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Contact: Nick Graziano
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Winner Ian Madsen (Paul Arch Photo)

Madsen Dominates World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars in Tulare

TULARE, CA – March 9 – Last year’s World of Outlaws NOS® Energy Drink Sprint Car Series Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year Ian Madsen claims one of his weak points has been short tracks.
Not anymore.
The Australian won everything there was to win at the third-mile Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, Calif., Saturday night. Not even a couple of rain showers could slow him down.

His team has been working hard to get the KCP Racing car better on the California short tracks, and “it showed tonight,” said Madsen, as he earned his first victory of the season with championship leader Daryn Pittman second and Sheldon Haudenschild in third.

Madsen, who hails from St. Mary’s, NSW, Australia, started the night fastest in practice — three tenths faster than second fastest Donny Schatz. He followed that up by claiming his second pole of the season.

Then he dominated the first Heat race of the night, crossing the line about one second ahead of second place Tim Kaeding. That led to him being the first driver to draw for the DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash and leaving seven other drivers disappointed by drawing the pole.

A heavy rain shower lingered over the track for about 15 minutes in between Madsen’s Heat and the Dash. It only made him faster. Again, in dominating fashion, he led every lap of the Dash, this time finishing close to two seconds ahead of second-place Pittman.

While he already dominated everything up to the Feature, Madsen showed his true speed in the final 35 laps of the night. He pulled away to an early lead, but “The Steel City Outlaw” Tim Shaffer showed muscle early on, keeping pace with Madsen. It didn’t last though.

By lap 10, Pittman slid his way underneath Shaffer for second and began to hunt Madsen. Pittman, coming off a heartbreaking runner-up finish in Las Vegas, looked to be the only driver all night who could contend with Madsen. While Madsen battled lap traffic, Pittman closed the gap between them to about a couple of car lengths.

And that was as close as he was going to get to the #18’s bumper. Madsen found his rhythm in lap traffic, pulling away to about a four second lead over Pittman, whose #83 Roth Motorsports car was able to close on Madsen again, but only to a second-and-a-half gap.

“Ian was good. We just got beat,” said Pittman, of Owasso, Okla. “I liked the track conditions before it rained, but it is what it is.”

Like Madsen, Pittman was unsure how he would perform at the Tulare short track, coming off strong performances at half-mile speedways.

“We were kind of curious how our car was going to shake out at a smaller place,” he said. “We kind of got both spectrums there of super dry early in the night and pretty wet after the rain and the car was really good.”

Both Madsen and Pittman drive a KPC Chassis, which is located nearby in Fresno, Calif.

Aside from leading every lap, Madsen’s dominance was showcased by him lapping the field up to 11th-place and catching 10th-place Donny Schatz toward the end of the race.

“It was just unreal,” Madsen said in almost disbelief, standing on the front stretch podium. “To get the clean sweep tonight is pretty awesome.”

Madsen’s best finish at Thunderbowl Raceway had been 12th. Of his previous three wins, the smallest track he had won at is the 3/8th-mile Deer Creek Speedway in Minnesota.

“I feel like we’ve been working hard toward this for the last two years,” Madsen said. “It’s really good to see some good results pay off.”

While Pittman finished second, he said he won’t hang his head on the finish. He continues to lead the Series’ championship standings over second-place Donny Schatz — adding 16 points to his cushion between the 10-time Series champion. This is the first time in the storied history of the California-based Roth Motorsports team it continues to lead the points through the Series month-long California swing.

The Series continues its trek through California next weekend on Friday, March 15, at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, Calif., and March 16 at the Stockton Dirt Track in Stockton, Calif.

Even though Madsen began the California tour dominating Thunderbowl Raceway, to him there is still a question on how he’ll perform at the upcoming races.

“We ran good at Stockton last year and Chico we’ve been hit or miss, so we’ll see what happens,” Madsen said. “Hopefully we can keep it (momentum) going through the Cali-swing.”

As always, you can catch all the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series action on

NOS Energy Drink Feature (35 Laps) - 1. 18-Ian Madsen [1][$10,000]; 2. 83-Daryn Pittman [2][$5,500]; 3. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [4][$3,200]; 4. 49-Brad Sweet [5][$2,800]; 5. 49X-Tim Shaffer [3][$2,500]; 6. 5-Shane Stewart [10][$2,300]; 7. 26-Cory Eliason [11][$2,200]; 8. 2-Carson Macedo [7][$2,100]; 9. 87-Aaron Reutzel [14][$2,050]; 10. 15-Donny Schatz [9][$2,000]; 11. O-Bud Kaeding [15][$1,500]; 12. 41-David Gravel [12][$1,200]; 13. 9-Kasey Kahne [8][$1,100]; 14. 4-Terry McCarl [16][$1,050]; 15. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [22][$1,000]; 16. 45-Chad Kemenah [24][$900]; 17. 68-Chase Johnson [17][$800]; 18. 19-Brent Marks [20][$800]; 19. 1S-Logan Schuchart [25][$]; 20. 7S-Tim Kaeding [6][$800]; 21. 17W-Shane Golobic [13][$800]; 22. 83JR-Giovanni Scelzi [23][$800]; 23. 88N-DJ Netto [19][$800]; 24. 11K-Kraig Kinser [21][$800]; 25. 16A-Colby Copeland [18][$800]; Lap Leaders: Ian Madsen 1-35; KSE Hard Charger Award: 45-Chad Kemenah[+8]

Qualifying - 1. 18-Ian Madsen, 14.404; 2. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild, 14.467; 3. 49X-Tim Shaffer, 14.488; 4. 2-Carson Macedo, 14.532; 5. 15-Donny Schatz, 14.532; 6. 83-Daryn Pittman, 14.539; 7. 49-Brad Sweet, 14.559; 8. 9-Kasey Kahne, 14.561; 9. 7S-Tim Kaeding, 14.571; 10. 87-Aaron Reutzel, 14.572; 11. 26-Cory Eliason, 14.575; 12. 41-David Gravel, 14.576; 13. 41S-Dominic Scelzi, 14.592; 14. 5-Shane Stewart, 14.605; 15. O-Bud Kaeding, 14.61; 16. 4-Terry McCarl, 14.612; 17. 17W-Shane Golobic, 14.613; 18. 11K-Kraig Kinser, 14.663; 19. 88N-DJ Netto, 14.667; 20. 19-Brent Marks, 14.675; 21. 83JR-Giovanni Scelzi, 14.714; 22. W20-Greg Wilson, 14.715; 23. 45-Chad Kemenah, 14.775; 24. 71P-Parker Price-Miller, 14.777; 25. 24-Rico Abreu, 14.835; 26. 7-Jason Sides, 14.913; 27. 33M-Mason Daniel, 14.93; 28. 29-Willie Croft, 14.964; 29. 68-Chase Johnson, 15.054; 30. 16A-Colby Copeland, 15.067; 31. 21-Brian Brown, 15.128; 32. 1S-Logan Schuchart, 15.18; 33. 1A-Jacob Allen, 15.187

Heat #1 (8 Laps) - Top 5 Transfer - 1. 18-Ian Madsen [1]; 2. 7S-Tim Kaeding [3]; 3. 15-Donny Schatz [2]; 4. 17W-Shane Golobic [5]; 5. 68-Chase Johnson [8]; 6. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [4]; 7. 24-Rico Abreu [7]; 8. 83JR-Giovanni Scelzi [6]; 9. 1A-Jacob Allen [9]

Heat #2 (8 Laps) - Top 5 Transfer - 1. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [1]; 2. 83-Daryn Pittman [2]; 3. 5-Shane Stewart [4]; 4. 87-Aaron Reutzel [3]; 5. 16A-Colby Copeland [8]; 6. W20-Greg Wilson [6]; 7. 11K-Kraig Kinser [5]; 8. 7-Jason Sides [7]

Heat #3 (8 Laps) - Top 5 Transfer - 1. 49X-Tim Shaffer [1]; 2. 49-Brad Sweet [2]; 3. 26-Cory Eliason [3]; 4. O-Bud Kaeding [4]; 5. 88N-DJ Netto [5]; 6. 45-Chad Kemenah [6]; 7. 21-Brian Brown [8]; 8. 33M-Mason Daniel [7]

Heat #4 (8 Laps) - Top 5 Transfer - 1. 2-Carson Macedo [1]; 2. 9-Kasey Kahne [2]; 3. 41-David Gravel [3]; 4. 4-Terry McCarl [4]; 5. 19-Brent Marks [5]; 6. 1S-Logan Schuchart [8]; 7. 71P-Parker Price-Miller [6]; 8. 29-Willie Croft [7]

DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash (6 Laps) - 1. 18-Ian Madsen [1]; 2. 83-Daryn Pittman [2]; 3. 49X-Tim Shaffer [4]; 4. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [3]; 5. 49-Brad Sweet [5]; 6. 7S-Tim Kaeding [7]; 7. 2-Carson Macedo [6]; 8. 9-Kasey Kahne [8]

Last Chance Showdown (12 Laps) - Top 4 Transfer - 1. 11K-Kraig Kinser [2][-]; 2. 41S-Dominic Scelzi [1][-]; 3. 83JR-Giovanni Scelzi [3][-]; 4. 45-Chad Kemenah [5][-]; 5. 71P-Parker Price-Miller [6][-]; 6. 24-Rico Abreu [7][-]; 7. 29-Willie Croft [10][$300]; 8. 33M-Mason Daniel [9][$250]; 9. W20-Greg Wilson [4][$225]; 10. 7-Jason Sides [8][$200]; 11. 21-Brian Brown [11][$200]; 12. 1S-Logan Schuchart [12][$200]; 13. 1A-Jacob Allen [13][$200]


Daryn Pittman: 2 (Volusia Speedway Park on Feb 8 and Feb 9)
Tim Shaffer: 1 (The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Feb 27)
Donny Schatz: 1 (The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Feb 28)
Ian Madsen: 1 (Tulare Raceway on March 9)

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The United States Auto Club.









Contact: Richie Murray - USAC Media /

Cannon McIntosh picked up his first career USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget win Saturday night in the 'Shamrock Classic' at the Southern Illinois Center. (Neil Cavanah Photo)


By: Richie Murray - USAC Media

Du Quoin, Illinois (March 9, 2019).........Cannon McIntosh's grace under fire was demonstrated literally and figuratively in a multitude of manners Saturday night in the fourth annual "Shamrock Classic" at the Southern Illinois Center.

A fuel leak during hot laps ignited the Bixby, Oklahoma driver's ride, giving the 16-year-old driver a scare he won't soon forget and forcing him to borrow crew member Grady Chandler's firesuit for the remainder of the night as a replacement.

"I got blisters on my ankle right now," McIntosh pointed out. "That was definitely the scariest moment of my life. I had flames up to my eyes and couldn't grab my belt. I was starting to freak out a little bit. There's a great crew around here to put the fire out. God was on my side there."

In turn, the flames lit a fuse under the young driver, and after relinquishing the lead to the defending series champ and reigning race winner, he refused to cave-in to the pressure, snookering Logan Seavey on a lap 30 restart and completed the remaining 21 laps at the point to win his first career USAC feature in just his second series' start.

By accumulating the most passing points throughout the evening, McIntosh earned the pole for the 50-lap feature. However, an opportunity arose that, for some, may have seemed too enticing to turn a blind eye to with a $50,000 bonus awaiting him if he could start from the tail and win the feature.

Yet, McIntosh turned down the opportunity, basically intimating that while the money is nice, he came here to win.

"Fifty-grand would be awesome," McIntosh admitted. "It would've been great to win all that money, but to me, winning that race was the money."

Instead, McIntosh took the pole and, from lap one, showed he wasn't gun shy next to outside front row starter Seavey, instantly rocketing out to a half-straightaway advantage in the opening laps as he quickly closed in on the tail end of the field.

With the bottom occupied, McIntosh had to figure whether to stay in line and try to sneak by on the bottom or snake around the outside to build his lead as Seavey made his blitzkrieg to the front, first around Andrew Layser on the 14th lap before clamping down on McIntosh.

On lap 20, Seavey was right on the cusp, delivering what seemed to be the knockout blow, as he drove around the outside of McIntosh in turn two and beat McIntosh to the position on the back straight before securing the lead exiting the fourth turn.

A turn four tangle on lap 29 sent Matt Veatch on his lid. He would restart. But this set up a lap 30 restart with Seavey and McIntosh running one-two. McIntosh wasn't exactly sure what he had left in the tank, but there was a lot on his mind.

"When (Seavey) got around me, he got me pretty good," McIntosh recalled. "I didn't know if we'd have anything left for him. I didn't know if the car was going away or what was going on. But the caution came out and just going through my mind was all kinds of things. My crew guy on the fence didn't know whether to tell me top or bottom. He's saying top and bottom. We went green and I went to the bottom and it worked. Once we took the lead and it was all good from there."

After multiple cautions with less than 20 laps remaining, the question remained whether Seavey would have something up his sleeve on the restarts in the same manner McIntosh did just moments before. McIntosh wasn't fazed in any aspect, motoring away to solidify his position at the top of the leaderboard.

Zeb Wise made a late-race run, sliding Seavey for second on the 36th lap, then began to make his run at McIntosh, reeling him in in a hurry. But the savvy McIntosh altered his path, moving to the high line in turns one and two while remaining on the inside berm in three and four.

"The bottom was pretty good most of the race," McIntosh explained. "Toward the end, especially one and two, it felt real sandy. I'm like 'it's going away.' Then one corner, going into one and two, I heard somebody on my outside and I knew I had to jump up. We were pretty good in three and four on the bottom, so I stayed on the bottom down there, but went to the top in one and two. We were pretty steady, so I figured we were good from there."

And that he definitely was, mastering one more restart with nine laps remaining to pull away for a 1.645-second victory over Chad Boat, Wise, Zach Daum and Justin Grant. In doing so, McIntosh became the fourth driver in the four-year history of the "Shamrock Classic" to win his first career USAC NOS Energy Drink Midget National Championship feature in the event following Shane Golobic (2016), Justin Grant (2017) and Logan Seavey (2018).

Contingency award winners Saturday night at the Southern Illinois Center were Dave Darland (Simpson Race Products First Qualifier Winner), Colten Cottle (Competition Suspension, Inc. Second Qualifier Winner), Zach Daum (Auto Meter Third Qualifier Winner), Jesse Colwell (Indy Race Parts Fourth Qualifier Winner), Tanner Carrick (Wilwood Brakes 13th Place Finisher), Zane Hendricks (Saldana Racing Products First Non-Transfers), Jake Neuman (Saldana Racing Products First Non-Transfers), Chad Boat (Ricky Stenhouse, Jr./KSE Racing Products Hard Charger) and Karsyn Elledge (JetCo Best Appearing Car).


USAC NOS ENERGY DRINK MIDGET NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RACE RESULTS: March 9, 2019 - Southern Illinois Center - Du Quoin, Illinois - 4th Annual "Shamrock Classic"

FIRST HEAT: (10 laps, top-40 in passing points after the heats transfer to qualifiers) 1. Daniel Robinson (#11 Harris), 2. Zeb Wise (#39BC Clauson/Marshall), 3. Cannon McIntosh (#08 Dave Mac), 4. Kaylee Bryson (#11B Dave Mac), 5. Tyler Robbins (#35T Robbins), 6. Howard Moore (#41 Chappue), 7. Nick Drake (#55D Cline), 8. Garet Williamson (#19 Mounce). NT

SECOND HEAT: (10 laps, top-40 in passing points after the heats transfer to qualifiers) 1. Jesse Colwell (#71 Kunz/Curb-Agajanian), 2. Braydon Cromwell (#9 Mounce), 3. Logan Seavey (#67 Kunz/Curb-Agajanian), 4. Karsyn Elledge (#1 Tucker/Boat), 5. Cody Beard (#7 Beard), 6. Ethan Mitchell (#19m Bundy Built), 7. Thomas Meseraull (#7R RMS), 8. C.J. Leary (#76m FMR). NT

THIRD HEAT: (10 laps, top-40 in passing points after the heats transfer to qualifiers) 1. Tucker Klaasmeyer (#27 Kunz/Curb-Agajanian), 2. Holley Hollan (#67K Kunz/Curb-Agajanian), 3. Justin Grant (#4A RAMS), 4. Joe Wirth (#77w Wirth), 5. Kendall Ruble (#11m Martin), 6. Derek Hagar (#9JR Hagar/Proctor), 7. Gage Rucker (#45L Amati), 8. Billy Wease (#12w Wease). NT

FOURTH HEAT: (10 laps, top-40 in passing points after the heats transfer to qualifiers) 1. Tyler Courtney (#7BC Clauson/Marshall), 2. Matt Veatch (#57D McCreery), 3. Tony DiMattia (#50 DiMattia), 4. Tyler Nelson (#88 Nelson), 5. Colten Cottle (#56AP Young), 6. Chris Andrews (#95 Miller), 7. James Picardi (#127 Picardi). NT

FIFTH HEAT: (10 laps, top-40 in passing points after the heats transfer to qualifiers) 1. Tyler Thomas (#91T Thomas), 2. Jake Neuman (#3N Neuman), 3. Justin Peck (#17 Bus), 4. Zane Hendricks (#27z Hendricks), 5. Brady Bacon (#21H TKH), 6. Shane Morgan (#15m Morgan), 7. Michael Pickens (#1NZ RMS). NT

SIXTH HEAT: (10 laps, top-40 in passing points after the heats transfer to qualifiers) 1. Tanner Carrick (#71K Kunz/Curb-Agajanian), 2. Andrew Layser (#47BC Clauson/Marshall), 3. Dave Darland (#36 RMS), 4. Zach Daum (#5D Daum), 5. Sterling Cling (#35 Petry), 6. Adam Taylor (#7T Taylor), 7. Thomas Chandler (#1T Roney). NT

SEVENTH HEAT: (10 laps, top-40 in passing points after the heats transfer to qualifiers) 1. Chad Boat (#84 Tucker/Boat), 2. Kevin Thomas, Jr. (#5 Petry), 3. Cole Bodine (#15 Petry), 4. Chris Windom (#17BC Clauson/Marshall), 5. Tim Crawley (#4J Crawley), 6. Kyle O'Gara (#67F SFH), 7. Jerry Coons, Jr. (#25 Petry). NT

C-MAIN: (10 laps, top-4 finishers transfer to qualifiers) 1. Pickens, 2. Andrews, 3. Meseraull, 4. Taylor, 5. Wease, 6. Williamson, 7. Rucker, 8. Cromwell, 9. Picardi, 10. Elledge. NT

SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS FIRST QUALIFIER: (12 laps, top-12 overall in passing points after qualifiers transfer to the feature) 1. Darland, 2. Seavey, 3. Carrick, 4. Veatch, 5. Hendricks, 6. Hagar, 7. Mitchell, 8. Beard, 9. Courtney, 10. Bryson. NT

COMPETITION SUSPENSION (CSI) SECOND QUALIFIER: (12 laps, top-12 overall in passing points after qualifiers transfer to the feature) 1. Cottle, 2. Hollan, 3. Layser, 4. Boat, 5. Klaasmeyer, 6. Windom, 7. Leary, 8. Morgan, 9. Nelson, 10. Wirth. NT

AUTO METER THIRD QUALIFIER: (12 laps, top-12 overall in passing points after qualifiers transfer to the feature) 1. Daum, 2. McIntosh, 3. DiMattia, 4. Wise, 5. Neuman, 6. O'Gara, 7. Drake, 8. Ruble, 9. Crawley, 10. Peck. NT

INDY RACE PARTS FOURTH QUALIFIER: (12 laps, top-12 overall in passing points after qualifiers transfer to the feature) 1. Colwell, 2. K. Thomas, 3. Robinson, 4. Bacon, 5. Grant, 6. Moore, 7. Cling, 8. Bodine, 9. T. Thomas, 10. Robbins. NT

FIRST SEMI: (15 laps, top-4 finishers transfer to the feature) 1. Darland, 2. Carrick, 3. Bacon, 4. Windom, 5. Hendricks, 6. Leary, 7. Drake, 8. Peck, 9. DiMattia, 10. Bodine, 11. Wirth, 12. Ruble, 13. Hagar, 14. Meseraull, 15. Pickens. NT

SECOND SEMI: (15 laps, top-4 finishers transfer to the feature) 1. Grant, 2. Boat, 3. O'Gara, 4. T. Thomas, 5. Neuman, 6. Moore, 7. Cling, 8. Andrews, 9. Nelson, 10. Beard, 11. Bryson, 12. Morgan, 13. Courtney, 14. Taylor, 15. Mitchell, 16. Robbins. NT

FEATURE: (50 laps, starting position in parentheses) 1. Cannon McIntosh (1), 2. Chad Boat (15), 3. Zeb Wise (4), 4. Zach Daum (6), 5. Justin Grant (13), 6. Logan Seavey (2), 7. Tyler Courtney (21), 8. Andrew Layser (3), 9. Chris Windom (18), 10. Tucker Klaasmeyer (11), 11. Holley Hollan (8), 12. Jesse Colwell (7), 13. Tanner Carrick (14), 14. Kevin Thomas, Jr. (9), 15. Dave Darland (12), 16. Matt Veatch (10), 17. Kyle O'Gara (17), 18. Brady Bacon (16), 19. Colten Cottle (22), 20. Tyler Thomas (19), 21. Daniel Robinson (5). NT
**Taylor flipped at the start of the sixth heat. Coons flipped in heat 7. Elledge flipped during the semi. Peck flipped during the third qualifier. Veatch flipped on lap 29 of the feature.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-19 McIntosh, Laps 20-29 Seavey, Laps 30-50 McIntosh.




NEW USAC NOS ENERGY DRINK MIDGET NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS: 1-Courtney-216, 2-K. Thomas-207, 3-Leary-188, 4-Boat-184, 5-Klaasmeyer-175, 6-Windom-171, 7-Carrick-162, 8-Thorson-111, 9-Seavey-150, 10-Colwell-146.

NEXT USAC NOS ENERGY DRINK MIDGET NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RACES: April 5-6, 2019 - Kokomo Speedway - Kokomo, Indiana - "Kokomo Grand Prix"

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Grandview Speedway







Presenting Saturday night NASCAR stock car racing plus a variety of special events heading into the 57th consecutive season.

Track office: 610.754.7688 -
Public relations and marketing: Ernie Saxton @ 215.752.7797: Email: – Cell phone: 267.934.7286



BECHTELSVILLE, PA March 9,2019 . . . Once again this year of the most talked about and most anticipated race events to be presented at Grandview Speedway is set to happen when the Second Annual VP Racing Fuels Bruce Rogers Memorial Money Maker Classic takes place on Saturday, April 6. The starting time is set for 7PM.

The race, a 50-lapper on the one-third-mile, banked clay oval, will feature the Small Block Modifieds going up against Big Block Modifieds with the winner walking off with at least $7,500 out of a purse for the day’s racing that reaches almost $50,000.

Many racers like the fact that the race is paying $7,500 to win. And they like that every racer that makes the main event will go home with at least $1,000. However all that is secondary to them as they welcome the opportunity to again have the opportunity to win a race run in memory of a man they had so much respect for. The beautiful specially created trophy that goes to the winner will be treasured by the winner as well as just about any other driver that takes part in the big event and is able to win.

The Rogers Memorial is expected to attract quite a few outsiders as they seek the big bucks for the win and the prestige of winning the Classic named in memory of the late track owner. But of course the weekly regulars are expected to include 2018 track champion Mike Gular, 10-time track champion Craig Von Dohren, past champions Jeff Strunk and Duane Howard, 2018 track Sportsman champion Louden Reimert, Doug Manmiller, Ray Swinehart, and many others.

Also attracting a lot of attention will be a strong field of the popular Sportsman stock cars making up the second part of this special doubleheader event. The winner of this event walks off with $750 and each driver to make the starting field will earn $125.

Those wishing to register for the Rogers Memorial, there is no license required and no entry fee, can do that by telephoning or texting Tina Rogers at 484.256.4375.

For the second year in a row adult admission will be $28 while youngsters 6 through 11 pay just $5. Kids under six are admitted FREE. Pit fee is $35. The rain date is set for Saturday, April 13th.

The very next Saturday, April 13th, if not needed as a rain date for the Rogers Memorial, the first of the weekly series of NASCAR sanctioned chase for the championship events will be presented with the TP Trailers Modifieds and T.P. Truck Equipment Sportsman taking part. This will be the regular Saturday night attraction throughout the season along with some special added attractions. Adult admission for the regular Saturday night events will be $15 while youngster under 12 being admitted for FREE.

And on Sunday, March 23, the first of a series of doubleheader shows featuring the Outlaw Enduros and Blast from the Past Vintage Racers will be presented starting at 1 p.m.

When the racing ends each Saturday night fans are invited to head back to the pit area to see the race cars up close, take pictures and collect autographs.

Grandview Speedway is known for their excellent well-stocked concession areas and there is a great novelty stand that offers souvenirs, t-shirts, hats and more along with copies of the latest edition of the track magazine, The Inside Groove.

The one-third-mile, banked clay track, offering clear views of all the action from each seat, is located at 43 Passmore Road, Bechtelsville, PA, just off Route 100, 10 miles north of Pottstown. For up-to-date information check in at or Facebook. The track office telephone number is 610.754.7688.

MEDIA NOTE: All requests for credentials have been handled as of March 8th. If you have not heard from us, received your media pass by March 13th, and a request was sent please be in touch. Contact information is above. Thank you. Ernie Saxton



Event Promoter: Len Sammons @609.888.3618



SYRACUSE, NY March 9, 2019 . . . Justin Bonsignore of Holtsville, Long Island, NY bested Erick Rudolph of Ransomville, NY Friday night in the 40-lap Three Quarter (TQ) Midget Indoor Auto Racing Series Fueled By VP Race Fuels in a titanic fight to the finish between two past Series champions locked in mortal combat.

“You never have to worry about racing with Erick (Rudolph). He’s tough to beat but he races you clean,” Bonsignore said.

The pair swapped the lead six times officially and many more times that during their wheel to wheel battle royal.

Timmy Solomito finished third in his best effort yet in Indoor TQ racing followed by Mike Bednar who was making just his third career start in a TQ indoors and first as a driver for car owner Earl Paules. Andy Jankowiak was fifth after spinning from the top five eleven laps into the race and restarting last.

Rudolph leads Bonsignore by six points heading into Saturday night’s TQ Series finale.

TJ Reed of Carlisle, PA, moved from third to first with one lap left in the 20-lap Champ Kart feature after leader Mike Perry spun after contact from behind from challenger Todd Crenshaw. Race officials penalized Crenshaw, opening the door for Reed to run out the final lap to victory.

Reed not only came from behind to win at the end, he also had to win the Champ Kart B-Main to gain a starting spot into the field.

Brandon Rusczek finished second followed by Eric Zeh, JJ Pacovich and Dan Marsden. Rusczek leads in the Champ Kart point standings by 30 marker over Ryan Kendall heading into Saturday night’s season finale.

The Slingshot 20-lap feature was won by Austin Silfee of Saylorsburg, PA, who made contact with race long leader Craig Whitmoyer following a late race restart. Whitmoyer settled for second with Kurt Bettler, Danny Buccafusca and Kyle Herve trailing.

Kurt Bettler takes an eight point advantage into tomorrow’s Slingshot Series finale.

Fifty-two TQ Midget teams took time Friday afternoon with Justin Bonsignore’s 8.161 clocking besting Mike Bednar (8.226), Andy Jankowiak (8.303), Erick Rudolph (8.323) and Shawn Nye (8.335).

Marc Johnson, Ryan Tidman, Jankowiak, Rudolph, Jeremy Haudricourt and Matt Janisch won the six TQ 10-lap heat qualifiers. B Mains were won by Joey Jarowicz, Jr., Tyler Thompson and Kyle Hutchinson.

Champ Kart heats were won by Pacovich, Crenshaw, and Kendall. Feature winner Reed won the B Main.

Craig Whitmoyer, Austin Silfee and Nick Lapicki were the Slingshot heat winners.

The final night of the inaugural Syracuse Indoor Race Weekend takes place tomorrow, Saturday, March 9, at the New York State Fairgrounds Expo Center. Doors open to the public at 5:30 PM. The pit area will be open to spectators for a Fan Fest celebration from gate opening to 6:30 PM. Racing begins at 7:00 PM, featuring a full program of TQ Midget, Champ Kart and Slingshot racing. At the end of the racing, champions will be crowned in the three Indoor Auto Racing Series Fueled By VP Race Fuels classes.

TQ Midget Feature (40 Laps): 1. Justin Bonsignore, 2.Erick Rudolph, 3. Timmy Solomito, 4. Mike Bednar, 5. Andy Jankowiak, 6. Matt Janisch, 7. Tim Buckwalter, 8. Joey Payne, 9. Eddie Strada, 10. Jeremy Haudricourt, 11. Ryan Tidman, 12. Marc Johnson, 13. Randy Cabral, 14. Pat Bealer, 15. Jonathan Reid, 16. Earl Paules, 17. Brett Conkling, 18. Chad Parks, 19. Anthony Sesely, 20. Steve Kemery, 21. Tyler Thompson, 22. Timmy Catalano, 23. Anthony Payne, 24. Ryan Bartlett, 25. Kyle Hutchinson, 26. Joey Jarwicz, Jr.

Champ Kart Feature (20 Laps): 1.TJ Reed, 2. Brandon Rusczek, 3. Eric Zeh, 4. JJ Pacovich, 5. Dan Marsden, 6. Ryan Kendall, 7. Richie Davidowitz, 8. DJ Doyle, 9. James Stutts, 10. Brianna Page, 11. John Hribko, 12. John Berger, 13. Todd Crenshaw, 14. Tyler Brown, 15. Mike Perry, 16. Nick McGill, 17. Robert Miles, 18. Dominic Roselli, 19. Jake Nelke, 20. Frank Hodge.

Slingshot Feature (20 Laps): 1. Austin Silfee, 2. Craig Whitmoyer, 3. Kurt Bettler, 4. Danny Buccafusca, 5 Kyle Herve, 6. Cody Kline, 7. Mark Mohr, 8. Nick Shaw, 9. Matt Mertz, 10. Mike Lapicki, 11. Brett Putnam, 12. Kevin VanValkenburg, 13. Tyler Truex, 14. Jared Silfee, 15. Louden Reimert, 16. Jimmy Gagne, 17. Brian Preville, 18. Don Boonstra, 19. Seth Spayd, 20. Cody Kohler.

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World of Outlaws

Contact: Nick Graziano
World of Outlaws PR

Please click here for the original World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series article

Kasey Kahne #9 and Kyle Larson #57 (Melissa Coker Photo)


World of Outlaws Racers See Positives in Competing with NASCAR Drivers

CONCORD, N.C. – Peanut butter and jelly. Movies and popcorn. Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus … well, maybe not that last one.

But World of Outlaws and NASCAR?

Even though three-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart won a World of Outlaws crown with Danny Lasoski in 2001 and a truckload of titles and trophies with Donny Schatz, the two series being mentioned in the same sentence has become more commonplace of late. Most recently with the World of Outlaws NOS® Energy Drink Sprint Car Series and NASCAR K&N Pro Series West being paired together for the first time at The Dirt Track at Las Vegas.

The race drew a crowd of thousands, a larger media presence and NASCAR drivers. Some drivers were in the stands watching, and a few in the Sprint Car race themselves. Christopher Bell, Kyle Larson and retired NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne joined the stars of the World of Outlaws for the doubleheader race at the Las Vegas Dirt Track last week and will continue to compete periodically with the Series throughout the season.

When the NASCAR stars join the Series, the media spotlight is usually turned on them for the night. But that’s not an issue to some of the Series regulars.

“I don’t mind it at all,” said Series veteran Kraig Kinser, the 2005 Knoxville Nationals champion and son of Steve Kinser, the legendary King of the Outlaws. “The exposure they (NASCAR drivers) bring is always a plus. Anything that can highlight our Sprint Car racing is always a positive.”

From a veteran to a rookie, the opinion stays the same. Rookie contender Carson Macedo, who drives for Kyle Larson Racing, enjoys when his boss and others come to race with the World of Outlaws.

“I love it,” Macedo said. “I always said if you want to be the best, you got to race with the best. And those guys are proven to be some of the best in the world. That’s what’s unique about racing in the World of Outlaws, you never know who is going to show up to give you a run for your money every night.”

Bell, Kahne and Larson grew up racing Sprint Cars. It’s what they love, and they take every opportunity they get to drive one.

“I just love Sprint Car racing in general,” Larson said. “To me the Outlaws are the toughest series to race with, that’s why I really like competing with them. I hit a lot of different races, but I always have the most fun racing the Outlaw stuff.”

Kahne, who like Larson owns a World of Outlaws Sprint Car team, said he became enamored with Sprint Cars at a young age and never lost that passion. Even during his years in NASCAR when he wasn’t able to run many Sprint Car races. Through his Kasey Kahne Racing team, and watching the races on DIRTVision, he said he always stayed connected to it. He’s enjoyed watching his team’s accomplishments, such as winning the 2013 World of Outlaws championship and 2018 Knoxville Nationals crown.

This year Kahne is scheduled to run about 50 Sprint Car races. Bell is hoping to do about 20 to 25. And Larson sneaks in Sprint Car races to his schedule whenever he can.

“I just hit whatever is available,” Larson said. “I don’t have many days throughout the year that I can go race.”

Larson and Bell both stated while there may not be much of a comparison between a Stock Car and a Sprint Car, more seat time never hurts.

“The biggest thing for me is, the way I get better is by racing cars,” Bell said. “If I’m sitting on the couch, I’m not becoming a better race car driver.”

Larson echoed Bell saying, anytime he gets to race, he feels like he becomes a better driver.

“It’s why I try to run a lot,” Larson said.

Kinser said it is nice to be able to race with the NASCAR drivers while they’re in the peak of their career. And while they bring a lot of positive exposure to the sport, he said the Series is full of diehard fans that fill the stands most nights.

Unlike some other forms of motorsports, Kinser said World of Outlaws drivers are easily accessible to the fans right at their trailer.

“A lot of older fans know you can come down into the pit area afterwards, a lot of newer ones don’t realize that,” Kinser said. “It’s always nice to speak with the fans and get face time with them. That’s a positive for our sport, too.”

When Bell, Kahne or Larson attend a Series race, they’re just as accessible as Kinser or Macedo, making the World of Outlaws and NASCAR a favorable combination, like peanut butter and jelly or movies and popcorn.

The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Sprint Cars continue their West Coast Spring Break Tour this weekend at Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, Calif., before heading north to Silver Dollar Speedway on Friday March 15 in Chico, Calif., and Saturday, March 16 in Stockton, Calif.

The next time the World of Outlaws and NASCAR intersect will be during Memorial Day Weekend, when the inaugural two-day World of Outlaws Patriot Nationals takes over The Dirt Track at Charlotte during the nights on May 24-25 while NASCAR runs its Coca-Cola 600 events during the day at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

For the complete 2019 tour schedule, plus all the latest news, results and media, go to

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The United States Auto Club.









Contact: Richie Murray - USAC Media /

Two-time USAC National champion Chris Windom has entered for Saturday's 'Shamrock Classic.' (Dave Olson Photo)


By: Richie Murray - USAC Media

Du Quoin, Illinois (March 4, 2019).........Three more USAC National champs - Logan Seavey, Tyler Courtney and Chris Windom, have entered the fray for this Saturday's Factory Canopies "Shamrock Classic" USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget Series race on March 9 at the Southern Illinois Center in Du Quoin, where the car count has exploded to close to 60 entries for the fourth annual event.

Seavey, the defending USAC National Midget champ from Sutter, Calif., returns as the reigning "Shamrock Classic" winner, which served as the first USAC win of his career. He leads a group of five from the Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian stable, including Tucker Klaasmeyer, Holley Hollan, Jesse Colwell and Tanner Carrick.

Courtney, the reigning USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car champ, is also a USAC Midget victor on the indoor 1/6-mile dirt oval, winning the 2016 "Junior Knepper 55" special event. The Indianapolis, Ind. driver arrives as the point leader after capturing the first two races in February in Ocala, Fla.

Courtney's Clauson Marshall Racing counterpart, Windom, aims to make his first "Shamrock Classic" start this Saturday. The Canton, Ill. driver has won twice on the adjacent Du Quoin State Fairgrounds mile in a Silver Crown car in 2016 and 2018. Last year's third-place finisher Zeb Wise and series' Rookie of the Year contender Andrew Layser make up the rest of the stout CMR lineup.

Justin Grant won the "Shamrock" back in 2017 for his first career series win and hopes to become the first driver to enter victory lane twice in USAC competition at the Southern Illinois Center for RAMS Racing. Chad Boat could be a prime candidate to score his first after finishing seventh a year ago en route to a runner-up finish in the standings for Tucker/Boat Motorsports. C.J. Leary kicked off his FMR Racing debut with a pair of top-fives in Ocala to begin 2019.

Billy Wease was victorious in the 2006 "Turkey Night Grand Prix," while a little bit of international flavor arrives in Michael Pickens from New Zealand, who has raced to four career USAC National Midget wins. He'll pilot the RMS LLC #1NZ, the same team which won last December's Southern Illinois Center Midget race with driver Thomas Meseraull.

Also entered for the "Shamrock Classic" are one-third of the list of USAC Triple Crown title-holders who own championships in Silver Crown, AMSOIL National Sprint Car and National Midget competition have entered, including Dave Darland of Lincoln, Ind. in the RMS LLC No. 36 and Jerry Coons, Jr. of Tucson, Ariz. aboard the Petry Motorsports No. 25. Meanwhile, 2014 and 2016 USAC National Sprint Car titlist Brady Bacon will wheel the Kelly Hinck-owned No. 21H.

Among the other standouts and past USAC National feature winners entered for the "Shamrock" are 2014 USAC National Midget Rookie of the Year Kevin Thomas, Jr. of Cullman, Ala. in the Petry Motorsports No. 5. He finished in the runner-up spot in both his initial outings this season in Ocala, Fla. in February.

San Jose, California's Meseraull is the most recent winner of indoor USAC Midget racing in Du Quoin, capturing the victory in last December's "Junior Knepper 55," driving the RMS LLC No. 7R, with whom he returns to for this race.

Last fall, Tyler Thomas became the first driver to win his first career USAC National Sprint and Midget races in the same season since Kyle Larson in 2011. He won that first midget race in Wayne City, Ill. last October and returns to Du Quoin in his own No. 91T.

Fast Lane Racing Apparel is sponsoring FREE race entry for all USAC NOS Energy Midget National Championship teams competing in the March 9 "Shamrock Classic" at the Southern Illinois Center in Du Quoin.

By using coupon code FASTLANE in the box at the link:,%20SUNSHINE,%20WINDOM%20ENTER%20SHAMROCK%20AS%20CAR%20COUNT%20NEARS%2060&utm_campaign=Analytics&utm_medium=email, teams will be able to enter their midget for FREE until Monday, March 4 at 11pm (Central Time) when the offer expires. Pre-entries will be published on Tuesday, March 5.

The fourth annual event presents a hefty payday of $50,000 up for grabs when the USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midgets compete in the 1/6-mile indoor dirt oval located in southern Illinois.

The Factory Canopies "Pot of Gold" Challenge will provide the top-four drivers in passing points throughout the night an opportunity to pad their wallets with a $50,000 bonus. Following the heats and qualifying races, if the top driver in passing points turns down the chance to go to the tail and go for $50K, the option will go on to the next driver and so on, but only the first four in passing points have that option.

The "Shamrock Classic" will offer appearance points only to drivers and their teams, no feature points. That means there's really nothing to lose in the grand scheme in terms of a championship campaign. With a driver's finishing position not being a part of the series title race, that creates more enticement for a team and driver to take on the challenge.

With it being the fourth annual event, the base winner's share is $4000, meaning if a driver could complete the challenge and win from the tail, he or she would collect $54,000, which would be, by far, the richest take-home pay any driver has ever earned for a single race in the history of the USAC NOS Energy Midget National Championship.

Greg and Kim Stewart have been selling event merchandise for over 25 years at racing events across the country. They are proud to sponsor the entry fee portion of the 4th Annual "Shamrock Classic." As part of their sponsorship, every team who enters will receive a 25% off coupon valid at any 2019 event where Fast Lane Racing Apparel is set up and selling merchandise. Your discount can also be used online at Fast Lane Racing Apparel will have a booth in Du Quoin where you can purchase your racing merchandise needs.

In addition to USAC National Midget entry fees and the aforementioned discount, every fan in attendance at the "Shamrock Classic" will receive a Fast Lane Racing Apparel coupon valid at every major event at Eldora Speedway, Knoxville Nationals, and Knoxville Late Model Nationals. Fans will receive this coupon upon entry to event.

On raceday, the Southern Illinois Center opens for parking at 8am (Central). Front doors/ticket window opens at 10am. Clear the building/check pit passes & tickets at 11am. Micro Sprint drivers meeting at 11am. Micro Sprint hot laps with heats immediately following at 12:30pm. Public midget drivers meeting (front stretch grandstand) at 3pm. Midget hot laps at 4pm. (All Times Central)

General admission tickets are $20 for age 13 and up. Children's general admission tickets (Age 6-12) are $10. Kids 5 and under are free.

The race will be live-streamed on


08 Cannon McIntosh / Bixby, OK (Dave Mac Motorsports)
1 Karsyn Elledge / Mooresville, NC (Tucker/Boat Motorsports)
1NZ Michael Pickens / Auckland, NZ (RMS LLC)
1T Thomas Chandler / Festus, MO (Roney Racing)
2 Chris Baue / Indianapolis, IN (Chris Baue)
3N Jake Neuman / New Berlin, IL (Jim Neuman)
4A Justin Grant / Ione, CA (RAMS Racing)
4J Tim Crawley / Benton, AR (Tim Crawley)
5 Kevin Thomas, Jr. / Cullman, AL (Petry Motorsports)
5D Zach Daum / Pocahontas, IL (Daum Motorsports)
7 Cody Beard / Huntingburg, IN (Cody Beard)
7BC Tyler Courtney / Indianapolis, IN (Clauson Marshall Racing)
7R Thomas Meseraull / San Jose, CA (RMS LLC)
7T Adam Taylor / Dwight, IL (Taylor Motorsports)
8B Kimberly Bradach / Mooresville, NC (Bradach Racing)
8w Chad Wisnicky / Mooresville, NC (Bradach Racing)
9 Braydon Cromwell / Lone Jack, MO (Mounce Motorsports)
9JR Derek Hagar / Marion, AR (Hagar/Proctor Racing)
11 Daniel Robinson / Ewing, IL (Jack Harris)
11B Kaylee Bryson / Muskogee, OK (Dave Mac Motorsports)
11L Aaron Leffel / Springfield, OH (Team Taylor Racing)
11m Kendall Ruble / Vincennes, IN (Martin Racing)
12 Billy Wease / Noblesville, IN (Amanda Wease)
15 Cole Bodine / Rossville, IN (Petry Motorsports)
15m Shane Morgan / Morton, IL (Shane Morgan)
17 Justin Peck / Monrovia, IN (Bus Racing Team)
17BC Chris Windom / Canton, IL (Clauson Marshall Racing)
19 Garet Williamson / Columbia, MO (Mounce Motorsports)
19m Ethan Mitchell / Mooresville, NC (Bundy Built Motorsports)
21H Brady Bacon / Broken Arrow, OK (Kelly Hinck)
21KS Karter Sarff / Mason City, IL (Steve Reynolds Motorsports/Team Ripper Racing)
25 Jerry Coons, Jr. / Tucson, AZ (Petry Motorsports)
27 Tucker Klaasmeyer / Paola, KS (Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian)
27z Zane Hendricks / Stillwater, OK (Zane Hendricks Racing)
35 Sterling Cling / Tempe, AZ (Petry Motorsports)
35T Tyler Robbins / Collinsville, IL (Tyler Robbins)
36 Dave Darland / Lincoln, IN (RMS LLC)
39BC Zeb Wise / Angola, IN (Clauson Marshall Racing)
41 Oliver Akard / Ft. Myers, FL (Dan & Shellie Akard)
41x Howard Moore / Memphis, TN (Chris Chappue)
47BC Andrew Layser / Collegeville, PA (Clauson Marshall Racing)
50 Tony DiMattia / Malvern, PA (Tony DiMattia Motorsports)
55 Nick Knepper / Belleville, IL (Nick Knepper)
55D Nick Drake / Mooresville, NC (Nick Drake)
56AP Colten Cottle / Kansas, IL (Travis Young)
67 Logan Seavey / Sutter, CA (Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian)
67F Kyle O'Gara / Beech Grove, IN (SFH Racing Development)
67K Holley Hollan / Broken Arrow, OK (Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian)
71 Jesse Colwell / Red Bluff, CA (Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian)
71K Tanner Carrick / Lincoln, CA (Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian)
76m C.J. Leary / Greenfield, IN (FMR Racing)
77w Joe Wirth / Waterloo, IL (Wirth Racing)
84 Chad Boat / Phoenix, AZ (Tucker/Boat Motorsports)
88 Tyler Nelson / Olathe, KS (Tyler Nelson)
88x Terry Babb / Decatur, IL (Terry Babb)
91T Tyler Thomas / Collinsville, OK (Tyler Thomas Motorsports)
95 Chris Andrews / Tulsa, OK (Jim Miller)
127 James Picardi / Mapleton, IL (James Picardi)

1G Bryant Paver / Columbia, MO (Bryant Paver)
P1 Parker Leek / Warsaw, IN (Ryan Leek)
3m Tres Mehler / Oblong, IL (BlackSheep Speedlab)
5 Zach Boden / Cambridge, WI (Zach Boden)
5T Ryan Timms / Oklahoma City, OK (Ryan Timms)
9 Chase Randall / Waco, TX (Chase Randall)
11B Colton Booten / Marion, IL (Colton Booten)
11BX Kaylee Bryson / Muskogee, OK (Sawyer Chassis)
T11 Brad Thompson / Crawfordsville, IN (Brad Thompson)
12 Corbin Gurley / Hebron, IN (Team VW/Audi Racing)
12c Jacob Patton / Bethalto, IL (Jacob Patton)
12s Ayrton Gennetten / Gravois Mills, MO (Ayrton Gennetten)
14H Harley Hollan / Broken Arrow, OK (Driven Midwest)
16 Garrett Britton / Benton, IL (Garrett Britton)
18 Steve Finn / Collinsville, IL (Steve Finn)
21 Brenton Lamb / Warsaw, IN (Brandie Lamb)
21H Brady Bacon / Broken Arrow, OK (Kelly Hinck)
21x Eli Harris / Kokomo, IN (Eli Harris)
22E Chris Wilner / Carmel, IN (Chris Wilner)
22H Jessee Holt / Columbus, IN (Jessee Holt)
27H Zach Hubbard / Benton, IL (Zachery Hubbard)
27HX Jimmy Wells / Wayne City, IL (Jimmy Wells)
27J Randy Johns / Bunker Hill, IN (Randy Johns)
28 Gunner Ramey / Sedalia, MO (Driven Midwest)
29 Scott Sawyer / Jenks, OK (Sawyer Chassis)
35 Tyler Robbins / Collinsville, IL (Tyler Robbins)
38m Koert Mehler / Oblong, IL (BlackSheep Speedlab)
40 Devin Feger / East Peoria, IL (Devin Feger)
44 Trevin Littleton / Jacksonville, IL (Greg Littleton)
44p Paul Nienhiser / Chapin, IL (Paul Nienhiser)
51B Joe B. Miller / Millersville, MO (Joe B. Miller)
53 Sean Robbins / Collinsville, IL (Sean Robbins)
56 Joe Faloon / Rochester, IL (John Faloon)
56m Nate McMillin / Rosedale, IN (John Faloon)
57 Cole Bodine / Rossville, IN (Joe Mooney)
65E Chad Elliott / Cottage Hills, IL (Chad Elliott)
69 Blake Lamb / Warsaw, IN (Blake Lamb)
71 Jake Cheatham / Bethalto, IL (Jake Cheatham)
71m TBA / TBA (Paul May)
72 Michael Brummitt / Mt. Zion, IL (Michael Brummitt)
77JR Denver Larsen / Shiocton, WI (Denver Larsen)
88 B.J. Gatewood / Caruthersville, MO (B.J. Gatewood)
91A Tyler Fitzpatrick / Middleville, MI (Tyler Fitzpatrick)
93 Matt Carr / Fayetteville, NC (Matt Carr)
187 Jake Dohner / Janesville, WI (Jake Dohner)
187x Landon Crawley / Benton, AR (Landon Crawley)
711 TBA / TBA (Paul May)
777 Dylan Larsen / Shiocton, WI (Dylan Larsen)

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Event Promoter: Len Sammons @609.888.3618



SYRACUSE, NY March 4, 2019 . . . When the Indoor Auto Racing Series TQ Midget drivers take their first green flag over the March 8-9 weekend inside the new Exposition Center on the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, Lou Cicconi, Jr., will rank among the favorites.

Cicconi, of Aston, PA, brings into the Syracuse event sponsored by RPM Raceway a singular distinction among all 58 entrants. The 50 year old Cicconi won the 58th and last race held at N.Y.’s Niagara Falls Convention Center, on March 9, 2002 before the building was transformed into a casino.

Shortly thereafter Len Sammons brought back indoor racing to Atlantic City, N.J. after a 24 year absence. This led to the formation of the Indoor Auto Racing Series which has promoted events headlined by the TQ Midgets the past 17 years. The Syracuse venue this weekend becomes the eighth different location hosting an event. Last year an event at Albany Times Union Center made New York the fifth different state to host a Len Sammons promoted event.

This Friday and Saturday night the cars and stars of the Indoor Auto Racing Series fueled by VP will be taking part in the fourth and final fifth round of the 2019 season. On the line will be time trials, qualifying events and a 40 lap feature event both nights with the overall season champion crowned following Saturday’s event.

Cicconi, a four-time winner at both Niagara Falls and Atlantic City over the years, is making a comeback this winter after conquering some personal health issues.

“It got to the point where I was short of breath and couldn’t breathe,” Cicconi related. “The doctor told me I was overweight and out of shape.”

As a result, Cicconi kept a low profile for the past three seasons, running a very limited schedule while fielding cars for other drivers. But for this year’s Indoor Auto Racing Series schedule Cicconi returned in a big way. He not only returned to the cock-pit full-time but also fielded other neon yellow and red No. 75 TQs for the Allentown and Atlantic City races.

“I know I will never get back to where I was,” said Cicconi, a two-time winner of Atlantic City’s Gambler’s Classics (2006, 2010). “But I want to be able to give it my best effort. You lose something by not racing regularly but I am getting my confidence back.”

Cicconi is well known in Central New York racing circles for his Supermodified and ISMA achievements. He won one Oswego Speedway Supermodified feature, in 2013, and has 20 ISMA wins as well as a championship (2013) and two runner-up title chase placings (2001, 2012).

Cicconi will field a second car for Syracuse, being driven by young Damon Paul of Stony Point. NY.

“Damon’s a nice young kid. I like him and his father (Tim) too. I want to give him a shot. But two cars is all I want to go to Syracuse with. I need to focus on my own deal.”

Though Cicconi is not in the hunt for it, the biggest prize in Syracuse will be the crowning of the 2019 Indoor Auto Racing Series Fueled By VP Race Fuels. North Carolina resident Ryan Flores leads the standings, with 290 after the first three races. But Flores, who works full time for Roger Penske’s Ryan Blaney NASCAR Monster Energy Cup team, will not be in the Syracuse field because of his work commitment.

Erick Rudolph, Ransomville, NY, 260, and Justin Bonsignore, Holtsville, LI, NY, 239, Andy Jankowiak, Tonawanda, NY, 220, and Eddie Strada, Lake Ariel, PA, 213, who are second through fifth thus become the pre-race title favorites.

A maximum of 210 points are available, 100 for a feature win and five points for quick time each night, meaning that 210 markers can be picked up by any TQ competitor over the Syracuse race weekend. Non-qualifiers earn 10 points for each night, a minimum of 20 points for the weekend. Thus the most points any driver can gain is 190.

The points chase with the TQs is so close that any one of the top 26 drivers in the standings could, in theory, win the championship.

Round 3 and Round 4 for the companion Slingshots and Champ Karts is also on the Syracuse card. Each of the two nights of racing will consist of complete programs as well for these two divisions.

Dr. Williams Lowe, a long-time supporter of TQ Midget racing, has posted $200 to the fast qualifier both nights. N.Y.’s Oswego Speedway, the home of SuperModified racing, has signed on to sponsor the TQ Midget heat races. The winner of each of the six Oswego Speedway heat races on both Friday and Saturday night will receive not only a spot in the A-Main but a $50 bonus.

Doors open at 6 PM on Friday night with racing beginning at 7:30. Doors open at 5:30 PM on Saturday with racing at 7 PM. Fans will be able to visit the pit area to see the cars and meet the drivers each night until 30 minutes before the racing begins.

The building has a different seating configuration than other venues the series stops at in that grandstand patrons enter at track level, then walk up to seating areas.

A link to purchase tickets in advance is available at, at this location, spectators may select choice seats from three sections located on both the front and the backstretch. Tickets can also be purchased by calling E-Tix directly at 1-800-514-3849. Tickets will also be available each day of the event starting at 2 PM at the Expo Box Office, but prices increase by $5 each on the days of the event. Pit passes, which do not guarantee a seat, are on sale on the backside of the building on Friday from 9 am to 2 PM and Saturday 11:30 to 2 PM. After 2 PM, pit passes will be available at the box office at the front of the building. Parking is free.

Race fans can enjoy a double header weekend at the Fairgrounds with the 33rd annual Syracuse Motorsports Expo and Trade Show being held at the Center of Progress Building. This show opens on Saturday at 10 am giving everyone plenty of time to enjoy that show then walk over to the nearby Exposition Center for the races that night. The Trade show reopens on Sunday from 11 to 4 pm.

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