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Bridgeport Speedway Quick Results

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1 – Rick Laubach, 2 – Ryan Watt, 3 - Neal Williams, 4 – Jamie Mills, 5 – Brett Kressley, 6 – Dominick Buffalino, 7 – Wade Hendrickson, 8 – Jim Britt, 9 – Jimmy Horton, 10 – Jesse Hill, 11 – Mike Barone, 12 – Tommy Beamer, 13 – Pete Visconti, 14 – Rusty Smith, 15 – Ron Roberts, 16 – Bob Sarkisian, 17 – Dave Shirk, 18 – Ricky Dieva, 19 – Richie Pratt Jr, 20 – Sammy Martz, 21 – Billy Pauch, 22 – Jack Swain, 23 – Mike Franz, 24 – David Hunt


1 – Tom Wills Jr, 2 – Jeramy Doerr, 3 – Brian Ludwig, 4 – Jeff Dirkes, 5 – Ken Moren, 6 – John Parker, 7 – David Kramer, 8 – Andrew Joslin


1 – Matt Stangle, 2 – Brian Papiez, 3 – Dave Damiano, 4 – Travis Hill, 5 – Eric Kormann, 6 – Roger Manning, 7 – Adam Cox, 8 – Clyde Cox, 9 – Jeremy Harrington, 10 – Chris Jenkins, 11 – Steve Kemery, 12 – David Crossman, 13 – Nick Nocotra, 14 – Bobby Bracall, 15 – John Gilroy, 16 – Dave Izzi, 17 – Roger Gaskill, 18 – Matt Peck, 19 – Matt Luzi, 20 – Scott Kohler, 21 – Brad Roberts, 22 – Bill Briggs, 23 – John Scarpati, 24 – Andrew Belmont, 25 – Tommy Beamer, 26 – Tommy Errico

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Bridgeport Speedway








Action returns to the Bridgeport Speedway this weekend as the winged warriors of the United Racing Club return to the 5/8th mile speedway in addition to the Spirit Auto Center Big Block Modifieds, Stewart Stainless Crate Sportsman and DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookies.

URC welcomes title sponsor, Capitol Renegade for the 2017 season. Capitol Renegade – “The Headquarters” for all you Race Transport Needs – is a good match for the traveling sprint car club who is celebrating their 70th Anniversary season as America’s oldest traveling sprint car series. This will be the third consecutive year that URC has opened their season at the Bridgeport Speedway.

2016 URC Champion, Davie Franek picked up his first of seven wins in the Bridgeport opener on his way to his second career URC Championship.

Josh Weller is looking forward to returning to Bridgeport where he picked up one his four wins last season during Bridgeport’s Three for All event during mid-season. Weller returned to the cockpit of his family owned equipment in 2016 and had a momentous season. Weller is hoping to carry that momentum into the new season.

With nine URC titles to his credit, Curt Michael is looking forward to the season opener. Michael picked up a Brideport win last year during URC’s Big Track Classic weekend, winning the Friday night event while Lucas Wolfe earned his win on the next night. Bridgeport is special to Michael who won the 2015 season opener to celebrate his 50th win in URC competition.

There will be one URC competitor who will be very familiar to Bridgeport Speedway fans as Kris Lilick has made the switch from Crate/Sportsman competition to sprint cars for the 2017 season. Lilick tried his hand in a second Haggenbottom No. 24 during the Big Track Classic weekend and will race full time with URC this season.

Stewart Friesen was the feature winner of the only Big Block Modified race so far this season after capturing the win in the 60 Over Special/Doug Hoffman Memorial, taking the lead from Jeff Strunk in the final laps of the forty-four lap event. Strunk will be in the field Sunday, looking for his first ever Bridgeport Big Block Modified feature win but he has his work cut out for him.

Two time Bridgeport Big Block Champion, Ryan Watt had his Roberts Racing No. 14w in mid-season form during the opener but his efforts were derailed twice by flat tires. Watt had raced up to third before making his first visit to the pits. After restarting at the rear of the field, Watt had just raced back into the top five when fate struck once again.

Other Bridgeport regulars will be on hand to defend their home turf against the invaders. Sam Martz was one of the three drivers to lead laps in the season opener. Rick Laubach was sidelined with mechanical ills with the Gary & Lori Hermann No. 7 during the opener, after picking up the win in the Small Block Modifed event the night before. Dominick Buffalino made his presence known during the opening weekend and will certainly be looking for his first checkered flag of the season in addition to Neal Williams, Richie Pratt, Jr., Wade Hendrickson, Tommy Beamer, David Hunt, Jamie Mills, Ron Roberts, Jesse Hill and a host of others.

Brian Papiez picked up the Crate/Sportsman win during the 60 Over weekend and will be looking forward to continuing his winning ways. Chris Jenkins had his best ever finish during the 60 Over Weekend. After leading the first half of last week’s race, Jenkins will be looking for that first checkered flag in the races to come. Roger Manning and Kevin Belmont debuted new equipment during the first weekend of the season and will be competing for their share of the purse as will Stephen Kemery, Brad Roberts, Matt Stangle, Billy Briggs, Scott Hulmes and others.

DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookies division is one of the biggest to date. There were three lead changes during their first eight lap feature event, promising a very exciting Rookie season in 2017. Kevin Britt, brother of Modified driver, Jim Britt, picked up the win after Eric Mattson and Tom Errico Jr. both led several laps.

The green flag will wave on the Bridgeport Speedway at 4pm on Sunday with four divisions of racing coming your way. Come early and enjoy the musical entertainment as well as the delectable offerings of the Bridgeport Speedway concession stands. Or take a ride on the Bandit Bus and view the behind the scenes action in the pit area while the competitors prepare for the racing program. Keep up to date with the latest news with the Bridgeport Bullet, the official program of the Bridgeport Speedway.

The Bridgeport Speedway is committed to maintaining a safe, fun, family atmosphere, creating life-lasting memories.

Upcoming events

Sunday, April 9 - United Racing Club season opener, Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman and Rookies, start time 5pm

Saturday, April 15 - 2017 Season Opener, Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks and Rookies, 6pm start - 1st night of points

Sunday, April 23 - South Jersey Shootout, Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks - 5pm start

Bridgeport Speedway








The Bridgeport Speedway presented the fifth annual 60 Over Special/Doug Hoffman Memorial and the first hand of the 811 Dig Safely 2017 Poker Series that saw Stewart Friesen, Brian Papiez and Jon Meyer pick up an Ace for their Poker hands in addition to their wins in their respected divisions.

Rain fell after the heat races and Penn Co Tech Outlaw Stock feature had been run. After several showers passed through the area, the track crew - led by Keith Hoffman - went to work and restored the racing surface so that the event could be completed.

"I've always wanted to win one of these races (Hoffman Memorials)", Friesen stated following his win in the Spirit Auto Center Big Block fofty-four lap main event. "Doug was a friend of my family's - my uncle and grandfather so this means a lot," Friesen continued. Friesen led only the final two laps but it was the all that was needed to capture the prestigious win.

Fourteen drivers participated in the revenge redraw to determine the race's starting line-up - the top four qualifiers in each of the three qualifying heats and Friesen and Jamie Mills who set fast times in their timed hot lap sessions during Friday night's event. It was Ryan Watt who drew the pole but he then passed his draw on to Sam Martz. Friesen drew the third spot but passed that spot onto Jeff Strunk. Watt started tenth and Friesen started fourteenth.

Martz took command at the wave of Kenny Golden Jr.'s green flag with Strunk and outside polesitter, Billy Pauch Sr. trailing. Jamie Mills, Duane Howard and Ryan Watt made their way past by Pauch on lap three. Pauch slowed and headed to the pits on the next lap.

Strunk was closing on the leader before the first caution waved for Mills who came to a stop in turn four with mechanical woes. Strunk pulled ahead of Martz on the restart to become the new race leader on lap fourteen. At half way, Strunk led Friesen, Howard, Martz and Billy Pauch, Jr.

Strunk was able to pull away from the field and appeared to be on his way to his first ever Big Block Modified win at the Bridgeport Speedway. With less than ten laps to go, Strunk visibly slowed, allowing Friesen to close in. Strunk's All Fab sponsored, Hyneman owned No. 126 had a different sound to it as Friesen pressured Strunk for the lead. Friesen was able to run the inside into the corners and pull along side of Strunk who was then able to power off the outside to maintain his advantage.

Strunk and Friesen raced side by side to complete lap forty-two with Strunk pulling ahead off turn two before the final caution flag waved. Strunk went to the restart as the leader but Friesen had the advantage when the pair exited off of turn two. Friesen led the way to the checkered as Strunk was able to hold off Howard to finish second. Pauch Jr. finished fourth with Neal Williams rounding out the top five.

Brian Papiez started eighth in the Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman feature event and raced by race leader, Chris Jenkins to take the half way sign at the front of the field. Papiez then drove away from the competition to capture his second Bridgeport feature win of his young career. "I plan to run the Poker Series so it was great to come away with an Ace right away," the race winner stated. Jordan Henn passed Jenkins for second in the closing laps. Jenkins picked up his best ever finish in third with Jeremy Harrington and Frank Dorry completing the top five at the line.

Jon Meyer closed out the 2016 season with a third and then second place finish in PennCo Tech Outlaw Stock competition for his best finishes to date. He opened the new season with a win after Jeramy Doerr, who took the checkered flag, failed to pass post race tech. The win gave Meyer an Ace to start out the 811 Dig Safely Poker Series. Tom Wills, Jr. finished second followed by Brian Ludwig, Vern McLaughlin and Jeff Dirkes.

It was a full day of fast paced racing that paid tribute to past champion and promoter, Doug Hoffman.

The Bridgeport Speedway will run a practice session on Saturday on both the Spirit Auto Center quarter mile and 5/8th mile tracks. Practice is open to all divisions and will get underway at noon.

60 Over/Doug Hoffman Memorial Results

Hand #1 of the 811 Dig Safely Poker Series

SPIRIT AUTO CENTER BIG BLOCK MODIFIED FEATURE (44 laps): 1. Stewart Friesen, 2. Jeff Strunk, 3. Duane Howard, 4. Billy Pauch, Jr., 5. Neal Williams, 6. David Hunt, 7. Jordan Watson, 8. Jimmy Horton, 9. David Van Horn, 10. Frank Cozze, 11. Ryan Watt, 12. Travis Hill, 13. Danny Johnson, 14. PJ Oliver, 15. Sammy Martz, 16. Dominick Buffalino, 17. Wade Hendrickson, 18. Ryan Godown, 19. Jamie Mills, 20. Tommy Beamer, 21. Bob Sarkisian, 22. Richie Pratt, Jr., 23. Billy Pauch, Sr., 24. Jesse Hill, DNQ – Ryan Anderson, 2. Ron Roberts, 3. Jim Britt, 4. Mike Franz, Shawn Ward, Rick Laubach, Brett Kressley

STEWART STAINLESS CRATE/SPORTSMAN FEATURE (20 laps): 1. Brian Papiez, 2. Jordan Henn, 3. Chris Jenkins, 4. Jeremy Harrington, 5. Frank Dorry, 6. Craig Whitmoyer, 7. Roger Manning, 8. Matt Stangle, 9. Jesse Landis, 10. John Aumick, 11. Cale Ross, 12. Steve Kemery, 13. Jeremy Martino, 14. Adam Cox, 15. Clyde Cox, 16. Joe Nappi, 17. Bill Briggs, 18. Matthew Peck, 19. Bobby Bracall, 20. John Gilroy, 21. Jim Gallagher, Sr., 22. Brad Roberts, 23. Scott Hulmes, 24. Kevin Belmont, DNQ – Roger Gaskill, Andrew Belmont, Jim Cheeeman, Brett Belmont, Scott Kohler, Pete Serra, Pat Wall

PENNCO TECH OUTLAW STOCK FEATURE (15 laps): 1. John Meyer, 2. Tom Wills, Jr. 3. Brian Ludwig, 4. Vern McLaughlin, 5. Jeff Dirkes, 6. Billy Wroble, 7. Gary Klimesczek, 8. Andrew Joslin, DQ – Jeramy Doerr DNS – Ron Frees, John Parker

Upcoming events

Saturday, April 1 - Open practice on both 5/8 and quarter mile track, 2nd DA's Auto Body & Repair Rookie event, starts at noon

Sunday, April 9 - United Racing Club season opener, Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman and Rookies, start time 4pm

Saturday, April 15 - 2017 Season Opener, Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks and Rookies, 6pm start - 1st night of points

Sunday, April 23 - South Jersey Shootout, Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks - 5pm start

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Plenty of Talent Headed to Bridgeport this Friday & Saturday

This weekend is shaping up to be a one to remember for all those who will be attending Bridgeport Speedway. For the fifth consecutive year Bridgeport and their staff will be honoring the late Doug Hoffman and just what he meant to the track and racing in general. However, for the first time in it's history, the '60over Special' event will now be a two day racing affair. Everything kicks off on Friday, March 24 with 358 small blocks headlining the program. The D.A.'s Auto Body Rookies will be competing in their first race of the season and the Big Blocks, Crate/Sportsman, and the Outlaw Stocks will be hot lapping throughout the night trying to lock into Saturday's feature events. Then on Saturday, Hand one of this year's Poker Series will take place with the Big Blocks fighting for a $4,400 first place prize in their 44-lap race, while the Crate/Sportsman duke it out for $1,000 in their 25-lap tussle, and the Outlaw Stocks battle it out for $500 in a 15-lap event. Live music, Bandit Bus rides, Moon Bounce, Frisbee Redraw Giveaway, Doug Hoffman model car raffles, and most of all great side by side racing is what's in store for everyone this weekend at Bridgeport.

Many of the Northeast's top name drivers have been reaching out to the track to confirm that they'll be in attendance this coming weekend.

Current Camping World Nascar Truck driver Stewart Friesen will be making the tow to South Jersey as he will be doing double duty in his Halmar International No. 44.

Joining Friesen, is fellow NY chauffer Danny Johnson. The 'Doctor' loves making house calls to Bridgeport's 5/8 mile facility.

The track's all-time feature winner Jimmy Horton, who's coming off a huge win down at Georgetown, will be returning to his old stomping grounds this weekend as well.

Duane Howard, last year's Colonial Pipeline/811 Dig Safely Poker Series Champion, will be looking to pull out another 'Ace' from his sleeve on opening day. Howard will be behind the wheel of Norm Hansell's No. 357 on both nights.

Jeff Strunk will be piloting the well-known Hynemann No. 126 that has driven to so many Bridgeport victories. The Bechtelsville Bullet wants nothing more than to shake that monkey on his back when it comes to the 5/8 mile.

Teenager Ryan Krachun will make his debut behind the of the well-kown Lincoln Auto Body No. 5. Krachun has run well in his few starts at Bridgeport and hopes to represent the once driven Doug Hoffman machine.

David VanHorn is headed to Bridgeport this weekend piloting the Racer's Guide No.323. VanHorn would like to compete for the Poker Series title and Saturday could be a huge step in the right direction.

Ryan Godown will making his assault on Bridgeport in the Atlas Paving/Petruska No. 66 this weekend. Both car owner and driver know how to get it done at the 5/8 mile. This combo could be the team to beat!

Jordan Watson is another driver who has his sight set on being the 811 Dig Safely Poker Series champion in 2017. Watson was strong at Georgetown as he advanced more positions than any other driver.

The 'Cream Ridge Bad Boy' PJ Oliver will be driving an hour south this weekend as he will be mixing it up with the best in the business in his always sharp-looking No. 13xxx

Brett Kressley shocked everyone with his first Big Block victory last season at Bridgeport. After backing it up on several occasions, Kressley is now considered one of the guys to beat at every special event race held at Bridgeport.

Mike White will be trekking north to Bridgeport for the 5th Annual Doug Hoffman Memorial race in his familiar No. 43. The self-owned machine sponsored by Plum Creek Farms & Carey's Towing always knows the quick way around Bridgeport.

Pennsylvania driver Kyle Borror is extremely looking forward to coming back to Bridgeport to compete on Friday night. The Grandview small block driver enters as many Bridgeport shows as his schedule allows every season.

Kevin Sockriter will towing the No. 55 north on Fri day night to compete in the Small Block division. Kevin's been a strong competitor down in his home state of Delaware.

Delaware driver, Shawn Ward is excited about returning to Bridgeport Speedway. Ward likes to run The Port when his schedule allows him to do so. Look for the pristine looking No. 7 this weekend.

John Pakenham who supports the 5/8 when he can will be doing double duty this weekend. "The Puma" will be piloting his self-owned No. 18 Big and Small Block.

Billy Pauch Jr will be steering the Danny's Pizza Pizzazz No. 51 on both Friday and Saturday. Junior has more shows at Bridgeport scheduled in 2017 than any other year prior.

Danny Bouc informed Bridgeport that he'll be in the house this weekend. Friday for certain and possibly for Saturday. Bouc loves going fast and Bridgeport is the place he makes that happen!

Frank Cozze has indicated that he'll be doing double duty the entire weekend. Cozze will bring his new No.401 to South Jersey, as he races in the Doug Hoffman Memorial.

Justin Grim will be making a rare appearance at Bridgeport this weekend. The Grandview/Big Diamond driver is eager to get the season going.

There will probably be a few more drivers on the 'Invader List' but these are the ones that have informed us that they'll be competing.

Now if those driver's aren't enough to get the blood pumping what about all the Bridgeport Hot Shoes that will be in the house each and every week throughout the 2017 season.

2013 & 2016 Big Block track champion Ryan Watt will be doing double duty with his Big & Small Blocks at Bridgeport. Watt always puts on a show for the fans each week with his routine charges to the front of the pack.

Rick Laubach will be steering the Ryan Kerr-owned No. 1K and the Gary & Lori Hermann-owned No. 7 this weekend. The 2012 track champion is ready for another stellar year at the 5/8 mile in 2017

Sam Martz has been a fine addition to the weekly field since joining the Bridgeport Family in 2013. Martz is the defending Friends of Mike winner and finished 3rd in points last season.

Wade Hendrickson and the Craig & Leslie Pondish-owned No. 6 will be a threat as always. The 'Flying Farmer' showed the invaders the quick way around Bridgeport in last year's South Jersey Shootout by winning one for the home team.

Billy Pauch Sr has went on record stating that he'll call Bridgeport his home for the 2017 season. 'The Kid' sits 3rd on the all-time win list while also owning 3 track championships. Pauch fans are pumped for the new season!

Richie Pratt felt rejuvenated after last year's Wildcard Weekend performance. Pratt will be doing double duty in his familiar family-owned No. 28 cars this weekend. 'Last Lap' Pratt will be seeking revenge for a subpar 2016 season.

Neal Williams reunited with long-time car owner and friend Sal Debruno last season. 'The Wheel' got stronger and stronger as the season progressed. The Overhead Door car will have a brand new look to it for the '17 campaign.

Jamie Mills was sidelined for three months in 2016 after a wicked accident at Bridgeport. However, very little stops 'Jammin' Jamie from rebounding strongly. Look for the Blue Hen Racing No. 30 to be up front come Saturday while Mills gets back to his '15 championship form.

Dominick Buffalino will be returning back to Bridgeport in 2017 with high hopes. The second-generation driver is the defending winner of this race and expects no less than to be standing in victory lane once again in his No. 51M

David Hunt might just be the 'dark horse' of all the drivers this weekend. Another fine addition to Bridgeport since 2013, Hunt is always fast and has collected 5 wins in a short period of time being a regular at the 5/8.

Tommy Beamer has been known to put on some of the most exciting racing of any driver at Bridgeport in the Big Block division. The Don Thornton-owned No. 31 car drives in harder and higher than anyone on the 5/8.

Jesse Hill will be competing both days in the 358s and the Big Blocks with his familiar No. 99. 'The Thrill' had a top 5 run going in the Doug Hoffman event last season until the final turn. Hill will be looking for redemption on Saturday.

Where there's one Hill-Boy there's another. Jesse's brother and former Crate/Sportsman champion Travis Hill will be driving the Joel Boinske No. 19 on in Saturday's Big Block action. Travis is also a multi-winner in the 600 micro class.

CJ Jones is coming off of a phenomenal Big Block rookie season. Jones captured the '16 'Star of Tomorrow' award while driving to 2 victories last season. Jones looks to get back to his winning ways this season.

Jim Britt also had a great rookie season in 2016. Britt won in dramatic fashion last year over Duane Howard and finished 7th in the overall point standings. With a new paint scheme and some new equipment, Britt looks to top last year's efforts.

Third-generation driver Clay Butler will be calling Bridgeport his home track in the 2017 season. Butler will be piloting the Cray Motorsports No. 4B this year with a small block and big block as part of his arsenal.

Ryan Anderson...he's another 'dark horse'. Anderson is always fast at the 5/8 complex and he's had some great finishes to prove it. Anderson will be driving his own No. 27 for most of the shows at Bridgeport this year.

Mike Barone has been eagerly awaiting for the season to start in his No. 267. Barone was sat out most of last year regrouping for 2017. Barone has high hopes this season and will look to start that ball rolling on Saturday.

Mike Franz has been a loyal supporter of Bridgeport for many many years. Franz will be chauffeuring his own No. 28z all year long at the Port.

Ernie Miles III got his feet wet last year in the Big Block division. The former micro sprint driver moved into the Crate/Sportsman class two years ago and has now joined the talents of all the modifieds in 2017.

Ron Roberts will once again be turning left and going fast on the 5/8 mile. Roberts and his familiar No. Z14 have what it takes to pull off the upset this weekend. Let's see if the crafty veteran can get it done!

Dave Shirk will be calling Bridgeport his Saturday night home once again and looks to get everything going in the right direction this coming weekend. Dave and his crew are looking to turn some heads all year long.

Rusty Smith should be doing double duty this weekend with his small and big block chars. The 2013 Poker Series champion is looking to get back in the mix this year after racing on and off again the past two seasons.

Bob Sarkisian will be steering his always well-maintained No. 47 Big Block on Saturday. Sarkisian won a couple of features in the past few seasons on both the 5/8 and the 1/4 mile. Bob is yet another 'dark horse' to win.

We can't forget about a few more of Bridgeport's finest. Scottie Ambruster, Pete Visconti, Ricky DiEva, Tom Maccherone, Jack Swain, and Bucky Kell are a few guys that you'll on Saturday night's but probably won't be ready in time for this weekend.

The Crate/Sportsman division will be full of talent as well on Saturday. Outsiders who plan on stealing one away from the home team include Jason Rush, Pat Wall, Frank Dorry, Jeremy Martino, Craig Whitmoyer, Brian Hitz, Brian Papiez, Jordan Henn, and many more. Some of the guys who will look to defend the home turf are Brad Roberts, Matt Stangle, Matt Peck, David Crossman, Dave Damiano, Roger Manning, Chris Jenkins, Adam & Clyde Cox, Stephen Kemery, Eric Kormann, Jeremy Harrington, Scott Hulmes, Billy Briggs, Kevin Belmont, Tom Sherby, Jeff Bubori, Chuck Sayres, Pete Serra, Bobby Bracall, Melissa Scarpati and a bunch more!

The Pennco Tech Outlaw Stocks, who always put on an awesome show for the fans will have Bridgeport's stars and cars as well as some 'invaders' this weekend. Ron Frees, Billy Wroble, Vern McLaughlin, and John Meyer are a few drivers looking to take down the regulars like TJ Henry, Tom Wills Jr., Brian Ludwig, Gary Klimeczak, Spider Ensinger, Jeff Dirkes, Jeramy Doerr, and Mike Creamer.

We'll see everyone this weekend as the weather looks to be almost perfect for this time of the year!
Friday Pits open 3pm - Stands 6pm - Racing 7:30pm
Saturday Pits open Noon - Stands 2pm - Racing 4pm

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Bridgeport Speedway

In just a few short weeks, the Bridgeport Speedway will honor one of its own when the Fifth Annual 60 Over Special | Doug Hoffman Memorial Weekend opens the 2017 season on the 5/8th mile speedway.

Many credit Doug Hoffman for the resurgence of the Bridgeport Speedway.

The four time track champion took over the reins for the 2012 speedway. After meeting with track owner, Brian Ramey, it was clear that Doug Hoffman was the man for the task at hand.

The Big Block Modifieds had been removed from the Saturday night schedule as a last ditch effort on the part of Jay James who had tried just about everything to be successful at the Logan Township race track. James decided to leave the speedway at the end of the 2011 season, leaving the future of the Bridgeport Speedway as a big question mark as the New Year approached.

Ramey met with several interested parties but it was clear that Hoffman was the right man for the job. “I didn’t know Doug well,” Ramey explained. “Doug approached us to discuss the possibility of him taking the reins for the 2012 season. We had several people pursuing the opportunity but none of them had the insight that Doug had. There was no doubt that he (Hoffman) was the best fit since his heart was in Big Blocks and that is what Bridgeport was designed and built for.”

Hoffman first met with fans and competitors at the Motorsports Show in Oaks, PA in January. It was a very optimistic and enthusiastic Hoffman that met with the press on Friday night of Motorsports. He outlined some of his plans for the coming season – the return of the Big Block Modifieds, the introduction of the Poker Series, his plans to make the speedway racier as well as several promotions that were directed for the benefit of the fans at the front gate.

“When people say that Bridgeport is too fast, what they really mean is that there is too much traction,” Hoffman explained. “We have to produce good racing. We need a slick surface from top to bottom. It can’t take down rubber. It can’t be a one lane track.” Hoffman talked about how drivers like Tobias, Brightbill, Horton, Pauch and himself as well, traveled to other tracks and won big races, making people sit up and take notice of the drivers who regularly competed at the Bridgeport Speedway. “It needs to be cool as hell to win at Bridgeport,” Hoffman told the crowd. He compared it to his induction into the DIRT Hall of Fame in 2011. “That was freakin’ neat – that’s the feeling we need to create at Bridgeport.”

Afraid that he wasn’t able to meet with everyone during the trade show, Hoffman set up all day meetings the following Saturday at the local Holiday Inn.

As the end of the 2012 season approached, Hoffman could take great pride in what he had accomplished. Nearly fifty Big Blocks were on hand for the season opener that year – a Race of Champions on Dirt event. The Poker Series was a huge success when introduced to the fans at Bridgeport. Hoffman combined efforts with 410 Sprint Car owner, Mike Heffner, to bring the 410s to the Bridgeport Speedway. He brought the racers to the fans by having the starting line-up stage behind the grandstands, giving the fans a very up close and personal look at the competition. And he continued a Bridgeport tradition of bringing the top five finishers behind the grandstand after each feature event – a tradition that Hoffman, himself was not a fan of when he competed at Bridgeport. “I got a lot of heat for that and I deserved it,” Hoffman said of his lack of cooperation as a driver. “Everybody makes mistakes and I made one with the fans at Bridgeport when I raced there.” As a promoter, Hoffman saw the other side of the story.

When Hoffman criticized the track preparation during the season, he was told to do it himself – so he did. If a job needed to be done – cut the grass, pick up trash, talk to a competitor – whatever it was, Hoffman did whatever was needed.

Looking back on the 2012 season, Hoffman said, “The track has raced another year and it didn’t fold on our watch.” “We’ve had good racing. I think we put to bed the rumor that you can’t have good racing on a big track.” Four drivers captured their career first wins that season in Big Block Modified competition – Mike Barone, Eric Kormann, Jesse Hill (with a Small Block) and Stan Frankenfield, Jr.

With ninety-two Bridgeport feature wins and four track championships, Doug Hoffman knew what needed to be done. While he only had one season as the track’s promoter, there is little doubt that he laid the foundation for what the Ramey family, Keith Hoffman, Dave Adams and Danny Serrano have continued for the last four seasons.

The Bridgeport Speedway will open the gates on the 2017 season with the running of the fifth annual 60 Over Special | Doug Hoffman Memorial Weekend on March 24th and 25th. While it is the fifth year of the race honoring the former track champion and promoter, this will be the first time that the event will be run as a two day event.

Friday night action will see the return of the 358 Small Block Modifieds for a twenty-five lap, $2500 to win main event. It will be the first race of the season for the DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookies on the 5/8th mile track. All divisions will have the opportunity to participate in the open practice sessions on Friday night so that they can prepare for Saturday’s racing action. Pit gates will open at 3pm with grandstand access at 6pm. Racing will get underway at 7:30pm.

On Saturday night, the Spirit Auto Center Big Block Modifieds will compete in qualifying events for a forty-four lap feature event with $4,400 going to the winner. The Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman and PennCo Tech Outlaw Stocks will run qualifying events and features as well. Saturday’s race card will be the first hand of the 811 Dig Safely/Colonial Pipeline 2017 Poker Series. Pits will open at noon, grandstands at 2pm and racing will get underway at 4pm. (There is a rain date set for Sunday, March 26th should it be needed.)

The Bridgeport Speedway is committed to maintaining a safe, fun, family atmosphere, creating life-lasting memories of excitement.

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Bill Thomas Memorial

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Bill Thomas Memorial


Spirit Auto Center Speedway is preparing to wave the checkered flag on the 2016 season with a big three day weekend show - the 6th Annual Bill Thomas Memorial

Bill Thomas was instrumental in the building of the small car divisions on the Bridgeport quarter mile before his untimely death. The Speedway and the Thomas family continue to honor Thomas' memory with the running of this annual event.

Action gets underway on the quarter mile track on Friday evening with qualifying action for the winged 270s and wingless 600s. Both divisions will run qualifying races and then compete in twenty lap feature events that will lock both winners into their big races later in the weekend - the 270s on Saturday and the 600s on Sunday. The Four Cylinder Enduro cars will run their final race of the season on Friday night as well. Practice sessions will be offered for the Winged 600s and Slingshots with the fast time from each division being locked in to their main event on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Gates open at 5pm with racing getting underway at 8pm on Friday.

Saturday's action will highlight the winged divisions - the 270s and 600s. After completing the starting line-up with qualifying races, the 270 Micros will race in a thirty lap feature event with $1,000 going to the winner. The Winged 600s will compete in a forty lap main event with $1,500 as the top prize. (Both payouts are dependent upon a minimum 24 four car field.) The Xcel 600 Modifieds will complete the Saturday race card. The wingless 270s will have practice session at the conclusion of the day's racing. Gates open at 2:00 with racing to begin at 6:00.

It's Wingless Sunday as the 270s and the 600s are featured in the final day of the trifecta. After the field is determined through qualifying races, Wingless 600s doing battle in a forty lap main event with the winner's share posted at $1,500. $500 awaits the winner of the Wingless 270 main event at the end of twenty-five laps. The Slingshots will take to the quarter mile for the forty lap King of the Sling with a $1,000 payday for the race winner. (Both payouts are dependent upon a minimum 24 car field.) The Eight Cylinder Enduros will complete the weekend's action with a thirty lap main event.

This event is sure to attract the best of the best - including Spirit Auto Center 2016 Champions - Tyler Reinhardt and Jon Keller. It was Reinhardt's four consecutive Championship in the 270 division on the former Bridgeport quarter mile. While Keller earned the season title in the 600s, it was invader, Tommy Kunsman who won three races in a row to capture the Poker Series title in the same division. With three wins and a pair of runner-up finishes, Pat Bealer claimed the Poker Series title in the 270s. Chris Kurtz will be in the field for the King of the Sling after collecting four wins and the Poker Series Championship.

Camping will be available on the speedway grounds beginning on Thursday evening. No electric or hook-ups.

The action will be at Spirit Auto Center Speedway this weekend. Will you?

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Bridgeport Speedway








Swedesboro, NJ September 24, 2016 - During his forty plus year career, Billy Pauch has earned many titles. King of the Big Blocks can now be added!

Billy Pauch raced to the win in the first King of the Big Blocks event at the Bridgeport Speedway in front of a huge crowd of racing fans, many of whom were seeing their first race on the 5/8th mile speedway. The King of the Big Blocks is sponsored by K&A Excavating and United Rentals.

Pauch's performance was flawless, starting out with a win in his qualifying event, drawing the pole for the fifty lap feature and then leading from the green to the checkered flag and the $12,000 pay check. Pauch spends most of his Saturday nights racing Small Block Modifieds but the accomplished veteran proved that he's got what it takes regardless of the division that he's racing. "I hope I can do this a few more times before I give it up," Pauch said following the victory.

Pauch took over sole possession of third on Bridgeport's All Time Feature win list as his win in the King of the Big Blocks moved Pauch's total to fifty-nine - just one win ahead of Wade Hendrickson. Pauch first won on the 5/8th mile Bridgeport Speedway in March of 1987.

Pauch held off challenges from 2015 Bridgeport Champion, Jamie Mills to capture the prestigious win. Mills finished second with his Blue Hen No. 30. Dominick Buffalino, the winner of the 2016 season opener, finished third in the Pat Michael No. 51m while former multi-time track champion, Duane Howard finished fourth in a new Norm Hansell owned No. 357. Young Brett Kressley finished fifth after running as high as third in his Kressley Truck Sales No. 19B.

Ryan Godown, Billy Pauch, Jr. and Neal Williams followed the top five across the finish line. Sam Martz and 2016 Bridgeport Champion, Ryan Watt made tremendous comebacks to finish in the top ten after both were involved in early race incidents. Watt was forced to pit on two separate occasions to replace broken shocks.

The Stewart Stainless Crate Sportsman and PennCo Tech Outlaw Stocks joined the Big Block Modifieds on the King of the Big Blocks racing card.

The number to be was 99 in the Crate/Sportsman action as Craig Whitmoyer raced ahead of Brian Papiez to capture the feature win at the end of twenty laps. Whitmoyer last won at Bridgeport in during the 2012 season while Papiez was a feature winner earlier this season..

Eric Kormann finished third with pressure from Brandon Grasso who finished fourth. Ryan Lilick finished fifth, coming all the way from a twenty-third starting position to finish in the top five.

Tom Wills, Jr. picked up his second win of the 2016 season in the Outlaws Stock feature. After running fourteen consecutive green flag laps, there were two cautions before the final lap could be scored.

Wills raced ahead of Ken Watson, Jr. for the win after former track champion, Pat Conaway spun on the final circuit. Spider Ensinger picked up another solid finish to take third over Mike Creamer and Brian Ludwig.

The Bridgeport Speedway will present the bonus hand of the 811 Dig Safely 2016 Poker Series this coming Saturday, October 1st. The Spirit Auto Center Big Blocks, Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman and PennCo Tech Outlaw Stocks will compete in the tripleheader show to be followed by Powder Puff competition on the quarter mile. Drivers have the opportunity to better their poker hands during this event. Racing gets underway at 6pm.

1 – Billy Pauch, 2 – Jamie Mills, 3 – Dominick Buffalino, 4 – Duane Howard, 5 – Brett Kressley, 6 – Ryan Godown, 7 – Billy Pauch Jr, 8 – Neal Williams, 9 – Sam Martz, 10 – Ryan Watt, 11 – Craig VonDohren, 12 – Tyler Dippel, 13 – Ryan Anderson, 14 – Tommy Beamer, 15 – Mike Iles, 16 – Richie Pratt Jr, 17 – Jimmy Horton, 18 – Travis Hill, 19 – CJ Jones, 20 – Wade Hendrickson, 21 – Billy VanInwegen, 22 – Bobby Drayton, 23 – Rick Laubach, 24 – Dave Shirk, 25 – Jeff Strunk, 26 – Rocco Infante, 27 – Danny Bouc

1 – Craig Whitmoyer, 2 – Brian Papiez, 3 – Eric Kormann, 4 – Brandon Grosso, 5 – Ryan Lilick, 6 – Dave Damiano, 7 – Brad Arnold, 8 – Clyde Cox, 9 – John Micek, 10 – Jordan Henn, 11 – Kyle Lilick, 12 – Dakota Kessler, 13 – John McGovern, 14 – Roger Manning, 15 – Chuck Potts, 16 – Scott Hulmes, 17 – Tom Sherby, 18 – Brian Hitz, 19 – Devin Dodson, 20 – JR Burritt, 21 – Matt Stangle, 22 – Steve Searock, 23 – Adam Cox, 24 – Steve Desmylek

1 – Tom Wills Jr, 2 – Ken Watson Jr, 3 – Spider Ensinger, 4 – Mike Creamer, 5 – Brian Ludwig, 6 – Tom Princiotta, 7 – Art Avery, 8 – John Parker, 9 – Fred Tomarchio, 10 – Rich Stinson, 11 – Pat Conaway, 12 – Joe Meron, 13 – Tom Wills Sr., 14 – Roy Combs

Upcoming events

Saturday, October 1 - Poker Series Bonus Hand - Big Block Modifies, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks & Powder Puff Races on the 1/4 mile, racing at 6pm

Saturday & Sunday, October 15 & 16 - Misfits 4x4 Fall Down & Dirty Weekend plus Demo Derby, 7pm Saturday

Saturday & Sunday, November 4 & 5 - URC/360 Sprints Big Track Classic plus Crate/Sportsman Showdown

Friday, November 11 - Wild Card Weekend - 358 Small Blocks, TSRS Sprint Cars, Outlaw Stocks plus practice for Saturday

Saturday, November 12 - Gone But Not Forgotten - 811 Dig Safely Poker Series Hand #5 - Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks

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