Hamlin, PA -Hamlin Speedway National Tour Events To Jared Silfee And Tanner VanDoren
By: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media

Hamlin Speedway Promoters Randy and Denise Smith welcomed in 120 plus racers on Saturday evening as they head into their final events of the 2018 racing season. The emphasis on the All Star and Junior Slingshot divisions quite honestly never materialized as only three touring stars made their way to Hamlin for the national tour events. Nevertheless, the racing was top notch in all divisions and a great crowd was on hand to watch the Hamlin driving stars heave their race cars around the 1/5th mile clay cushioned attraction. With some big dollars on the line, a great field of entries came out to the Pocono Mountains to further enhance their standing in the Hamlin points battles which ended with this event. The high flying racing action was sponsored by the good folks at S&S Speedways Indoor Go Karts located in Stroudsburg, PA. ( Florida Keys Air Conditioning added five hundred dollars to the Stage One Modified purse while Speed Sport Showcase offered one hundred dollars to the hard charger in the All Star Slingshot feature headliner. Some very happy winners found their way to the RLE Towing and Recovery Winners Circle at the end of the evening of racing action. The eight feature show was completed at 10:43 PM.

The Saturday night action found Jared Silfee putting on a clinic as he led the entire fifty lap feature in the All Star Slingshot feature headliner. Wally Bell captured the regular Super Slinger feature run for his first ever win at the speedway. Dennis Chamberlain and newcomer Bob Hummer captured wins in the JPA Masonry Rookie Wingless 600 Sprint finales. "The Travelin Man" Mick D'Agostino put the finishing touches on the greatest weekend of his racing life as he captured the Chad Wheeler Excavating Wingless Sprint feature and with that capturing his second consecutive Hamlin Speedway track title. D'Agostino had similar success at the Accord Speedway on Friday night as he captured the NEWS Sprint Car Championship in his initial season of competition. "TVD" Tanner VanDoren captured the National Junior Slingshot tour event with a wire to wire run. "Deuce" Glenn Macomber got back to his winning ways as he captured the regular 270 Sprint feature.

In the National All Star Slingshot feature, Jared Silfee wasted no time as he grabbed the lead at the start of the fifty lap main and took no prisoners as he was definitely in the zone to control the action. Wally Bell and invader Brett Bieber took up the chase and put on a great show for the fans as Bell ran the top and Bieber kept digging from the baseline. The laps clicked off and by lap twenty Silfee was into slower traffic. Methodically he worked his way through the traffic and as Bell, Bieber and Scott Neary came upon the slower racers, Bell went to the top with Neary diving down low and Bieber stuck in the middle and Neary coming out in the runner-up role, Bieber in third and Bell dropping some spots in the transaction. While some skirmishes brought the field together, the night belonged to Jared Silfee as he was turning constant 14.2 second laps while driving away from his competition. Jared Silfee would earn the win with his show stopping performance with Neary driving from a seventh place start to finish second. Bieber was third in a steady run with Austin Silfee and Wes Hearn completing the top five. The second five found Mike McLaughlin dusting off the racing shoes to fiinish sixth in his first Hamlin start of the year as former track regular turned invader Kyle Herve would finish seventh after starting 15th and earning the Hard Charger Award put up by Speed Sport Showcase in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Wally Bell would finish eighth and steady Tanner Jones and Dale Kober completed the top ten.

The Hampton RV & Trailer Sales Stage One Modified headliner with the Florida Keys Air Conditioning Bonus found Tanner VanDoren jumping out front early but getting stiff pressure from Jacob Nemeth. Nemeth tried all of the angles but VanDoren held his ground until a group of cars fighting for the lead, including Adam Buchel, Amanda Buchel and Cody Motto had all of the cars entering the third turn at the same time and VanDoren and Nemeth both spun. Amanda Buchel inherited the lead and would run some quick 13.2 second lap times to hold her brother Adam at bay. Amanda would lead the rest of the way to claim her first win of the season and the bonus bucks from Florida Keys Air Conditioning. Adam Buchel was second to make it a clean sweep for the Florida Keys AC/Cole Polishing sponsored race team. John Comandini was third with Cody Motto fourth and Joel Smith completing the top five. The rest of the finishers included Joel Price, Jeff Hineline, Evan Civick and newcomer Mark Evans.

The 270 Sprint feature found Glenn Macomber with the hot hand on this night as he wired the field in the twenty lap excursion. Macomber reeled off some 12.1 second lap times to step away from the field and get his fifth win of the season. Kyle Ferrucci finally broke through some of the problems he has encountered in a tough season in racing to garner in runner-up honors while Don Schmidt was third, Alex Reinsmith fourth and Anthony Chrobak nailing down fifth place. Newcomers John Wagner Jr and Ross Hollar completed the field.

The Super Slingshot feature event found Wally Bell ringing the bell harder than the rest of his competition as would capture his first ever win in the Donaldson Farms/Jersey Girl Brewery entry. Dale Kober would race from fourth to second with Paul Ennes third, Jim Conroy fourth, and the returning Richie VanOrden fifth. Derek DeSilva and David Guest completed the field.

Tanner VanDoren raced into the lead at the start and would receive early pressure from JJ Rice and Shelby McLaughlin. VanDoren was able to control the pace of the race with some quick 14.8 second laps times. A couple of skirmishes brought the field together and on the restart VanDoren would repel the challenges from Rice and McLaughlin and the returning Abby Yates. After the final restart, VanDoren was able to open up some distance on those behind him and would go on to capture the National Junior Slingshot tour event. Rice, McLaughlin, Yates in another Florida Keys AC sponsored hot rod was fourth with Brian Smith steady as a rock in fifth place. The second five found Kasey Hufcut, Nolan Palaima, invader Tyler Ulsh, Joey Kalafut and James Benz completing the top ten.

The first of two JPA Masonry Rookie Wingless 600 Sprint encounters found newcomer Bob Hummer more than up to the task as he wired the field in a race that found Zack Weisenfluh applying the pressure every step of the way. Weisenfluh was able to pull up even with Hummer on a few occasions throughout the twenty lap distance but Hummer prevailed for his first ever win at Hamlin. Weisenfluh was second in a great run with Dennis Stawinsky, Ryan Lacoe, the returning Savannah Leggio, newcomer Ryan Conrad, Rob Burakowski and another newcomer Ken Karpovich completing the field.

In the second JPA Masonry sponsored event, Garden Stater Dennis Chamberlain was all business as he grabbed the lead at the start and led all twenty laps to capture his second win of the season. Jack Hanna chased him all of the way to finish second as he too had the opportunity to shake off some of the gremlins that had give them trouble in recent weeks. Richie Maguire was third in a great run with Carmen Leggio Sr and Jr next in line to complete the top five. Tony Parlanti headed up the second five with Fred Heinly, Rich Maguire, Naoh Zielinski, Scott Slater Sr and Matt Zielinski completing the field.

Joel Smith took the lead at the start of the Chad Wheeler Excavating 600 Sprint event and he would lead through the first laps until Cody Smith and Paul Richards Jr got together in turn three and disabling both cars from the event. On the restart, Mick D'Agostino and his traveling show went to the top of the raceway and got a great run off of turn two to wrest the lead away from Smith. D'Agostino was able to drive away from the field with some very quick 11.9 second laps while Smith, Chad Sandt, Joseph Smith and Tyler Lindsay waged war with each other as each driver used a different seam on the raceway to find the sweet spot to go faster. In the end, the D'Agostino move to grab the lead, was the drive he would need to go to victory in one of the most hotly contested events of the season. Joel Smith, Chad Sandt and Joseph Smith and Lindsay would complete the top five. There was no slacking off in talent in the second five either as Danny Buccafusca headed up the list with Joe Nemeth, Hunter Metzger, Geordan Marrero and Colin White rounding out the top ten. Twenty of the 27 entry starting field completed all of the twenty feature laps.


The hotly contested evening of racing entertainment was precise in every step of the way and even with a couple of breaks for track maintenance the staff kept moving the program along swiftly and the seven division, eight feature show was completed at 10:43 PM. Kudos to Randy Smith for an excellent track surface that found the drivers utilizing many racing channels throughout the evening of competition.

The JPA Masonry Rookie Wingless 600 Sprint heats were captured by Bob Hummer, Jack Hanna and Savannah Leggio. The Wingless 600 Sprints ran off three heats with Chad Sandt, Mick D'Agostino and Joel Smith capturing wins. The Junior Slingshots ran off two rounds of heats with Austin Homan and Tanner VanDoren winning the first round and Tyler Ulsh and Brian Smith winning in round two. All Star Slingshot heats also went two rounds with Jared Silfee winning in each round while Brett Bieber and CJ Fritz were also winners in round one. Paul Ennes and Austin Silfee captured the additional heats in round two. Stage One Modifieds were won by Amanda Buchel and Jacob Nemeth. The Super Slinger heat went to Wally Bell and the 270 Sprint heat was claimed by Glenn Macomber.

During the intermission period, Announcer Steve Pados interviewed the owners of the Florida Keys Air Conditioning, Jonathan and Lisa Murphy regarding the great bonus money they put up for the event and their long association with the Buchel Family. As Mr Murphy explained, "racing is about family" and the families have enjoyed a long friendship dating back to when the Flemington Speedway was throwing clay. The staff and management of the Hamlin Speedway thank them for going out of their way to assist in the racing activity at the speedway. On another note, the money will stay in house as Amanda Buchel captured the win and the bonus. Florida Keys website is:

Thanks to Tony Frable and his Speed Sport Showcase team for putting up the $100.00 for the Hard Charger in the All Star Slingshot event. Kyle Herve won the Award. Speed Sport Showcase will once again take place in 2019 in Scranton with details for the event still being hammered out. The website is:

Thanks to John Gilroy from Gilroy Excavation for a bnus he placed for the leader of lap twenty in the event and the money went to Jared Silfee.

Some of the regular racing fans at Hamlin were disappointed in the fact the National Touring drivers were absent and stayed away from the event but hats off to Brett Bieber, Kyle Herve, the Lapicki family and Junior star Tyler Ulsh for making the effort to attend the event and support Slingshot racing. Jason Kraycirik made his first Hamlin run and did a great job in his Phillipsburg/Easton Honda sponsored racer. Brett Schantz was another first timer.

Brandon Nicholas was back in action after taking a nasty tumble a few weeks ago. Welcome back Brandon. Jackie Maguire picked up the winnings of the 50/50 raffle.

After this evening, our tower girl Olivia Mease is stepping away from her post after joining us five years ago. While she will be missed, we wish her the best as she completes her education and goes to work in the nursing field.

Even though the season is in the latter stages of the 2018 racing season, there is still plenty of hot racing action coming September 22nd to close out the 2018. season. Make sure you come out to the speedway before the season ends, you are going to love it.


All Star Slingshots: (National 50-laps) Jared Silfee, Scott Neary, Brett Bieber, Austin Silfee, Wes Hearn, Mike McLaughlin, Kyle Herve, Wally Bell, Tanner Jones, Dale Kober, Greg Zellman, Mike Lapicki, Paul Ennes, Adam Buchel, Jason Kraycirik, Rachel Dickinson, Ashley Kober, Andrew Turpin, Tyler Banks, Mason Pittenger, Ron Thoman, CJ Fritz, Brent Schantz, Richie VanOrden (Hard Charger, Kyle Herve advances 8 positions, Courtesy of Speed Sport Showcase) (Lap 20, Jared Silfee leader Courtesy of Gilroy Motorsports)

Winged 270cc Sprints: Glenn Macomber, Kyle Ferrucci, Don Schmidt, Alex Reinsmith, Anthony Chrobak, John Wagner Jr, Scott Hollar

Chad Wheeler Excavating Wingless 600cc Sprints: Mick D'Agsotino, Joel Smith, Chad Sandt, Joseph Smith, Tyler Lindsay, Danny Buccafusca, Joe Nemeth, Hunter Metzger, Geordan Marrero, Colin White, Jacb Balliet, Scott Slater Jr, Billy Koch, Fred Heinly, Joey Amantea, Doug Snyder, Jason Muldowney, Tony Parlanti, Mack Brink, Duane White, Don Colaluce, Dennis Stawinski, Louie Horvath, Cody Smith, Paul Richards Jr, Earl Rice, Ryan Stangle

Hampton RV And Trailer Stage One Modifieds: (Florida Keys AC Sponsor) Amanda Buchel, Adam Buchel, John Comandini, Cody Motto, Joel Smith, Joel Price, Jeff Hineline, Evan Civick, Mark Evans, Jasper Ziegafuse, Jacob Nemeth, Tanner VanDoren, John Bachetti Jr

Junior Slingshots: (National Tour) Tanner VanDoren, JJ Rice, Shelby McLaughlin, Abby Yates, Brian Smith, Kasey Hufcut, Nolan Palaima, Tyler Ulsh, Joey Kalafut, James Benz, Charlene Benz, Aiden Donaldson, James Costlow, Austin Homan, James Hendricks,, Connor Mirabelli

Super Slingshots: Wally Bell, Dale Kober, Paul Ennes, Jim Conroy, Richie VanOrden, Derek DeSilva, David Guest, Doc Lapicki, Wes Hearn, Mike Lapicki

JPA Masonry Rookie 600cc Wingless Sprints:(1) Bob Hummer, Zack Weisenfluh, Dennis Stawinsky, Ryan Lacoe, Savannah Leggio, Ryan Conrad, Rob Burakowski, Ken Karpovich, Brandon Nicholas, Jake Eby, Ryan Stangle

JPA Masonry Rookie 600cc Wingless Sprints: (2) Dennis Chamberlain, Jack Hanna, Richie Maguire, Carmen Leggio Sr, Carmen Leggio Jr, Tony Parlanti, Fred Heinly, Rich Maguire, Noah Zielinski, Scott Slater Sr, Matt Zielinski

The Hamlin Speedway drivers voted and approved of one more week of competition. The next event at the speedway will be September 22nd with all division of racing in action. The point fund will be distributed once the racing is completed.

Make sure to always check the Hamlin Speedway website or Facebook page for any additional information. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 3 PM; Drivers Meeting at 5:45; Hot Laps are at 6:00 and the racing begins at 7 PM sharp. Admission Prices for regular shows are: Adults $10.00; Senior Citizens $5.00 Children under 6 are Free

Please support the many great sponsors who assist in working and sponsoring the season long events at the speedway. Tilcon, Ron Brown Hauling, JPA Masonry, Chad Wheeler Excavating, RLE Towing and Recovery,, S&S Speedways and Yankowski Enterprises are all part of the advertising family at the speedway and we graciously thank them for their support.

Hamlin Speedway is seeking additional marketing sponsors to join the speedway team for the 2019 racing season. For more information, contact Steve Pados at: 484-784-7756 or through email at: or Denise Smith at S&S Speedways at: 570-420-5500 or at: or on facebook at: or and

For photos of the great racing action at Hamlin Speedway, contact Tim
Krysiuk at: or

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The Hamlin Speedway Is The "Pearl" Of The Poconos

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