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Grandview Speedway







Presenting Saturday night NASCAR stock car racing plus a variety of special events. Our 58th consecutive season.

Track office: General Manager: Tina Rogers@ 610.754.7688 - Public relations: Ernie Saxton: Email: – Cell phone: 267.934.7286

Results by Vicki Gehris


BECHTELSVILLE, PA. July 19, 2020 . . . A tripleheader show of racing featuring the T.P. Trailers Modifieds and T.P.Truck Equipment Sportsman, all part of the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series, along with the Victory Auto Glass United Racing Club Sprint cars gave fans plenty of racing action with close to 100 racers taking part in the Saturday night action at Grandview Speedway.

Former track Modified champion Mike Gular, winner of the 2019 Freedom 76, overtook the lead from Justin Grim on the tenth lap restart of the 30-lap Modified feature and finished comfortably ahead of runner-up Grim, who posted his best career finish. It was Gular’s first win of the year at the 1/3-mile oval and his sixth career triumph at the track.

In the 25-lap Sportsman feature Scott Kohler, competing in his sophomore season, inherited the lead when rookie Dakota Kohler pulled into the infield with mechanical problems when his car wouldn’t refire prior to one of the numerous 17th lap restarts. Kohler immediately opened daylight when the race finally went green and went on to score his first career victory by a sizeable margin over second-place finisher Nate Brinker.

Adam Carberry, coming from a long line of racing Carberry family members, scored his first career win in the 25-lap URC Sprint car event.

Providing the Modified and Sportsman feature winners met the necessary requirements, they received monetary awards from T.P. Trailers and a certificate from VP Fuels for product awards. The Dan’s Deli ½-way hoagie award recipients were Gular and S. Kohler. Jimmy Leiby earned an extra bonus from the track for being the highest finishing crate engine with his seventh place finish in the Sportsman main event.

Justin Grim was the early pacesetter at the onset of the Modified feature followed by Mike Lisowski, Colt Harris, Clay Butler and Gular.

Kevin Hirthler spun in the second turn on the second lap triggering a 12-car tangle as the caution was thrown. Several could rejoin the action after pit stops. Grim held his ground when action resumed and the order remained the same as previously.

Kyle Weiss, while running a solid seventh, came to an abrupt halt in the second turn with engine problems to bring out the sixth lap yellow. It was a three-way battle for first on the restart between Grim, Lisowski and Gular. Behind the trio dicing for the remaining top five positions were Louden Reimert and Jeff Strunk.

Gular had just taken over second when another multi car tangle took place in the first turn for the third yellow with nine laps in the books. On the restart Gular, who has been experimenting with various things this year along with the crew, shot into the top spot when action resumed to become the new pacesetter.

Gular wasted no time pulling away from his fellow competitors while Grim, Lisowski, Strunk and Reimert completed the top five. Craig Von Dohren was right behind waiting for a false move to advance.

While Grim and Strunk jockeyed for second this allowed Gular to open more daylight and pull away even more.

No more restarts were needed to give anyone the opportunity to try to overtake Gular and at the drop of the checkered Gular was victorious followed by Grim, Strunk, Lisowski and Von Dohren. Rounding out the top ten were Reimert, Ryan Watt, Dylan Swinehart, last week’s feature winner; Clay Butler and Craig Whitmoyer.

Harris, Ryan Grim, Strunk and Gular won the heats. Consies were won by Brad Grim and Kenny Gilmore.

In the Sportsman feature Scott Kohler was the early leader with pressure from Dakota Kohler, John McGovern, Tom Miller and Nathan Mohr.

The top five running order remained the same until the 15th lap when D. Kohler moved into the lead.

Two laps later Jesse Leiby spun in turn two for the first yellow. After four tries to get the next lap completed it was decided the restart would be single file. Prior to the next attempt D. Kohler surrendered the lead to S. Kohler again since his engine wouldn’t refire. Kohler didn’t hesitate to pull away when action went green again with Brinker, Mark Kemmerer, Brandon Edgar, already a feature winner this season and Parker Guldin in pursuit. Guldin’s mechanical misfortunes continued as he was forced out of competition and pulled into the infield along the backstretch without incident on the 19th lap.

Kohler never gave up the lead and went on to post the triumph. Chasing him across the line were Brinker, Kemmerer, Edgar and Chris Esposito. Sixth through tenth were Brad Arnold, Jimmy Leiby, Kyle Smith, returning from a horrendous flip last week; Ryan Beltz and Decker Swinehart.

D. Kohler, John McGovern and S. Kohler won the heats. The consolation race was won by Arnold.

Polesitter Josh Weller was off and running at the drop of the green in the URC feature and set a torrid pace until the field was regrouped on the tenth lap when Ryan Stillwagon, a provisional starter, stopped on the backstretch to bring out the yellow. On the restart Carberry, who had just overtaken second the previous lap, outgunned Weller to become the new pacesetter. Derek Locke followed through at the same time to challenge.

Lapped traffic came onto the scene by the 17th lap allowing Locke to close in on Carberry.

The pair with Carberry on the high groove and Locke on the inside, ran side by side, but Carberry still maintained the lead.

Carberry never looked back once he took over first and pulled into victory lane for a well-deserved win. Paulie Colagiovanni was second with Locke third followed by Ryan Taylor and Weller. Troy Betts, Davie Franek, Matt Tanner, Tyler Ross and Curt Michael completed the top ten.

Wingless Super Sportsman racers will be the attraction along with the T.P.Trailers Modifieds and T.P.Truck Equipment Sportsman when Grandview Speedway offers fans an exciting tripleheader show on Saturday, July 25th. And there is no increase in admission with adults paying just $15 and all under 12 being admitted free. Spectator gates open at 5:30 p.m. and pits open at 4 p.m. Racing gets the green flag at 7:30 p.m.

Coming up on Saturday, August 1st is the 50th Annual Forrest Rogers Memorial dedicated to the man who had the idea and then created the one-third-mile, clay banked speedway that has become one of the most successful weekly short tracks in the nation. Modifieds will be racing for $10,000 to win. Sportsman will be the second part of the doubleheader. Adult admission is $25, youngster 6 thru 11 pay just $5 and those under 6 are admitted free.


T.P. Trailers Modified Feature (30-laps): 1. Mike Gular, 2. Justin Grim, 3. Jeff Strunk, 4. Mike Lisowski, 5. Craig Von Dohren, 6. Louden Reimert, 7. Ryan Watt, 8. Dylan Swinehart, 9. Clay Butler, 10. Craig Whitmoyer, 11. Doug Manmiller, 12. Duane Howard, 13. Colt Harris, 14. Ryan Lilick, 15. Eric Biehn, 16. John Willman, 17. Jared Umbenhauer, 18. Corey Merkel, 19. Rick Laubach (provisional), 20. Kevin Hirthler, 21. Brett Kressley, 22. Ryan Grim, 23. Briggs Danner, 24. Joe Funk III, 25. Brett Gilmore, 26. Ray Swinehart, 27. Kyle Weiss, 28. Brad Grim, 29. Kenny Gilmore. DNQ: Ron Haring Jr., Mark Levy, Darrin Schuler, Dan Waisempacher, Carroll Hine III, Bobby Gunther-Walsh, Ron Kline, Mark Kratz, Mike Tyson.

T.P. Truck Equipment Sportsman Feature (25-laps): 1. Scott Kohler, 2. Nate Brinker, 3. Mark Kemmerer, 4. Brandon Edgar, 5. Chris Esposito, 6. Brad Arnold, 7. Jimmy Leiby, 8. Kyle Smith, 9. Ryan Beltz, 10. Decker Swinehart, 11. Ken Eckert Jr., 12. Jack Butler, 13. Tom Miller, 14. Brian Hirthler, 15. Parker Guldin, 16. Dakota Kohler, 17. John McGovern, 18. Nathan Mohr, 19. Dean Bachman, 20. Kyle Lilick, 21. Jesse Leiby, 22. Brad Brightbill, 23. Matt Brooke, 24. Steve Young. DNQ: Kenny Bock, Mark Rhoads, Kenny Gaugler, B.J. Joly, Derrick Smith, Jesse Landis.

Victory Glass URC Feature (25-laps) 1. Adam Carberry, 2. Paulie Colagiovanni, 3. Derek Locke, 4. Ryan Taylor, 5. Josh Weller, 6. Troy Betts, 7. Davie Franek, 8. Matt Tanner, 9. Tyler Ross, 10. Curt Michel, 11. Kyle Lick, 12. Chuck Hebing, 13. Austin Bishop, 14. Joe Kata, 15. Ryan Watt, 16. Ed Aikin, 17. Hayden Miller, 18. JR. Berry, 19. Dallas Schott, 20. Zach Burd, 21. Dave Axton, 22. Ryan Stillwagon (provisional), 23. Ryan Kissinger, 24. Jason Cherry. DNS: Jacob Balliet. DNQ: Devin Gundrum, Joey Amanhea, Jon Stewart, Jacob Miller, Keith Wetzel.

Grandview Speedway







Presenting Saturday night NASCAR stock car racing plus a variety of special events. Track office: 610.754.7688

PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING: Ernie Saxton @ 215.752.7797: Email: – Cell phone: 267.934.7286


BECHTELSVILLE, PA. July 21, 2019 . . . The action on the track on Saturday night at Grandview Speedway was as hot as the weather that everyone involved endured to be a witness or participate in the racing action sponsored by T.P. Trailers and Truck Equipment, Limerick.

Doug “The Handler” Manmiller, whose season has been a series of various obstacles with his best finish, a second place, recorded back in May, finally had a change of luck. He chased down leader Ron Kline for several laps trying to dive underneath him, but to no avail. Finally with four laps to go Manmiller made his move and was successful. He never looked back until he parked the Jason Miller-owned No. 44M in victory lane for his first win of the season to be the seventh different winner, his last victory coming July 14, 2018, in the 30-lap TP Trailers NASCAR 358 Modified feature

The T.P. Truck Equipment NASCAR Sportsman 25-lap feature was a nail biter decided at the finish line. Leader Chris Esposito and Kyle Lilick were side-by-side coming out of the fourth turn headed for the winner’s circle. They swapped paint and Lilick, winless since June 16, 2018, emerged victorious to become the tenth different winner in the division this season.

Tyler Ross led from start to finish to win his first-ever career victory in the 25-lap United Racing Club feature sponsored by Victory Glass.

Providing the Modified and Sportsman feature winners met the necessary requirements, they received monetary awards from T.P. Trailers and a certificate from VP Fuels for product awards. The Dan’s Deli ½-way hoagie award recipients were Ron Kline and Chris Esposito. Parker Guldin, who finished 12th in the Sportsman feature received an extra $100 from the track for racing with the first crate engine.

Modified feature action saw Kline overtake Steve Wilson for the top spot on the second lap while Brett Gilmore, Louden Reimert and Clay Butler battled for positions behind them.

The red was thrown on the seventh lap for a multi-car accident in the second turn. Eliminated were Joe Funk III, who had his best finish last week with a third, last week’s feature winner Dylan Swinehart, Jeff Strunk and Kyle Weiss. Kline maintained the lead when action resumed followed by Wilson, Butler, Manmiller and Gilmore.

By the ½-way marker Kline was still first, but the battle for second was a three-way one between Butler, Manmiller and Duane Howard, who started sixth, 12th and 14th respectively.

Manmiller motored into the runner-up spot on the 22nd lap to pursue Kline.

Kline stayed on the high path while Manmiller was trying to dive underneath, but couldn’t make the pass stick while Howard, Craig Von Dohren, coming from 19th and Frank Cozze, starting ninth were anticipating a false move.

The third lead change took place on the 26th lap when Manmiller was able to pass Kline.

Manmiller never surrendered, holding the top spot until the checkered was thrown. Howard moved into second with two laps to go, but time ran out with Kline, Von Dohren and Cozze crossing the line for third through fifth.

Butler, Manmiller and Briggs Danner won the qualifying heats. The consi went to Mike Lisowski.

Esposito took the early lead at the wave of the green in the Sportsman feature.

Dicing for positions behind him were Derrick Smith, Jesse Landis, Dean Bachman and Mark Kemmerer.

The running order behind Esposito was constantly changing and by the 13th lap Kyle Smith, Kemmerer, Lilick and Bachman were second through fifth.

Lilick moved into second on the 16th lap and took chase after Esposito who had a slight lead built up.

Esposito’s distance was erased on the 19th lap when Ray Cost III spun in the fourth turn bringing out the yellow. Esposito running the outside groove pulled away quickly in anticipation of keeping Lilick, running the inside groove, behind him.

Nathan Mohr and Tom Miller, a previous feature winner, set up a one-lap shoot-out when they tangled in the first turn. Esposito managed to stay ahead, but Lilick was far from ready to give up.

The checkered flag was in sight and it was a drag race towards the finish line with neither one giving an inch while they swapped paint. At the conclusion, Lilick was the victor by mere inches with Esposito a disappointing second since he led all laps but the most important one – the last lap. Kemmerer was third followed by Brightbill, last week’s feature winner and K. Smith.

Heats were won by Jack Butler, Landis and Esposito.

Tyler Ross, the pole sitter of the URC feature, was off and running at the start with Ed Aikin, Curt Michaels, Adam Carberry and Troy Betts in tow.

Michaels took over second on the fifth lap to try to become the new leader.

Carberry’s third-place run ended on the 12th lap when his car was smoking and he slowed to bring out the yellow. Ross was still the leader on the restart, but now Josh Weller was pursuing him for first followed by Michaels, Aikin and Betts.

Ross never allowed anyone the opportunity to take the lead away and went on to score the win with Weller, Michaels, Aikin and Betts following.

Carberry, Aikin and Ross were the heat winners.

Something for fans look for on the TV Wednesday, July 24 is the NBCSN segment titled “50 States in 50 Days” at 5 p.m. which will feature Grandview Speedway as part of their Grassroots racing campaign. Kyle Petty and Clint Bowyer will be on the show and Petty has appeared at Grandview in the past as did his father Richard Petty.

Coming up on the schedule on Friday, July 26th is Big Car Enduro action along with Small Car Enduro, Junkyard Car Race, Outlaw 4x4 Trucks and the Blast From the Past Vintage racers. It all gets started at 7 p.m.

And on Saturday, July 27th, 7:30 p.m. another tripleheader show of racing action that features the T.P.Trailers NASCAR 358 Modifieds, T.P.Truck Equipment Sportsman and the return of the Central PA Legends racers for a second appearance.


T.P. Trailers Modified Feature (30-laps): 1. Doug Manmiller, 2. Duane Howard, 3. Ron Kline, 4. Craig Von Dohren, 5. Frank Cozze, 6. Brett Kressley, 7. Clay Butler, 8. Kevin Hirthler, 9. Rick Laubach, 10. Brett Gilmore, 11. Briggs Danner, 12. Mike Lisowski, 13. Louden Reimert, 14. Ryan Grim, 15. Steve Wilson, 16. Alex Yankowski, 17. Glenn Strunk, 18. Tim Buckwalter, 19. Dan Waisempacher, 20. Justin Grim, 21. Ray Swinehart, 22. Kyle Weiss, 23. Jeff Strunk, 24. Dylan Swinehart, 25. Joe Funk III, 26. Eric Biehn, 27. Jared Umbenhauer, 28. Kenny Gilmore. DNQ: Richie Hitzler, Bobby Gunther Walsh, Craig Whitmoyer, Mark Levy and Mark Kratz.

T.P. Truck Equipment Sportsman Feature (25-laps): 1. Kyle Lilick, 2. Chris Esposito, 3. Mark Kemmerer, 4. Brad Brightbill, 5. Kyle Smith, 6. Dean Bachman, 7. Brad Grim, 8. Andrew Kreis, 9. Brian Hirthler, 10. Jesse Landis, 11. Lex Shive, 12. Parker Guldin, (crate engine), 13. Tom Miller, 14. Nathan Mohr, 15. Ray Cost III, 16. Josh Adams, 17. Brad Arnold, 18. Derrick Smith, 19. B.J. Joy, 20. Steve Young, 21. Mike Mammana, 22. Jack Butler. DNS: Mike Koffel.

Victory Glass URC Feature (25-laps): 1. Tyler Ross, 2. Josh Weller, 3. Curt Michael, 4. Ed Aikin, 5. Troy Betts, 6. Chad Layton, 7. Brian Carber, 8. Austin Bishop, 9. Steve Drevicki, 10. Ryan Stillwagon, 11. Jason Clauss, 12. Zach Burd, 13. Adam Carberry, 14. Jimmy Stitzel, 15. J.J. Grasso, 16. Craig Pelligrini, 17. J.R. Berry, 18. Jon Steward, 19. Conner Leffler, 20. Jason Shultz, 21. Brandon McGough.

Grandview Speedway







Presenting Saturday night NASCAR stock car racing plus a variety of special events. Track office: 610.754.7688

PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING: Ernie Saxton @ 215.752.7797: Email: – Cell phone: 267.934.7286





BECHTELSVILLE, PA JULY 16, 2019 . . . Coming up this Saturday, July 20th is another tripleheader show at Grandview Speedway, this time featuring the Capital Renegade United Racing Club Sprints in their first appearance of the season as part of T.P.Trailers and Truck Equipment Night. The Sprint events will be sponsored by Victory Auto Glass with the feature paying $2,000 to win. Heading up the Sprint action will be Josh Weller, Chad Layton, Curt Michael, Austin Bishop, former Grandview Late Model champion Ed Aikin who has a URC feature win this season and a host of other Sprint standouts. As an added attraction URC will be hosting a Legends Reunion in the first turn pavilion area. Legends will be signing autographs and chatting with fans starting at 6 p.m. Included amongst the legends will be Sean Michael, Becca Anderson, Mares Stellfox, Charlie Massey, Greg Coverdale, Fran Hogue, Ed Wylie and host of others.

Just added to the list of Legends is Glenn Fitzcharles who got his racing start at Grandview in the stock cars and went on to win 81 URC features and five titles. The Pottstown, PA resident is enshrined in the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.

The NASCAR 358 Modifieds and Sportsman stock cars will make up the balance of the tripleheader show.

A full series of qualifying events in each division will lead to the main events that will feature the top performers of the night.

At 5 p.m. the Low Down and Dirty Meet & Greet will feature Modified standout Jared Umbenhauer and URC racer Josh Weller at the front admission gate area.

Adult admission for this not to be missed show is $25, youngsters 6 through 11 pay $5 and kids under 6 are admitted free.

With 11 feature races completed in both the Modifieds and Sportsman ten-time track champion Craig Von Dohren sits on top of the Modified standings with 2769 counters. Second spot is held by Duane Howard, a five time champion, with 2590 points. Both Oley, PA residents have earned feature victories with Von Dohren having three and Howard having earned two. Third spot in the standings is held by Hellertown, PA’s Rick Laubach with 2429 tallies and having done it without benefit of a feature win.

Topping the Sportsman is veteran racing talent Brad Brightbill of Sinking Spring, PA. He has three wins, including the Firecracker 40 this past Saturday, and 2196 points. Brad Grim has 2169 points and has done it without a win. Third spot is held by former champion Brian Hirthler with 2124 making for a tight battle for the title. Hirthler has been to victory lane twice this season.

During the 11 events presented this season there have been 56 Modifieds and 41 Sportsman seen in action on the one-third-mile, banked clay oval.

Information on coming events at the Bechtelsville track can be had at, Facebook or telephone 610.754.7688.



1. Craig Von Dohren, Oley, PA #1C 2769***
2. Duane Howard, Oley, PA #66/357H 2590**
3. Rick Laubach, Hellertown, PA #7L 2429
4. Brett Kressley, Orefield, PA #19K 2420**
5. Jared Umbenhauer, Richland, PA #19/1H 2337
6. Doug Manmiller, Shoemakersville, PA #44M 2270
7. Kyle Weiss, Hamburg, PA #21K 2183
8. Jeff Strunk, Boyertown, PA #126 2143***
9. Kevin Hirthler, Boyertown, PA #117 2024
10. Alex Yankowski, Covington Twp., PA #84Y 1802
11. Frank Cozze, Wind Gap, PA #4 1766
12. Louden Reimert, Oley, PA #16 1756
13. Craig Whitmoyer, Hamburg, PA #99 1754
14. Ryan Grim, Laury’s Station, PA #17 1731
15. Tim Buckwalter, Douglassville, PA #23X 1708
16. Mike Lisowski, Minersville, PA #15 1567
17. Danny Erb, Boyertown, PA #44 1494
18. Clay Butler, Bloomsbury, NJ #4B 1235
19. Ray Swinehart, Perkiomenville, PA#33 1200
20. Kenny Gilmore, Fleetwood, PA #OG7/14 1196
21. Dan Waisempacher, Springtown, PA #01 1166
22. Briggs Danner, Allentown, PA #6/78D 1102
23. Jordan Henn, Kutztown, PA #77H 920
24. Justin Grim, Orefield, PA #611/61 919
25. Ryan Lilick, Collegeville, PA #49 911
26. Brett Gilmore, Fleetwood, PA #7 892
27. Dylan Swinehart, Fleetwood, PA #81 867*
28. Joe Funk, Coopersburg, PA #14RR 855
29. Ron Kline, Salford, PA #355 850
30. Kory Fleming, Milford, NJ #704 780



1. Brad Brightbill, Sinking Springs, PA #19 2196***
2. Brad Grim, Coplay, PA #13 2169
3. Brian Hirthler, Green Lane, PA #4*/117 2124**
4. Kyle Lilick, Collegeville, PA #104 1946
5. Brad Arnold, Bethel, PA #830 1873
6. Jack Butler, Phillipsburg, NJ #5 1873*
7. Mark Kemmerer, Green Lane, PA #F10 1822
8. Kyle Smith, Fleetwood, PA #77 1776
9. Dean Bachman, Emmaus, PA #65 1720
10. Brandon Edgar, Lehighton, PA #57 1676*
11. Andrew Kreis, Boyertown, PA #6K 1456
12. Ryan Beltz, Barto, PA #221 1310
13. Nate Brinker, Allentown, PA #14 1216
14. Mike Mammana, Nazareth, PA #31 1179
15. Nathan Mohr, East Greenville, PA #17M 1040*
16. Derrick Smith, Telford, PA#20 1005*
17. Jesse Landis, Gilbertsville, PA #976 952
18. Lex Shive, Pennsburg, PA #5K 943
19. Andy Clemmer, Bechtelsville PA #127 888
20. Kenny Bock, Birdsboro, PA #6 839
21. Parker Guldin, Fleetwood, PA #11 809*
22. Josh Adams, Douglassville, PA #44A 780
23. Tom Miller, Gilbertsville, PA #77T 769*
24. Scott Kohler, Boyertown, PA #12S 754
25. Aaron Bowes, Nazareth, PA #4 714

* denotes feature win (Feature wins listed are only for those that are
NASCAR point events.)



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Bridgeport Speedway Three for All

Three For All | Super Late Models, URC 360 Sprints, and 358 Mods

Today at 7:15 PM

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Bridgeport Speedway








Action returns to the Bridgeport Speedway this weekend as the winged warriors of the United Racing Club return to the 5/8th mile speedway in addition to the Spirit Auto Center Big Block Modifieds, Stewart Stainless Crate Sportsman and DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookies.

URC welcomes title sponsor, Capitol Renegade for the 2017 season. Capitol Renegade – “The Headquarters” for all you Race Transport Needs – is a good match for the traveling sprint car club who is celebrating their 70th Anniversary season as America’s oldest traveling sprint car series. This will be the third consecutive year that URC has opened their season at the Bridgeport Speedway.

2016 URC Champion, Davie Franek picked up his first of seven wins in the Bridgeport opener on his way to his second career URC Championship.

Josh Weller is looking forward to returning to Bridgeport where he picked up one his four wins last season during Bridgeport’s Three for All event during mid-season. Weller returned to the cockpit of his family owned equipment in 2016 and had a momentous season. Weller is hoping to carry that momentum into the new season.

With nine URC titles to his credit, Curt Michael is looking forward to the season opener. Michael picked up a Brideport win last year during URC’s Big Track Classic weekend, winning the Friday night event while Lucas Wolfe earned his win on the next night. Bridgeport is special to Michael who won the 2015 season opener to celebrate his 50th win in URC competition.

There will be one URC competitor who will be very familiar to Bridgeport Speedway fans as Kris Lilick has made the switch from Crate/Sportsman competition to sprint cars for the 2017 season. Lilick tried his hand in a second Haggenbottom No. 24 during the Big Track Classic weekend and will race full time with URC this season.

Stewart Friesen was the feature winner of the only Big Block Modified race so far this season after capturing the win in the 60 Over Special/Doug Hoffman Memorial, taking the lead from Jeff Strunk in the final laps of the forty-four lap event. Strunk will be in the field Sunday, looking for his first ever Bridgeport Big Block Modified feature win but he has his work cut out for him.

Two time Bridgeport Big Block Champion, Ryan Watt had his Roberts Racing No. 14w in mid-season form during the opener but his efforts were derailed twice by flat tires. Watt had raced up to third before making his first visit to the pits. After restarting at the rear of the field, Watt had just raced back into the top five when fate struck once again.

Other Bridgeport regulars will be on hand to defend their home turf against the invaders. Sam Martz was one of the three drivers to lead laps in the season opener. Rick Laubach was sidelined with mechanical ills with the Gary & Lori Hermann No. 7 during the opener, after picking up the win in the Small Block Modifed event the night before. Dominick Buffalino made his presence known during the opening weekend and will certainly be looking for his first checkered flag of the season in addition to Neal Williams, Richie Pratt, Jr., Wade Hendrickson, Tommy Beamer, David Hunt, Jamie Mills, Ron Roberts, Jesse Hill and a host of others.

Brian Papiez picked up the Crate/Sportsman win during the 60 Over weekend and will be looking forward to continuing his winning ways. Chris Jenkins had his best ever finish during the 60 Over Weekend. After leading the first half of last week’s race, Jenkins will be looking for that first checkered flag in the races to come. Roger Manning and Kevin Belmont debuted new equipment during the first weekend of the season and will be competing for their share of the purse as will Stephen Kemery, Brad Roberts, Matt Stangle, Billy Briggs, Scott Hulmes and others.

DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookies division is one of the biggest to date. There were three lead changes during their first eight lap feature event, promising a very exciting Rookie season in 2017. Kevin Britt, brother of Modified driver, Jim Britt, picked up the win after Eric Mattson and Tom Errico Jr. both led several laps.

The green flag will wave on the Bridgeport Speedway at 4pm on Sunday with four divisions of racing coming your way. Come early and enjoy the musical entertainment as well as the delectable offerings of the Bridgeport Speedway concession stands. Or take a ride on the Bandit Bus and view the behind the scenes action in the pit area while the competitors prepare for the racing program. Keep up to date with the latest news with the Bridgeport Bullet, the official program of the Bridgeport Speedway.

The Bridgeport Speedway is committed to maintaining a safe, fun, family atmosphere, creating life-lasting memories.

Upcoming events

Sunday, April 9 - United Racing Club season opener, Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman and Rookies, start time 5pm

Saturday, April 15 - 2017 Season Opener, Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks and Rookies, 6pm start - 1st night of points

Sunday, April 23 - South Jersey Shootout, Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks - 5pm start