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On a night with a full schedule of action, two drivers won for the first time this season while two other drivers scored their second win of the season. Matt Smith scored the victory in the wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature while Colin Bustard scored his first win of the season in the 270cc Micro Sprint feature. The 2015 ServPro Four Cylinder champion, Chris Sammons won for the second time this season. Mike Haggenbottom, the consecutive four-time champion of the TSRS 305 Sprints won his second Friday night feature on the 5/8th mile.

In the Hilborn TSRS 305 Sprint feature, Haggenbottom started seventh after a three pill was drawn for the invert. Randy Wilbert and Ryan Stillwaggon battled for the lead on the opening lap with Wilbert gaining the advantage by the end of the first lap. Wilbert began to pull away from the rest of the field but by lap five Stillwaggon began to close the gap. Jeff Geiges slowed and pulled onto the 1/4 mile to bring out the first caution on lap eight. On the restart, Stillwaggon overtook Wilbert for the lead. The racing action was halted on the twelfth lap for a duel flip in the first turn by John Burnett and Zack Burd. Both drivers were uninjured. When racing resumed, Stillwaggon led Haggenbottom and Wilbert back to the green flap. Haggenbottom dogged Stillwaggon until moving to the high groove to complete the pass for the lead on lap 14. Haggenbottom recorded his second Friday night win. Kyle Purks finished second with Rick Stief gaining third on the last lap. Stillwaggon faded to fourth in the closing laps with Tim Tanner, Jr. finishing fifth.

Smith led the entire distance to record his first win of the season and second of his career at Spirit Auto Center Speedway. Nick Havens and Rich Mellor traded second back and forth until Mellor took the position for good at the thirteenth lap. Jermain Godshall took third from Haven with one lap remaining with Havens finishing fourth. Bill Thomas took fifth with one lap remaining to finish fifth.

Luke Fogg led the opening laps of the 270cc Micro Sprint feature until Lee Reinhardt took command on lap six. Reinhardt continued to lead as Bustard steadily moved from his sixth starting position to the runner-up spot. On a restart on lap 11, Reinhardt restarted the race but quickly slowed and headed to the pits. Bustard inherited the lead and then held off current point leader, Tyler Reinhardt for the win. Joe Bednarek, Ryan Wozunk and Fogg completed the top five.

Rick Burnham, making his first start of the season in the ServPro Four Cylinders, led the opening lap of the feature. Sammons passed Burnham for the lead on lap two and began to pull away from the field. Current point leader, John Webster moved into second on the fifth lap and chased Sammons for the rest of the event. At the checkered Sammons recorded his second win of the season followed by Webster, Joe Garey, Burnham and Todd Francis.

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HILBORN TSRS 305 SPRINTS (20 laps on 5/8th MILE) 1. Mike Haggenbottom, 2. Kyle Purks, 3. Rick Stief, 4. Ryan Stillwaggon, 5. Tim Tanner, Jr., 6.Samantha Lieberman, 7. Randy Wilbert, 8. Brendon Poff, 9. Joe Lord, 10. Joe Kay, 11. John Burnett, 12. Logan Diehl, 13. Zach Burd, 14. David Bonner, 15. Jeff Geiges

WINGLESS 600CC MICRO SPRINTS (20 laps): 1. Matt Smith, 2. Rich Mellor, 3. Jermain Godshall, 4. Nick Havens, 5. Bill Thomas, 6. Wayne Scott, 7. Jon Keller, 8. Steve Bracall, 9. Travis Hill, 10. Ed Barber III, 11. Dave Damaio, 12. Mike Fillbrunn, 13. Charlie Cobourn, 14. Chad Conner, 15. Gary Forsythe, 16. Mike Linderman, 17. Jim Tippin, 18. Ernie Miles, Jr., 19. Tony Hodgson, 20. Rich Afflerbach

270CC MICRO SPRINTS (20 laps): 1. Colin Bustard, 2. Tyler Reinhardt, 3. Joe Bednarek, 4. Ryan Wozunk, 5. Luke Fogg, 6. Gary Waegel, 7. Rich Keller, 8. Sean Huesser, 9. John Blanda, 10. Steve Coslop, 11. Brandon Pavel, 12. Lee Reinhardt, 13. Billy Gray, 14. John Wagner, Jr., DNS - Ross Holler

SERVPRO FOUR CYLINDERS ENDURO (15 laps): 1. Chris Sammons, 2. John Webster, 3. Joe Garey, 4. Rich Burnham, 5. Todd Francis, 6. Art Knapp, DNS – Scott Miller

Upcoming Events

Friday, August 12, 2016 – No racing

Sunday, August 14, 2016 – POKER SERIES #5 – 270 & 600 Micros, Slingshots, Xcel 600 Modifieds, racing at 6pm

Friday, August 19, 2016 – 270 & 600 Micros, 4 Cyl & 8 Cyl Enduros, racing at 8pm

Friday, August 26, 2016 – OPEN MODIFIEDS – 270 & 600 Micros & 4 Cylinder Enduros

Friday, September 2, 2016 – 270 & 600 Micros, 4 Cylinder Enduros & Slingshots

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