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Results story written by Vicki Gehris



BECHTELSVILLE, PA. September 16,2018 . . . Duane Howard, behind the wheel of the Norm Hansell owned Norm’s Save Station No. 357, has had his share of problems throughout the 2018 season on Saturday nights at Grandview Speedway, but the team never gave up. They continued to try different venues to put the Carroll Hine powered mount in Grandview’s Saturday night victory lane – a place he had not stood in during the regular season since August 20, 2016.

The table finally turned for the five-time point champion during the running of the 48th Annual Freedom 76-lap T.P. Trailers Modified feature – a race Howard previously won four times.

Starting fifth through the luck of the draw, in a field of 34 cars Howard battled with Ryan Godown, runner-up and leader for 16 laps prior to the 31st lap restart when Howard took the lead.

Dealing with heavy lap traffic numerous times, Howard changed lanes to weave through the cars and this allowed Godown to reel him in, but Godown couldn’t make the move to the front and ran second the rest of the way while having to deal with third-place finisher Craig Von Dohren in the later stages.

When things were all set and done Howard picked up his biggest win of the season for a payday of $25,000 plus lap money, $250 from TP Trailers, products from VP Fuel providing he met the necessary requirements plus the Dan’s Deli ½-way hoagie. A winner of the event in 1993, 1997, 1999 and 2011 plus now this year, Howard is now tied with Craig Von Dohren at five wins in the prestigious event.

Richie Pratt put the Kyle Borror-owned No. B4 into the early lead at the drop of the green from starter Ray Kemp with Kyle Weiss, Godown, Howard and Brian Hirthler in pursuit.

The red was thrown with eight laps in the books when Ryan Krachun’s car caught fire in turn four. He was uninjured, but out of the race. Pratt continued his pace with Godown making his presence known.

Godown put the Searock No. 26 at the head of the pack on the 15th circuit while Pratt, Howard, Weiss and Mike Gular jockeyed for positions.

On the 20th lap Stewart Friesen, who came straight from Las Vegas after competing in the NASCAR Camping World Truck race the previous night, Ryan Grim and Brian Papiez tangled between turns one and two right in front of the leaders and the other front runners bringing out the yellow. Godown narrowly missed the cars, but Pratt wasn’t as fortunate and got caught up in the melee which forced him to restart in the rear of the field. Godown held his pace when action resumed with pressure now coming from Howard, Gular, Weiss and Jeff Strunk, the defending race winner of the race the past two years.

Godown’s comfortable lead was erased when the red was thrown for a 10-car pile-up in which Pratt rolled and Billy Pauch Jr. was also involved. Several cars were eliminated. It was still Godown as the race leader when action resumed.

On the 30th lap while battling for positions, newly crowned 2018 NASCAR Modified point champion Mike Gular and Strunk made contact in the third turn with Strunk making contact with the wall erasing his chances of making the event a three-peat. Also involved was Skylar Sheriff, who hit the front end of Strunk’s car and hit the fourth turn wall with heavy impact. Sheriff was shaken up a bit and complained of leg pain.

While this took place Godown and Ray Swinehart, who were running first and third using alcohol while the others used gas, were allowed a fuel stop without losing their positions. When the race went green this time Howard took command trailed by Godown, Anthony Perrego, Gular and Swinehart.

By the 57th lap the race for the lead was a three-way one between Howard, Godown and Von Dohren, who started deep in the pack in 29th having to get in through the Schaeffer Motorsports Minuteman 20.

With ten laps to go and Howard encountering heavy lap traffic the order behind him was now comprised of Godown, Von Dohren, Jared Umbenhauer and Friesen, who came from the back of the pack several times.

Howard overcame all obstacles and held off all the competitors’ challenges to chalk up a well-earned win. Chasing him across were Godown, Von Dohren, who earned the Bobby Gunther Walsh and sponsors Hard Charger award worth $1,000, Umbenhauer and Friesen.

Meme DeSantis and Ray Swinehart, who finished ninth and 16th received a $100 bonus from Donnie and Patti Miller in memory of their son Chad who lost his life on September 16.

Alan Johnson, Frank Yankowski, Kenny Gilmore, Pratt, Perrego and Scott Albert won the five 12-lap heats.

T.J. Lilly, Alex Yankowski, Doug Manmiller, Don Norris Jr., Rich Rutski and Mike Lisowski qualified through the consolation races to get into the Schaeffer Motorsports Minuteman 20 – the last chance to get into the Freedom 76.

Rick Laubach won the event and dedicated the win to car owner Lori Hermann who recently lost her battle with cancer. Finishing second was Friesen followed by Von Dohren, Papiez and Manmiller.

Strunk won the 10-lap Cash Dash worth $1,000.

Coming up at Grandview:
Saturday, September 29th, 1 p.m. Enduro along with Blast from the Past Vintage doubleheader.

Saturday, October 13th, 6 p.m. Thunder on the Hill Halloween Special featuring the Big Block/358 Modifieds, Sportsman and MASS 305 Sprints.


T.P. Trailers Modified Feature (76-Laps): 1. Duane Howard, 2. Ryan Godown, 3. Craig Von Dohren, 4. Jared Umbenhauer, 5. Stewart Friesen, 6. Anthony Perrego, 7. Doug Manmiller, 8. Mike Gular, 9. Meme DeSantis (provisional), 10. Mike Mahaney, 11. Kyle Weiss, 12. Brian Hirthler, 13. Richie Pratt, 14. Louden Reimert, 15. David Hunt, 16. Ray Swinehart, 17. Brian Papiez, 18. Wade Hendrickson, 19. Alan Johnson, 20. Ryan Lilick, 21. Kenny Gilmore, 22. Jeff Strunk, 23. Skylar Sheriff, 24. Ryan Watt, 25. Frank Yankowski, 26. Danny Erb, 27. Billy Pauch Jr., 28. Rich Laubach, 29. Frank Yankowski, 30. Jordan Henn, 32. Ryan Grim, 32. Kyle Merkel, 22. Billy Pauch (provisional), Ryan Krachun. DNQ: T.J. Lilly, Bob Trapper, Alex Yankowski, Chris Gambler, Brett Gilmore, Briggs Danner, Danny Bouc, Bobby Gunther Walsh, Ryan Kunkle, Clay Butler, Steve Swinehart, Mark Kratz, Justin Grim, Colt Harris, Ryan Beltz, Craig Whitmoyer, Dan Waisempacher. DNS: Scott Albert.PP

Schaeffer Motorsports Minuteman 20: 1. Rick Laubach, 2. Anthony Perrego, 3. Craig Von Dohren, 4. Brian Papiez, 5. Doug Manmiller. DNQ: Brian Krummel, Tim Buckwalter, John Willman, Brian Hirthler, Alex Yankowski, Geezer Fanelli, Mike Lisowski, Rick Rutski, Don Norris Jr., T.J. Lilly, , Bobby Trapper Jr., Frank Cozze, Gary Hager.

Cash Dash (10 Laps): 1. Jeff Strunk, 2. Anthony Perrego, 3. Alan Johnson, 4. Kenny Gilmore, 5. Mike Gular, 6. Ray Swinehart, 7. Richie Pratt, 8. Frank Yankowski, 9. Scott Albert.

MEDIA NOTE: On behalf of all involved at Grandview Speedway I want to say thanks for thee great media support given the Freedom 76 helping make it a success. Ernie Saxton

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TRACK PHONE: 610.754.7688 or visit
MEDIA CONTACT: Ernie Saxton @, 215.752.7797 or 267.934.7286
Race results written by Randy Kane


QUICK NEWS ON FREEDOM 76: Donnie and Patti Miller have posted $100 for the drivers that finish 9th and 16th in the 48th Annual Freedom 76 in the name of their late son Chad who would have celebrated his birthday on 9/16. Much appreciated!!!



BECHTELSVILLE, PA September 15, 2018 . . . NASCAR T.P.Trailers 358 Modified regular Kevin Hirthler, who started from fourth-place by luck of the draw for the 26-car starting field aboard his self-owned No. 117 Crate powered Sportsman entry, took the lead on Lap 7 from Ken Eckert Jr. and raced off with a dominating performance to capture the checkered flag in the fifth annual Freedom 38’er Friday night at Grandview Speedway in Bechtelsville, PA.

The Boyertown, PA based driver lapped up to the eleventh-place finisher and won the non-stop 38-lapper by a full straightaway in a time of 10:11.28, taking home $1,500 for his efforts.

Hirthler became the fifth different winner in the 5-years, now, that the event has been raced.

For Hirthler, it was his second career Sportsman feature win at the track this season, his first since April 14, 2018, at the popular high-banked third-mile dirt track promoted by the Rogers family.

“With the rainout last Saturday night,” explained the 38-year-old second-generation car owner and driver, “the 358 Modified car is pretty much ready to go, so, that gave us some extra time to do a little extra work this past week on the Sportsman car and we got things done, scaled loaded up and just got things done in time to get he by maybe 4 o’clock.

“We just got the Crate engine in it back today. It is legit. It’s a GM Crate engine in it. It is my brothers back up engine and we had nothing but troubles with it the past two-years. After nothing but struggling with the engine it’s hitting on all eight cylinders tonight. We finally got things straightened out. It’s legit. Not a cheater. The engine has all the seals on it and when the track slicks up like it did tonight, it’s easy to drive and it has all kinds of power. Anybody is welcome to check the engine out after the races tonight if they have questions about it,” announced Hirthler.

The top 12 qualifiers out of the heat races redrew for starting positions, with Brian Mady from Milford, PA starting on the pole. Mady grabbed the lead for the first two tours, with Eckert Jr., who started outside the front row, whistling by to become the new race leader on Lap 3.

On Lap 7, Hirthler ducked in underneath Eckert Jr. exiting Turn 2 and motored out in front down the backstretch, as Eckert Jr., Mady, Dean Bachman and Craig Whitmoyer trailed.

With 14 complete, Whitmoyer advanced to fourth-place and the 43-year-old veteran took third-place a circuit later.

With 18 in the record books, Whitmoyer climbed into the runner-up role, however, Hirthler was pulling away as the laps quickly clicked off.

With 28-laps recorded, Hirthler was now a full straightaway out in front of Whitmoyer, who was running second in front of Eckert Jr. and Mady.

“I have no idea where second-place was because I never saw anybody,” offered Hirthler in victory lane. “You had to pick your way through the field and all the lapped cars because they were out there racing for position too. You had to maneuver up high or go low and if you could hit the inside slime just right going through the corners, your car would slide up a little, giving you room to get under some cars. I came up off the corners a few times and it wasn’t easy picking a way through the lapped traffic.”

Hirthler went basically unchallenged after he got out in front, easily winning the event over Whitmoyer of Hamburg, PA, Eckert Jr. of Orwigsburg, PA, Mady and Dylan Swinehart of Fleetwood, PA.

A total of four heat races for 45 Sportsman cars were won by Andrew Kries, John McGovern, Hirthler and Swinehart, with a pair of consolation races going out to Cale Ross and Brad Grim.

“We had real good draws in, both, the heat and the feature tonight and that certainly was a help in where we ended things,” revealed Hirthler.

With 23 MASS 305 Sprint Cars on hand, everyone qualified, with Austin Bishop, Tim Tanner Jr. and Rick Stief winning the heat races. There was no consolation needed.

In the 25-lap main event, it was Andy Best blasting from the pole position into the lead with the green waving, with Eddie Wagner and Bishop, who started from third, in tow.

Lap 6 and again on Lap 7, Chad Connor spun to bring out the caution flag.

When racing resumed it was still Best showing the way, with Bishop now second in front of Brendon Poff out of Richboro, PA for Lap 8.

A caution for Bryant Davis stopping in Turn 3 bunched up the field again after 9-laps. A circuit later, Davis went high through Turn 4, caught the outside boiler plate exiting Turn 4 and flipped wildly near the starters stand to bring out a red flag on Lap 10. Davis walked away uninjured.

Again it was Best on top, on the restart, for Lap 11, but a lap later it was Bishop rocketing underneath Best exiting Turn 2 to become the new race leader racing down the back part of the speedway.

Lap 16 saw the leaders get caught up with lapped traffic, knocking out the second and fourth-place cars as a result, as the caution reappeared.

With the new green it was Bishop over Poff, Wagner and Tom Carberry.

By Lap 19, Bishop was nearly a full straightaway out in front, as he easily went on to score his second win on the tour, this season, and his first career victory at Grandview Speedway. Bishop was celebrating his 20th birthday, a great birthday present.

“If I win, usually, it is on other driver’s birthdays and never on my own,” offered the race winner. “It is a nice little way to reward myself. Normally I don’t have the best of luck, but tonight the track was really racy all night long. It got a little rubbered down and I saw Andy started to wash up through the corner and I ducked in there underneath and got him to get the lead.”

Runner-up was Poff, with Carberry, Wagner and Jason Dunn following.

Tim Tanner Jr. was crowned as the MASS 305 Sprint Car 2018 champion, with CJ Faison winning Rookie of The Year honors for 2018.

Some 32 358 Modified racers showed up to run several practice sessions in order to prepare for the upcoming Freedom 76 event the following night, paying $25,000 to the winner.

Kevin Hirthler and many other top Modified talents will be back in racing action tonight at 7 p.m. with the running of the 48th Annual Freedom 76 Modified Classic paying $25,000 to win. There are qualifying heat races, Cash Dash paying $1,000 to win, Schaffer Racing Minuteman 20 and THEN the Freedom 76.

Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series MASS 305 Sprint Cars (25-laps) – 1) Austin Bishop, 2) Brendon Poff, 3) Tom Carberry, 4) Eddie Wagner, 5) Jason Dunn, 6) Tim Tanner Jr., 7) CJ Faison, 8) Ryan Stillwagon, 9) Dave Brown, 10) Tyler Reinhardt, 11) Rick Stief, 12) Zack Burd, 13) Jonathan Haegele, 14) Keith Anderson, 15) Christopher Moll, 16) Tom Tanner, 17) Andy Best, 18) Larry McVay, 19) Mike Haggenbottom, 20) Jeff Geiges, 21) Bryant Davis, 22) Chad Connor, 23) Daniel Leaper

Sportsman (38-laps) – 1) Kevin Hirthler, 2) Craig Whitmoyer, 3) Ken Eckert Jr., 4) Brian Mady, 5) Dylan Swinehart, 6) Ryan Beltz, 7) Dean Bachman, 8) John McGovern, 9) Andrew Kries, 10) Billy Osmun III, 11) Mark Kemmerer, 12) Brad Grim, 13) Mike Kellner, 14) Nate Klinger, 15) Jim Housworth, 16) Brian Hirthler, 17) Louden Reimert, 18) Mike Lisowski, 19) Cale Ross, 20) Brad Arnold, 21) Lex Shive, 22) Mike Mammana, 23) Ryan Higgs, 24) Ryan Lilick, 25) Jesse Landis, 26) Brad Brightbill

Racing action is set for tonight, Saturday, at 7 p.m. with the running of the 48th Annual Freedom 76 Modified Classic paying $25,000 to win. There are qualifying heat races, Cash Dash paying $1,000 to win, Schaffer Racing Minuteman 20 and THEN the Freedom 76.

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BECHTELSVILLE, PA September 13, 2018 . . . The excitement continues to build for two big nights of auto racing action at Grandview Speedway this weekend topped by the 48th Annual Freedom 76 Modified Classic that rewards the winner with $25, 000 plus lap money on Saturday night.

The weekend kicks off with the action packed Freedom 38 for Sportsman stock cars paying the winner of the 38-lapper $1,500. And the Delaware Auto Exchange Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series, featuring the popular 305 Sprints, will have current point leader Tim Tanner leading a large field of entries as they battle in the Delphi Contractors & Demolition sponsored 25-lap main event.

Also on Friday night, action starting at 7:30 p.m., the Modified racers planning to participate in the Freedom 76 will be given practice time during the evening’s events.

Pits open at 3 p.m. and main grandstand gates open at 5:30 p.m.

Adult admission is $12 with youngsters 6 through 11 paying $5 and kids under 6 admitted free.

Advance tickets for the Freedom 76 will be available Friday night for just $35 while on race day they will sell for $40. Youngsters, 6 through 11, on Saturday will pay $10 while kids under 6 are admitted free.

Saturday will see pit gates open at 9 a.m. Advance ticketholders are admitted to the main grandstands at 3 p.m. while the ticket windows open at 3:30 p.m.

Before the action starts on the track Saturday the Grandview Speedway 2018 champions will be featured in an autograph session at the photo stand from 3:45 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. Modified champion Mike Gular, Sportsman champion Louden Reimert and Late Model champion Danny Snyder will have their Sharpies ready to sign autographs for the fans. And MS Motorsports Leslie Donegan will be part of the activities.

At 5:30 p.m. there will be a photo session and interviews featuring the 2018 Champions in Victory Lane.

And then it will be on track action as Modified racers warm up, participate in qualifying events, the $1,000 to win Cash Dash, the Schaffer Racing Minuteman 20 and topped off by the 48th edition of the Freedom 76, “The Granddaddy of Modified Stock Car Classics”.

Heading up the Modified action will be many top visiting talents including Stewart Friesen (fresh from action in the Las Vegas NASCAR Camping World Truck race), Billy Pauch Sr. and Jr., Ryan Watt, Rick Laubach, Ryan Godown, Alan Johnson along with others taking on Grandview champion Mike Gular, Craig Von Dohren, Jeff Strunk (last year’s winner), Duane Howard, Jared Umbenhauer, Frank Cozze and so many more. And as always there will be some surprise entries.

Rain date for the Freedom 76 is September 22nd. There is no rain date for the Friday night events.

Additional details, camping info, and more is available at Check in on Facebook or telephone 610.754.7688.

Grandview Speedway, celebrating 56 years of continuous operation, is located on Passmore Road in Bechtelsville, PA, just off Route 100, 10 miles north of Pottstown.

Grandview Speedway






TRACK PHONE: 610.754.7688 or visit
MEDIA CONTACT: Ernie Saxton @, 215.752.7797 or 267.934.7286




BECHTELSVILLE, PA September 9, 2018 . . . For the first time this century there is a NASCAR T.P.Trailers 358 Modified Champion at Grandview Speedway not named Howard, Strunk or Von Dohren. Going back to the previous century it was 1999 when Terry Meitzler won the title. Veteran racer Mike Gular is the 2018 Modified Champion, his first championship, having tallied 3536 points without benefit of a feature win but earned with consistent strong finishes all season.

“My car owner provided us with great equipment,” said Gular. “Over the years my parents have been very supportive of my racing and sacrificed for my racing. My dad (former racer Rudy Gular) was there to see us race many nights and was so happy that we won the title.

“A big thanks goes to car owner Rich Stankiewicz and his roofing business along with Conestoga Valley Custom Kitchens and of course the great team effort. Our consistency paid off for us with the championship. We are hoping we can top off the season with a win in the Freedom 76 on Saturday.”

In the Sportsman division sophomore racing talent Louden Reimert earned the top spot with 2684 points and like Gular did it without benefit of a feature win. Danny Snyder led the Late Model standings all season after rattling off three feature wins early in the season. Snyder tallied 2211 points to win his first title.

Ten time Modified champion Craig Von Dohren won three features and had 3386 points to finish 150 points behind the new champion. Jeff Strunk, another ten time champion, finished third with 3351 points. He had two wins. And the third of the big three, Duane Howard, finished fourth in the final point tallies with 3057 points and no wins.

Defending champion Chuck Schutz finished second in the final Late Model standings with 2053 points and three wins. Wayne Pfeil was a close third with 2023 points and two wins while young Kyle Merkel finished fourth with one win and 2002 counters.

Finishing second to Reimert in the Sportsman standings was Brad Grim with 2549 points and one win. Mike Lisowski took third with 2448 points and two wins.

Unfortunately the final point event of the season, WNPV Radio Championship Night, was rained out as were eight other racing nights counting toward the championship standings.

All attention will now be centered on two big nights of racing action coming up on Friday, September 14, and Saturday, September 15. On Friday, 7 p.m., the Sportsman will race in the Freedom 38 and the Mid Atlantic Sprints will be performing in a full slate of qualifying events topped by a 25 lap feature. Modifieds racing in the Saturday night Freedom 76 will be permitted practice laps. Adult admission is $12 while youngsters 6 through 11 pay $5 and kids under 6 are admitted free. It will also be the last opportunity for fans to purchase the money saving advance adult tickets for the Freedom 76. Advance tickets are priced at $35 with race day tickets costing $40.

On Saturday, September 15th, 7 p.m. the “Granddaddy of Modified Stock Car Classics”, the 48th Annual Freedom 76 paying $25,000 to win, will be presented. A full series of qualifying events will lead up to the 76 lap finale. Adult admission is $40 while youngsters 6 thru 11 pay $10 and kids under 6 are admitted free.

The Freedom 76 has a September 22nd rain date while the Friday events do not have a rain date.

Check out all information on the Freedom 76 at and click on Freedom 76 where there is info for racers and fans.


1. Mike Gular, Boyertown, PA #2 3536
2. Craig Von Dohren, Oley, PA #1C 3386***
3. Jeff Strunk, Pottstown, PA #126 3351**
4. Duane Howard, Oley, PA #66/357H 3057
5. Brett Kressley, Orefield, PA #19B 2829***
6. Kevin Hirthler, Boyertown, PA #117 2790
7. Ryan Grim, Laury’s Station, PA #17 2436
8. Doug Manmiller, Shoemakersville, PA #44M 2403*
9. Jared Umbenhauer, Richland, PA #19/1H 2358*
10. Frank Cozze, Wind Gap, PA #4 2254
11. John Willman, Birdsboro, PA #74W 1785
12. Kenny Gilmore, Fleetwood, PA #M7 1784
13. Clay Butler, Bloomsbury, NJ #48 1767
14. Ryan Lilick, Collegeville, PA #49 1656
15. Eric Biehn, Barto, PA #87 1613
16. Brett Gilmore, Fleetwood, PA #7 1608
17. Justin Grim, Orefield, PA #611 1438
18. Kyle Weiss, Hamburg, PA #21K 1420
19. Steve Swinehart, Perkiomenville, PA #942 1378
20. Ray Swinehart, Perkiomenville, PA #33 1304**
21. Tim Buckwalter, Douglassville, PA #23X 1128
22. Bobby Trapper, Jr., Scranton, PA #2T/69 1121
23. Ron Kline, Salford, PA #3 1096
24. Briggs Danner, Allentown, PA #6/78D 1052
25. Danny Erb, Boyertown, PA #44 1042
26. Joe Fanelli, Exton, PA #22 1038
27. Dan Waisempacher, Springtown, PA #01 1010
28. Chris Esposito, Hatfield, PA #31 1003
29. Jordan Henn, Blandon, PA #77X 870
30. Bobby Trapper, Allentown, PA #69/2 864

Also Feature Winners: Stewart Friesen, Ryan Watt, #14W


1. Danny Snyder, Frederick, PA #44 2211***
2. Chuck Schutz, Pottstown, PA #00/1 2053***
3. Wayne Pfeil, Mohnton, PA #72 2023**
4. Kyle Merkel, Green Lane, PA #26 2002*
5. Steve Todorow, Trumbauersville, PA #93 1956*
6. Drew Weisser, Reading, PA #19 1950
7. Lou Egrie, Willow Grove, PA #X4 1917
8. Steve Wilson, Green Lane, PA #15 1643*
9. Jordan Knepp, Pottstown, PA #108 1235
10. Cory Merkel, Gilbertsville, PA #118X 1021
11. Brian Shuey, Shoemakersville, PA #177 997
12. Patrick Robinson, Bechtelsville, PA #5 970
13. Sean Merkel, Boyertown, PA #118 927*
14. Bryan Sipe, Shoemakersville, PA #33S 851
15. Todd Ravel, Shoemakersville, PA #88 730
16. Dallas Breidenbach Spring City, PA #X/22 580
17. Shawn Horning, Blandon, PA #8M 480
18. Dirk Rimrott, Phoenixville, PA #5H 480
19. Dave Ogin, Fleetwood, PA #12 468
20. George Irwin, Chester Springs, PA #22 190


1. Louden Reimert, Oley, PA #58 2684
2. Brad Grim, Coplay, PA #23 2549*
3. Mike Lisowski, Minersville, PA #15 2448**
4. Craig Whitmoyer, Hamburg, PA #99 2381*
5. Brad Brightbill, Sinking Springs, PA #19 2298
6. Dylan Swinehart, Fleetwood, PA #38 2202
7. Brad Arnold, Sinking Spring, PA #830 1862**
8. Mark Kemmerer, Green Lane, PA, PA #F10 1826*
9. Kyle Lilick, Collegeville, PA #104 1761**
10. Kurt Bettler, Hellertown, PA #54 1672
11. Kenny Bock, Birdsboro, PA#6 1653
12. Jack Butler, Phillipsburg, NJ #5 1635
13. Joe Funk, Coopersburg, PA #14F 1574
14. Jesse Landis, Gilbertsville, PA #976 1447
15. Derrick Smith, Telford, PA #20 1383
16. Brian Hirthler, Green Lane, PA #4* 1334*
17. Jim Housworth, Reigelsville, PA #72 1321*
18. Mike Mammana, Nazareth, PA #31 1244
19. Ryan Beltz, Barto, PA #221 1242*
20. Andrew Kreis, Boyertown, PA #6K 1152

Other Feature Winners: Nathan Mohr *

* denotes feature win (Feature wins listed are only those that are NASCAR point events.)

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TRACK PHONE: 610.754.7688 or visit
MEDIA CONTACT: Ernie Saxton @, 215.752.7797 or 267.934.7286



The Championship Chase comes to an end on Saturday night, September 8th, at Grandview Speedway. The WNPV1440 Championship Night will feature an action packed night of stock car racing that will see racers battling for the championships and for many the opportunity to improve their final standings so they get a bigger share of the NASCAR/track point money. Racing will see the first heat having a 7:30 p.m. starting time.

Mike Gular has been the point leader in the T.P.Trailers 358 Modifieds most of the season and he is looking to wrap up his first championship. Perhaps he will even win that elusive first feature of the season.

Sophomore standout Louden Reimert has not won a feature in the Sportsman division but like Gular he has used consistent performance to tally 2684 points to hold a 135 point edge over Brad Grim and 236 counters more than Mike Lisowski.

And in the Late Models, much like Gular and Reimert, Danny Snyder has set the pace in the point battle for the season and looks to take his first title. Defending champion Chuck Schutz has been making a late season charge to win another title.

All three divisions will be in action on Saturday night. And there is a great Low Down and Dirty Internet Radio Meet & Greet featuring Forrest Rogers Memorial winner Ray Swinehart, 10 time champion Jeff Strunk and Modified talent Jared Umbenhauer. It gets underway at the main gate area at 5 p.m.

This will be the final night of racing for the Late Models while the Sportsman return on Friday night, September 14th in a doubleheader Freedom 38 show that will also feature the exciting Mid Atlantic Sprint Series in a 7:30 p.m. show. The Sportsman will run in a non-points race. Adult admission is $12, youngsters 6 thru 11 pay $5 and under 6 are admitted free.

Modified racers will be looking forward to the $25,000 to win 48th Annual Freedom 76 set for 7 p.m. on Saturday, September 15th. Many will be using this night as an opportunity to test and tune for the big money event.

Advance tickets are available at the track prior to September 15th for the Freedom 76 and are priced at $35 while on race day they are priced at $40.

Admission for the Saturday night September 8th WNPV Radio tripleheader is $15 for adults, youngsters under 12 are admitted free.

This will be the last chance to sponsor a lap for the Freedom 76. The laps are priced at $20 and can be purchased from Tina Rogers or Tommy Kramer at the track.

Additional information is available. Including Freedom 76 entry forms, at, Facebook or telephone 610.754.7688.

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TRACK PHONE: 610.754.7688 or visit
MEDIA CONTACT: Ernie Saxton @, 215.752.7797 or 267.934.7286




BECHTELSVILLE, PA September 2, 2018 . . . The battle for the NASCAR and track championships will go down to the final point race on Saturday, September 8th when the WNPV 1440AM Radio Champions Night is presented at Grandview Speedway with action for the three division show getting the green at 7:30 p.m.

Mike Gular has been the point leader in the T.P.Trailers 358 Modifieds most of the season. Without benefit of a feature win Gular, looking to win his first championship, has used consistency to hold on to the top spot and hopes consistency, or perhaps a feature win on the final night, carries him to the title. Gular has 3536 counters compared to 3386 for second place Craig Von Dohren, a ten time champion. Von Dohren has three wins to his credit and is 150 points behind the leader. Jeff Strunk, another 10 time champion, has tallied 2 wins and3351 points, putting him 185 points behind. With the most points available to a driver on Saturday being 310 only these three drivers have a chance to win the lucrative title.

Sophomore standout Louden Reimert has not won a feature in the Sportsman division but like Gular he has used consistent performance to tally 2684 points to hold a 135 point edge over Brad Grim and 236 counters more than Mike Lisowski. Only these three drivers can win the Sportsman title on the final point night as just 260 points can be earned.

And in the Late Models, much like Gular and Reimert, Danny Snyder has set the pace in the point battle for the season. With 2211 points and three wins Snyder has a 158 edge over defending champion Chuck Schutz. Snyder and Schutz have each earned three wins. With just 210 points available only Wayne Pfeil in third spot and Kyle Merkel in fourth join Reimert and Schutz as possible champions.

There have been 123 different drivers earn points racing in the three divisions with 12 different winners in the Sportsman, 8 winners in Modifieds and 7 winners in Late Models.

All three divisions will be in action on Saturday night. This will be the final night of racing for the Late Models while the Sportsman return on Friday night, September 14th in a doubleheader Freedom 38 show that will also feature the exciting Mid Atlantic Sprint Series in a 7:30 p.m. show. The Sportsman will run in a non-points race.

Modified racers will be looking forward to the $25,000 to win 48th Annual Freedom 76 set for 7 p.m. on Saturday, September 15th. Many will be using this night as an opportunity to test and tune for the big money event.

Advance tickets are available at the track prior to September 15th for the Freedom 76 and are priced at $35 while on race day they are priced at $40.

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Race results written by Randy Kane



BECHTELSVILLE, PA September 2, 2018 . . . Ray Swinehart, now into his 44th consecutive season behind the wheel, added a cool $10,000 to his bank account, Saturday evening at Grandview Speedway in Bechtelsville, PA, after winning the 48th annual Pioneer Pole Buildings Forrest Rogers Memorial 50-lapper. In addition, Swinehart was awarded a $150 product award by VP Racing Fuels and $250 from T.P. Trailers & Truck Equipment of Limerick, PA.

Swinehart, 66, of Perkiomenville, PA started sixth in the 31-car starting field aboard his self-owned Troyer chassied R&R Race Engines powered Modified Parts Depot backed No. 33 358 Modified machine, took the lead on Lap 5 and raced off with the popular triumph.

The win by Swinehart was his second feature win this season at the high-banked third-mile dirt oval promoted by the Rogers family, his first since back on July 28. Swinehart’s triumph was the 30th win of his career at Grandview and his fourth career Rogers Memorial victory. Swinehart won the event previously in 1988, 1996 and 2005.

“Up until about six months ago,” commented Swinehart, “I didn’t think we’d ever win another feature here again at this track. Tonight we made it back again.”

With the green, Briggs Danner, 16, of Allentown, PA immediately jumped out in front, with 358 Modified rookie racer Jordan Henn and Bobby Trapper Sr. in tow. Ten-time 358 Modified track champion Jeff Strunk quickly slowed in Turn 2 with a right rear flat to quickly bring out the caution on Lap 2.

When racing resumed it was Danner back out in front, with Henn and Swinehart now trailing. On Lap 3, Swinehart moved around Henn and took the runner-up position, with a red flag for a six-car tangle in Turn 3.

“We have been working on this car since the season started and it has been getting better and better,” mentioned Swinehart. “We are really happy with it, now.”

On Lap 4 it was Danner out in front again over Swinehart, Henn and longtime veteran Meme DeSantis, who started seventh. The next time around it was Swinehart out in front, followed by Danner, with another caution appearing, due to a six-car tangle.

On the restart, Brett “The Threat” Kressley and 44-year-old Ryan Godown got together on the front straightaway, with both cars spinning into the infield area. After Kressley and Godown got into a bumping and banging dust up, a decision was made by track officials to send both drivers to the pits for the rest of the event.

The new green showed Swinehart out in front over Danner, DeSantis and Henn for Lap 6. With 10 completed it was DeSantis advancing into second-place, with Danner now third, followed by Doug Manmiller and Jared Umbenhauer.

As the laps clicked off, Umbenhauer moved into fourth on Lap 16 and claimed third-place after 20-laps were put in the record books. Lap 22 another caution appeared after a five-car skirmish in Turn 1.

“My car was really ill-handling in the very beginning because we had a full load of fuel,” announced Swinehart. “I had to fight my way through that, early on, but the car was real good, tonight.”

Lap 23 it was still Swinehart out in front, followed by DeSantis and Umbenhauer. A lap later, Umbenhauer slipped by DeSantis, with Manmiller now up to fourth and Danner still running strong in fifth.

With 32 down, Manmiller went by DeSantis for third and with 36 complete, Swinehart caught up to some very heavy lapped traffic, as Umbenhauer began to reel him in.

Swinehart worked the slower lapped traffic perfectly, as Umbenhauer, 26, of Richland,PA made several attempts to get by Swinehart, however, Swinehart remained out in front.

I never realized that the middle to the bottom was full of rubber and I wasn’t down there in that right away,” noted Swinehart. “I changed my line and got things going pretty good after that.”

The top five was now Swinehart, Umbenhauer, Manmiller, DeSantis and John Willman with nine circuits remaining.

With two to go, ten-time 358 Modified track champion Craig Von Dohren, 55, of Oley, PA, who used a provisional to start from 30th in a back-up car, moved into fifth-place, getting by Willman. On the final trip around, Von Dohren got by DeSantis to claim fourth-place at the checkered.

Swinehart crossed the line as the happy race winner over Umbenhauer, who started 15th, Manmiller, who started 11th, Von Dohren and DeSantis, who earned his best finish of the season with a fifth-place run.

“At this point in my racing career,” revealed Swinehart. “This right here is about as good as it can get.”

Heat winners for 40 358 Modified cars on the night were DeSantis, Swinehart, Joe Fanelli and Henn. Consolations were won by Rick Laubach and Brian “BK Speed” Krummel.

In the 25-lap Sportsman main event, Steve Young, who started from the pole, was the early race leader over Derrick Smith and Andy Clemmer. Cautions after 3-laps and again after 4-laps bunched up the field, with Young still out in front over Smith and Clemmer.

On Lap 5, Young was still showing the way over Smith, with Craig Whitmoyer, 43, of Hamburg, PA suddenly blasting his way into third, as Mike Mammana and Dylan Swinehart trailed. On Lap 8, Whitmoyer motored by Smith to move into second-place and on Lap 10 Whitmoyer drove it underneath Young exiting Turn 4 to become the new race leader.

With 10-laps remaining, Whitmoyer was a full straightaway in front, with Young, Smith and Mammana trailing.

With the white flag waving, Mammana went by Smith to advance to third, as Mike Lisowski, who started 21st in the 25-car starting field, took fifth.

Crossing under the checkered it was Whitmoyer earning his first win this season, becoming the 11th different winner in the division this season. The triumph for Whitmoyer was the 10th of his career and his first at the track since July 8, 2017. Whitmoyer received in addition to first place money a $75 product award from VP Racing Fuels and $100 from T.P. Trailers.

Young held on to finish runner-up, followed by Mammana, Smith and Lisowski.

With 24 Sportsman cars on hand the heat race winners were Mammana, Young and Whitmoyer. No consolation race was needed.

“We made some changes to the car and we had a fast hot rod,” offered Whitmoyer. “We have been running the 604 down here all year and we made the right changes. We’ve been tweaking it all year and I’ve got a great crew. Those guys do all the work on this thing. I just show up and drive and all the credit goes to them. With this combination the car was just glued to the bottom tonight and we were a rocket.”

In the 25-lap Late Model feature event, outside front row starter Kyle Merkel jumped out in front with the green over Drew Weisser and current point leader Danny Snyder. Former division champion Lou Egrie moved into third on Lap 2, dropping Snyder to fourth.

The laps clicked off, with Merkel pulling out to a safe advantage as the race leader.

By Lap 11, 9-time division champion Chuck Schutz, of Pottstown, PA moved into fifth-place, after starting in ninth. Three circuits later, Schutz advanced into fourth-place and with five tours remaining, Merkel suddenly slowed down the back part of the speedway due to motor issues, bringing out the first caution of the race.

On the restart, Weisser was out in front, with Schutz powering into second-place. With 22 complete, Schutz climbed to the top, becoming the new race leader. Cautions after 23-laps and again after 24-laps bunched up the field.

Schutz easily won his second consecutive main event and his third of the season, increasing his career win total to 51 overall. Schutz in addition took home a $100 VP Racing Fuels product award and $100 from T.P. Trailers.

Weisser finished a solid second in front of Snyder, Wayne Pfeil and Steve Wilson at the checkered.

“I had to wait until the track dried out so it would free my car up there and tonight it worked out pretty good,” said Schutz. “The car was vibrating again at the end, but I’m not sure why that is. I was working the bottom and glad that the caution came out. It evened up the playing field there a little.”

Exciting racing action returns to Grandview Speedway on Saturday, September 8th, with the running of WNPV1440 Radio Champion’s Night. The T.P.Trailers NASCAR 358 Modifieds, Sportsman and Late Models will all be battling to decide who will win the lucrative NASCAR/track chsmpionships. Racing starts at 7:30 p.m.

Fans are reminded that advance tickets for the 48th Annual Freedom 76 set for Saturday, September 15 will be on sale. The race pays $25,000 to win and is expected to attract many of the top talents in the sport. Advance tickets are priced at $35 while tickets purchased on race day will be $40.

In addition the Freedom 38 takes place on Friday night, 7 p.m. featuring the Sportsman, MASS Sprints and practice sessions for the Modifieds planning to race the next night.

Lap sponsorships, $20 each, are still available for the Freedom 76. See Tina Rogers or Tommy Kramer at the track.

For latest information check in at, Facebook or telephone 610.754.7688.

PIONEER POLE BUILDINGS NASCAR T.P.TRAILERS 358 Modified Feature (50 laps) - 1) Ray Swinehart, 2) Jared Umbenhauer, 3) Doug Manmiller, 4) Craig Von Dohren, 5) Meme DeSantis, 6) John Willman, 7) Mike Gular, 8) Briggs Danner, 9) Kevin Hirthler, 10) Rick Laubach, 11) Brian Krummel, 12) Brian Hirthler, 13) Kenny Gilmore, 14) Jordan Henn, 15) Danny Erb, 16) Clay Butler, 17) Joe Fanelli, 18) Bobby Trapper Jr., 19) Brett Gilmore, 20) Jeff Strunk, 21) Ryan Grim, 22) Chris Esposito, 23) Mark Kratz, 24) Bobby Trapper Sr., 25) Brett Kressley, 26) Ryan Godown, 27) Duane Howard, 28) Kyle Weiss, 29) Colt Harris, 30) Steve Swinehart, 31) Frank Cozze.

Late Models (25 laps) – 1) Chuck Schutz, 2) Drew Weisser, 3) Danny Snyder, 4) Wayne Pfeil, 5) Steve Wilson, 6) Lou Egrie, 7) Patrick Robinson, 8) Cory Merkel, 9) Kyle Merkel, 10) Stephen Todorow, DNS Scott McMichael, Terry Snyder.

Sportsman (25 laps) - 1) Craig Whitmoyer, 2) Steve Young, 3) Mike Mammana, 4) Derrick Smith, 5) Mike Lisowski, 6) Dylan Swinehart, 7) Brad Grim, 8) Kyle Lilick, 9) Kurt Bettler, 10) Louden Reimert, 11) Kenny Eckert Jr., 12) Mark Kemmerer, 13) Mike Kellner, 14) Andy Clemmer, 15) Jesse Landis, 16) Ryan Beltz, 17) Lex Shive, 18) Brad Arnold 19) Kenny Bock, 20) Nicho Flammer, 21) Blaike Bracelin, 22) Nathan Mohr, 23) Sean Weiss, 24) Brad Brightbill.