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Winner Donny Schatz (Trent Gower Photo)

JUST SEND IT: Schatz Edges Larson on Last Lap in Lake Ozark Thriller
10-time World of Outlaws champ claims second victory of the year

ELDON, MO – May 30, 2020 – After more than 1,700 starts with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series and 10 championships, Donny Schatz is still learning.

Every race provides a new hurdle to leap and a new challenge to conquer. Saturday night at Lake Ozark Speedway, that challenge was Kyle Larson.

The two titans of Sprint Car racing waged a war of slide jobs and chance in their quest to claim the $10,000 top prize on the final night of the doubleheader event. Schatz had to throw everything his Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing #15 car could handle to deny Larson his second World of Outlaws win in a week.

After 35 laps of fierce competition between Schatz and Larson and swapping the lead multiple times at the halfway point, Schatz learned there was only one final option to claim victory with a lap to go.

“I decided I was just going to send it,” Schatz said about his winning move. “He would have done the same thing. I got a run on him there in (turns) one and two. We went into (turn) three and I just went. … I was stuck pretty decent. Happy to get the win. It’s about time here. Feels like it’s been forever.”

After sliding by Larson for the lead off Turn 4 with the white flag in the air, the Fargo, ND driver claimed his second win of the season and became the first driver to win multiple World of Outlaws races at the 1/3-mile track.

“I’ve been out here 24 years,” Schatz said. “Every night is a learning experience still. You just have to take what you learned day in, and day out and just make a decision. At this point it is just instinct. The hard part is getting these cars right, the way you want them to stick with the tires and all of that. My guys, incredible what they’ve done all weekend.”

Larson appeared to have everything in place throughout the night to win at Lake Ozark in just his second Series start at the track. He went out first for qualifying. Set Quick Time. Won his Drydene Heat Race. Won the DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash. And then gapped the field by close to a full straightaway at the start of the 35-lap Feature.

Schatz was a quiet threat all night, making his way into the Dash and earning a fourth-place starting spot for the Feature. He made quick work of Shane Stewart and Kraig Kinser in front of him to move into second by Lap 4. Larson was out of sight. But when he hit lap traffic a few laps later, he was invincible no more.

Committed to the bottom, Schatz hacked away at Larson’s lead and darted underneath him on the exit of Turn 2 by the halfway point. He led the next four laps before getting held up by a lap car and allowing Larson to steal the lead back.

While still focused on making another attack at Larson for the lead, Schatz now had to also worry about holding off reigning champion Brad Sweet behind him. In doing so, Larson began to distance himself from Schatz.

The win was in Larson’s hands. While holding Sweet behind with one hand, Schatz tried to reach for Larson with the other, looking underneath the #57 car each corner, but was never close enough to put fear in Larson’s hopes.

However, a late caution, creating a green-white-checkered finish, gave Schatz one last attempt to try something. Anything from what he’d learned. With a run off Turn 2 that kept him in tow with Larson down the backstretch, Schatz “sent it.” He dove underneath Larson going into Turn 3 and cleared him off Turn 4 to drive away with the victory, leaving the two California drivers behind him to round out the podium.

“Obviously, it would have been nice to get the win,” Larson said with a heavy breath after his runner-up performance. “I figured Donny would have ripped the middle. On the restarts before he would almost clear me anyway here in (turns) three and four. So, I should have just known to protect and block his momentum.”

His brother-in-law and Kasey Kahne Racing driver Brad Sweet finished third – after starting ninth. He continues to sit in the runner-up spot in the championship points, but with points leader Logan Schuchart finishing sixth, Sweet is now 12 points behind him.

Schatz is still third in points – 28 points behind Schuchart – but relishes his victory. He won the season opening race at Volusia Speedway Park in February and hadn’t finished in the top-five since then until this weekend. He is now only four wins away from 300 career World of Outlaws wins.

“I’m very satisfied,” said an elated Schatz about his victory. “It’s a crazy time in the world. All we can do is do our part to be good people. We’re back racing. That’s the important part for us. That’s who I’m made of. Glad to be here. Glad you [fans] are all here. Hopefully we can get to a point where you can see my ugly face again without this mask and we can all have a great time like we used to.”


The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series returns to Beaver Dam Raceway in Beaver Dam, WI on Fri., June 5 and Sat., June 6 for another thrilling doubleheader weekend with $16,000-to-win on the line between the two days. Tickets are sold out for Saturday’s event, but you can still get tickets for Friday’s event by clicking here.

If you can’t make it to the track, you can watch all of the action live on

Race Results: 5/30/20 – Lake Ozark Speedway

NOS Energy Drink Feature (35 Laps) – 1. 15-Donny Schatz [4][$10,000]; 2. 57-Kyle Larson [1][$5,000]; 3. 49-Brad Sweet [9][$3,000]; 4. 71-Shane Stewart [3][$2,700]; 5. 41-David Gravel [11][$2,500]; 6. 1S-Logan Schuchart [12][$2,200]; 7. 11K-Kraig Kinser [2][$2,000]; 8. 83-Daryn Pittman [10][$1,800]; 9. 2-Carson Macedo [17][$1,600]; 10. 18-Ian Madsen [7][$1,450]; 11. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [5][$1,300]; 12. 7S-Jason Sides [16][$1,200]; 13. 3X-Ayrton Gennetten [14][$1,100]; 14. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [8][$1,000]; 15. 24-Rico Abreu [21][$950]; 16. 39M-Anthony Macri [22][$900]; 17. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [23][$850]; 18. 21X-Carson Short [24][$750]; 19. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt [20][$725]; 20. 14-Parker Price-Miller [13][$700]; 21. 3-Jac Haudenschild [18][$700]; 22. 1A-Jacob Allen [6][$700]; 23. 7BC-Tyler Courtney [19][$700]; 24. 2M-Kerry Madsen [15][$700]; Lap Leaders: Kyle Larson 1-14, 19-34; Donny Schatz 15-18, 35; KSE Hard Charger Award: 2-Carson Macedo[+8]

Qualifying – 1. 57-Kyle Larson, 11.426; 2. 18-Ian Madsen, 11.588; 3. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild, 11.599; 4. 15H-Sam Hafertepe, 11.618; 5. 71-Shane Stewart, 11.639; 6. 15-Donny Schatz, 11.703; 7. 11K-Kraig Kinser, 11.812; 8. 1A-Jacob Allen, 11.822; 9. 14-Parker Price-Miller, 11.845; 10. 3X-Ayrton Gennetten, 11.862; 11. 41-David Gravel, 11.931; 12. 7S-Jason Sides, 11.938; 13. 49-Brad Sweet, 11.959; 14. 83-Daryn Pittman, 11.968; 15. 7BC-Tyler Courtney, 11.991; 16. 1S-Logan Schuchart, 11.995; 17. 2-Carson Macedo, 12.017; 18. 39M-Anthony Macri, 12.019; 19. 2C-Wayne Johnson, 12.063; 20. 9-Kasey Kahne, 12.096; 21. 41S-Dominic Scelzi, 12.108; 22. 3-Jac Haudenschild, 12.117; 23. 2M-Kerry Madsen, 12.136; 24. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt, 12.154; 25. 21X-Carson Short, 12.188; 26. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey, 12.198; 27. 91-Cale Thomas, 12.21; 28. 23B-Brian Bell, 12.217; 29. 14E-Kyle Bellm, 12.241; 30. 6-Bill Rose, 12.258; 31. 21-Brian Brown, 12.317; 32. 49J-Josh Schneiderman, 12.326; 33. 33M-Mason Daniel, 12.342; 34. 5-Brent Marks, 12.38; 35. 24-Rico Abreu, 12.394; 36. 6X-Frank Rodgers, NT

DRYDENE Heat #1 (10 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 57-Kyle Larson [1]; 2. 71-Shane Stewart [2]; 3. 49-Brad Sweet [4]; 4. 14-Parker Price-Miller [3]; 5. 2-Carson Macedo [5]; 6. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [6]; 7. 21X-Carson Short [7]; 8. 33M-Mason Daniel [9]; 9. 14E-Kyle Bellm [8]

DRYDENE Heat #2 (10 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 18-Ian Madsen [1]; 2. 15-Donny Schatz [2]; 3. 83-Daryn Pittman [4]; 4. 3X-Ayrton Gennetten [3]; 5. 3-Jac Haudenschild [6]; 6. 39M-Anthony Macri [5]; 7. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey [7]; 8. 5-Brent Marks [9]; 9. 6-Bill Rose [8]

DRYDENE Heat #3 (10 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 11K-Kraig Kinser [2]; 2. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [1]; 3. 41-David Gravel [3]; 4. 2M-Kerry Madsen [6]; 5. 7BC-Tyler Courtney [4]; 6. 24-Rico Abreu [9]; 7. 91-Cale Thomas [7]; 8. 2C-Wayne Johnson [5]; 9. 21-Brian Brown [8]

DRYDENE Heat #4 (10 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [1]; 2. 1A-Jacob Allen [2]; 3. 1S-Logan Schuchart [4]; 4. 7S-Jason Sides [3]; 5. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt [6]; 6. 9-Kasey Kahne [5]; 7. 23B-Brian Bell [7]; 8. 49J-Josh Schneiderman [8]; 9. 6X-Frank Rodgers [9]

DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash (8 Laps) – 1. 57-Kyle Larson [1]; 2. 11K-Kraig Kinser [2]; 3. 71-Shane Stewart [5]; 4. 15-Donny Schatz [6]; 5. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [8]; 6. 1A-Jacob Allen [4]; 7. 18-Ian Madsen [7]; 8. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [3]

Last Chance Showdown (12 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer – 1. 24-Rico Abreu [4][-]; 2. 39M-Anthony Macri [1][-]; 3. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [3][-]; 4. 21X-Carson Short [6][-]; 5. 2C-Wayne Johnson [2][$300]; 6. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey [7][$250]; 7. 91-Cale Thomas [8][$225]; 8. 5-Brent Marks [11][$200]; 9. 9-Kasey Kahne [5][$200]; 10. 33M-Mason Daniel [10][$200]; 11. 23B-Brian Bell [9][$200]; 12. 49J-Josh Schneiderman [12][$200]; 13. 14E-Kyle Bellm [13][$200]; 14. 6-Bill Rose [14][$200]; 15. 21-Brian Brown [15][$200]; 16. 6X-Frank Rodgers [16][$200]

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World of Outlaws

Contact: Nick Graziano
World of Outlaws PR

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Winner Logan Schuchart (Trent Gower Photo)

LAKE SHARK: Logan Schuchart sails to World of Outlaws win at Lake Ozark Speedway
Shark Racing pilot extends his points lead over reigning champion Brad Sweet

ELDON, MO – Logan Schuchart won his second race of the 2020 World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series season in the same fashion he won his first – having never won at the track before, nor led a lap there.

On Friday night, that track was Lake Ozark Speedway. The Hanover, PA driver and his Shark Racing Team dominated the night, leading all 30 laps en route to his 18th career Series win – tying Brad Doty for 28th on the all-time wins list. In February, he pulled off a similar feat to win at Volusia Speedway Park.

“I think it’s just learning and learning,” Schuchart said about his strong start to the season. “You see teams do well early and then struggle in the summertime or toward the end of the year. I feel like we’re clicking right now, and everyone is working on the same page. We’re going back to some of these racetracks that we’ve had some bad runs at in the past, but we’re qualifying well and running good in the Heat races. We’re just putting the whole night together.”

He’s still yet to finish outside the top-five this season and is now the second driver to have multiple wins – the other being reigning champion Brad Sweet. And with Sweet having to use a rare provisional to start the Feature – finishing eighth – Schuchart now holds an 18-point lead over the Kasey Kahne Racing driver – his biggest margin since taking the top spot for the first time in his career after Knoxville.

The night looked like it might go to his Shark Racing teammate and uncle Jacob Allen, though. He powered past Sheldon Haudenschild to win his Drydene Heat Race and then outdueled Schuchart for the lead in the DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash.

The two occupied the front row for the Feature – a family battle the limited crowd in the stands and thousands watching on DIRTVision were eager to see.

Schuchart edged ahead of Allen on the initial start, but Allen fought to stay next to him as hard as he could without running into his fellow Drydene car. With the advantage of the momentum he could carry off the corner running the top line, Schuchart cleared Allen for the lead at the conclusion of the first lap.

Allen – whose best finish at Lake Ozark is 11th – was putting on one of his best performances at the 1/3-mile track, keeping pace with Schuchart in early laps of the race. On a restart with five laps completed, Allen got the jump on Schuchart and pulled ahead to the lead. However, when he ventured into Turn 1, he hit a rut, bicycled and flipped. He was OK, but his night was over, finishing 25th.

He took to Twitter after the race and said, “I want to win more than anything, I don’t get down on myself about if the cards don’t play out right. I always am trying to get better after every race to see what I can do to be more ready for the next time! I feel proud to be able to compete for wins with the Outlaws.”

With Schuchart still holding the lead, Haudenschild was the next contender to try and dethrone the king shark. But Schuchart was too strong. He pulled away to a half a straightaway lead over the NOS Energy Drink #17 car.

Lap traffic came into play at the halfway point of the race, hindering Schuchart’s speed. Haudenschild then saw the Drydene #1S back up to him every lap. The half-a-straightaway gap dwindled to about a car length. Haudenschild could smell redemption after flipping while leading last week at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55.

Schuchart showed poise and patience with the slower cars, though. He never forced the issue on a pass. He went where they weren’t and methodically worked his way by.

Then, with eight laps to go, Haudenschild got crossed up in Turn 2, nearly spinning. He made the save and held onto second, but Schuchart was gone – about a full straightaway ahead.

With no pressure from behind, Schuchart cruised to his first win at Lake Ozark Speedway.

“I didn’t feel very good at certain times, but we just worked our way through traffic,” Schuchart said. “I figured Sheldon would be up top, bouncing against something but there wasn’t a whole lot up there. You kind of just had to hit the holes and the ruts the right way and get yourself through them.”

While he didn’t pick up the win, Haudenschild’s second-place run was a boost for he and his Stenhouse Jr.-Marshall Racing team.

“My guys have been working really hard,” Haudenschild said about his Ricky Stenhouse Jr. owned team. “We had a rough week last week, so to get on the podium this week feels good for them.”

Ten-time Series champion Donny Schatz and his Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing team also had a solid recovery from last weekend – where he also had to use a rare provisional to start the Feature – by finishing third.

“We just need to get qualified better, so we don’t have to pass so many cars,” Schatz joked after the race. “These (TSR) guys are solid. It’s a challenge trying to get a good balance with all of this horsepower. Ford does a good job. Sometimes too good of a job. We’re working on that, trying to get caught up and tonight was a big step in that.”

Sweet found himself barrel rolling in Turn 3 after contact from Anthony Macri in his Heat Race, which put him in the back of the Last Chance Showdown. He was unable to make his way into a transfer position in time and used a provisional to start at the rear of the Feature. He charged from 25th to eighth, earning the KSE Hard Charger award for the night. His teammate and car owner Kasey Kahne set Quick Time at the beginning of the night and finished 12th in the Feature, two spots behind last Saturday’s winner, Kyle Larson, who was 10th.


Schuchart will have a chance to sweep the weekend on Sat., May 30 for the final night of the doubleheader event at Lake Ozark Speedway with $10,000-to-win on the line. Tickets for the event are sold out, but you can watch all of the action live on DIRTVision.

Race Results: 5/29/20 – Lake Ozark Speedway

NOS Energy Drink Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 1S-Logan Schuchart [2][$6,000]; 2. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [7][$3,000]; 3. 15-Donny Schatz [11][$2,300]; 4. 71-Shane Stewart [6][$2,000]; 5. 2M-Kerry Madsen [18][$1,850]; 6. 41-David Gravel [5][$1,750]; 7. 18-Ian Madsen [3][$1,550]; 8. 49-Brad Sweet [25][$650]; 9. 2-Carson Macedo [9][$1,250]; 10. 57-Kyle Larson [19][$1,100]; 11. 7BC-Tyler Courtney [8][$1,000]; 12. 9-Kasey Kahne [4][$950]; 13. 83-Daryn Pittman [12][$900]; 14. 14-Parker Price-Miller [15][$850]; 15. 3X-Ayrton Gennetten [16][$800]; 16. 91-Cale Thomas [10][$750]; 17. 7S-Jason Sides [13][$700]; 18. 3-Jac Haudenschild [17][$700]; 19. 39M-Anthony Macri [24][$700]; 20. 11K-Kraig Kinser [23][$700]; 21. 49J-Josh Schneiderman [20][$700]; 22. 23B-Brian Bell [21][$700]; 23. 14E-Kyle Bellm [22][$700]; 24. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [14][$700]; 25. 1A-Jacob Allen [1][$700]; Lap Leaders: Logan Schuchart 1-30; KSE Hard Charger Award: 49-Brad Sweet[+17]

Qualifying – 1. 9-Kasey Kahne, 11.647; 2. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild, 11.726; 3. 18-Ian Madsen, 11.746; 4. 41-David Gravel, 11.766; 5. 7BC-Tyler Courtney, 11.812; 6. 1A-Jacob Allen, 11.873; 7. 1S-Logan Schuchart, 11.875; 8. 71-Shane Stewart, 11.911; 9. 49-Brad Sweet, 11.92; 10. 91-Cale Thomas, 11.993; 11. 14-Parker Price-Miller, 11.993; 12. 49J-Josh Schneiderman, 12.022; 13. 7S-Jason Sides, 12.044; 14. 15H-Sam Hafertepe, 12.067; 15. 15-Donny Schatz, 12.094; 16. 83-Daryn Pittman, 12.101; 17. 2-Carson Macedo, 12.199; 18. 23B-Brian Bell, 12.223; 19. 14E-Kyle Bellm, 12.225; 20. 33M-Mason Daniel, 12.226; 21. 39M-Anthony Macri, 12.237; 22. 2M-Kerry Madsen, 12.263; 23. 57-Kyle Larson, 12.265; 24. 3X-Ayrton Gennetten, 12.271; 25. 3-Jac Haudenschild, 12.275; 26. 21-Brian Brown, 12.386; 27. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey, 12.39; 28. 21X-Carson Short, 12.395; 29. 41S-Dominic Scelzi, 12.395; 30. 5-Brent Marks, 12.42; 31. 24-Rico Abreu, 12.442; 32. 2C-Wayne Johnson, 12.455; 33. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt, 12.475; 34. 11K-Kraig Kinser, 12.53; 35. 6-Bill Rose, 12.701

DRYDENE Heat #1 (10 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 7BC-Tyler Courtney [2]; 2. 9-Kasey Kahne [1]; 3. 2-Carson Macedo [5]; 4. 7S-Jason Sides [4]; 5. 3-Jac Haudenschild [7]; 6. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt [9]; 7. 39M-Anthony Macri [6]; 8. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [8]; 9. 49-Brad Sweet [3]

DRYDENE Heat #2 (10 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 1A-Jacob Allen [2]; 2. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [1]; 3. 91-Cale Thomas [3]; 4. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [4]; 5. 2M-Kerry Madsen [6]; 6. 11K-Kraig Kinser [9]; 7. 23B-Brian Bell [5]; 8. 21-Brian Brown [7]; 9. 5-Brent Marks [8]

DRYDENE Heat #3 (10 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 1S-Logan Schuchart [2]; 2. 18-Ian Madsen [1]; 3. 15-Donny Schatz [4]; 4. 14-Parker Price-Miller [3]; 5. 57-Kyle Larson [6]; 6. 14E-Kyle Bellm [5]; 7. 24-Rico Abreu [8]; 8. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey [7]; 9. 6-Bill Rose [9]

DRYDENE Heat #4 (10 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 41-David Gravel [1]; 2. 71-Shane Stewart [2]; 3. 83-Daryn Pittman [4]; 4. 3X-Ayrton Gennetten [6]; 5. 49J-Josh Schneiderman [3]; 6. 2C-Wayne Johnson [8]; 7. 21X-Carson Short [7]; 8. 33M-Mason Daniel [5]

DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash (8 Laps) – 1. 1A-Jacob Allen [2]; 2. 1S-Logan Schuchart [1]; 3. 18-Ian Madsen [4]; 4. 9-Kasey Kahne [5]; 5. 41-David Gravel [7]; 6. 71-Shane Stewart [8]; 7. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [6]; 8. 7BC-Tyler Courtney [3]

Last Chance Showdown (12 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer – 1. 23B-Brian Bell [1][-]; 2. 14E-Kyle Bellm [2][-]; 3. 11K-Kraig Kinser [4][-]; 4. 39M-Anthony Macri [6][-]; 5. 21X-Carson Short [8][$300]; 6. 5-Brent Marks [13][$250]; 7. 49-Brad Sweet [15][$225]; 8. 24-Rico Abreu [7][$200]; 9. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt [3][$200]; 10. 2C-Wayne Johnson [5][$200]; 11. 33M-Mason Daniel [12][$200]; 12. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey [11][$200]; 13. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [9][$200]; 14. 6-Bill Rose [14][$200]; 15. 21-Brian Brown [10][$200]

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World of Outlaws

Contact: Nick Graziano
World of Outlaws PR

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Winner Kyle Larson (Trent Gower Photo)

PERSONAL VICTORY: Kyle Larson earns emotional World of Outlaws win at I-55
Drydene Double Down Invitational thrilled fans on DIRTVision with Larson’s big win

PEVELY, MO – May 23, 2020 – Kyle Larson climbed out of his #57 Sprint Car and immediately threw his arms around crew chief and car owner Paul Silva.

The two embraced each other for a moment that was both congratulatory and compassion.

One of the highest profile drivers in motorsports, Larson’s last month and a half has been “life changing,” he said. By his side for the whole journey has been Silva, his family and fans.

On Saturday night, in front of a limited crowd of fans at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 on Memorial Day Weekend, he was able to turn a page in his journey and reward those who stuck behind him with a World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series victory. After a derogatory comment he made during an online racing event cost Larson much of what he built in NASCAR, he was visibly relieved after winning just three races into his return to his dirt racing roots.

“Can’t thank all of you fans enough for the support,” Larson said. “It really means a lot. My family. My friends. This win means so much personally. I can’t even describe it.”

He won big not only for his supporters, but for himself by winning the Drydene Double Down Invitational finale, which paid an incredible $20,000 top prize. The victory is his ninth career World of Outlaws win and first at I-55 — in only his second start there. He broke the track record at the 1/3-mile high-banked dirt oval and finished second in the Feature the night before, too.

While he made brother-in-law Brad Sweet fight for the win Friday night, Larson, again, had his work cut out for him to take the emotional victory on the second night of the doubleheader weekend.

Sweet and last year’s Ironman 55 winner Sheldon Haudenschild were shaping up to be the two top cars to beat. Both won Drydene Heat Races and Haudenschild set a blistering pace in the DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash, beating Sweet to the finish line by more than two seconds.

At the start of the 40-lap Feature, Sweet bested Haudenschild on the initial start and stole the lead. However, it only took Haudenschild two laps to get into a rhythm around the top of the track — the same line he used to win the Ironman by 10.3 sec. — and rocketed by Sweet as if he had an issue to reclaim the lead.

From then on Haudenschild seemed poised to repeat his Ironman performance. He pulled away from Sweet and sliced through traffic with the precision of a fighter jet.

Larson was on the move behind him, already up to second by Lap 10. However, two laps later he touched the wall with his right rear and broke the Jacobs Ladder on the rear end of the car that helps with handling. His car turned tight and his nerves rose, unsure how he’d fair for the rest of the race.

For some, that’s the end of their night. For Larson, he adapted and learned how to drive his car without it.

“It took me a handful of laps to get used to it,” Larson said. “I finally just started running the crap out of it. And keeping it wide open was the only way I could keep it from bouncing.”

With a handle on his car, Larson said he felt like he could run down Haudenschild and duel with him for the win like he did with Sweet the night before.

That opportunity came to an end on Lap 23 when Haudenschild went over the cushion going into Turn 1 and flipped.

Haudenschild took to Twitter after the race and said, “Man, hate it for my team. Had a great car all weekend. My guys don’t quit.”

Larson then inherited the lead for the final 17 laps. For the final half of the race he had to fend off challenges from Sweet and Brent Marks. However, Marks and Sweet’s battle for the runner-up spot in the back half of the race helped Larson extend his lead over them.

A few cautions interrupted their rhythm in the time frame with the final caution of the night setting up a six-lap shootout with Larson out front, Marks second and Sweet third. Sweet became preoccupied trying to hold off current points lead Logan Schuchart behind him and while Marks made attempts to close on Larson, the Finley Farms #57 was too strong.

“This thing was awesome tonight,” said Marks about his second-place run. “Wish we could have stayed in lap traffic there at the end. The yellows kept falling on us. It just didn’t really work out there. We got lucky to finish there. We were running out of fuel with a couple of laps to go. We were hanging on.”

Sweet was third with current points leader Schuchart behind him in fourth — who now has a two-point lead over Sweet and continues to be the only driver with a top-five finish in every race this year.

Ten-time Series champion Donny Schatz had an eventful night of his own, not transferring to the Feature from the Last Chance Showdown and having to use a rare provisional to start 25th. He was able to work his way to an eighth-place finish and earn the KSE Hard Charger award.

As Larson sped down the front stretch toward the checkered flag, the crowd of fans around the facility erupted into cheers. They continued when his car rolled into Victory Lane, as he hugged Silva and climbed to the top wing of his car to celebrate in an explosion of confetti.

“To win in front of a huge field, and crowd too, it feels great,” Larson said. “Just really proud of Paul (Silva) and everyone who helps out on his team. Everyone who has stuck behind us after my mistake there. It means a lot. I’m having a blast. Trying to have as much fun as I can anyways. Trying to keep my mind off things. It’s cool to come here. We’ve struggled the last two weeks. To turn it around here now, it gives us confidence for sure.”


The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series on May 29-30 will RETURN to RACING at Lake Ozark Speedway. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

Race Results: 5/23/20 – Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55

NOS Energy Drink Feature (40 Laps) – 1. 57-Kyle Larson [4][$20,000]; 2. 5-Brent Marks [8][$7,000]; 3. 49-Brad Sweet [2][$3,000]; 4. 1S-Logan Schuchart [5][$2,700]; 5. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [3][$2,500]; 6. 71-Shane Stewart [6][$2,200]; 7. 2-Carson Macedo [12][$2,000]; 8. 15-Donny Schatz [25][$800]; 9. 18-Ian Madsen [20][$1,600]; 10. 26-Cory Eliason [14][$1,450]; 11. 83-Daryn Pittman [7][$1,300]; 12. 14-Parker Price-Miller [10][$1,200]; 13. 24-Rico Abreu [19][$1,100]; 14. 17B-Bill Balog [18][$1,000]; 15. 11K-Kraig Kinser [9][$1,000]; 16. 51-Freddie Rahmer [11][$1,000]; 17. 41-David Gravel [23][$1,000]; 18. 7S-Jason Sides [26][$]; 19. 13-Paul McMahan [21][$1,000]; 20. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey [16][$1,000]; 21. 1A-Jacob Allen [17][$1,000]; 22. 87-Aaron Reutzel [24][$1,000]; 23. 4-Terry McCarl [13][$1,000]; 24. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [1][$1,000]; 25. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [15][$1,000]; 26. 21-Brian Brown [22][$1,000]; Lap Leaders: Brad Sweet 1-2, Sheldon Haudenschild 3-23, Kyle Larson 24-40; KSE Hard Charger Award: 15-Donny Schatz[+17]

Qualifying Flight-A – 1. 1S-Logan Schuchart, 10.948; 2. 51-Freddie Rahmer, 10.965; 3. 57-Kyle Larson, 11.007; 4. 71-Shane Stewart, 11.032; 5. 11K-Kraig Kinser, 11.196; 6. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild, 11.22; 7. 1A-Jacob Allen, 11.308; 8. 41S-Dominic Scelzi, 11.428; 9. 21-Brian Brown, 11.436; 10. 48-Danny Dietrich, 11.667; 11. 4-Terry McCarl, 11.698; 12. 24-Rico Abreu, 11.718; 13. 35X-Stuart Brubaker, 11.724; 14. 33M-Mason Daniel, 11.793; 15. 99M-Kyle Moody, 11.82; 16. 17W-Shane Golobic, 11.848; 17. 17A-Austin McCarl, 11.877; 18. 24W-Lucas Wolfe, 11.946; 19. 41-David Gravel, 11.963; 20. 3-Ayrton Gennetten, 12.263; 21. 15-Donny Schatz, 12.274; 22. 35-Zach Hampton, 12.314; 23. 44S-Trey Starks, 12.361; 24. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier, 12.367; 25. 2M-Kerry Madsen, 12.456; 26. 9K-Kyle Schuett, 12.657; 27. 15H-Sam Hafertepe, 12.679; 28. 55W-Logan Wagner, 12.774; 29. 6-Bill Rose, 12.791; 30. 55-Hunter Schuerenburg, NT; 31. 42-Cory Bruns, NT

Qualifying Flight-B – 1. 49-Brad Sweet, 11.531; 2. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss, 11.806; 3. 14-Parker Price-Miller, 11.856; 4. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey, 11.859; 5. 83-Daryn Pittman, 11.874; 6. 2-Carson Macedo, 11.886; 7. 26-Cory Eliason, 11.894; 8. 5-Brent Marks, 11.923; 9. 13-Paul McMahan, 11.927; 10. 18-Ian Madsen, 11.975; 11. 17B-Bill Balog, 11.986; 12. 87-Aaron Reutzel, 11.998; 13. 9X-Paul Nienhiser, 12.015; 14. 7S-Jason Sides, 12.037; 15. 9-Kasey Kahne, 12.038; 16. 11-Zeb Wise, 12.061; 17. 91-Cale Thomas, 12.074; 18. 2C-Wayne Johnson, 12.083; 19. 39M-Anthony Macri, 12.12; 20. 2KS-Chad Boespflug, 12.249; 21. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt, 12.279; 22. W20-Greg Wilson, 12.281; 23. 51B-Joe Miller, 12.283; 24. 70-Justin Peck, 12.334; 25. 49J-Josh Schneiderman, 12.473; 26. 64-Scotty Thiel, 12.552; 27. 44-Jeff Swindell, 12.556; 28. 11T-T.J. Stutts, 12.61; 29. 21X-Brinton Marvel, 12.935; 30. 23B-Brian Bell, 13.127

Non-Qualifier #1 (8 Laps) – 1. 15-Donny Schatz [7]; 2. 35-Zach Hampton [2]; 3. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier [4]; 4. 2M-Kerry Madsen [5]; 5. 44S-Trey Starks [3]; 6. 9K-Kyle Schuett [6]; 7. 6-Bill Rose [9]; 8. 55W-Logan Wagner [8]; 9. 42-Cory Bruns [11]

Non-Qualifier #2 (8 Laps) – 1. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt [6]; 2. W20-Greg Wilson [7]; 3. 51B-Joe Miller [8]; 4. 49J-Josh Schneiderman [10]; 5. 70-Justin Peck [9]; 6. 44-Jeff Swindell [12]; 7. 11T-T.J. Stutts [13]; 8. 23B-Brian Bell [15]; 9. 21X-Brinton Marvel [14]

DRYDENE Heat #1 – Flight (A) (10 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 1S-Logan Schuchart [1]; 2. 57-Kyle Larson [2]; 3. 11K-Kraig Kinser [3]; 4. 4-Terry McCarl [6]; 5. 1A-Jacob Allen [4]; 6. 41-David Gravel [10]; 7. 15-Donny Schatz [11]; 8. 17A-Austin McCarl [9]; 9. 21-Brian Brown [5]; 10. 35X-Stuart Brubaker [7]; 11. 99M-Kyle Moody [8]

DRYDENE Heat #2 – Flight (A) (10 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 71-Shane Stewart [2]; 2. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [3]; 3. 51-Freddie Rahmer [1]; 4. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [4]; 5. 24-Rico Abreu [6]; 6. 48-Danny Dietrich [5]; 7. 17W-Shane Golobic [8]; 8. 24W-Lucas Wolfe [9]; 9. 3-Ayrton Gennetten [10]; 10. 33M-Mason Daniel [7]; 11. 35-Zach Hampton [11]

DRYDENE Heat #3 – Flight (B) (10 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 49-Brad Sweet [1]; 2. 83-Daryn Pittman [3]; 3. 14-Parker Price-Miller [2]; 4. 26-Cory Eliason [4]; 5. 17B-Bill Balog [6]; 6. 13-Paul McMahan [5]; 7. 9X-Paul Nienhiser [7]; 8. 91-Cale Thomas [9]; 9. 9-Kasey Kahne [8]; 10. 39M-Anthony Macri [10]; 11. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt [11]

DRYDENE Heat #4 – Flight (B) (10 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 5-Brent Marks [4]; 2. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [1]; 3. 2-Carson Macedo [3]; 4. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey [2]; 5. 18-Ian Madsen [5]; 6. 87-Aaron Reutzel [6]; 7. 7S-Jason Sides [7]; 8. 11-Zeb Wise [8]; 9. 2C-Wayne Johnson [9]; 10. 2KS-Chad Boespflug [10]; 11. W20-Greg Wilson [11]

DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash (8 Laps) – 1. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [2]; 2. 49-Brad Sweet [4]; 3. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [1]; 4. 57-Kyle Larson [6]; 5. 1S-Logan Schuchart [7]; 6. 71-Shane Stewart [3]; 7. 83-Daryn Pittman [8]; 8. 5-Brent Marks [5]

C-Main (10 Laps) – Top 2 Transfer – 1. 39M-Anthony Macri [2][-]; 2. 35X-Stuart Brubaker [1][-]; 3. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier [9][$150]; 4. 33M-Mason Daniel [3][$150]; 5. 2M-Kerry Madsen [11][$150]; 6. 2KS-Chad Boespflug [4][$125]; 7. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt [6][$125]; 8. 49J-Josh Schneiderman [12][$125]; 9. 99M-Kyle Moody [5][$125]; 10. 44S-Trey Starks [13][$125]; 11. 70-Justin Peck [14][$125]; 12. 23B-Brian Bell [20][$125]; 13. 51B-Joe Miller [10][$125]; 14. W20-Greg Wilson [8][$125]; 15. 6-Bill Rose [17][$125]; 16. 11T-T.J. Stutts [18][$125]; 17. 9K-Kyle Schuett [15][$125]; 18. 35-Zach Hampton [7][$125]; 19. 42-Cory Bruns [21][$125]; 20. 44-Jeff Swindell [16][$125]; 21. 55W-Logan Wagner [19][$125]; 22. 21X-Brinton Marvel [22][$125]; 23. 64-Scotty Thiel [23][$125]; 24. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [24][$125]; 25. 55-Hunter Schuerenburg [25][$125]

Last Chance Showdown (12 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer – 1. 13-Paul McMahan [2][-]; 2. 21-Brian Brown [1][-]; 3. 41-David Gravel [3][-]; 4. 87-Aaron Reutzel [4][-]; 5. 48-Danny Dietrich [5][$300]; 6. 91-Cale Thomas [10][$250]; 7. 15-Donny Schatz [7][$225]; 8. 9X-Paul Nienhiser [6][$200]; 9. 17W-Shane Golobic [9][$200]; 10. 9-Kasey Kahne [14][$200]; 11. 7S-Jason Sides [8][$200]; 12. 11-Zeb Wise [12][$200]; 13. 39M-Anthony Macri [17][$200]; 14. 17A-Austin McCarl [11][$200]; 15. 24W-Lucas Wolfe [13][$200]; 16. 2C-Wayne Johnson [16][$200]; 17. 35X-Stuart Brubaker [18][$200]; 18. 3-Ayrton Gennetten [15][$200]

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World of Outlaws

Contact: Nick Graziano
World of Outlaws PR

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Winner Brad Sweet (Trent Gower Photo)

FAMILY FEUD: Brad Sweet holds off Kyle Larson for I-55 win
Reigning champion wins night 1 of the Drydene Double Down Invitational on DIRTVision

PEVELY, MO – May 22, 2020 – Brad Sweet’s win Friday night at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 was a return to form for the reigning champion after a disappointing return at Knoxville, but it came with a challenge.

A challenge from his own brother-in-law Kyle Larson.

There was no family love in their battle. Both wanted the win just as bad as the other, racing clean but hard. However, the reigning champion made the right move at the right time to hold off Larson to win the first night of the Drydene Double Down Invitational against a star-studded field and in front of a limited crowd of fans in the stands — the first return of fans at a World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series race since February.

“That was a lot of fun,” Sweet said. “Kyle is an unbelievable talent. He’s my brother-in-law, but he makes me earn these wins dammit… It’s a lot of fun to see fans back in the stands. It’s not a lot of fun to win in front of empty grandstands. Hopefully the crowds keep getting bigger and bigger.”

Larson, in his first World of Outlaws appearance at I-55, stunned everyone and gave Johnny Gibson a reason to hit his high octave of excitement by announcing Larson’s incredible track record setting 9.995 sec. qualifying lap around the 1/3-mile track. It’s the first lap under 10 seconds at the track for the World of Outlaws.

Shortly after, the attention turned to Jacob Allen — poised to potentially win his first World of Outlaws race. He took a dominating win in his Drydene Heat Race and then bolted by Sweet at the start of the DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash to claim the pole for the 30-lap Feature.

Allen was impressive in the early laps for the Feature. He pulled ahead of second-place Shane Stewart by half a straightaway in the first three laps and when Sweet moved into the runner-up spot and caught the Drydene #1A Shark Racing car in lap traffic, Allen was still able to hold the hungry champion behind him.

However, a mistake on a restart after a caution nine laps into the Feature cost him the lead. He eventually fell to fifth but is not hanging his head. The Pennsylvania driver had a smile after the race and an attitude of confidence.

“All of these guys have a chip on their shoulder, we’re only getting to race so much,” Allen said. “Those guys that ran in front of me, the other four there, are aggressive racers and the track was aggressive. I’m not hanging my head about it at all. I was leading laps. I felt very strong. I wasn’t looking forward to the caution, but I wasn’t scared of it either. I just think I drove through too hard through the bottom and it took me a few laps to get going. Other than that, I felt like I was ripping just as good as anybody and had a car to win the race.”

Larson followed Sweet by Allen and began to slowly real him in every lap. He looked to steal the lead with 12 laps to go on a restart by diving under Sweet in Turn 1 but didn’t have the traction to pull it off. Sweet sped away and Larson’s slow exit off Turn 2 put third-place Logan Schuchart on his bumper.

A few laps later Sweet found himself caught in lap traffic, giving Larson another opportunity to go after the NAPA Auto Parts #49 car.

He stalked his brother-in-law for several laps before throwing another slide job at him in Turn 3. This time he made it stick, taking the lead with five laps to go. Sweet wasn’t done with Larson either, though.

The next corner, while Larson went high, Sweet dove to the bottom and found enough grip in the track for his Hoosier tires to dig into and charge ahead of Larson’s Finley Farms #57.

With the lead back in his hands, Sweet rode the high side hoping to block any on coming run by Larson and make him have to pass him down low. Larson built up a run to take another shot at Sweet but ran out of time before Sweet was the first to see the checkered flag.

“Early in the race I was tight and waited for the racetrack to come to us,” Larson said. “I could maintain with him (Sweet) and was able to slide by him once in traffic, but I couldn’t get the grip I needed to stay in front of him. It was a good race. Good run for our team. We’ve struggled a lot so far this year with the 57. Good run. Hopefully we can come back tomorrow and win and click off some good finishes.”

For Sweet, he said he gave it everything he had in the physically demanding race.

“There were some developing lines on the racetrack,” Sweet said. With him (Larson) behind me, I thought the top would be the place to be. But he found the middle and I got stuck behind in lap traffic there. Just need to do a little better job on my end. They (Kasey Kahne Racing team) gave me a great race car. It was a lot of fun to be back.”

Schuchart rounded out the podium and maintains the points lead by four points over Sweet. Ten-time Series champion Donny Schatz, who finished seventh, has now moved up into third — 26 points behind Schuchart.


Drivers will compete for an incredible $20,000-to-win prize on Saturday for night two of the Drydene Double Down Invitational at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55. All of the action can be watched LIVE on DIRTVision, starting at 6 p.m. (CT).

Race Results: 5/22/20 – Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55

NOS Energy Drink Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 49-Brad Sweet [3][$6,000]; 2. 57-Kyle Larson [4][$3,000]; 3. 1S-Logan Schuchart [5][$2,300]; 4. 71-Shane Stewart [2][$2,000]; 5. 1A-Jacob Allen [1][$1,850]; 6. 41-David Gravel [8][$1,750]; 7. 15-Donny Schatz [11][$1,550]; 8. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [21][$1,350]; 9. 21-Brian Brown [7][$1,250]; 10. 87-Aaron Reutzel [16][$1,100]; 11. 26-Cory Eliason [12][$1,000]; 12. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [18][$950]; 13. 83-Daryn Pittman [13][$900]; 14. 13-Paul McMahan [9][$850]; 15. 14-Parker Price-Miller [23][$800]; 16. 48-Danny Dietrich [17][$750]; 17. 7S-Jason Sides [14][$700]; 18. 9-Kasey Kahne [20][$700]; 19. 11K-Kraig Kinser [22][$700]; 20. 6-Bill Rose [25][$]; 21. 64-Scotty Thiel [6][$700]; 22. 51-Freddie Rahmer [15][$700]; 23. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey [24][$700]; 24. 4-Terry McCarl [19][$700]; 25. 2-Carson Macedo [10][$700] Lap Leaders: Jacob Allen 1-9; Brad Sweet 10-24, 26-30; Kyle Larson 25 KSE Hard Charger Award: 17-Sheldon Haudenschild[+13]

Qualifying Flight-A – 1. 57-Kyle Larson, 9.995; 2. 71-Shane Stewart, 10.12; 3. 41-David Gravel, 10.176; 4. 21-Brian Brown, 10.185; 5. 83-Daryn Pittman, 10.212; 6. 4-Terry McCarl, 10.238; 7. 13-Paul McMahan, 10.241; 8. 51-Freddie Rahmer, 10.247; 9. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey, 10.255; 10. 15-Donny Schatz, 10.261; 11. 48-Danny Dietrich, 10.269; 12. 55-Hunter Schuerenburg, 10.288; 13. 17B-Bill Balog, 10.289; 14. 11K-Kraig Kinser, 10.311; 15. 6-Bill Rose, 10.326; 16. 24W-Lucas Wolfe, 10.353; 17. 39M-Anthony Macri, 10.356; 18. 35-Zach Hampton, 10.361; 19. 24-Rico Abreu, 10.373; 20. 5-Brent Marks, 10.394; 21. 35X-Stuart Brubaker, 10.454; 22. 21X-Brinton Marvel, 10.457; 23. 49J-Josh Schneiderman, 10.488; 24. 41S-Dominic Scelzi, 10.493; 25. 2KS-Chad Boespflug, 10.532; 26. 18-Ian Madsen, 10.537; 27. 2C-Wayne Johnson, 10.543; 28. 11-Zeb Wise, 10.558; 29. 3-Ayrton Gennetten, 10.609; 30. 42-Cory Bruns, 10.788; 31. 9K-Kyle Schuett, 10.848

Qualifying Flight-B – 1S-Logan Schuchart, 10.113; 2. 1A-Jacob Allen, 10.148; 3. 7S-Jason Sides, 10.241; 4. 64-Scotty Thiel, 10.251; 5. 49-Brad Sweet, 10.256; 6. 87-Aaron Reutzel, 10.277; 7. 2-Carson Macedo, 10.278; 8. 9-Kasey Kahne, 10.302; 9. 2M-Kerry Madsen, 10.312; 10. 15H-Sam Hafertepe, 10.323; 11. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss, 10.336; 12. 26-Cory Eliason, 10.346; 13. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild, 10.353; 14. 11T-T.J. Stutts, 10.384; 15. 91-Cale Thomas, 10.397; 16. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier, 10.416; 17. W20-Greg Wilson, 10.456; 18. 14-Parker Price-Miller, 10.464; 19. 55W-Logan Wagner, 10.51; 20. 9X-Paul Nienhiser, 10.516; 21. 17A-Austin McCarl, 10.517; 22. 44-Jeff Swindell, 10.531; 23. 70-Justin Peck, 10.532; 24. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt, 10.574; 25. 17W-Shane Golobic, 10.58; 26. 23B-Brian Bell, 10.594; 27. 33M-Mason Daniel, 10.646; 28. 99M-Kyle Moody, 10.656; 29. 51B-Joe B. Miller, 10.688; 30. 44S-Trey Starks, 10.694

Non-Qualifier #1(8 Laps) – 35X-Stuart Brubaker [1]; 2. 21X-Brinton Marvel [2]; 3. 18-Ian Madsen [6]; 4. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [4]; 5. 2C-Wayne Johnson [7]; 6. 49J-Josh Schneiderman [3]; 7. 2KS-Chad Boespflug [5]; 8. 3-Ayrton Gennetten [9]; 9. 9K-Kyle Schuett [11]; 10. 42-Cory Bruns [10]; 11. 11-Zeb Wise [8]

Non-Qualifier #2 (8 Laps) – 17A-Austin McCarl [6]; 2. 44-Jeff Swindell [7]; 3. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt [9]; 4. 70-Justin Peck [8]; 5. 17W-Shane Golobic [10]; 6. 99M-Kyle Moody [13]; 7. 23B-Brian Bell [11]; 8. 33M-Mason Daniel [12]; 9. 44S-Trey Starks [15]; 10. 51B-Joe B.Miller [14]

DRYDENE Heat #1 – Flight (A) (10 Laps) – 1. 41-David Gravel [2]; 2. 57-Kyle Larson [1]; 3. 13-Paul McMahan [4]; 4. 83-Daryn Pittman [3]; 5. 48-Danny Dietrich [6]; 6. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey [5]; 7. 17B-Bill Balog [7]; 8. 24-Rico Abreu [10]; 9. 39M-Anthony Macri [9]; 10. 6-Bill Rose [8]; 11. 35X-Stuart Brubaker [11]

DRYDENE Heat #2 – Flight (A) (10 Laps) – 1. 21-Brian Brown [2]; 2. 71-Shane Stewart [1]; 3. 15-Donny Schatz [5]; 4. 51-Freddie Rahmer [4]; 5. 4-Terry McCarl [3]; 6. 55-Hunter Schuerenburg [6]; 7. 11K-Kraig Kinser [7]; 8. 5-Brent Marks [10]; 9. 24W-Lucas Wolfe [8]; 10. 21X-Brinton Marvel [11]; 11. 35-Zach Hampton [9]

DRYDENE Heat #3 – Flight (B) (10 Laps) – 1. 1S-Logan Schuchart [1]; 2. 49-Brad Sweet [3]; 3. 2-Carson Macedo [4]; 4. 7S-Jason Sides [2]; 5. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [6]; 6. 2M-Kerry Madsen [5]; 7. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [7]; 8. 55W-Logan Wagner [10]; 9. 17A-Austin McCarl [11]; 10. 91-Cale Thomas [8]; 11. W20-Greg Wilson [9]

DRYDENE Heat #4 – Flight (B) (10 Laps) – 1. 1A-Jacob Allen [1]; 2. 64-Scotty Thiel [2]; 3. 26-Cory Eliason [6]; 4. 87-Aaron Reutzel [3]; 5. 9-Kasey Kahne [4]; 6. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [5]; 7. 14-Parker Price-Miller [9]; 8. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier [8]; 9. 9X-Paul Nienhiser [10]; 10. 44-Jeff Swindell [11]; 11. 11T-T.J. Stutts [7]

DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash (8 Laps) – 1. 1A-Jacob Allen [2]; 2. 71-Shane Stewart [4]; 3. 49-Brad Sweet [1]; 4. 57-Kyle Larson [3]; 5. 1S-Logan Schuchart [5]; 6. 64-Scotty Thiel [6]; 7. 21-Brian Brown [7]; 8. 41-David Gravel [8]

D-main (8 Laps) – Top 2 Transfer – 1. 99M-Kyle Moody [2][-]; 2. 49J-Josh Schneiderman [1][-]; 3. 2KS-Chad Boespflug [3][$125]; 4. 44S-Trey Starks [8][$125]; 5. 33M-Mason Daniel [6][$125]; 6. 11-Zeb Wise [11][$125]; 7. 51B-Joe B. [10][$125]; 8. 9K-Kyle Schuett [7][$125]; 9. 42-Cory Bruns [9][$125]; 10. 3-Ayrton Gennetten [5][$125]; 11. 23B-Brian Bell [4][$125]

C-Main (10 Laps) – Top 2 Transfer – 1. 91-Cale Thomas [2][-]; 2. 6-Bill Rose [1][-]; 3. 44-Jeff Swindell [4][$150]; 4. 18-Ian Madsen [9][$150]; 5. W20-Greg Wilson [6][$150]; 6. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [11][$125]; 7. 21X-Brinton Marvel [3][$125]; 8. 91R-Kyle Reinhardt [10][$125]; 9. 17W-Shane Golobic [14][$125]; 10. 35X-Stuart Brubaker [5][$125]; 11. 11T-T.J. Stutts [8][$125]; 12. 99M-Kyle Moody [15][$125]; 13. 35-Zach Hampton [7][$125]; 14. 2C-Wayne Johnson [13][$125]; 15. 49J-Josh Schneiderman [16][$125]; 16. 70-Justin Peck [12][$125]

Last Chance Showdown (12 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer – 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [6][-]; 2. 11K-Kraig Kinser [7][-]; 3. 14-Parker Price-Miller [8][-]; 4. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey [1][-]; 5. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [4][$300]; 6. 5-Brent Marks [11][$250]; 7. 24-Rico Abreu [9][$225]; 8. 17A-Austin McCarl [14][$200]; 9. 55W-Logan Wagner [10][$200]; 10. 39M-Anthony Macri [13][$200]; 11. 17B-Bill Balog [5][$200]; 12. 9X-Paul Nienhiser [16][$200]; 13. 24W-Lucas Wolfe [15][$200]; 14. 91-Cale Thomas [17][$200]; 15. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier [12][$200]; 16. 2M-Kerry Madsen [2][$200]; 17. 6-Bill Rose [18][$200]; 18. 55-Hunter Schuerenburg [3][$200]

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World of Outlaws

Contact: Nick Graziano
World of Outlaws PR

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Winner David Gravel (Trent Gower Photo)

ONE TO REMEMBER: David Gravel wins historic, unusual night at Knoxville

Broadcast-only event engages thousands of fans around the world on DIRTVision

KNOXVILLE, IA – May 8, 2020 – The silence was different. An oddity that confused a mind used to Johnny Gibson calling the four-wide salute and fans yelling as loud as they can in reaction to an epic battle waged for the glory.

However, it was replaced by an unexpected sense, shared by the few fortunate enough to be in attendance. A sense that you knew Friday night’s World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Invitational at Knoxville Raceway presented by McKay Insurance was big. Not in the sense of a Knoxville Nationals or Kings Royal. Bigger. Historic.

A 48-car field of the best Sprint Car drivers in the world that included the return of Kasey Kahne and Kyle Larson, following strict COVID-19 regulations, set by the World of Outlaws, competed for $10,000-to-win in front of an empty grandstand and thousands of fans watching live on DIRTVision desperate for Sprint Car racing. Desperate to forget for a few hours about life.

The silence around the half-mile track was an adjustment, but when drivers fired their cars for the first time in more than two months, normalcy set in. And when their helmets went on, the passion, aggression and competitiveness returned, knowing no difference from before.

(RELATED: It was a night unlike any other in World of Outlaws history.)

It showed during the 30-lap Feature. Last year’s Knoxville Nationals winner David Gravel, of Watertown, CT and two-time Knoxville track champion Ian Madsen, of Saint Marys, NSW, Australia, put on such an electrifying show that you couldn’t help but feel like everyone watching at home was at the track with you.

Every slide job the two traded for the lead added another level of tension and drama. Then, with the white flag in the air, Gravel stole the lead from Madsen to win yet another race at Knoxville with the eyes of the world upon him.

“We don’t really feel how many people are watching, maybe tens of thousands of people are watching tonight (on DIRTVision) and hopefully that was a good race for everyone to get their blood pumping again,” Gravel said. “Me and Ian just battled and battled and battled … It’s just good to get back in a race car and be competitive.”

Gravel earned his first small victory of the night by setting the fastest time in Flight 2 of Qualifying, however Aaron Reutzel set overall Quick Time. Gravel dominated his Drydene Heat Race and then finished fourth in the DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash – won by Madsen.

When the Feature went green, Daryn Pittman darted ahead of Madsen for the lead and led the opening eight laps before Madsen tracked him down and powered around the outside of him. Pittman spent the next eight laps trying to claw his way back by Madsen, but the Australian’s car was in love with the black-clay and pulled away.

Behind them, Gravel looked to be struggling after an early run at the leaders. He fell from third to fifth on a restart and came close to crashing with Lynton Jeffrey as they banged side bars going into Turn 2. It took him a few laps to recalibrate and work at building his momentum again. He got to fourth by Lap 11. Third by Lap 13. And the passed Pittman for second on Lap 16.

With the same engine under his hood that guided him and Jason Johnson Racing to a Knoxville Nationals win and sweep of the World Finals at The Dirt Track at Charlotte, it only took Gravel another lap to eliminate Madsen’s half a track lead. The two drivers then put on a battle that will be remembered for years.

Gravel had a run underneath Madsen that was sure to give him the lead, but a slower car running the bottom hindered his exit of Turn 4, allowing Madsen to pull back ahead. The two then traded slide jobs each lap, but Madsen continued to carry the better momentum off the corner to hold the lead.

With about three laps to go, Gravel threw a desperate slider underneath Madsen going into Turn 1. However, if he continued the trajectory of his slider he could have plowed into the side of Madsen. Gravel thought better and cranked his car sideways to avoid that outcome. He then watched Madsen fire down the backstretch to about a half of a track away.

Gravel thought the race was lost. A valiant attempt gone sour. But in this unusual event, the unexpected was ever present.

Madsen’s car got sideways off Turn 4 coming to two laps to go. That allowed Gravel one final shot at running Madsen down. He closed through Turns 1 and 2, but not enough to set up another desperate slider the next corner. Looking to cruise to his first World of Outlaws win at Knoxville, Madsen road the high side through Turns 3 and 4, coming to one lap to go.

However, Madsen, again, had an issue trying to exit Turn 4, getting sideways and killing his speed. Gravel didn’t hesitate to take advantage. He sped by Madsen down the front stretch to lead his first lap of the race and only had one more to go.

You could hear the thunder of cheers building in your head, even though they weren't there in reality. This momentous moment in time was about to come to a close in thrilling fashion. No matter who won, it was going to be an exciting memory in Sprint Car history. After one final lap with no mistakes, Gravel etched his name in history once again and claimed a win that may be remembered more than his Knoxville Nationals win or any other big win after.

“I don’t know how,” said an elated Gravel about winning after the race. “Me and Ian made a lot of mistakes. If it was a 25-lap race, I would have lost that one. I was really good in (Turns) 1 and 2 on the bottom, but man, I could not come off. It was so treacherous, and he was kind of running up the track and turning down and getting more momentum. If I hit my marks, I was faster, but man, it was hard to do.”

Also, in an occurrence like no other, fans and companies watching on DIRTVision donated money for various contingencies throughout the night – totaling nearly $15,000 – and part of it brought Gravel’s win total from $10,000 to more than $15,000.

(RELATED: Fans watching on DIRTVision share their experiences on social media.)

On the other end of the spectrum, while Madsen had a great performance, he said he’s devastated with the results.

“I gave it my all,” Madsen said. “Probably made a little error there at the end. Got my wing too far back and I couldn’t get around the top of (Turns) 3 and 4. I buried myself a couple of times, which allowed David to get by. You just can’t make a mistake like that around him.”

There was a completely different scene for Logan Schuchart, who finished third — after finishing second at the Knoxville Nationals last year — and took the points lead for the first time in his career by doing so.

“Definitely a good start,” Schuchart said. “Started off good. We were quick right off the bat in qualifying. Ran good in the Heat Race. We have some things we can work on to be a little bit better in the Feature, but a great start to the season. Thanks to DIRTVision and the World of Outlaws for putting this on and letting us be here. And Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there.”

There may not have been fans in the stands, but Gravel knew they were there in spirit, looking to the stands when he did his wing dance and then to the camera in recognition of everyone watching on DIRTVision. The silence in Victory Lane was different. But that didn’t diminish his understanding of the historic nature of the event and how good it is to win.

“For us to be the only race this weekend and win it is just good for everybody,” Gravel said. “Good for JJR. Good for (team owner Bobbi Johnson’s son) Jaxx’s birthday. His favorite number is five. We drew that in the Dash. It was all meant to be.”


The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series on Friday, May 22 and Saturday, May 23 will be at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 for a doubleheader event with limited fans at both events. Tickets for the Saturday's race are already sold out, but you can still get tickets for Friday's race by clicking here.


NOS Energy Drink Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 41-David Gravel [4]; 2. 18-Ian Madsen [1]; 3. 1S-Logan Schuchart [6]; 4. 83-Daryn Pittman [2]; 5. 26-Cory Eliason [8]; 6. 15-Donny Schatz [10]; 7. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey [5]; 8. 21-Brian Brown [7]; 9. 49-Brad Sweet [19]; 10. 57-Kyle Larson [18]; 11. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [13]; 12. 48-Danny Dietrich [9]; 13. 17A-Austin McCarl [15]; 14. 2-Carson Macedo [16]; 15. 4-Terry McCarl [14]; 16. 71-Shane Stewart [22]; 17. 64-Brooke Tatnell [17]; 18. 2M-Kerry Madsen [11]; 19. 56N-Davey Heskin [24]; 20. 24-Rico Abreu [23]; 21. 7S-Jason Sides [25]; 22. 11K-Kraig Kinser [26]; 23. 1A-Jacob Allen [12]; 24. 7-Justin Henderson [20]; 25. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [21]; 26. 17W-Shane Golobic [3]; Lap Leaders: Daryn Pittman 1-8, Ian Madsen 9-28, David Gravel 29-30; KSE Hard Charger Award: 49-Brad Sweet[+10]

Qualifying Flight-A –1. 87-Aaron Reutzel, 15.162; 2. 2M-Kerry Madsen, 15.398; 3. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey, 15.47; 4. 1S-Logan Schuchart, 15.478; 5. 18-Ian Madsen, 15.527; 6. 83-Daryn Pittman, 15.535; 7. O9-Matt Juhl, 15.615; 8. 5-Brent Marks, 15.631; 9. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss, 15.643; 10. 24W-Lucas Wolfe, 15.735; 11. 48-Danny Dietrich, 15.751; 12. 17A-Austin McCarl, 15.768; 13. 14P-Parker Price-Miller, 15.774; 14. 49-Brad Sweet, 15.788; 15. 64-Brooke Tatnell, 15.859; 16. 41S-Dominic Scelzi, 15.871; 17. 55-Hunter Schuerenburg, 15.876; 18. 13-Paul McMahan, 15.886; 19. 56N-Davey Heskin, 15.891; 20. 41G-Giovanni Scelzi, 15.904; 21. 55K-Robbie Kendall, 15.911; 22. 17B-Bill Balog, 16.053; 23. 9W-Ryan Giles, 16.239; 24. 3P-Sawyer Phillips, 16.243

Qualifying Flight-B –1. 41-David Gravel, 15.446; 2. 1A-Jacob Allen, 15.5; 3. 4-Terry McCarl, 15.544; 4. 26-Cory Eliason, 15.587; 5. 21-Brian Brown, 15.689; 6. 17W-Shane Golobic, 15.74; 7. 71-Shane Stewart, 15.754; 8. 2-Carson Macedo, 15.765; 9. 57-Kyle Larson, 15.786; 10. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild, 15.797; 11. 24-Rico Abreu, 15.904; 12. 7-Justin Henderson, 15.913; 13. 11K-Kraig Kinser, 15.924; 14. 15H-Sam Hafertepe, 15.951; 15. 15-Donny Schatz, 15.977; 16. 44-Chris Martin, 15.994; 17. 2C-Wayne Johnson, 16.122; 18. 2KS-Chad Boespflug, 16.149; 19. 9-Kasey Kahne, 16.16; 20. 44S-Trey Starks, 16.281; 21. 33M-Mason Daniel, 16.426; 22. 7TAZ-Tasker Phillips, 16.691; 23. 7S-Jason Sides, 16.72; 24. 15M-Bobby Mincer, 17.495

DRYDENE Heat #1 – Flight (A) (8 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer –1. 18-Ian Madsen [3]; 2. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey [2]; 3. 48-Danny Dietrich [6]; 4. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [5]; 5. 64-Brooke Tatnell [8]; 6. 56N-Davey Heskin [10]; 7. 55-Hunter Schuerenburg [9]; 8. 14P-Parker Price-Miller [7]; 9. 9W-Ryan Giles [12]; 10. 55K-Robbie Kendall [11]; 11. 87-Aaron Reutzel [1]; 12. O9-Matt Juhl [4]

DRYDENE Heat #2 – Flight (A) (8 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer –1. 1S-Logan Schuchart [2]; 2. 83-Daryn Pittman [3]; 3. 2M-Kerry Madsen [1]; 4. 17A-Austin McCarl [6]; 5. 49-Brad Sweet [7]; 6. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [8]; 7. 41G-Giovanni Scelzi [10]; 8. 5-Brent Marks [4]; 9. 13-Paul McMahan [9]; 10. 24W-Lucas Wolfe [5]; 11. 3P-Sawyer Phillips [12]; 12. 17B-Bill Balog [11]

DRYDENE Heat #3 – Flight (B) (8 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer –1. 41-David Gravel [1]; 2. 21-Brian Brown [3]; 3. 15-Donny Schatz [8]; 4. 4-Terry McCarl [2]; 5. 57-Kyle Larson [5]; 6. 71-Shane Stewart [4]; 7. 24-Rico Abreu [6]; 8. 7S-Jason Sides [12]; 9. 9-Kasey Kahne [10]; 10. 11K-Kraig Kinser [7]; 11. 33M-Mason Daniel [11]; 12. 2C-Wayne Johnson [9]

DRYDENE Heat #4 – Flight (B) (8 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer –1. 26-Cory Eliason [2]; 2. 17W-Shane Golobic [3]; 3. 1A-Jacob Allen [1]; 4. 2-Carson Macedo [4]; 5. 7-Justin Henderson [6]; 6. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [5]; 7. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [7]; 8. 44-Chris Martin [8]; 9. 2KS-Chad Boespflug [9]; 10. 44S-Trey Starks [10]; 11. 15M-Bobby Mincer [12]; 12. 7TAZ-Tasker Phillips [11]

DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash (6 Laps) –1. 18-Ian Madsen [1]; 2. 83-Daryn Pittman [7]; 3. 17W-Shane Golobic [8]; 4. 41-David Gravel [2]; 5. 83R-Lynton Jeffrey [5]; 6. 1S-Logan Schuchart [3]; 7. 21-Brian Brown [6]; 8. 26-Cory Eliason [4]

C-Main (10 Laps) – Top 2 Transfer –1. 44S-Trey Starks [2]; 2. 2C-Wayne Johnson [8]; 3. 17B-Bill Balog [9]; 4. 33M-Mason Daniel [4]; 5. 15M-Bobby Mincer [6]; 6. O9-Matt Juhl [7]; 7. 3P-Sawyer Phillips [5]; 8. 24W-Lucas Wolfe [3]; 9. 55K-Robbie Kendall [1]; 10. 7TAZ-Tasker Phillips [10]

Last Chance Showdown (12 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer – 1. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [4]; 2. 71-Shane Stewart [2]; 3. 24-Rico Abreu [6]; 4. 56N-Davey Heskin [3]; 5. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [5]; 6. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [8]; 7. 7S-Jason Sides [10]; 8. 14P-Parker Price-Miller [11]; 9. 5-Brent Marks [13]; 10. 13-Paul McMahan [17]; 11. 9-Kasey Kahne [14]; 12. 44-Chris Martin [12]; 13. 55-Hunter Schuerenburg [7]; 14. 44S-Trey Starks [19]; 15. 2KS-Chad Boespflug [16]; 16. 41G-Giovanni Scelzi [9]; 17. 2C-Wayne Johnson [20]; 18. 9W-Ryan Giles [15]; 19. 87-Aaron Reutzel [1]

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World of Outlaws

Contact: Nick Graziano
World of Outlaws PR


Due to escalating concerns and mixed guidance from various county, state and health organizations with regard to the impact and response to COVID-19, the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series is postponing all events through April 9, effective immediately, in the wake of growing health concerns.

This decision has not been made lightly, and while everyone in our sport wants to race, we believe this is the right decision given the traveling nature of our Series and the local makeup of our events.

The Series will continue to monitor the situation as it develops, and provide additional information at a later date. The health and safety of our community is our top priority.

Updates on the World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Series, not scheduled to compete until March 27, will be provided at a later date.

This affects the following events:
03/13/20 World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars Cotton Bowl Speedway
03/14/20 East Texas Lone Star Shootout LoneStar Speedway
03/21/20 Wildcat Shootout USA Raceway
03/22/20 Arizona Desert Shootout Arizona Speedway
03/28/20 SoCal Showdown Perris Auto Speedway
03/29/20 World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars Santa Maria Raceway
04/03-04/20 World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series Thunderbowl Raceway

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World of Outlaws

Contact: Nick Graziano
World of Outlaws PR

Please click here for the original World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series article

GATOR HUNTERS: Schuchart wins DIRTcar Nationals finale, Sweet claims Big Gator championship
Logan Schuchart wins first Volusia Speedway Park Feature and Brad Sweet wins his second Big Gator

BARBERVILLE, FL – Feb. 9, 2020 – The wild hunt commenced Sunday night at the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series finale at the DIRTcar Nationals presented by Bozard Ford.

The trophies: A golden gator. And a Big Gator.

Logan Schuchart put an assault on the 27-car field, in front of a packed house, to earn his first win at Volusia Speedway Park and Brad Sweet cruised to his third podium finish in-a-row, awarding him his second Big Gator championship. Sweet won his first Big Gator in 2016.

“It was a lot of fun,” Sweet said about the event. “I thought we had a lot of different tracks all week. The NAPA car was fast on all the different conditions, but we’ll take that… 2020 is looking to be a strong year for us.”

Schuchart, who had never finished inside the top-five and never led a lap at the half-mile speedway, ended his 2020 DIRTcar Nationals with three top-five finishes in-a-row and 50 laps led. He placed second the first night. Charged from 25th to fifth the second night. And won the DIRTcar Nationals Sprint Car Week finale.

“This place is just so tough,” Schuchart said. “You know, we come here, we learn, I watch videos in the wintertime. We just try to make our cars better as a whole.

“Just kind of studying the racetrack. Notes from the past. Watching the highlight videos from the past few years and what other people’s cars look like compared to ours and maybe what we could have done better to qualify and put us in better positions… First three races were awesome. To pull away with a win really helps our confidence.”

That confidence showed before the conclusion of Sunday night’s 30-lap Feature when the Hanover, PA driver powered his way underneath Daryn Pittman on Lap 2 to take the lead. From there, he never relinquished it, leading the final 29 laps. Although, those on the hunt behind him tested his poise.

Schuchart held a commanding lead on the field but as lap traffic continuously hindered his pace, Pittman closed in. With 10 laps to go, Schuchart got caught behind a slower car coming off Turn 2, allowing Pittman to close within a car length’s distance.

However, once Schuchart found his way back into clean air, Pittman was left having to fend off Cory Eliason and Sweet.

In the closing laps of the race, Eliason found another gear. With five laps to go he charged his way around the outside of Pittman for second and set his sights on Schuchart. Three laps later, with smoke billowing out of his exhaust, Eliason powered his way around Schuchart off Turn 2.

Not willing to forgo his first DIRTcar Nationals win, Schuchart threw a hold-your-breath-slide job on Eliason through Turns 3 and 4 to reclaim the lead.

A large cloud of smoke erupted from Eliason’s motor the next lap, ending his night. The yellow flag flew with one lap to go.

On the restart, with Pittman and Sweet breathing down his neck, Schuchart darted away from the field. No one could touch the red and white Drydene car. Pittman and Sweet had to settle for second and third, respectively.

“Just pissed off at myself,” Pittman said. “I feel like if I would have stayed second… Man, like on that white flag, I couldn’t believe how far back he (Schuchart) came to me and Cory (Eliason). Honestly, I think it was anybody’s race going down the backstretch there on the white flag lap. We were kind of nose to tail. I wish I would have been in second there, I think I would have had a shot.”

Behind the top-three, Sheldon Haudenschild had one of the most impressive runs of the race in his NOS Energy Drink #17 car. For the second time in three races during the DIRTcar Nationals, Haudenschild earned the KSE Hard Charger award, racing his way from 18th to fourth.

Ten-time Series champion Donny Schatz, who opened the 2020 World of Outlaws season with a win found himself having to settle for a seventh-place finish. He finished sixth the night before.

Sweet started the DIRTcar Nationals being presented his 2019 World of Outlaws championship ring and ended it being presented his second Big Gator trophy. He’ll also leave Florida with the Series points lead – two points ahead of Schuchart.

The championship is far out of Schuchart’s head with more than 80 races to go this season. He said his focus is just to win as many races as he can. Nabbing his first golden gator trophy is one he can finally cross of his list.

“I really wanted one of these gators,” Schuchart said. “I’m really glad we got one.”


The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series on Friday, March 13, will return to Cotton Bowl Speedway in Paige, TX. Get tickets and more information.

As always, if you can’t make it to the race, you can watch all of the action LIVE on


NOS Energy Drink Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 1S-Logan Schuchart [2][$10,000]; 2. 83-Daryn Pittman [1][$5,500]; 3. 49-Brad Sweet [5][$3,200]; 4. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [18][$2,800]; 5. 2-Carson Macedo [3][$2,500]; 6. 41-David Gravel [7][$2,300]; 7. 15-Donny Schatz [9][$2,200]; 8. 9-James McFadden [16][$2,100]; 9. 7-Shane Stewart [6][$2,050]; 10. 87-Aaron Reutzel [14][$2,000]; 11. 48-Danny Dietrich [12][$1,500]; 12. 1A-Jacob Allen [8][$1,200]; 13. 18-Ian Madsen [17][$1,100]; 14. 5W-Lucas Wolfe [13][$1,050]; 15. 21-Brian Brown [10][$1,000]; 16. 57-Kyle Larson [21][$900]; 17. 2M-Kerry Madsen [15][$800]; 18. 14-Tim Shaffer [24][$800]; 19. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [23][$800]; 20. 15K-Chad Kemenah [19][$800]; 21. 4-Terry McCarl [20][$800]; 22. 7S-Jason Sides [26][$]; 23. 33M-Mason Daniel [27][$]; 24. 26-Cory Eliason [4][$800]; 25. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [22][$800]; 26. J4-John Garvin [11][$800]; 27. 11K-Kraig Kinser [25][$]; Lap Leaders: Daryn Pittman 1, Logan Schuchart 2-30; KSE Hard Charger Award: 17-Sheldon Haudenschild[+14]

Qualifying – 1. 41-David Gravel, 13.351; 2. 2-Carson Macedo, 13.386; 3. 1S-Logan Schuchart, 13.417; 4. 1A-Jacob Allen, 13.448; 5. 5W-Lucas Wolfe, 13.465; 6. 49-Brad Sweet, 13.478; 7. 7-Shane Stewart, 13.491; 8. 83-Daryn Pittman, 13.515; 9. 39M-Anthony Macri, 13.56; 10. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild, 13.609; 11. 15H-Sam Hafertepe, 13.629; 12. 9-James McFadden, 13.653; 13. 26-Cory Eliason, 13.662; 14. 21-Brian Brown, 13.664; 15. J4-John Garvin, 13.705; 16. 48-Danny Dietrich, 13.709; 17. 57-Kyle Larson, 13.729; 18. 14P-Parker Price-Miller, 13.744; 19. 15K-Chad Kemenah, 13.747; 20. 13-Paul McMahan, 13.773; 21. 15-Donny Schatz, 13.797; 22. 87-Aaron Reutzel, 13.811; 23. 2M-Kerry Madsen, 13.816; 24. 4-Terry McCarl, 13.821; 25. 5-Brent Marks, 13.832; 26. 14-Tim Shaffer, 13.835; 27. 7S-Jason Sides, 13.856; 28. 2C-Wayne Johnson, 13.9; 29. 18-Ian Madsen, 13.97; 30. 3C-Cale Conley, 13.989; 31. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss, 14.02; 32. W20-Greg Wilson, 14.166; 33. 11K-Kraig Kinser, 14.184; 34. 33M-Mason Daniel, 14.189; 35. 6-Bill Rose, 14.263

DRYDENE Heat #1 (8 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 41-David Gravel [1]; 2. 26-Cory Eliason [4]; 3. 15-Donny Schatz [6]; 4. 5W-Lucas Wolfe [2]; 5. 18-Ian Madsen [8]; 6. 39M-Anthony Macri [3]; 7. 57-Kyle Larson [5]; 8. 5-Brent Marks [7]; 9. 11K-Kraig Kinser [9]

DRYDENE Heat #2 (8 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 49-Brad Sweet [2]; 2. 2-Carson Macedo [1]; 3. 21-Brian Brown [4]; 4. 87-Aaron Reutzel [6]; 5. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [3]; 6. 14P-Parker Price-Miller [5]; 7. 14-Tim Shaffer [7]; 8. 3C-Cale Conley [8]; 9. 33M-Mason Daniel [9]

DRYDENE Heat #3 (8 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 7-Shane Stewart [2]; 2. 1S-Logan Schuchart [1]; 3. J4-John Garvin [4]; 4. 2M-Kerry Madsen [6]; 5. 15K-Chad Kemenah [5]; 6. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [8]; 7. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [3]; 8. 7S-Jason Sides [7]; 9. 6-Bill Rose [9]

DRYDENE Heat #4 (8 Laps) – Top 5 Transfer – 1. 83-Daryn Pittman [2]; 2. 1A-Jacob Allen [1]; 3. 48-Danny Dietrich [4]; 4. 9-James McFadden [3]; 5. 4-Terry McCarl [6]; 6. 13-Paul McMahan [5]; 7. 2C-Wayne Johnson [7]; 8. W20-Greg Wilson [8]

DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash (6 Laps) – 1. 83-Daryn Pittman [2]; 2. 1S-Logan Schuchart [4]; 3. 2-Carson Macedo [1]; 4. 26-Cory Eliason [3]; 5. 49-Brad Sweet [5]; 6. 7-Shane Stewart [6]; 7. 41-David Gravel [7]; 8. 1A-Jacob Allen [8]

Last Chance Showdown (12 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer – 1. 57-Kyle Larson [6][-]; 2. 15H-Sam Hafertepe [2][-]; 3. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [4][-]; 4. 14-Tim Shaffer [7][-]; 5. 13-Paul McMahan [5][$300]; 6. 39M-Anthony Macri [1][$250]; 7. 7S-Jason Sides [11][$225]; 8. 5-Brent Marks [9][$200]; 9. 2C-Wayne Johnson [8][$200]; 10. 33M-Mason Daniel [14][$200]; 11. 3C-Cale Conley [10][$200]; 12. W20-Greg Wilson [12][$200]; 13. 14P-Parker Price-Miller [3][$200]; 14. 6-Bill Rose [15][$200]; 15. 11K-Kraig Kinser [13][$200]


1-Brad Sweet-1234
2-James McFadden-1186
3-Logan Schuchart-1180
4-Daryn Pittman-1180
5-Donny Schatz-1176
6-Carson Macedo-1166
7-Sheldon Haudenschild-1152
8-Cory Eliason-1118
9-Danny Dietrich-1112
10-Kerry Madsen-1112

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