Hamlin, PA -Storms Stop Hamlin Speedway After Six Features Are Completed
By: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media

Promoters Randy and Denise Smith put forth a valiant effort on Saturday to try get their tenth show of the season in the history books. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had her own agenda as heavy rains pounded the Pocono Mountains and the Hamlin Speedway forcing a shutdown after six features had been completed. The good news was the three postponed features from a week ago were completed along with three events from this evening's race card. The four features that were postponed will be added as time permits in the Hamlin schedule. The Smith Family would like to thank the loyal fans who came out to the speedway for the racing action and the race teams, especially the Chad Wheeler Excavating 600 Sprint teams who helped keep the racing action until safety conditions forced the teams to the pit area. Hamlin Speedway Promoter Randy Smith had the 1/5th mile clay oval in great condition despite the crazy weather that has hit the Pocono area this season.

Make-up features were the first course of action on Saturday night and Jeff Hineline was precise in carving out his first win of the season when he decided to go low when Jasper Ziegafuse went high to lead the last few laps in the held-over Hampton RV & Trailer Sales Stage One Modifed feature run. The Super Slinger feature from a week ago found Greg Zellman with a quick hot rod as he wired the field for his first feature win of the season. In the final make-up event, "Duece" Glenn Macomber was all business as he took the lead at the drop of the green flag and led all of the way to record his fourth win of the 2018 season. In the regularly scheduled events, "The Zack Attack" Zack Bealer was spot on in his Russ Thornton owned racer as wired the field to score his first win of the season in the Chad Wheeler Excavating Wingless 600 Sprint headliner. The JPA Masonry Rookie 600 Sprint division found "The Taylor Tornado" Zack Weisenfluh with the hot hand as he drove away from the field to score his first win in 2018. "The Branchburg Bandit" John Comandini celebrated his return to racing in 2018 with his first win since his return in the Hampton RV & Trailer Sales Stage One Modified nightcap. XCel Chassis Race cars were on hand testing the waters in some exhibition runs as they prepare to tackle the Hamlin Speedway on August 4th with a Tour event.

In the Hampton RV & Trailer Sales Stage One Modified run, "The J-Man" Jasper Ziegafuse took the lead at the drop of the green flag in a car he took over one week ago from John Bachetti Sr. Ziegafuse was quick but Jeff Hineline stayed with him all of the way. Ziegafuse came upon slower cars on lap-14 and decided to take the high side while Hineline quickly drove to the baseline to come out of turn two with the lead. Ziegafuse attempted to take the spot back but Hineline held him off and Ziegafuse now had Joel Smith knocking at his door. Hineline took the win with Ziegafuse in the runner-up role and Smith third. Adam Buchel in fourth and John Comandini completed the top five. Cody Motto, Evan Civick and newcomer Tommy Hildebrandt followed.

The 270 Sprint feature found Glenn Macomber at the drop of the green flag and he would check out on the field early on and would cruise to his fourth victory of the season. Alex Reinsmith would follow in second place with Kyle Ferrucci, Jenna Schostkewitz and newcomer Jacob Eby completing the field.

The Super Slingshot feature event found Greg Zellman with a front row start and he would set a torrid pace through the entire twenty lap event to claim his first win of the season at Hamlin. Dale Kober raced to second with Alan Kober third, Roger Collins fourth, Mark Exeter Fifth and David Guest in sixth.

Zack Weisenfluh put on a great show as he blitzed the speedway with some 12.7 second lap times in the JPA Masonry Rookie 600 Wingless Sprint event. Weisenfluh broke away from the field early and at one time held a near straightaway lead on the field. Coming up on slower traffic by mid-point, Wisenfluh eased his way through the traffic allowing Dennis Chamberlain and Noah Zielinski to close the gap. The race belonged to Weisenfluh as he picked up his first win of the season. Chamberlain, Noah Zielinski, Ryan Lacoe and Cory Zielinski completed the top five. Matt Zielinski, Glenn Macomber, in his first 600 ride, and Carmen Leggio Sr completed the field running at the finish.

Zack Bealer took the lead at the start of the headliner Chad Wheeler Excavating 600 Sprint event. Bealer was able to turn some 12.4 second laps early on but had the returning James Morris and Mick D'Agostino turning times just as quick. A spin by Joseph Smith past the midway point of the event brought the field back together for a restart. On the restart Bealer held tough and was able to hold off a bushel of talent behind him to score his first win of the season. Morris, who was making his first appearance of the season, was second in a great return to Hamlin and D'Agostino was third. Cody Smith and Joel Smith completed the top five. Heading up the second five was Duane White, with Pat Bealer, Tyler Lindsay, Mack Brink and Jason Rochelle following.

John Comandini blasted out of the gate in the second Hampton RV & Trailer Sales Stage One Modified finale. Joel Smith was quick to follow and a couple of laps later Anthony Recchio joined the fierce battle. The three cars moved out into their own zone as they left the field in their wake. Comandini was on the money and try as he may Joel Smith couldn't find the traction to make a move on the New Jersey driver. Comandini would earn his first win of the season with Joel Smith second, Recchio third in a great run, Jasper Ziegafuse fourth and Jeff Hineline completing the top five. Newcomer Jacob Nemeth headed up the second six with Amanda Buchel, Tanner VanDoren, Evan Civick, Joel Price and Tommy Hildebrandt completing the field


The hotly contested evening of racing entertainment began on time and the staff kept moving the program along swiftly and the race teams helped in keeping the speedway race worthy. Kudos to the Smith Family for refusing to yield to the weather that has plagued the number of events completed at the speedway in 2018.

The PA System was in fine working order thanks to some intense work performed by Randy Smith.

The Junior Slingshot heats were won by James Benz and Kasey Hufcut. Ryan Lacoe captured the lone heat win in JPA Masonry Rookie Wingless 600 Sprints. The 600 Sprints ran off two heats with Cody Smith and the returning Billy Koch claiming wins. CJ Fritz and the returning Danny Buccafusca captured heat wins in the All Star Slingshots.

Newcomers and returnees who made their way to the speedway last night included Danny Buccafusca and Mason Pittenger in the All Star Slingshots. Pittenger recently purchased the former John Rooks #28 race car. Amber Baccaglini and RJ Sherman made their first Junior Slingshot starts. James Morris and Macy Litchauer joined the 600 Sprints. Robbie Hocker, Justin Mills, Damon Paul and Joey Amantea all returned to action in the 600 Sprints. Jacob Eby was a newcomer for the 270 Sprints. Tommy Hildebrandt made his debut in of Tom Motto's race cars. Tommy is a fourth generation driver who is following in the footsteps of his great grandfather George Sr, grandson of George Jr and the son of current sportsman driver Kenny. Jacob Nemeth who also steered the second Motto car earlier in the season recently purchased a Stage One Modified of the Vreeland Family and the car is now the Nemeth number 78.

The Excel Modified brought four cars to test and tune for their Tour event on August 4th. Testing were Hunter Diehl and Doug Borger from Kunkletown, Kevin Van Valkenburg from Wayne, New Jersey and Travis Fichter from Lehighton. The cars looked fast and the Tour event should be a event for the speedway.

Current Hamlin driver Mick D'Agostino captured his sixth win of the season on Friday night at the Accord Speedway and is leading in the points battle.


All Star Slingshots: Postponed to a later date

Winged 270cc Sprints: Postponed to a later date

Chad Wheeler Excavating Wingless 600cc Sprints: Zack Bealer, James Morris, Mick D'Agostino, Cody Smith, Joel Smith, Duane White, Pat Bealer, Tyler Lindsay, Mack Brink, Jason Rochelle, Joseph Smith, Macy Litchauer, Joey Amantea, Billy Koch, Hunter Metzger

Hampton RV And Trailer Stage One Modifieds: John Comandini, Joel Smith, Anthony Recchio, Jasper Ziegafuse, Jeff Hineline, Jacob Nemeth, Amanda Buchel, Tanner VanDoren, Evan Civick, Joel Price, Tommy Hildebrandt, Cody Motto, Adam Buchel, John Bachetti Jr

Junior Slingshots: Postpone to a later date

Super Slingshots: Postponed to a later date

JPA Masonry Rookie 600cc Wingless Sprints: Zack Weisenfluh, Dennis Chamberlain, Noah Zielinski, Ryan Lacoe, Cory Zielinski, Matt Zielinski, Glenn Macomber, Carmen Leggio Sr, Dennis Stawinsky, Tony Parlanti


Super Slingers: Greg Zellman, Dale Kober, Alan Kober, Roger Collins, Mark Exeter, David Guest, Paul Ennes (DNS)

270 Sprints: Glenn Macomber, Alex Reinsmith, Kyle Ferrucci, Jenna Schostkewitz, Jacob Eby

Hampton RV & Trailer Stage One Modifieds: Jeff Hineline, Jasper Ziegafuse, Joel Smith, Adam Buchel, John Comandini, Cody Motto, Evan Civick, Tommy Hildebrandt, Amanda Buchel, Tanner VanDoren, Jacob Nemeth, John Bachetti Jr, Anthony REcchio, Joel Price, Mark Corna (DNS)

Racing action returns every Saturday evening from April through September. The next event on the Hamlin Speedway schedule is set for July 28th when all Divisions will be in action on the 1/5th mile clay cushioned oval. The event will also mark the second appearance of the NASCAR Crew Challenge when the crewmen have the opportunity to buckle in to a race car and go for the bragging rights in the NASCAR Garage. Great racing, great food and lots of fun.

Make sure to check the Hamlin Speedway website or Facebook page for any additional information. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 3 PM; Drivers Meeting at 5:45; Hot Laps are at 6:00 and the racing begins at 7 PM sharp. Admission Prices for regular shows are: Adults $10.00; Senior Citizens $5.00 Children under 6 are Free

Please support the many great sponsors who assist in working and sponsoring the season long events at the speedway. Tilcon, Ron Brown Hauling, JPA Masonry, Chad Wheeler Excavating, RLE Towing and Recovery, RockAuto.com, S&S Speedways and Yankowski Enterprises are all part of the advertising family at the speedway and we graciously thank them for their support.

Hamlin Speedway is seeking additional marketing sponsors to join the speedway team for the 2018 racing season. For more information, contact Steve Pados at: 484-784-7756 or through email at: steveswp@ptd.net or Denise Smith at S&S Speedways at: 570-420-5500 or at: http://www.hamlinspeed.com/ or on facebook at:
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The Hamlin Speedway Is The "Pearl" Of The Poconos

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