been a race-winning move when he went down pit road with just over 11 laps to go for new tires. Restarting around tenth Blewett charged through the pack to second before running out of time to challenge for the win.

Blewett, Matawan’s Anthony Sesely, Danny Bohn, and Holmdel’s Andrew Krause were second through fifth.

Blewett did enjoy a Modified win on Saturday taking top honors in the Dirt Modified 50-lap feature race. Krause came on to challenge later in the test before finishing second. Jim Brit, Mickey Kessler and Joey Payne wrapped up the top five.

Joe Ryan Osborn was a happy winner in Saturday’s 30-lapper for the Legend Cars over Mike Alcaro. Richie Davidowitz, Kyle Ellwood and Joe Graf completed the top five. In Sunday’s Legend Cars 40-lapper Alcaro took the win as Davidowitz, Noah Korner, Brandon Martinez and Kevin Nowak completed the top five.

Matt Roselli won Saturday’s TQ Midget 30-lapper.

On Friday, day one of Turkey Derby, Blewett was a winner in a wreck filled 50-lapper for the Sportsman cars holding off Mayetta’s Tyler Truex and Brick’s Dom Fattaruso. Andrew Bohn and Matt Langbein were fourth and fifth.

Shanon Mongeau of Manchester won Friday’s Limited Late Model 45-lapper over Wayne Coury. Chris Turbish, John Vullo and Marc Rogers were third through fifth.

Brick’s Joe Mongeau won Friday’s 40-lapper for the Factory Stocks over a challenging Rob McCormick. Richie Byrne, Scott Riggleman and Ron Booth were third through fifth. Sunday’s 50-lapper saw Union’s Joey Helberg take the victory with Shanon Mongeau, Tom Rajkowski, Tim O’Shea and Scott Riggleman completing the top five

Also on Friday Beachwood’s Todd Pilla won the 4 Cylinder Stock main event. Darren Burdge chased him across the line for second, while Christian LaCicero, Jason Lane and Jeff Loesch posted top five finishes. Shanon Mongeau returned to win the 75-lap main event for the 4 Cylinder Stocks on Sunday. Robert Sutphin, Dan Birdsall, Lee Allen and Jay Conrad wrapped up the top five.

On Sunday, day three of Turkey Derby, the Dirt Sportsman cars saw action with Joey Payne taking the win over Rich Coons, Dakota Kessler and Chuck Stone. The Dirt Outlaw Stocks were also on Sunday’s card with Brick’s Ron Frees taking the win with Brian Ludwig, Jon Meyer, Billy Wroble and Michael Creamer filling out the top five.

Jeff Henry won the demolition derby, final event of the season.

With the Turkey Derby now compete the 2016 season at Wall Stadium is in the record books. All attention is now turning to the 2017 season with the first pre-season testing session set for April 15.

Wall Stadium is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400, the website is and email address is


TOUR TYPE MODIFIED FEATURE – 150 Laps – 1. MATT HIRSCHMAN, NORTHAMPTON, PA., 2. Eric Mauriello, 3. Jimmy Blewett, 4. Ron Frees, 5. Earl Paules, 6. Jimmy Zacharis, 7. Andrew Krause, 8. Anthony Sesely, 9. Shawn Solomito, 10. Less Hinckley, 11. Keith Rocco, 12. John Fortin, 13. Jamie Tomaino, 14. John Markovic, 15. Amber Fortin, 16. Justin Bonsignore, 17. Andy Jankowiak, 18. Tommy Catalano, 19. Jonathan Mandato, 20. Timmy Solomito, 21. Austin Kochenash, 22. Dave Sapienza, 23. Ken Darch, 24. Jason Treat, 25. Tyler Truex, 26. Jack Ely

DOWNS FORD MODIFIED FEATURE – 100 Laps – 1. MATT HARISCHMAN, NORTHAMPTON, PA., Jimmy Blewett, 3. Anthony Sesely, 4. Danny Bohn, 5. Andrew Krause, 6. Eric Mauriello, 7. Jason Hearne, 8. Shawna Ingraham, 9. Marc Rogers, 10. Dennis Perry, 11. Shaun Carrig, 12. Chris Lane, 13. Chris Reynolds, 14. Ken Matlach, 15. Trevor Alspach, 16. Jack Ely, 17. Vinnie Marone, 18. Steven Reed, 19. Adam LaCicero, 20. Ricky Collins, 21. Justin Gumley, 22. Derek Hopkinson, 23. Shanon Mongeau, 14. Mike Benevides, 25. Zack Alspach, 26. Kenny Van Wickle

DIRT MODIFIED FEATURE – 50 Laps – 1. JIMMY BLEWETT, HOWELL, 2. Andrew Krause, 3. Jim Britt, 4. Mickey Kessler, 5. Joey Payne, 6. Rich Coons, 7. Rob Anderton, 8. Charles Stone, 9. Aleia Geisler, 10. Brian Papiez, 11. Dakota Kessler, 12. Bucky Kell, 13. Kerry Irwin, 14. Jackie Brown, 15. Mark Levy

LEGEND CARS FEATURE – 30 Laps – Saturday - 1. JOE RYAN OSBORN, 2. Mike Alcaro, 3. Richie Davidowitz, 4. Kyle Ellwood, 5. Joe Graf, 6. Artie Pederson, 7. Brandon Martinez, 8. Kevin Nowak, 9. Mitchell Dowd, 10. Matt Maring, 11. Vinny Delaney, 12. Louie Keraitis, 13. Lowbed Johnson, 14. Chris Gall, 15. Brad VanHouten, 16. Glenn Corner, 17. Bryan Kelly, 18. Tony Hanbury, 19. Joe Fresco, 20. Kyle Dealaman, 21. Tony Colandro, 22. Eugene Drew, 23. Noah Korner, 24. Gillian Korner, 25. Pat Verwys, 26. DJ Doyle

LEGEND CARS FEATURE – 40 Laps – Sunday – 1. MIKE ALCARO, 2. Davidowitz, 3. Korner, 4. Martinez, 5. Nowak, 6. Dowd, 7. Graf, 8. Kelly, 9. Maring, 10. Keraitis, 11. Delaney, 12. Kyle Elwood, 13. Gall, 14. Gillion Kirkpatrick, 15. Pedersen, 16. VanHouton, 17. Dealaman, 18. Mike Marfeo, 19. Korner, 20. Colandro, 21. Hanbury, 22. Johnson, 23. Joey Lembo, 24. Joe Fresco, 25. Joe Mafeo, DQ Joe Ryan Osborn

LIMITED LATE MODEL FEATURE – 45 Laps – 1. SHANON MONGEAU, MANCHESTER, 2. Wayne, Coury, 3. Chris Turbish, 4. John Vullo, 5. Marc Rogers, 6. Daryn Miller, 7. Joe Mancuso, 8. Brandon Turbish, 9. Mike Tillett, 10. Ricky Collins, 11. Jim Moorman, 12. Andy Gamble, 13. Anthony Hillard, 14. Ray Minieri, 15. Rick Kopf, 16. Brian Doyle, 17. Charles Macwhinnie

SPORTSMAN FEATURE – 50 Laps – 1. JIMMY BLEWETT, HOWELL, 2. Tyler Truex, 3. Dom Fattaruso, 4. Andrew Bohn, 5. Matt Langbein, 6. CJ Lehman, 7. Blake Barney, 8. Michael Carr, 9. Robert Silver, 10. Joe Graf, 11 Jonathan Laureigh, 12. Kenny Van Wickle, 13. Roland DeMartino, 14. Chris Owsik, 15. Jarret DiGiantomasso, 16. Robert Sutphin, 17. Jake Nelke, 18. Jon Meyer, 19. Bill McNeil, 20. Jimmy Wolcott, 21. Kevin Davison, 22. Eric lane, 23. Dom Casola, 24. Robby Walton, 25. Donnie Ericson, 26. Kenny Green

4 CYLINDER STOCK FEATURE – 40 Laps – 1. RODD PILLA, BEACHWOOD, 2. Darren Burdge, 3. Christian LaCicero, 4. Jason Lane, 5. Jeff Loesch, 6. TJ Graves, 7. Tom Lalomia, 8. Lee Allen, 9. Chuck McDonald, 10. Jimmy Avery, 11. Richard Smith, 12. Jim Sturtecky, 13. JC Duvall, 14. Dan Birdsall, 15. Ronnie Mullen, 16. Bobby Woch, 17. Brian Osborn, 18. Darianne McLaren, 19. Frank Ciancitto

FACTORY STOCK FEATURE – 40 Laps – Friday – 1. JOE MONGEAU, BRICK, 2. Rob McCormick, 3. Richie Byrne, 4. Scott Riggleman, 5. Ron Booth, 6. Ryan Flores, 7. Bill Stockert, 8. Tim O’Shea, 9. Gerry Koenig, 10. Tom Rajkowski, 11. Joey Helberg, 12. Scott Maher, 13. John Carpenter, 14. Tim Majik, 15. Eric Bodenschatz, 16. Steve West, 17. Mike Montano, 18. Waylon Speer, 19 Tommy Casagrande, 20 Josh Matthews, 21. Elliott Wohl, 22. Whitey Miller

FACTORY STOCK FEATURE – 50 Laps – Sunday – 1. Joey Helberg, Union, 2. Shanon Mongeau, 3. Rajkowski, 4. O’Shea, 5. Riggleman, 6. Stockert, 7. West, 8. Booth, 9. Maher, 10. Byrne, 11. Matthews, 12. Chris Felber, 13. Koenig, 14. Wohl, 15. Carpenter, 16. Rob Haberstick, 17. Joe Mongeau, 18. Waylon Speer, 19. Montano

DIRT OUTLAW STOCK FEATURE – 25 Laps – Sunday - 1. RON FREES, BRICK, 2. Brian Ludwig, 3. Jon Meyer, 4. Billy Wroble, 5. Michael Creamer, 6. Tom Wills, 7. Dan Collamer, 8. Spider Ensinger, 9. Todd, Dige, 10. Darren Cox, 11. Jack Beaumont

DIRT SPORTSMAN FEATURE – 12 Laps – 1. Joey Payne, 2. Rich Coons, 3. Dakota Kessler, 4. Chuck Stone

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Wall Stadium

DATE OF EVENTS: November 25, 26 and 27, 2016

DATE OF RELEASE: November 21, 2015

CONTACT: Jeff Gravatt


WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. ~ If the overflowing number of cars that were in the Wall Stadium Speedway pit area for the two pre-race practice sessions are any indication, the 43rd running of the Turkey Derby stock car classic at Wall Stadium Speedway could feature a record setting field in both quality and quantity. The event is presented on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend during the daylight hours.

Among the Tour Type Modified standouts expressing interest in the annual classic are Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa., Jackson’s Steven Reed, Austin Kochenash of Danielsville, Pa., Dave Sapienza of Riverhead, N.Y., Howell speedster Eric Mauriello, Shaun Carrig of Little Falls, Les Hinkley of Windsor Locks, Ct., Holmdel’s Andrew Krause, Earl Paules of Palmertown, Pa. and Long Island racers Amber Fortin and Kenny Darch. Also planning to compete in Tour Type Modified action are Matawan’s Anthony Sesely, Jamie Tomaino of Howell, Brick’s Ron Frees, Tommy Catalano of Ontario, N.Y., Howell’s Jimmy Blewett, John Markovic of Bethlehem, Pa., Jonathan Mandato of Toms River and Freehold’s Chas Okerson. More entries are expected during the final two days leading up to the race.

The speedway’s own Downs Ford Modifieds will also be well represented by both local favorites and invaders. Ken Matlach of New Hyde Park, N.Y., Jason Hearne of New Egypt, Brick’s Marc Rogers, Dennis Perry of Pawcatwak, Ct., Derek Stachecki of South Harbor, N.Y., Buffalo, N.Y.’s Andy Jankowiak, Mike Benevides of Westerly, R.I., Howell’s Chris Lane, Derek Hopkinson of Toms River, Wall’s Jack Ely, Ricky Collins of Willow Grove, Pa. and Keith Rocco of Norwalk, Ct. are all reportedly planning to compete in the Wall Modified 100-lap feature. Howell’s Chris Reynolds, brothers Zack and Trevor Alspach, both of Willingboro, Shawna Ingraham of Brick, Adam LaCicero of Lavallette, Jackson’s Jason Treat and Manasquan’s Kenny Van Wickle also plan to be in the field.

Reed, Okerson, Sesely, Krause, Hirschman, Blewett, Mauriello, Carrig and Mandato are among those contemplating competition in both pavement type Modified races. In fact, both Blewett and Krause plan extra duty as they are also planning to compete in the Dirt Modified feature race. A healthy field of Dirt Modifieds has practiced during the two tune-up sessions.

In fact, each division that will compete in Turkey Derby action was well represented at both practice sessions indicating that large fields will be on hand for every class.

On Friday, November 25, day one of Turkey Derby, pit area gates will open at 6:30 a.m., practice will begin at 8:30 a.m. and grandstand seating will open at 9:30 a.m. Qualifying is set for 12:15 p.m. with feature racing scheduled to start at 2:00 p.m. The Snap-on Sportsman cars will compete in a 50-lap main event, the Elite Maintenance Limited Late Models will battle in a 50-lapper, the O’Shea’s Auto Repair Factory Stocks and the Surf Side Collision 4 Cylinder Stocks will each battle in 40-lap races.

On Saturday, November 26, the pit area will again open at 6:30 a.m. with practice at 8:30 a.m. and grandstands opening at 9:30 a.m. Qualifying will start at 11:00 a.m. with main events set for 1:00 p.m. The Tour Type Modifieds are set for a 150-lap, $5,000 to win feature race while the speedway’s Down Ford Modifieds will compete in a 100-lap feature race that offers $4,000 to the winner. Dirt Modifieds will also be on the Saturday card in a 50-lap feature and the Green Flag Driving Experience Legends cars will compete in a 30-lapper. The TQ Midgets will race on the inner oval in a 30-lap race.

The Turkey Derby weekend will then wrap up on Sunday, November 27, with pit gates opening at 10:00 a.m., practice starting at 11:00 a.m., qualifying at noon and main events set for 1:00 p.m. The Legend Cars will be competing in a 40-lapper and the Factory Stocks will race in a 50-lapper. The 4 Cylinder Stocks are set for a 75-lapper on Sunday while the Dirt Outlaw Stocks and the Dirt Sportsman cars have been added this season in 25-lap main events. A Demolition Derby will cap off Sunday’s action.

Among special awards offered for the weekend will be the Larsen Brothers Memorial Fast Time Award for both the Tour and Wall Modified divisions. The fast qualifier in each division will pocket $200.

A special commemorative Turkey Derby 43 sweatshirt will be available during the weekend and fans are reminded to bring small headset type radios to listen to the live call of the race events over the track’s 90.1 FM frequency. Campers are welcome but they are urged to call the speedway office prior to the event to make mandatory reservations.

Turkey Derby rules, registration forms, ticket purchase forms and more detailed information are all available on the speedway website at

Wall Stadium Speedway is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400 and email address is

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Wall Stadium


WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. Andrew Krause fought off both heavy competition and mechanical trouble Saturday and won both 50 lap main events for the Downs Ford Modified stock cars during the annual “Spooky Spectacular” at Wall Stadium Speedway. The Holmdel resident, who finished third in regular season points that concluded on October 15, now has five wins this season.

In the first 50-lapper Krause fought off Howell’s Jimmy Blewett most of the way. When Blewett had late race trouble that forced him to drop from the race, Justin Gumley of Howell, New Egypt’s Jason Hearne, Timmy Solomito of Long Island and Howell’s Eric Mauriello all frantically swapped second through fifth spots before setting into the top five finishing spots in that order.

In addition to battling the competition in that first race Krause also battled a sour engine that ran on just six cylinders late in the event. Two broken rocker arms were repaired before the second race.

In that second Modified 50-lapper Solomito was Krause’s early challenger before the top runners started to swap positions in the second half of the race. Mauriello charged into second just past halfway while Zack Alspach of Willingboro raced home for third. Brick’s Shawna Ingraham and Gumley completed the top five.

“The car ran pretty good in the first race for only running on six cylinders near the end,” Krause said. “It was sounding like a diesel! Tom Martino and my crew fixed two broken rocker arms between races and it ran great in the second race! My family and my crew make this all possible.

“Right now Halloween is my favorite holiday!”

The O’Shea’s Auto Repair Factory Stocks ran a pair of 30-lap feature races with newly crowned champion Joe Mongeau of Brick winning the first over Bayville’s Elliott Wohl. Ron Booth of Eatontown, Manchester’s Scott Riggleman and Whitey Miller of Jamesburg completed the top five.

Booth came back to win the second Factory Stock 30-lapper after taking the lead on lap five. Riggleman, Mongeau, Howell’s Richie Byrne and Wohl were second through fifth.

Tyler Truex of Mayetta won the 40-lapper for the Snap On Sportsman cars. Blake Barney of Jackson was the runner-up while Manasquan’s Kenny Van Wickle, Howell’s Kevin Davison and Ray Fattaruso of Brick wrapped up the top five.

West Milford’s Mike Alcaro won the 30-lapper for the Green Flag Driving Experience Legend Cars while Long Island’s Richie Davidowitz was second. Newly crowned champ Louie Keraitis of Toms River, Allan Pedersen and Peter Bruno were third through fifth.

The annual “Turkey Derby” will wrap up the 2016 season during the daylight hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. In preparation for the “Turkey Derby,” practice sessions are planned for November 12 and November 19. Once the “Turkey Derby” is contested all attention will be focused on the 2017 season, which will begin with practice sessions starting on April 15.

Wall Stadium is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400, the website is and email address is

1ST MODIFIED FEATURE – 50 Laps – 1. ANDREW KRAUSE, HOWELL, 2. Justin Gumley, 3. Jason Hearne, 4. Timmy Solomito, 5. Eric Mauriello, 6. Kevin Davison, 7. Rob Hyer, 8. Kenny Van Wickle, 9. Ryan Cottrell, 10. Trevor Alspach, 11. Chad Churilla, 12. Jimmy Blewett, 13. Chris Reynolds, 14. Shawna Ingraham, 15. Ken Matlach, 16. Zack Alspach, 17. Jack Ely, 18. Derek Hopkinson, 19. Chas Okerson, 20. Jon Meyer

2ND MODIFIED FEATURE – 50 Laps – ANDREW KRAUSE, HOLMDEL, 2. Mauriello, 3. Zack Alspach, 4. Ingraham, 5. Gumley, 6. Solomito, 7. Ely, 8. Davison, 9. Okerson, 10. Van Wickle, 11. Reynolds, 12. Cottrell, 13. Trevor Alspach, 14. Blewett, 15. Hearne, 16. Hyer, 17. Churilla, 18. Matlach

1ST FACTORY STOCK FEATURE – 30 Laps – 1. JOE MONGEAU, BRICK, 2. Elliott Wohl, 3. Ron Booth, 4. Scott Riggleman, 5. Whitey Miller, 6. Richie Byrne, 7. Rick Siddons, 8. John Carpenter, 9. Tony Bartone, 10. Matt Badessa, 11. Bob Haberstick, 12. Tim Majek, 13. Alex Fox, 14. Vince Isabella, 15. Mike Montano, 16. Chris Felber

2ND FACTORY STOCK FEATURE – 30 Laps – 1. RON BOOTH, EATONTOWN, 2. Riggleman, 3. Mongeau, 4. Byrne, 5. Wohl, 6. Miller, 7. Montano, 8. Siddons, 9. Carpenter, 10. John Bowers, 11. Majek, 12. Fox, 13. Isabella

SPORTSMAN FEATURE – 40 Laps – 1. TYLER TRUEX, MAYETTA, 2. Blake Barney, 3. Kenny Van Wickle, 4. Kevin Davison, 5. Ray Fattarusso, 6. Rob Silver, 7. Jon Laureigh, 8. Robert Sutphin, 9. Roland DeMartino, 10. Dave Bailey, 11. Matt Langbein, 12. Todd Dige, 13. Chris Owsik

LEGEND CARS FEATURE – 30 Laps – 1. MIKE ALCARO, WEST MILFORD, 2. Richie Davidowitz, 3. Louie Keraitis, 4. Allan Pedersen, 5. Peter Bruno, 6. Nick Van Wickle, 7. Gillian Kirkpatrick, 8. Jerry Curran, 9. Chris Gall, 10. Tom Stavola, 11. Jon Parson, 12. Wally Davidowitz, 13. Roger Nickerson, 14. Art Marrero, 15. Lowbed Johnson, 16. Steve Woytysiak

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Wall Stadium


WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. September 24, 2016- Eric Mauriello put all of his bad fortunes of the 2016 season behind him Saturday night and won the 40-lap Downs Ford Modified stock car main event at Wall Stadium Speedway. The “Snap On Night” win was the Howell resident’s first victory of the season.

Mauriello took full advantage of the front row starting spot, earned in the handicapping system by his streak of poor fortunes, to rocket to the lead at the outset. He was first forced to fight off the advances of Derek Hopkinson before the Toms River race was forced to pit on lap 26 with a flat right front tire. Steven Reed of Jackson, the defending champion and point leader, then took up the chase and hounded Mauriello most of the way.

At the checker flag Mauriello was the winner while Reed stretched his point lead slightly by finishing second. Title contender Andrew Krause of Holmdel, who spent much of the race passing cars in the outside lane, finished third and another title contender, Chas Okerson of Freehold, was fourth. New Egypt’s Jason Hearne was fifth.

“It just feels good to get this off my shoulders and win a race,” Mauriello said in the winner’s circle. “This has been a real tough year. We’ve had some good finishes and we’ve had out share of bad luck. It is really nobody’s fault, just racing. I have to thank Dick and Robert Barney for giving me a great car every week and for sticking with it.”

Snap On Sportsman title contender Ricky Collins of Willow Grove, Pa. overcame challenges by Dom Fattarusso of Brick and Jackson’s Blake Barney to cross the finish line first in the 30-lap “Fan Appreciation Night” feature race. Barney was second and Kenny Van Wickle of Manasquan was third. Tyler Truex of Mayetta and Nick Shaw wrapped up the top five. Howell’s Kevin Davison, the point leader going into the event, was involved in two skirmishes during the race and was forced to come from the rear of the field twice. The combination of Collins’ crossing the line first and Davison’s eighth place finish puts them in a points knot going into this Saturday’s final point race of the campaign.

As of Sunday the Sportsman finish is not yet official while technical inspectors determine whether or not a motor part in Collins car conforms to rules.

Ron Booth of Eatontown grabbed the lead with ten laps remaining to win the O’Shea’s Auto Repair Factory Stock 25-lapper. Booth, who works for Snap On, enjoyed his win in front of his company’s crowd. Brick’s Joe Mongeau all but wrapped up the driving title by finishing second, with early leader Scott Maher of Brick, Union’s Joey Helberg and Gerry Koenig of Seaford, N.Y. completing the top five.

TJ Graves of Wall crossed the finish line first in the Surf Side Collision 4 Cylinder Stock 25-lapper, but when his car had trouble with an unapproved chassis part in post-race inspection Brick’s Ronnie Mullen was awarded the win. Howell’s Brian Osborn, Darren Burdge of Jackson, Brick’s Jason Lane and Jeff Loesch of Neptune City were second through fifth.

Defending champ Robert French of Howell won the 25-lapper for the Green Flag Driving Experience Legend Cars grabbing the top spot near halfway. Joe McGrath of Middletown, Edgewater Park’s Nick Van Wickle, Brick’s Chris Gall and Peter Bruno of Little Silver completed the top five.

Shannon Mongeau of Manchester won his second straight 25-lapper for the Elite Maintenance Limited Late Models coming from the rear of the field. Freehold’s Howie Conk, Ray Minieri of Bay Shore, N.Y., Brian Doyle of Ronkonkoma, N.Y. and point leader Mike Tillett of Bayville were second through fifth.

The Saturday night stock car regular season wraps up this Saturday (Oct. 1) with “Champions’ Night” competition. All feature races will offer double points and champions will be crowned in every division. In competition will be the Modifieds in a 40-lapper, the Sportsman cars in a 30-lapper and the Factory Stocks, Legend Cars, Limited Late Models and the 4 Cylinder Stocks all racing in 25-lappers. Grandstand seating opens at 5:00 p.m. Qualifying starts at 5:45 p.m. and feature racing begins at 7:00 p.m. In the event of rain on “Champions’ Night,” a Saturday night, October 8, rain date is in effect.

Post-season events, the “Spooky Spectacular” on October 15 and the Thanksgiving weekend “Turkey Derby,” are also being planned. Each event will be contested during the daylight hours and details will be announced soon.

Wall Stadium is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400, the website is and email address is

MODIFIED FEAUTE – 40 Laps – 1. ERIC MAURIELLO, HOWELL, 2. Steven Reed, 3. Andrew Krause, 4. Chas Okerson, 5. Jason Hearne, 6. Shaun Carrig, 7. Ron Frees, 8. Shawna Ingraham, 9. Derek Hopkinson, 10. Zack Alspach, 11. Chris Lane, 12. Jonathan Mandato, 13. Justin Gumley, 14. Ed Delage, 15. Rob Hyer

SPORTSMAN FEATURE – 30 Laps – 1. RICKY COLLINS, WILLOW GROVE, PA., 2. Blake Barney, 3. Kenny Van Wickle, 4. Tyler Truex, 5. Nick Shaw, 6. Jarret DiGiantomasso, 7. Dom Fattarusso, 8. Kevin Davison, 9. Chris Owsik, 10. Matt Langbein, 11. Roland DeMartino, 12. Dave Bailey, 13. Joe Cocca, 14. Jonathan Laureigh, 15. Jimmy Wolcott, 16. Kenny Green, 17. Donnie Ericson, 18. Scott Brannick

FACTORY STOCK FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. RON BOOTH, EATONTOWN, 2. Joe Mongeau, 3. Scott Maher, 4. Joey Helberg, 5. Gerry Koenig, 6. Richie Byrne, 7. Bill Stockert, 8. Jerry Stanzione, 9. Rob Longo, 10. Rick Siddons, 11. Tim O’Shea, 12. Tom Rajkowski, 13. John Carpenter, 14. Tony Bartone, 15. Matt Badessa, 16. Scott Riggleman

4 CYLINDER STOCK FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. RONNIE MULLEN, BRICK, 2. Brian Osborne, 3. Darren Burdge, 4. Jason Lane, 5. Jeff Loesch, 6. Frank Ciancitto, 7. Richard Smith, 8. Mike Lavery, 9. Todd Pilla, 10. Darianne McLaren, 11. Fred Cannock, 12. Jay Conrad, DQ TJ Graves

LEGEND CARS FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. ROBERT FRENCH, HOWELL, 2. Joe McGrath, 3. Nick Van Wickle, 4. Chris Gall, 5. Peter Bruno, 6. Luke Marzano, 7. Malcolm Campbell, 8. Art Marrero, 9. Roger Nickerson, 10. Louie Keraitis

LIMITED LATE MODEL FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. SHANON MONGEAU, MANCHESTER, 2. Howie Conk, 3. Ray Minieri, 4. Brian Doyle, 5. Mike Tillett, 6. Glen Conk, 7. Michelle Moorman, 8. Bill Vanderveen

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ATQMRA Results

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Sutton Sweeps the Action at Wall Janisch Champion Yoder Rookie of the Year
2016 ATQMRA Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic

September 17, 2016 Wall Stadium - 2014 ATQMRA Rookie of the year Geoffrey Sutton parked the BGF Engine Metz Racing Driver Development 461 in Victory lane for the third time at Wall Stadium to earn his fourth overall win of the 2016 season. Matt Janisch was crowned the 2016 ATQMRA Champion and Mark Yoder pocketed the 2016 Rookie of the Year Award. Ryan Tidman would finish second in the standings after charging from the rear of the pack with Sutton third in the final point's tally. Heat Races were won by Geoffrey Sutton and Jeff Kot. Next up for the ATQMRA is the organization's debut at Stafford Springs Speedway on October 1 for a wingless indoor style rules package race on the track's inner oval.

The Feature race came to the initial green flag with a front row of Chris Hirt and Don Zrinski. A multi car tangle aborted the first attempt sending Hirt, Zrinksi and Glaser to the rear. The second attempt had a front row of Tim Proctor and Buddy Sload take the green flag with Sload getting the jump but another caution slowed the action prior to a lap's completion.

With the Championship settled the week prior the point battle entering the day was for second between Geoffrey Sutton and Multi time Champion Flying Ryan Tidman. Tidman had the edge by sixteen points which equates to four positions on the track. Sutton's chance to get have enough margin on Tidman came when Tidman was involved in an early race incident that relegated him to the back of the pack.

When racing finally got under way Sload was able to take the lead from the pole starting position with the Hard Charging Geoffrey Sutton moving quickly into second. Sutton would lead the second lap only to relinquish the lead to Sload before taking the lead for good on lap five. Sutton would set sail once in the lead opening a margin on second. 2014 and 2016 Champion Matt Janisch worked his way quickly into second position by lap seven. Sutton would hold Janisch off on a mid race restart. The action would be slowed once more on lap 20 for a five lap shootout to the finish.

Sutton would surge into the lead and hold Janisch at bay to the finish winning by a slim .238 seconds at the line to bookend the season with a win at Wall. Third across the line was BJ Macdonald in the 17 600 Micros Sprint but his efforts were for naught since it was announced during the race that a mid race jumped start would cost him two positions at race end. Fourth finishing 2015 Champion Buddy Sload would have his efforts negated in post race tech due to a tread width infraction allowing the hard charging Tidman to finish third.

The ATQMRA's top 2016 Rookie Mark Yoder would be credited with a fourth place finish after a fierce battle with Tidman. Yoder would end the season an impressive fifth in the standings just eight markers behind Veteran Jeff Kot in the Behrents Performance 95. Kot would battle toward the front of the pack before loosing brakes and falling to a ninth place finish.

Heat races were won handily by Geoffrey Sutton and Jeff Kot.

Sutton's first ATQMRA feature win came at Wall during the season opening race. He would park the 461 in victory lane mid season at Wall and in winged competition at the Waterford Speedbowl.

Sutton's four win total is second only to the club's 2016 Champion Matt Janisch who parked his 48 in victory lane in the other six point races run. Janisch won both races at Mahoning Valley as well as Bethel Speedway and wins on Wall's inner oval. Janisch's worst finish of the year was a third at the opener at Wall. When he didn't visit Victory lane he finished second to Sutton to earn the Championship.

Next up for the ATQMRA will be the organization's first trip to New England's Stafford Motor Speedway for an open competition wingless race on that track's inner oval. All cars will be run under a modified indoor style rules package on Saturday October 1st. Gates open at 8:00 am with the first round of practice scheduled for 10:00 am. Racing will follow with heat races at 3:00 PM and Feature races for all divisions to begin at 4:30.

Heat Race lineups will be determined by a pill draw
Feature lineup will be determined by a qualifier redraw.
30 lap Feature race
All competitors will be required to pay a $40.00 entry fee to the ATQMRA
All cars must run an ATQMRA Spec right rear tire. Either an MG5/ USAC Focus tire in 13 inch or an LC5 for the ten inch cars.
Race Procedures will be governed by the ATQMRA rule book.
Car specs will be per the ATQMRA rules with the exception of the engine rules which will be based on the indoor rules package.
TQ tread width will be a maximum of 55.5 inches for TQ Midgets competing and 59.5 inches for 600 Micro Sprints.
Wheel tethers, and spec mufflers are not required.
Bumpers and Rub Rails will accommodate ATQMRA and indoor rules to allow teams that don't have bumpers and rub rails conforming to indoor specs to compete.
Car weights for TQ midgets will be 810 lbs for cars with 2003 and older engines.
TQs with 2004 and newer engines will be required to be a minimum of 835 lbs.
600 Micro Sprints minimum weight is 780 lbs.
The ATQMRA rule book can be downloaded at:
More information about the race day schedule can be found at:

ATQMRA News and Notes: Mahoning Valley Modified Standout and SpeedSTR racer Kevin Graver made his first ATQMRA start in the Janisch ten inch car that powered Matt Janisch to his first Championship in 2014. Graver took to the smaller cars in his first ever trip to Wall and notched a solid eighth place finish. Joey Payne III had a resurgent day at Wall after suffering an engine failure in the previous round at Mahoning to earn an 11th place finish after a week of hard work to have his car ready for action. Rookie Kyle Taraska made his first TQ midget start in the Fred Delibero Metz Racing 01 and gained experience finishing a solid lucky 13th. The pragmatic Joey Bailey had one of the faster cars in the field but would loose brakes and have his race end early when his brakes faded relegating him to a fourteenth place finish.

Feature Race 25 laps 1. 461 Geoffrey Sutton 2. 48 Matt Janisch 3. Ryan Tidman 4. 75 Mark Yoder 5. 17 BJ MacDonald 6. 27 Andrew Krause 7. 75 Don Zrinski 8. 48x Kevin Graver 9. 95 Jeff Kot 10. 98 Tim Proctor 11. 67 Joey Payne III 12. f8 Mike Glaser 13. 01 Kyle Taraska 14. 02 Joey Bailey 15. 11 Steve Whitt 16. 97 Chris Hirt 17. DQ 16 Buddy Sload ( Tread Width )

Heat Race 1. 1. 461 Geoffrey Sutton 2. 98 Tim Proctor 3. 75 Mark Yoder 4. 02 Joey Bailey 5. F8 Mike Glaser 6. 48x Kevin Graver 7. 67 Joey Payne 8. 01 Kyle Taraska

Heat Race 2. 1. 95 Jeff Kot 2. 48 Matt Janisch 3. 1b Ryan Tidman 4. 75 Don Zrinski 5. 16 Buddy Sload 6. 97 Chris Hirt 7. 17 BJ MacDonald 8. 27 Andrew Krause 9. 11 Steve Whitt

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Wall Stadium Speedway News

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Wall Stadium


WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. September 17, 2016 - Shawna Ingraham was flying Saturday night and appropriately won the Downs Ford Modified stock car 40-lap main event during “Ladies’ Night” competition at Wall Stadium Speedway. It was the Brick resident’s second win of the season and the third Modified triumph of her career. She remains the only female to win in Modified competition since the speedway opened in 1950.

Ingraham wrestled Shaun Carrig of Little Falls at the opening green flag of the event before stretching a lead through the first 18 laps of the race. Four-time champion Chas Okerson of Freehold then challenged her on a restart and remained within striking distance before Anthony Sesely of Matawan advanced to second with ten laps remaining. Sesely tried to race into the lead on a restart but drifted high in turn two with point leader Steven Reed of Jackson and Okerson getting by for second and third.

Okerson was then able to get by Reed for second and chased Ingraham to the finish line. Sesely and Andrew Krause of Holmdel, who was forced to pit to change a flat tire earlier in the race, wrapped up the top five.

“I felt I couldn’t do the same thing on every restart so I tried to mix it up to keep them off guard,” Ingraham said of her restart strategy. “The car was very fast tonight and was handling well. That allowed me to change things up and stay out front.”

Howell’s Jimmy Blewett came from deep in the 19-car field to win the companion 30-lapper for the Snap On Sportsman cars. Dom Fattarusso of Brick led the first 17 laps before he and Blake Barney of Jackson touched on the front stretch with Barney taking the lead. Blewett was soon second and took over the lead with a diving pass in turn two on the 25th lap.

Blewett then fought off Tyler Truex of Mayetta on a late race restart before taking the win. Barney, Fattarusso and point leader Kevin Davison of Howell completed the top five.

The Green Flag Driving Experience Legend Cars battled in a pair of 25-lappers with “invaders” taking a win in each. In the first race Mike Alcaro of West Milford was tops over a top five of Joe McGrath of Middletown, Howell’s Robert French and Richie Davidowitz and Kevin Nowak, both of Medford, N.Y.

Davidowitz came back to win the nightcap while Nowak, Alcaro, French and point leader Louie Keraitis of Toms River wrapped up the top five.

Jerry Stanzione of Keansburg took the lead on lap 17 and went on to win a non-stop 25 lapper for the O’Shea’s Auto Repair Factory Stocks. Eatontown’s Ron Booth was providing the pressure in the closing laps with point leader Joe Mongeau of Brick, early leader Tim O’Shea of Wall and Manchester’s Scott Riggleman rounding out the top five.

Shanon Mongeau of Manchester hitched a ride in the Cole Ormsbee No. 19 and came from behind to win the Elite Maintenance Limited Late Model 25-lapper. Early leader Brian Doyle of Ronkonkoma, N.Y., Freehold’s Howie Conk, Bill Vanderveen of Beachwood and Bayville’s Mike Tillett were second through fifth.

Geoffrey Sutton of Easton, Pa. won the 25-lapper for the visiting TQ Midgets while Gabrielle Olender of Sayreville won her first ever race for the Sunday Series Champ Karts.

Stock car racing continues this Saturday night (Sept. 24) with “Fan Appreciation Night” action which features a late afternoon “On Track Party” where fans are welcome to walk the speedway, check out all the racecars and visit with the drivers starting at 4:30 p.m. In competition will be the Modifieds in a 40-lapper, the Sportsman cars in a 30-lapper and the Factory Stocks, Legend Cars, Limited Late Models and the Surfside Collision 4 Cylinder Stocks all racing in 25-lappers. Grandstand seating opens one hour earlier at 4:00 p.m. with a $3 adult ticket discount from 4:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Qualifying starts at 5:45 p.m. and feature racing begins at 7:00 p.m.

The complete updated regular season schedule, which runs on Saturday nights through October 1, is available at as are the rules and regulations for all divisions. Post-season events, the “Spooky Spectacular” on October 15 and the Thanksgiving weekend “Turkey Derby,” are also being planned.

Wall Stadium is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400, the website is and email address is

MODIFIED FEAUTE – 40 Laps – 1. SHAWNA INGRAHAM, BRICK, 2. Chas Okerson, 3. Steven Reed, 4. Anthony Sesely, 5. Andrew Krause, 6. Derek Hopkinson, 7. Ron Frees, 8. Jimmy Blewett, 9. Shaun Carrig, 10. Chris Reynolds, 11. Jonathan Mandato, 12. Ed Delage, 13. Ken Matlach, 14. Jason Hearne, 15. Eric Mauriello

SPORTSMAN FEATURE – 30 Laps – 1. JIMMY BLEWETT, HOWELL, 2. Tyler Truex, 3. Blake Barney, 4. Dom Fattarusso, 5. Kevin Davison, 6. Kenny Wan Wickle, 7. Ricky Collins, 8. Jarret DiGiantomasso, 9. Jonathan Laureigh, 10. Kenny Green, 11. Joe Cocca, 12. Dave Bailey, 13. Roland DeMartino, 14. Jimmy Wolcott, 15. Matt Langbein, 16. Tim Stephan, 17. Scott Brannick, 18. Rob Silver, 19. Todd Dige

1ST LEGEND CARS FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. MIKE ALCARO, WEST MILFORD, 2. Joe McGrath, 3. Robert French, 4. Richie Davidowitz, 5. Kevin Nowak, 6. Nick Van Wickle, 7. Louie Keraitis, 8. Peter Bruno, 9. Malcolm Campbell, 10. Joe Fresco, 11. Chris Gall, 12. Steve Woytysiak, 13. Ron Merlino, 14. Brian Russell, 15. Tom Stavola

2ND LEGEND CARS FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. RICHIE DAVIDOWTIZ, MEDFORD, NY, 2. Nowak, 3. Alcaro, 4. French, 5. Keraitis, 6. McGrath, 7. Van Wickle, 8. Gall, 9. Bruno, 10. Fresco, 11. Campbell, 12. Russell, 13. Stavola, 14. Merlino, 15. Woytysiak

FACTORY STOCK FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. JERRY STANZIONE, KEANSBURG, 2. Ron Booth, 3. Joe Mongeau, 4. Tim O’Shea, 5. Scott Riggleman, 6. Gerry Koenig, 7. Scott Maher, 8. Joey Helberg, 9. Richie Byrne, 10. Rick Siddons, 11. Tom Rajkowski, 12. John Carpenter, 13. Matt Badessa, 14. Rob Longo

LIMITED LATE MODEL FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. SHANON MONGEAU, MANCHESTER, 2. Brian Doyle, 3. Howie Conk, 4. Bill Vanderveen, 5. Mike Tillett, 6. Michelle Moorman, 7. Glen Conk, 8. Greg Gastelu

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