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Bridgeport, NJ Friday 1/4 show moved to Sunday
Williams Grove, PA.
Accord, NY.
Big Diamond, PA.

Bridgeport Speedway (NJ)
New Egypt Speedway (NJ) MASS Sprints
Wall Stadium (NJ)
Grandview Speedway (PA)
Williams Grove Speedway (PA) World of Outlaws
Fremont Speedway (OH)

Joey Biasi celebrates his win at Big Diamond (Steve Koletar Photo)


Pottsville, PA........Joey Biasi of Mary D, Pa. won Friday night's 25-lap USAC East Coast Sprint race at Big Diamond Speedway. He passed Steven Drevicki on lap 12 and led the rest of the way to beat Drevicki, Trevor Kobylarz, Ryan Godown and Chandler Leiby. The series now heads for Saturday's race at Path Valley Speedway in Spring Run, Pa.

USAC EAST COAST SPRINT CAR RACE RESULTS: July 20, 2018 - Pottsville, Pennsylvania - Big Diamond Speedway

FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Trevor Kobylarz (#14 Kobylarz), 2. Kyle Lick (#8 Lick), 3. Ryan Godown (#4 Freyer), 4. Chandler Leiby (#119 Leiby), 5. Bill Unglert (#33B Unglert), 6. Carmen Perigo (#21 Stehman), 7. Trey Hivner (#7 TH Racing), 8. Heidi Hedin (#3H Hedin), 9. Chris Dyson (#20 Dysaon/Michael), 10. Bobby Sandt Jr, (#131). NT

SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Eddie Strada (#5G Gallagher), 2. Joey Biasi (#B1 Biasi), 3. Steven Drevicki (#19 Drevicki), 4. Coleman Gulick (#14c Gulick), 5. Eric Jennings (#32 Neiger/Hamilton), 6. Chris Allen Jr. (#71 Allen), 7. Ryan Quackenbush (#5Q RQR Racing), 8. Kyle Purks (#B1 Biasi), 9. Brian Riccio (#09 Riccio), 10. Jason Cherry (#67c Cherry). NT

FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. Joey Biasi, 2. Steven Drevicki, 3. Trevor Kobylarz, 4. Ryan Godown, 5. Chandler Leiby, 6. Kyle Lick, 7. Carmen Perigo, 8. Eddie Strada, 9. Bill Unglert, 10. Chris Allen Jr., 11. Coleman Gulick, 12. Eric Jennings, 13. Chris Dyson, 14. Trey Hivner, 15. Heidi Hedin, 16. Brian Riccio, 17. Jason Cherry, 18. Ryan Quackenbush, 19. Bobby Sandt Jr., 20. Kyle Purks. NT
**Quackenbush flipped on lap 20 of the feature.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-11 Drevicki, Laps 12-25 Biasi.

FRANK'S FINE SWINE & BEEF HARD CHARGER: Carmen Perigo (#11th-7th)

NEW USAC EAST COAST SPRINT POINTS: 1-Drevicki-438, 2-Biasi-405, 3-Strada-380, 4-Leiby-370, 5-Godown-347, 6-Kobylarz-279, 7-Quackenbush-267, 8-Mark Bitner-246, 9-Unglert-222, 10-Jennings-220.

NEXT USAC EAST COAST SPRINT CAR RACE: July 21 - Spring Run, PA - Path Valley Speedway

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Swedesboro, NJ........Coleman Gulick of Bridgehampton, N.Y. won Tuesday night's 25-lap USAC East Coast Sprint race at Bridgeport Speedway. He passed Joey Biasi on lap five and led the rest of the way to beat Steven Drevicki, Ryan Godown, Biasi and Eddie Strada. The series continues Friday night at Big Diamond Speedway in Pottsville, Pa.

USAC EAST COAST SPRINT CAR RACE RESULTS: July 17, 2018 - Swedesboro, New Jersey - Bridgeport Speedway - "Three for All"

FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Bill Unglert (#33b Unglert), 2. Coleman Gulick (#14c Gulick), 3. Trevor Kobylarz (#14 Kobylarz), 4. Steve Surniak (#1st Surniak), 5. Josh Swanson (#17j Swanson), 6. Heidi Hedin (#3h Hedin), 7. Bobby Sandt Jr. (#131 Sandt), 8. Larry Drake (#8 Drake). NT

SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Chandler Leiby (#119 Leiby), 2. Kyle Lick (#8L Lick), 3. Trey Hivner (#7 TH Racing), 4. Ryan Quackenbush (#5Q RQR Racing), 5. Brian Riccio (#09 Riccio), 6. Dean Conk Jr. (#115 Conk), 7. Zach Burd (#5z Burd), 8. Craig Pelligrini (#27c Pelligrini). NT

THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Steven Drevicki (#19 Drevicki), 2. Mark Bitner (#15 Bitner), 3. Joey Biasi (#B1 Biasi), 4. Chris Allen Jr. (#71 Allen), 5. Eric Jennings (#32 Neiger/Hamilton), 6. Ryan Godown (#4F Freyer), 7. Eddie Strada (#5G Gallagher). NT

CONSOLATION RACE: (12 laps) 1. Strada, 2. Godown, 3. Sandt, 4. Hedin, 5. Burd, 6. Pelligrini, Conk, 8. Drake. NT

FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. Coleman Gulick, 2. Steven Drevicki, 3. Ryan Godown, 4. Joey Biasi, 5. Eddie Strada, 6. Trevor Kobylarz, 7. Bill Undlert, 8. Chris Allen Jr., 9. Eric Jennings, 10. Mark Bitner, 11. John Swanson, 12. Brian Riccio, 13. Zach Burd, 14. Bobby Sandt Jr., 15. Heidi Hedin, 16. Craig Pelligrini, 17. Trey Hivner, 18. Ryan Quackenbush, 19. Chandler Leiby, 20. Steve Surniak, 21. Kyle Lick. NT
**Leiby flipped on lap 10 of the feature.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-4 Biasi, Laps 5-25 Gulick.


NEW USAC EAST COAST SPRINT POINTS: 1-Drevicki-365, 2-Biasi-328, 3-Strada-323, 4-Leiby-307, 5-Godown-280, 6-Bitner-246, 7-Quackenbush-238, 8-Kobylarz-207, 9-Jennings-177, 10-Unglert-172.

NEXT USAC EAST COAST SPRINT CAR RACE: July 20 - Pottsville, PA - Big Diamond Speedway

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The United States Auto Club.









Driven2SaveLives BC39


INDIANAPOLIS, Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - The Indianapolis Motor Speedway will add to its luster as the Racing Capital of the World with the construction of a quarter-mile dirt track inside its famous oval, hosting a United States Auto Club Midget National Championship event during Big Machine Vodka 400 at the Brickyard Powered by Florida Georgia Line race week in early September.

Race week for the Big Machine Vodka 400 at the Brickyard powered by Florida Georgia Line will feature an even wider variety of thrilling action with the USAC P1 Insurance Midget National Championship competing in a two-night spectacular event, the Driven2SaveLives BC39, on Wednesday, Sept. 5 and Thursday, Sept. 6. The event honors late USAC champion and three-time Indianapolis 500 starter Bryan Clauson and increases awareness of Indiana Donor Network and Driven2SaveLives.

The Driven2SaveLives BC39 will include a unique format ending with a 39-lap feature Sept. 6 in the richest Midget racing event in recent history. The event will feature more than $70,000 in purse and incentives, including a $15,000 winner's purse - the largest in Midget racing.

Dirt and asphalt racers from around the country have expressed interest in the event, with a large and diverse field - including NASCAR Cup Series drivers - expected to compete.

"This is an exciting new chapter of the longtime relationship between USAC and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and reinforces the connection between short-track racing and this facility," IMS President J. Douglas Boles said. "The Speedway truly is The Greatest Race Course in the World, and adding a dirt track will create even more opportunities for fans to enjoy the magic of IMS. We can't wait to see some of the best drivers and teams in America compete here during Brickyard race week."

Construction of The Dirt Track at IMS, located inside Turn 3 of the oval, started last week with the first loads of Indiana clay arriving for grading. Concrete walls and safety fencing will be constructed during the summer, and portable lights will illuminate the track.

Reece O'Connor of Kokomo (Indiana) Speedway is overseeing the track design and layout and supervising the construction. Allegiant International, a multinational advisory and consultancy firm based in Indianapolis, is facilitating the project.

The United States Auto Club and IMS were synonymous for many years after the sanctioning body was formed in 1956 by IMS owner Tony Hulman. USAC was the sanctioning body for the Indianapolis 500 from 1956 through 1997.

"Over the years, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has played such a critical part not only in the formation but also the successful growth of the United States Auto Club," USAC President/CEO Kevin Miller said. "Our roots originated at IMS, and our passion continues to reside here. To have USAC return to hosting a race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a historic and exciting new chapter for our Midget series. We are beyond thrilled for both our competitors and fans to add this race to our 2018 calendar."

Ticket prices will range from $35-50 and go on sale in mid-July. Camping also will be available. Visit for more information about this event and to learn when tickets become available.

Indiana Donor Network, which oversees and coordinates organ, tissue and eye donation across the state, launched Driven2SaveLives in April 2016 with Verizon IndyCar Series driver Stefan Wilson to promote donation and transplantation awareness around the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500. At the time, the campaign honored Stefan's late brother, IndyCar race winner Justin Wilson, who died in August 2015 from injuries he sustained in a race crash and saved five lives as an organ donor.

Three-time USAC Midget and two-time USAC Sprint Car national champion Clauson, a versatile and beloved driver, died in August 2016 following a race accident. As a registered donor, he went on to save five lives as an organ donor and continues to heal the lives of countless others as a tissue donor. In January 2017, Indiana Donor Network partnered with Clauson-Marshall Racing and expanded Driven2SaveLives into dirt track racing in honor of Clauson.

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Wall Stadium

DATE OF EVENT: June 9, 2018
DATE OF RELEASE: June 9, 2018
CONTACT: Jeff Gravatt


WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. ~ Jimmy Blewett continued his winning ways in the All American Auto Group Racing Series at Wall Stadium Speedway Saturday night by taking his record setting fifth victory in the 125-lap Garden State Classic for the Pete and Elda's Bar/Carmen's Pizzeria Modified stock cars. It was also his second straight classic win and his fifth Modified win of the 2018 season.

Blewett started tenth on the grid and began his charge to the front as Jason Treat of Jackson and Ricky Collins of Willow Grove, Pa. took turns leading the early circuits. Blewett then pitted on the tenth lap with a flat right front tire before rejoining the race at the rear of the field.

Holmdel's Andrew Krause, Steven Reed of Jackson and Howell's Blewett then moved into the top four just past the 40-lap mark as Treat continued to lead the way. By lap 50 Krause, Blewett and Howell's Eric Mauriello advanced to the top three while Reed held down the fourth spot.

Soon most of the field pitted for the allowed two tires while Reed elected to stay on the speedway. The fresh rubber was an obvious benefit on the restart as Krause, Blewett and Mauriello rocketed to the front while Reed faded. As the race wore on Krause and Blewett wrestled for the lead until the duo tangled and spun on the backstretch on lap 109. Mauriello then took over the lead but crashed on a lap 115 restart. While several cars were tied up in this mishap, Blewett was able to slip through for the lead and the win.

Marc Rogers of Forked River, the recovering Mauriello, Shanon Mongeau of Manchester and Krause completed the top five.

“It gets tougher and tougher the more you win,” Blewett said. “But no matter what, we work hard and never give up. This fifth win in this race is real special for me, my family, my crew and my sponsors. I had plans of missing a few races here for tour races, but that might change. I might just settle in here for the season.”

Former champion Scott Riggleman of Jackson won the companion 25-lapper for the O'Shea's Auto Repair Factory Stocks taking the lead after a ninth lap caution flag. Mike Montano of Freeport, N.Y., Farmingdale's Kenny Green, Elliott Wohl of Bayville and John Bowers of Pt. Pleasant wrapped up the top five.

Sal Liguori of Union Beach overcame an early race tangle and a pit stop for repairs to win the 25-lapper for the Surfside Collision 4 Cylinder Stocks. Early leader Darianne McLaren of Union was impressive leading until lap 23 and finishing second. Jay Conrad of Jackson, Howell's Brian Osborn and Chris Silvestri of Hazlet completed the top five.

Nick Van Wickle of Edgewater Park looked strong in leading the 20-lapper for the Green Flag Driving Experience Legend Cars until the final lap, but when his motor soured at the end Peter Bruno of Little Silver raced in for the win. Eugene Drew of Oakland, Nick Van Wickle, Brick's Roger Nickerson and James Van Wickle were second through fifth.

The All American Auto Group Racing Series continues this Saturday evening (June 16) with the Modifieds, Center State Engineering Sportsman cars, Mike's Performance Center Limited Late Models, Legend Cars, 4 Cylinder Stocks and the Factory Stocks all in racing action. Dads and Grand Dads will be honored during this Father's Day weekend event. Grandstands open at 5:00 p.m., with qualifying set for 5:45 p.m. and feature action set for 7:00 p.m.

Saturday night racing action continues through early October with schedule details at

Wall Stadium is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400 and email address is


MODIFIED FEATURE – 125 Laps – 1. JIMMY BLEWETT, HOWELL, 2. Marc Rogers, 3. Eric Mauriello, 4. Shanon Mongeau, 5. Andrew Krause, 6. Jonathan Mandato, 7. Adam LaCicero, 8. Kyle Scisco, 9. Jason Treat, 10. Tyler Truex, 11. Shaun Carrig, 12. Steven Reed, 13. Ricky Collins, 14. Chas Okerson, 15. Kenny Van Wickle

FACTORY STOCK FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. SCOTTT RIGGLEMAN, MANCHESTER, 2. Mike Montano, 3. Kenny Green, 4. Elliott Wohl, 5. John Bowers, 6. Richie Byrne, 7. John Carpenter, 8. Tony Bartone, 9. Tim Majek, 10. Bryan O'Shea, 11. Gerry Koenig, 12. Tom Rajkowski, 13. Waylon Speer, 14. Robert Ptaszynski, 15. Nancy Riggleman, 16. Theresa Collins, 17. Matt Badessa, 18. Whitey Miller, 19. Robert DePonte, 20. Matt Malachatka, 21. Ron Booth

4 CYLINDER STOCK FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. SAL LIGUORI, UNION BEACH, 2. Darianne McLaren, 3. Jay Conrad, 4. Brian Osborn, 5. Chris Silvestri, 6. Nicole Razzano, 7. TJ Graves, 8. Darren Burdge, 9. Willie Davis, 10. Jennifer Schultz, 11. Jeff Loesch, 12. Cody Burbank, 13. Neil Rutt, 14. Mike Lavery, 15. Richard Smith

LEGEND CARS FEATURE – 20 Laps – 1. PETER BRUNO, LITTLE SILVER, 2. Eugene Drew, 3. Nick Van Wickle, 4. Roger Nickerson, 5. James Van Wickle

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